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  1. If you aren't already doing it, follow MattyCollector on Facebook.


    They have posted updates concerning Waves 9 and 10.


    Both waves will be shipping through Christmas. Of late I have even been able to find a few Wave 8 figs.

  2. What is worse ?


    Finding out that Mattel is going to make either Plastic Man or Martian Manhunter a Comic Con exclusive and that they will never be available on the site or available to the mass public and then going to the Con and buying what you think would include either character but when you get home you find that it is not included and then learning that Mattel had misplaced a case and decided to give away the new found figures on a site that you never visit.


    That would be Worse!



    Not that anything like that would ever happen in a million years but it would suck if it did.

  3. Both my Secret Wars figures and my Super Powers figures came from K-Mart.


    I think the only Super Powers Figure that I purchased in a store was Aquaman.


    Later on down the line I went to a garage sale and picked up Lex Luthor, Kalibak , The Lex Soar and that weird yellow ship. The figures were in pristine condition.



    A few years back I picked up the figure that I had been really wanting and that was Martian Manhunter. Someone had him in a comic shop and he was opened and I couldn't resist. For some crazy reason, whenever I see a Martian Manhunter or Dr. Fate figure I have to buy it.


    Hmmm ... I am going to have to go check for Dr. Fate on ebay. =)

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  4. I am trying to figure why Gentleman Ghost is so hard to find.


    I wish I would have known more people needed him because when 8 first surfaced, I found quite a few of him but only purchased one.


    Also, Hawkgirl seems to be another figure that people are in need of and I just picked one up tonight for someone in the forum.


    Perhaps Gentleman Ghost will make for some good trade.

  5. Yeah, I don't remember the site, but apparently they were the first to announce wave 13. They listed some characters that would be coming out in the next year, and Jemm was one of them.


    Are you reading World of New Krypton? He just showed up again this week.



    It would be great to get some Martian Manhunter supporting characters.


    Include Jemm and Malefack (sp?) and maybe even some white Martians in their true form. They might also consider the Hyperclan or Miss Martian.


    I am all for Mattel building the Martian Manhunter supporting cast.

  6. This is a tough one for me.


    Wave 3 is probably my favorite.

    Nightwing was AWESOME!

    Robin was AWESOME!

    At long last a great looking Hal Jordan Figure!

    Sinestro looked wonderful and the variant was sweet!

    Deathstroke is probably one of the best figures in the line!


    Wave 9

    Green Arrow and Black Canary are two of my favorites from the line. They are well done and have fantastic detail.

    Guardian was such an off the wall character to have but it will be awesome to put him with the Superboy in wave 13.

    Add in Deadshot, Black Adam, Mantis and Wildcat and what's not to love?


    Wave 1

    This wave had me super excited when I first saw it.

    Batman and Penguin were very well done but let's be honest Etrigan and Red Tornado gave me so much hope that this would become the definitive DC figure wave and indeed it is shaping up to be just that.

    Orion was actually a rather cool figure as well. I liked that figure more than I thought I would.

    Add in the Metamorpho collect and connect ( despite the leg always falling off ) and you really have the start of something good.


    Can't wait for wave 11 and the onslaught of GL figs. Honestly though, I am more excited about wave 12. IRON LOOKS AWESOME!

  7. At one point in time I worked for Toys R Us. It was back in the early days of Spawn and they had the Bedrock figure ( Which I still have MOC ) and they also released the Malebolgia (sp?) .


    Customers would regularly fight over Hot Wheels.


    At a nearby KayBee toys there was a fist fight between 2 Hot Wheels collectors. The whole thing started to get very very old.


    Every so often I would take a Malebolgia figure and place it on the highest possible shelf to see what lengths a collector would go to in order to reach that figure.


    Every time they would get that damn figure. They were quite resourceful. Hockey sticks , baseball bats, climbing shelves ... very resourceful.


    Of course I didn't understand the obsession then . Now, I totally get it. I would climb the damn shelf to get to a Robotman fig.


    The other thing to watch out for is the hiding techniques of some collectors.


    There is a guy locally that will hide figures in the store so that he can go back and purchase them later or so that they stockers will think they are out of stock. He lifts up the bottom shelf and hides the figs underneath. After a while I caught on and started to lift various shelves. Man, I was able to find so many good figures that way. Variants of all different types were under there waiting for him to get his next paycheck.


