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  1. Let's say that someone at Mattel comes to Toy Guru and says, " The next DCUC line is yours to decide. You can pick whatever hero from whatever decade in any look you would like." What would Toy Guru choose? Who would be his choices for the figures and who would be his choice for the collect and connect.
  2. Shanks

    Wave 14

    It will be Wave 10 all over again. I got your back if you got mine. =)
  3. The Fate of the 4 Robins? Sounds like it should be an ongoing series. I really like Jason Todd as Red Hood. In a psychotic way, it all makes a ton of sense. Batman never avenged him so he took up the mantle of his enemy perhaps seeing him as being stronger and to spite Batman. Dick Grayson could go back to being Nightwing. It seems logical except there is currently another character using that name in the Superman books. Tim Drake is perhaps my favorite out of all of them. I like him as Red Robin. It would be wonderful if he took of over for Ra's eventually. Tim has the superior mind. He strikes me as being the superior intellect out of all the Robins. Damien should stay as Robin. It would add a different dynamic to the books that I think might be interesting to watch. Ultimately I want to finally see Bruce and Selena end up together. It is time.
  4. In one of the "Ask Matty" Segments, ToyGuru stated that the "All Stars" were meant for the kids and not the collectors. They are trying to re-release figures that the kids may just now be learning about or that the parents may have just been made aware of. Matty is also trying to keep old favorites on the shelves. I remember talking with a friend who owns a comic book shop about Superman and Batman Action figures. Their take was that there should always be a Batman or Superman figure on the shelf and available for children and there for a while there was not. Granted, this was back in the mid to late 90s. Hopefully they will ship them with a bit of caution and have calculated the demand for the All Star figs.
  5. I got so lucky with my pre-order. I put the order in before the price increase was announced. As a result BBTS charged me the old price. =) My two favorite figures from this wave are Iron and Doctor Midnite. If you are going to buy anyone, these are the 2 to get IMO.
  6. I really could add people all day long to this list. For me DETECTIVE CHIMP is high on the list. It would be great if they made him a bit bigger than Gleek. Maybe they could package him with Rex The Wonder Dog. You know, I think the entirety of ShadowPact would be awesome to have. It would also be cool if Mattel would offer Starro face attachments. Perhaps offer them on Mattycollector.com in packs of 10 or more. Make them all the same size and have them easily fit around the figures heads. CONGORILLA would be another great addition. If they could give him more articulation than Grodd, that would be awesome as well. Of course there are the figures that we all want to see like Martian Manhunter, Zatanna and Guy Gardner.
  7. With Battle Cat slated for release in February and rumors of Panthor also being released, has Mattel given consideration to giving the DC Universe Classics the same treatement? e.g. Shining Knight w/ Victory, Jonah Hex w/ Horse, Aqualad w/ Seahorse or even Bat Hombre w/ Horse.
  8. I am in possession of WAVE 12!!! Thank you UPS man and BBTS!!!
  9. I just got shipping notification from BBTS! Looks like I will have this wave sometime this week or the beginning of next!!! This means I have received both 11 and 12 in January!
  10. Hmmm ... I have an idea. Zan Jayna Gleek Rima the Jungle Girl w/leopard.
  11. Heh, Superman looks like he's doing a male dancer pose. Remember the Bushwackers from the old WWF? Supes looks like he is doing their entrance walk.
  12. How about a Young Justice 5-Pack? Superboy Robin Impulse Wonder Girl ( Cassie ) Secret Minor changes to Kid Flash could give us Impulse. Wonder Girl would be new and so would Secret. For superboy, just make him with the costume in-between the T-Shirt and Jeans and leather jacket.
  13. BIG BAD TOY STORE sent me my notification today and they even charged me. I guess that means I should be getting Wave 12 soon. I am already out of shelf space. I guess I am going to need more shelves soon.
  14. That is why I suggested Challengers of the Unknown. You could use the standard buck body with new head scuplts and new paint jobs. Put Starrow in the middle of them and that can be your new fig.
  15. Shanks


    SYNCH, the reason for posting it here is because it is based off of a DC Comic. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_Target
  16. Shanks


