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  1. Thats the variant just got my ass kicked firestorm lol
  2. mine has one powergirl 2 or 3 superman all stars 2 or 3 batman all stars one night wing all star 2 mr miricals one eclipso and something elseso i doubt i will see wave 14 around here
  3. what parts are you looking for? i have the head,upper body,lower body, and left arm
  4. No Not really. The damn cape hinders the str8 up stance more to the point the cape folds hit the legs . But it does stand with out the wide stance.
  5. That i can't wait to see pooda That should be amazeing
  6. I am glad folks got a second chance to grab a set. I found mine at retail long ago so i didn't order them. But i would like to find the metallo arm that came with eradicator to replace the one i took out of the packageing. Long story short i traded my arm off my metallo thinkin it was the atom arm but no it wasn't so i did have to open my erad to get the arm. So if anyone has an extra erad icator metallo arm hit me up please
  7. ok so there is a slight differance. Thats a great idea not sure if i could live with the 2 different paints though. Grrr i like it though i still may do that myself
  8. Lets not forget there putting sinestro in the green lantern 5 pack so i do not see them puttin another one in another 5 pack. I would love to see it but i just don't see it happening under mattels rule. But i could see toyman(new figure) cheetah( neked body cheetha with the classic head cheetah) bizarro, use the old buck or the new superman buck with lighter colors and maybe a new head (yea right) riddler in jump suit( use the old sinestro body or even deadmans body without the huge coller) The 5th slot could be held by scarecrow(different color some how) Every one else has been made
  9. How far off is the 2 green paints in hand?
  10. I know wonder woman sir and this is no wonder woman.I agree with poda wonder girl sure But Wonder woman is an amazon and There tall and muscler. This design looks like she is no more taller than 5.6. There has to be a better way to design something new for wonder woman but it isn't this.
  11. It's not so much we love the hunt,That's is some of the joy. I won't speak for everyone but i know for me i am anel about the paint apps. I like to find the best looking figure i can so seeing it in hand and being able to see what your actually getting is important to me.also saveing on shipping cost is another reason finding them local is better With cases while i am sure most of the time the figures are fine,Theres been more than one horror story about bad paint apps, reciveing the wrong figures, And getting 2 of the same figure instead of the whole set. I have bought a few cases from mikes comics n stuff and have been very pleased. But seeing it in person is always better for me.Oh and also since i keep them MOC i can check the packageing too. If you order them you also take the risk of the box getting damaged and opening the box to find you packages are crushed or bent all to hell.
  12. Found a whole set at my k mart. Bought negitiveman variant and extra cyclotron. I just hate i got cheeta and reg neg man blue devil and cyclotron at a comic shop for 20 a peice. Reason being is all the wally around me were chocking on wave 11 and some 12 and all star cases so i didn't figure i would see these. And now k mart gets them and sells them at 12.99. Glad to see them back there finally. But dang
  13. I like how inventive they(mattel) have been. I agree kids are about viedo games and what not but I feel your talking about kids who are older 11 12 an on. If the dc brands was aimed at the 6,7,8 year olds, start them early like they did with us. How cool would it be to see a DCUC batman slideing down a zip line and knocking joker off the roof. Or gentelman ghost. Superman (being held by the foot) flying into lex from the 5 pack. Get kids jazzed about this stuff again. To hell with pokiemon or yugo etc. Where did this crap come from anyway. Lets get back to basics. Boys like action figures lets get them back on tv.
  14. Mattel also realizes that this line is strictly aimed at a very, very exclusive niche market and such advertising would be a waste. I disagree. Yes the DCUC line is aimed at us the adult collector but i think marketing to the younger generation would not only help sales but keep dc viable for many years to come. Thats one thing that got me into the DC line. Watching the commericals for the super powers batmobile crashing through the wall and grabbing the joker Or superman punching lex. And i think the kids today could benifit from more ads like that.
  15. The new figures or the old figures have one peice molded feet?
  16. Agreed also we the collectors will hound mattel till they give us a peek lol. Although the toys r us exclusives are the answer to this question.They just seemed to start popping up
  17. Mattel is so wishy washy sometimes. They said they were going to stop selling JLU on matty and now there saying they have big plans to sell them on matty. GRRRRRR I didn't get this version but glad you enjoy it
  18. None of my 1st relese wave 5 don't have rocker ankels draven. Mattel ststed it's the exact same ones. If they were new they would have fixed the erad visor and black lightings goggles. I just went through my old wave 5 and none of them had that rocker ankel.They didn't start that till wave 7. Maybe wave 6 but i am sure wave 7 on as had the rocker
  19. Just a side note i made my own flash unmasked i have since these pics painted his hair all yellow/blond
  20. That el capt rayo was a potoshop job done on april fools day sorry guys if you didn't know that already. But i took matters into my own hands and made my own.
  21. First i would like to say that i don'r have a issue with the figures that are being made now(from mattel). My problem is 1 price going up and up and up 2 distrbution, also stores holding onto old wave 6 and 7 stock. mattel needs some system where stores can turn in old unsold stock for new stock. 3 some of the variants are not really variants. same body buck with a different head. Which means we have to fork out twice the money for less of a variant. Why not just pack in a different head? Now if i were to do a line of dcuc i would get rid of the plastic/rubber cape and use cloth with wire along the outter part of the cape like they did with trigon. i would add different hands other than fists all the time or add diff hands in packageing. not on every figure but on some. Or come out with a different hands pack like a weapons pack but just different hands instead of weapons i would add movement to some like the old super powers figures. maybe like the toys r us exclusives add kicking or punching ablities. I'd also like to do special mail in's for figures. like the clark kent from the super powers days. or wun dar from the heman wonder bread days. Maybe something like send in 20 proofs of and 10 bucks for a special lois lane figure. Maybe even alfred from batman.
  22. IDK why k mart can still sell them at that price. Unless they are selling the suggested retail price and not the mark up that every one else is selling them. Just because mattel raised the price doesn't mean the suggested retail price changed maybe. But i really don't know
  23. As far as i know there should be no differance. Mattel said it would be the exact same figures that were relesed to retail. Which tells me they had a bunch sitting in there warhouse and finally decided to get rid of them since so many folks missed out and kept asking mattel in the Q&A's and askin in other ways if they would re relese them.
  24. I think dc needs to go back to square 1 and get donner back on board ahla superman 1. Or hire people who actually care about the material there creating and not just in it for a paycheck. I would bet my entire collection that any one of you hex fans out there could have,would have done a better job. MINI SPOILER Hex talking to the dead/brining them back to life to talk to them was the only thing they don't show in the traliers thats was fairly kool. But every thing else that was worth seeing they show in the traliers. The special weapons are not as intrecal as the tv spots let on and neither is megan fox. Who is there really just to show some ta ta's and very little azz (We got to see more in wild wild west.) MINI SPOILER OVER I am not a huge fan of hex nor do i know alot about him But i know this should have been way better than the 70 sum minutes i wasted watching it. I really feel sorry for the fans of hex. You wait so long to see the dude you adore only to be disappointed. At best i'd say wait for dvd or wait till it is on HBO or TBS or TNT. Belive it or not the new tom cruse movie was a hell of alot better than hex if that tells you anything
  25. I saw it and let me say it was awful. Lazy directing and honestly piss poor acting. Meaning it's almost like the preformances were phoned in. If you have seen the trailers then you have seem the best parts of this flim.
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