    Evidently he was not the only one participating in this practice. There were several stores in the area where figs were hiding underneath the very bottom shelves. Of course if they mopped the floors that night, the card got ruined.

  8. I think Martian Manhunter is on everyone's list. We want that figure.


    Plastic Man is another.


    I think we should also revisit some of Batman's villains: Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, Mad Hatter, Bane, Commissioner Gordon and Bullock 2 pack? Alfred and Ace the Bathound 2 pack?


    In the World of Superman : Livewire, ReVisit Supergirl, Zod, A modern Brainiac, Jimmy and Lois 2 pack? Krypto.


    In the world of the Flash: Reverse Flash, Mirror Master, Max Mercury, Impulse,


    In the world of the Green Lantern: Guardians of the Universe, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, G'Nort


    In the world of Aquaman: King Shark, Ocean Master


    Hmmm ... For Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor in Military garb, Circe, Modern Wondergirl


    Green Arrow: SPEEDY is a must

  9. Part of me hopes that wave 11 takes its time coming to stores. With all the running around looking for wave 10, I could use the time to replenish my funds...



    I completely and totally understand.


    Tracking down Wave 10 almost put me in the poor house.


    The sad thing is that BBTS is expecting to receive Wave 11 any day now. There is no way that Mattel is going to let Walmart and Target receive new product and then leave out other retailers.


    My bet is that 11 hits before Christmas.


    Honestly, I am appreciating the small break that I am currently getting from tracking this stuff down. It would be nice to have another month to catch my breath.


    I have a few more figs to pick up from the Public Enemies wave and then I am done until Wave 11.

  10. Ok, I know I might be in the minority here but I love the looks of this wave.


    Blue Beetle and Superboy are definitely anchor characters. If you put the big red "S" on the chest it will draw attention. It is also nice that they did the Reign of the Supermen version.


    Blue Beetle is a character that they will try to pawn to the kiddies. He has been making appearances in The Brave and The Bold and I think that is why they added him.


    Negative Man will look awesome next to Beast Boy and Robotman (BTW, if you didn't already hear , Matty made an announcement on his Facebook concerning Wave 10 )


    Blue Devil ... HELL YES! This is a character that I have always loved and I am excited to get him.


    Donna Troy will go along well with Cyborg and Robin and Starfire. I am so happy that they have decided to add her to the line.


    Cheetah adds to the Legion of Doom.


    Cyclotron as the throwback to the superpowers could only mean that characters like Black Vulcan and Samurai and even Apache Chief aren't too far behind.


    This wave and the pictures appeal to me in so many ways. I am glad that I pre-ordered it. The 2 figures that I am most excited about are Negative Man and Blue Devil.

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  11. Both my brother and myself are hunting for these things.


    Someone tracked a wave down for me and now I am trying to locate a set for a few different forum members.


    As of now, no luck.


    I think I have spent more money in gas than I would have spent on 2 Waves of these figs.


    With any luck Mattels new online retail ventures will help to make it easier for us all to track down the figures.


    If I am not mistaken, I think I know what Mattel is trying to do but it is going to take a while. They are going to try to predict how much of their product they should make and they are going to use their websites to do so.


    By doing this they could conceivably increase their revenue while minimizing waste and make certain to distribute the product correctly. Unfortunately that means that their will be growing pains in the meantime and that is going to affect all of us.


    If Mattel can start cutting out the middle-men like Toys R Us, WalMart and Target we will all be less susceptible to large retail chains that haven't a clue on how to distribute or order.


    I can't say that I am enjoying filling my gas tank 2 to 3 times a week but hopefully the future will be bright.

  12. nothign again



    When it comes to hunting this stuff down, you are typically ahead of everyone else.


    This really shocks me.


    I wish you the best of luck man. I am still out there searching for both you and Vash.

  13. Personally, I voted for Uncle Sam.


    It would have been cool to see the Freedom Fighters.


    So, I guess it will be the Titans that will make their way to the plastic molds.


    I hope that they also take into consideration Young Justice.


    It would be great to get Impulse, Superboy, Wondergirl, Slobo, Lagoon Boy and Empress ... oh and Secret too ... hmmm ... Arrowette would be a nice addition and we already have Red Tornado.