    So, we are 2 episodes into the series and to be honest it is amazingly entertaining. Anyone else watching it and if so, what do you think?
  17. Based off of a recent Batman:Brave and the Bold episode, How about CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN. You could use already existing bodies with new paint jobs and then give them accessories and why not throw in a large STARRO in the middle of them.
  18. I couldn't agree with everyone more. Starfire was rather disappointing. It would be so nice if they would go with a bit of a larger sculpt for the women. I think Katma Tui also falls into this trap. I kind of wish that DCUC would create the female characters a bit more sturdy like the DC Direct Figures do, especially when it comes to the arms.
  19. Let's say that DCUC 12 lands next month. Let's also say that you decide to get both Trap Jaw and Battle Cat. DCUC will be around 130 plus shipping and MOTUC will be 50 plus shipping. That will make for close to 200 bucks in toys in one month. Who is ready for that?
  20. Sinestro Corps Variant Robot Mantis Steppenwolf Red DCSH Grey and Black Batman Batgirl (Cassandra) Aquaman (Orange with Short Hair ) When it comes to Darkseid, I loved the version from the Superman Animated Series. Some of you mentioned the Steel figure ... I would love a new Steel figure as part of a 2-pack with his niece Natasha in Steel armor as well. perhaps give them both swappable heads without the armor?
  21. SWAPPERS!!! Recently saw a 5 pack at Wal-Mart where someone took out the Lex Luthor and put Captain Atom in his place. No doubt, this practice is absolutely wrong. SCALPING!!! The biggest problem I have is not with someone re-selling. When employees of various stores are opening the boxes and taking the product out and buying it before it ever hits the floor, I HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM WITH THAT! There was a certain Wal-Mart that I would go to and one of the employees would have a shopping cart with cases of toys that she would stock. If she saw a Hot Wheels treasure hunt, she would place it aside for herself. If we asked her for them, she wouldn't hand them over. Later on , I saw her at a toy show and she had all kinds of rare items marked up. This product never made it to the shelf. After a while some friends and myself decided to quit going to that Wal-Mart. This was during the Toy Biz Marvel Legends days. She really made it very difficult for us to find anything at that store. EBAYERS!!! Quit over-paying. Honestly, we don't know if the prices on ebay are indeed accurate. Some people have separate accounts and drive up the price of their own auctions. If you get caught in the moment, you might find yourself paying way too much. Be Smart! Be Patient and Happy Hunting!
  22. Don't get me wrong, the Mongul figure is cool but they really should do him as a Collect and Connect, but do him as a Yellow Lantern. Mongul should be a lot larger than he his.
  23. Shanks

    Unexpected Find

    This has totally happened to me. Recently I decided to dig out a lot of my old figures that are still in package with plans to sell all of them . I never realized how much I had. To see the collection, click on the link in my signature. There were things that I remember thinking that I wish I had purchased ... sure enough, I did! ha ha
  24. Has anyone seen these at retail yet? Anyone who ordered from BBTS received them yet? If you have, I would love to see some pictures.
  25. I think that one of the most interesting aspects of this line is how it ties into their cartoons. Batman The Brave and the Bold has used quite a few obscure characters as well as some more mainstream ones. DC is using that cartoon to put some of their lesser known characters to the forefront in order to keep kid's interest. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batman_the_brave_and_the_bold#Cast The Question has appeared as well as several other characters that we wouldn't expect the mass public to recognize. Just take a look at the wikipedia page and see how many characters have appeared and how many are supposed to appear in the near future. DC is going to do everything they can to make the public and the children aware of all of these characters and push some merchandise while they are at it. Just by looking at the list I am going to make some predictions on figures we will see in future waves: OMAC ( original and a modern variant ) , Kamandi, G'Nort, Katana, Lashina, Jonah Hex, Felix Faust, Hawk, Dove, Huntress, Elongated Man, Plastic Man, Owlman I think that it is pretty safe to say that if they appear on that cartoon, they have a good shot at being made. So, do I think these characters will move off the shelves at 15 bucks a pop? YEP!
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