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  1. Looks beautiful. Cost is probably going to rule me out though.
  2. Oh, that's actually pretty cool he can attached to a stand. I didn't know HasTak had begun putting ports on some TFs. Now they just need to do it for all of them. Too bad about everything else though. I got a soft spot for the character. Thanks for the mini-review.
  3. That's a shame about Sky-Byte. I noticed his deco was rather lacking compared to his original RiD figure. Does he have engineering issues as well?
  4. $70 though! Come on Hasbro/TRU, you're not giving us much incentive to buy your product when it's actually cheaper to import one from Japan. At least include the Amazon launchers or something. But uh, not to rain on your parade, GuitarDevil. Congrats on acquiring Prowl.
  5. I empathize, but Hasbro's just not in the 3rd Party killing business. They like to play it safe with affordable, kid friendly, mass produced and easily repurposed/redeco'd items. And I'm not saying that to criticize them. But I would also like to see them take a more premium approach with Generations sometimes. As for what we're getting, I'm not overwhelmed, but I think they look ok. Superion seems to make the stronger Combiner, while the Stunticons seem to have nice looking individual components (except that pickup truck, meh). I'm not feeling Menasor's combined mode so much. The wide chest area is just too much of a departure from how he's supped to look (imho). Not loving the updated head sculpt either. The whole thing reminds me of a Power Core Combiner for some reason. Yeah, oddly enough Motormaster looks decent but the Prime he's based on looks quite bad. Or maybe it's the other way around and Prime was based off Motormaster this time.
  6. Yeah, that price is silly. Hopefully it's just a SDCC markup.
  7. Depends on where you order from, but yeah, $20-30 seems to be the going rate. They're sized to scale with and sit inside MP-10.
  8. A furry truck! I'm having Transformers TransTech flashbacks.
  9. I saw it speculated on another site that the Voyager IDW Prime might be part of a combiner (since that's the theme for 2015). I don't know how true that is, but it would help explain how poor it looks as a standalone figure.
  10. Wow, sounds like you gotta be on your toes at these things. I actually had 3 of those Hot Wheels cars myself. 4 if you count the Sheriff's car twice.
  11. Hasbro seems to have confirmed that Sideswipe and Bluestreak are coming. From: http://www.tfw2005.com/transformers-news/conventions-15/botcon-2014-hasbro-transformers-toys-panel-180453/
  12. Brainstorm and Chromia looks great. Arcee's pretty good. I agree that the backpack may be an issue, but the official pics seem to make it look worse than the pics from the display case at Botcon. I'm not really sold on the Voyager Megatrons at this time. I still really like my original Armada Megatron. The only problem with it is the lack of articulation. This new version fixes that, but I think the original has a better overall look to it. I have to say though, that Voyager IDW Optimus they revealed looks pretty weak. Looks almost like one of those upscaled Legends figures. When I see how nicely Brainstorm and those deluxes are designed, it's hard to believe this OP is supposed to be part of the same line. Also, there's some good info in this transcript from the Transformers Toys panel that TFW2005 put online: http://www.tfw2005.com/transformers-news/conventions-15/botcon-2014-hasbro-transformers-toys-panel-180453/ For one thing, Hasbro said they don't want "incomplete teams" in regards to the Insecticons. So they do plan to release Kickback. And 2015's theme for Generations is "Combiners." They apparently showed a silhouette of Superion.
  13. It's cool that they're doing boxed items now, but this seems a bit redundant. Neither Han nor Greedo have been very hard to come by in these parts. I fear this is going to warm shelves. Too bad it doesn't include the table and chairs as legit accessories. You pretty much have to leave this boxed for it to work.
  14. I'm in for a Cardinal, myself. Kinda wanted to get 2 initially, but figured I could get another one down the road (excluding the Duck). Maybe a flamingo, or rooster, or owl... hmm. The cardback has been revealed:
  15. I think the eyes are really bringing down the human characters in this line. Take a look at a MOTU Classics figure and how much care and thought is put into the way their eyes are painted, it brings those figures to life. Hasbro, on the other hand, is just sticking some black dots inside a poorly defined white background and calling them eyes. They look so dull and lifeless, more akin to a mannequin.
  16. According to TFW, the street date for AOE toys is 5/17, so your store must have put them out early.
  17. Wow, he's tiny. Smaller than a deluxe. I mentioned before that I thought TakaraTomy would only make Bee about a head smaller than the others so as to keep up the illusion of scale, while still giving us something substantial to hold in our hands. Right now, looking at that pic, I wish they had gone that route. I don't know if the inclusion of Spike offsets that feeling for me. Maybe I'll come around though, I dunno.
  18. The only thing that looks a little weird to me is the hip area. A little gappy. Could just be an optical illusion due to the white background though.
  19. 3. Transformers Pretenders Waverider [L] and Bugly [R], outer shells only unless their bots are on the inside 24. M.A.S.K Outlaw vehicle
  20. That Cliffjumper looks really good, but I don't think it's real. The comments under the TFormers article seem to assert that it's a digital fan creation.
  21. You never know, TakaraTomy may have designed Bee with the intention of releasing Goldbug as well. They do like to maximize their mold use with MPs. It would probably take some remolding to the upper body if they were going for this look: Actually I've been wondering something similar: do you guys think TT could possibly re-skin Bee to make Cliffjumper? A proper Porsche 924 CJ. Looking at Bee, and at how differently the Beetle and Porsche are shaped, you might not immediately think so. But with some clever engineering and foresight on their part, I think it could be possible, especially since the two characters basically share the same transformation.
  22. TakaraTomy's lead Masterpiece designer said that Tomy's Tomica die-cast car brand (similar to Hot Wheels) has opened the door to a lot of licenses that were hard to obtain back when it was just Takara.
  23. I have to admit, initially I wasn't too enthusiastic at the prospect of Masterpiece BB. I was 90% prepared to pass on this one... until I saw the prototype. Totally won me over. Nice job, TakaraTomy. As far as the fan gripes go, I can understand the apprehension about his size, and ultimately I do think he will be a bit on the small side, but this is why he smartly includes Exo Suit Spike as a bonus. The chibi thing, well, I was never really expecting TT to go that route. Since they revamped the MP line, they've proven that they're going for licensed, realistic alt modes and animation accurate robot modes, which is what we have here. I'm sorry if some fans are disappointed, but the realistic alt modes have been a draw for me, so I'm happy. I agree with you StrangePlanet, BB is gonna be a hot seller.
  24. I can see both sides. On one hand, if BBTS knows they aren't going to sell those Hans at full price, they're smart to discount them and mark up the Stormtroopers to compensate, since those *will* sell, even with a price hike. On the other hand... it's not the customer's fault that Hasbro packed their cases like that, but we (the royal "we") are being asked to shoulder the burden. Those cases seem to be priced just fine though.
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