    Add in Klarion the Witchboy and Teekl and this could be fun.

  14. Last week, I went home on a Wednesday evening and found some NyQuil and knocked myself out at about 8:30PM or so.


    The next morning I woke up at 4AM and put the dog in the car and began the hunt.


    Though I myself didn't find the figs, someone that I knew that was doing the same thing did.


    I think I might very well do the same thing again tomorrow night. Even though I already have a set, there are a few people on this board that I know that don't . With any luck , I will be able to track down a set or 2.



    Have you verified the time the local Wal-Marts restock their toys?


    Even the 24 hour locations around here stock at around 10-11PM, at least that's when they start dragging stock pallets to the floor.


    I'd double check just in case, because 4AM may actually be too late if someone in the area has contacts at the store.


    I never verified, but as I went in I noticed the the palettes hit the floors around 11pm or so and the employees stay rather vigilant when it comes to them.


    There have been people out and stocking starting as late as early as 12am and as late as 4am.


    That is a pretty big window.


    The stocking habits have changed quite a bit. Palette diving might be difficult.


    Another interesting aspect in Columbus, OH is that we have the outer loop. Pretty much you jump on and go around the city and hit every WalMart along the way. It takes a good hour to make your way around and you can hit most stores while doing it. The hunting pattern here is pretty easy. If you divide the city with a friend, it becomes even easier.

  15. Now that we have ManBat, do you think they might eventually make a NINJA MANBAT???


    That would be AWESOME! I would buy a hundred of those things.


    It would also be awesome if the Parademons would end up in the "Best of Wave" That way we could have an army of them surrounding Darkseid!


    Bullock with a GCPD Officer would be cool too.

  16. Last week, I went home on a Wednesday evening and found some NyQuil and knocked myself out at about 8:30PM or so.


    The next morning I woke up at 4AM and put the dog in the car and began the hunt.


    Though I myself didn't find the figs, someone that I knew that was doing the same thing did.


    I think I might very well do the same thing again tomorrow night. Even though I already have a set, there are a few people on this board that I know that don't . With any luck , I will be able to track down a set or 2.



    I totally understand the frustration of not being able to find what you are looking for.


    All I want to do is hand someone my money in return for a product. I want to give them my money so that they may turn a profit. Why wont they take my money? Why wont they take MY EFFIN MONEY?!?

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  17. There are some really beautiful figures in that wave.


    Black Canary and Green Arrow are wonderfully done.


    Had I not found them in store, I would have spent upwards of 20 to 25 a fig on ebay.


    Totally worth it and you can now just focus on finding Wave 10 in stores.


    Congrats! Enjoy them!

  18. What I like the most is the variety of characters they keep making! And of course the C&Cs! Atom Smasher still rocks my world everytime I look at him!









    No doubt the C&Cs are amazing! Giganta is so well done and so is Solomon Grundy and I can't forget your favorite, Atom Smasher.


    What is funny to me is that both my roommate and my girlfriend love the Chemo C&C. If I arrange my shelf and Chemo is in the background, she will tell me that he should be up front. My roommate doesn't collect the things and he even thought Chemo was cool.

  19. In the past few hours I have read several forum topics. I visited the MattyCollector Facebook page and it seems as though I am reading nothing but negative posts.


    I know we all have our gripes stemming from quality control and distribution, but I would love to hear what people like about this line of figures. If all we have is negative remarks, should Mattel even keep it going?


    Tell me what you like. List your top five favorite figures thus far.


    My top 5 figures thus far:

    1. Aquaman - I had this figure in the SuperPowers line and this just takes me back to my childhood. The detail is also quite amazing.


    2. Ares - I know that he has been a peg-warmer for most but this figure is remarkably detailed and just looks amazingly fierce. He is amazingly bad-ass!


    3. Etrigan - When I saw this figure in the first wave, I knew this would be a totally different DC Comics wave. The ripped cape and red eyes really sell me. I wish I would have bought more than one of these figures.


    4. Hawkman - This is a character that I have always loved. The wings are well done and the weapons are fantastic. They really chose the correct accessories for this character.


    5. Red Parademon - Another figure that takes me back to my childhood, the red parademon just looks great on the shelf and he looks kind of mean. Had I been able to find more than one of these, I would have created an army of them. Here's hoping that he ends up in the best-of wave.


    Seriously, I love this line. Granted I have to do some major hunting to find it , but it is worth it. If I am not mistaken the DCUC line has been around for 2 years and has had a total of 10 waves of figures in those 2 years. Here's hoping for another 2 years and another 10 waves.


    Maybe if I get lucky, I will get a SeaHorse for Aquaman and a Batmobile that can fit both Batman and Robin.

  20. I'm close to giving up. With the figures hard to find in stores, and the fact that even though some of these figures can be had for cost + shipping, that still comes out to $15-17 a pop, the line has become too expensive and stressful to collect. Hell, I don't even know why I'm still into it. They barely change anything from each figure, so it's like I own 50 identical little plastic men. Gah. This is making me miss the glory days of ML.



    Marvel Legends did have some AMAZING FIGURES! I never felt like they could get a female character done right but when it came time to create Beast or Wendigo, they did an amazing job. No doubt, there was some amazing craftsmanship in that line.


    I collected so many lines of those figures and then finally gave up. I was tired of having to buy a Spiderman or Wolverine. The ball joints also got annoying and ugly.


    You better believe that I do have a few of those sitting around the house on shelves. Giant Man ( Build-a-figure ), Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Thing, Wendigo, Apocalypse (build-a-figure ) Beast and Howard the Duck are all on a shelf in my family room. =) Kudos to ToyBiz!


    At long last I put Imperiex together and for some reason , his head is really loose! Anyone else have this problem?




    Yes. Had the same problem. Then I remembered I had the same problem with Atom Smasher and I fixed it by pressing his head down till it clicked. Just pressed Imps head down really hard...but slow and soft...till it clicks into place. I did it slow and steady. Probably don't want to do it an angle or the peg might snap.



    Both you and PlayItLoud were correct. I just had to push a little harder and it all worked out just fine. Thanks for the tip.


    I just put Imperiex next to Chemo , Chemo is HUGE! He might very well be the biggest figure yet!

  22. There is no way in the world I am giving up on this line!


    Every since late August, I have been on the hunt. I received an email from BBTS informing me that they did not receive enough DCUC figures to fill their orders.


    Prior to this , I was living a comfortable life, pre-ordering everything online. I was so far removed from hunting down toys for the past year ( that was when I was hunting wave 5 )


    So wave 8 got me back in the hunt. I found a couple of figures ( Hawkgirl and Gentleman Ghost and the Red Parademon ). The rest of Wave 8 was a gift from my brother for my birthday.


    Shortly after completing Wave 8 , an email arrives from BBTS telling me that wave 9 was also in short supply. The hunt continued.


    I bought Green Arrow, Wildcat, Black Canary, Mantis, and Robot Mantis.


    I traded for Black Adam, Deadshot and Guardian.


    In the final week of tracking down wave 9, I find out that Wave 10 has surfaced and I am on the hunt again. Personally, I find Joker and Power Girl and I get help with the rest of the line. To top it off I also start buying the Public Enemies figures and found both Silver Banshee and Icicle.


    Both gasoline and toys have me broke at this point in time, but I am loving it. I forgot what the hunt was like. This whole wave 8,9 and 10 thing reminded me why I like doing this.


    To top it off , this is the definitive DC Comics line and it is beautiful. It is my guess that most of us aren't doing this only to re-sell them later on. We are doing it because we love the characters. Action figures are hanging on my walls and almost all of my DCUC figs are opened and standing on a shelf. Looking at them in the morning or when I get home from work is just a reminder of this huge imaginary world that I absolutely enjoy.


    In the coming months I am going to sell all of my older figures and I do have tons of them. Actually I have over 100 Star Wars figs still in the package and I also have a lot of DC Direct figures and other various Batman and Superman figures ... there is a ton of stuff. I am going to sell almost all of them because this is the line that I have been waiting for.


    Between this and the MOTUC line, I am thrilled! IF someone would resurrect Thundercats my toy collection would be complete.


    Anyways, you can check out my collection by clicking the link in my signature. It will be thinning soon and at the same time it will be getting bigger with the DCUC line. This is my dream toy line.

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