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  1. I'm really glad to see the Trooper and Duke come out so well, especially since I've never been that thrilled with the original 25th versions. The Duke arm fiasco is well known, but the fact that they fixed the trooper's diaper crotch on the Python Patrol figure then stopped using the fixed crotch(!!!) on the other trooper figures, I'm just glad we have improved representations of these characters.
  2. I've thought about this myself, but I feel like there's nothing we can really do. It seems very clear that Hasbro has made up their mind and are moving full steam ahead with the Fury File figures, so at this point I don't think there's much to be done. If nothing else, there's no way they'd cancel the line outright, if it doesn't take off, they'll probably scale it back and maybe we'll see a return to the original scale, but as there have been no announcements of new ones, there won't be any for a while, no matter the outcome. Personally I'm torn. I love some of my Marvel Legends and point to them as brilliant examples of mass market toy-making. Then there are some of the others.....I also don't think that the epically boring Hasbro Legends wave one did them any favors, as well as the apparent issues they had getting the other waves into the stores. I'll consider the Fury Files, but I'm really not keen on having to buy all the same characters yet again. I've done it a few times with the Joe lines, and have already decided that when the current line ends, which hopefully won't occur any time soon, I'm finished. I can't keep buying new versions of the same characters, be they Spider-Man, Wolverine, Snake Eyes ect. If nothing else I think Hasbro needs to make a choice and stick with it on all their lines, people have limited disposable income and limited patience.
  3. It would be cool if they did an Indiana Jones DTC line for you guys, but the Joe example doesn't spell a bright future. Part of it was that people had moved on from Joe by that point in the line, and the figures they were offering were far from inspiring in a lot of cases. Case in point, wave four is just now being pre-ordered after a hiatus of a few years at ridiculous prices. It might happen, but I doubt it will leave you guys satisfied in the end.
  4. They can get real if they're claiming they have no hand in making them more available, Mattel was doing this sort of crap before oil prices ever went to the ridiculous heights they are now, so they can save that noise. I'm not super keen on them making them 30 dollars on mattycollector.com, because I found the variant Deathstroke and Sinestro the one time I found wave 3, and I'd have rather had the masked Deathstroke personally, so I'm not sure it's necessary for them to put them online. However, with the flash coming up, if they wanted to start putting matty exclusive figures like they have with Starfire and Adam Strange online that would be ok with me, for example the Professor Zoom Flash. I think they need to make variants that are different characters more available, but as for costume changes I'm not sure it's really necessary.
  5. I used to collect the line but sold all of mine off a few months ago. Some of the new ones that have been announced would have been cool to me a couple of years ago, but it's too little too late, I lost the desire after I ended up with my 15th Superman, and I also got pretty turned off that a lot of them can't even stand on their own. They charge as much for these as they do for G.I. Joes in a lot of places, when the playability is almost non-existent with JLU. I admire the obscure characters they have released, but that's about it as far as positiveness goes for me.
  6. Oh yeah I agree, especially since they're both Lucasfilm properties, I just know personally I would have dropped a hundred or so or maybe even more on Indy figures if they were Joe compatible, as I have the vehicles because I can use them with my Joes, but can't justify buying the figures because they're lacking the articulation I want.
  7. Firefly. I was questioning whether I was done with joes or not as I had ARAH joes, Joe v.s. Cobra and Sigma 6 and wasn't very keen on starting over yet again, but when I saw Firefly I thought he looked awesome, and it has grown from there and now it's my favorite current line, flaws and all. I just hope Hasbro doesn't run it into the ground with all the repaints and rereleases of the same characters, this is the last Joe line I'm starting over on.
  8. One other thing I'm surprised no one has mentioned that I really think made a difference, is lack of articulation. These guys were in G. I. Joe scale and the vehicles are sweet, I love the vehicles. But I never bought one figure, because they can't move the same way the Joes can, and when they come from the same company there's no excuse. I'd have loved to have Joe style german soldiers, and I could have used a lot of them as civilians or government types from foreign lands, but I am not going to spend the same amount I would for a Joe figure for an Indy figure that can't do what the others can. You guys have my utmost sympathy, I have had several lines end prematurely, but I feel like Hasbro missed a golden opportunity to draw in non Indy fans with a few minor changes. Oh, and another thought I had, maybe everyone else hates Shia Lebouf as much as I do and thought his "bad@ss greaser" character was as ridiculous as I did. Maybe not. But come on, even stevens as the next Indy? Seriously??
  9. I'm vaguely excited about Blowtorch because he's a new character, but I can't help but feel this wave is a huge waste. With only a few slots before the movie line begins, we get guys we've been getting since the line started? If Resolute is supposed to be online only, do they really think kids are going to know what Resolute versions are when they show up? With a limited time left and a couple of characters with all their parts already made(*cough*SHOCKWAVE*cough*) just waiting on Hasbro to make them, this just seems ridiculous. The new line has proved itself, Joes are more popular than they've been since the original line, but they're going to risk our goodwill and a proven success on a movie line, especially after repaints galore before the movie line begins? What planet are they from where they think this will work, and what convinced them to pack up and leave?
  10. So far I think all the choices for the Collect and Connect Build-a-Figures have been good, whether allowing an obscure character to see release as in Metamorpho or utilizing the bigger scale for larger characters such as Grodd. I think there are many more that this would suit, who would you guys like to see? Personally my top 5 would be: 1. Doomsday - He should be bigger than Superman, and I have no use for the miniature one we got a while back. Please give us one in scale! 2. Arkillo 3. Bane - A bigger, more poseable Bane would be awesome, the one we have is forever bending his knees. 4. Darkseid - Kalibak looks to be bigger than his own father, which shouldn't be. 5. Blockbuster One I thought about was the Anti-Monitor, but he might be too big for this, how large is he supposed to be?
  11. That's what I was afraid of. Truth be told as much as I love this new line and understand the marketing strategy behind this wave I'm really not happy it's a Wal Mart exclusive. I have a hard enough time finding these when they're available at several chains and these feel like they're a lost cause, as wally world doesn't do a very good job of keeping their own damn exclusives available. The last few retailer exclusive items I've been after took a lot more difficulty obtaining than I really felt was neccessary, and I'd still be looking now if I didn't check every day. I don't feel like you should have to go to the store and leave empty handed again and again just to get something you want, because if you miss one day then you might be completely out of luck. I'm pretty sure I'm just going to be buying these on ebay for more than retail because they'll be impossible to find. I hope Mattel doesn't make this sort of thing a habit. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE DCUC Classics, I just would also love to be able to find them with relative ease, I'm sure I'm not alone on that. On a more positive note, Metallo is sweet!! Love the kryptonite sculpted into the chest.
  12. Has there been any news about when these come out?
  13. Are these out now? They look awesome, Amazo is the missing one right?
  14. They should put that on their business cards.
  15. True, and I don't know everything that goes into their sculpting process, and without a specimen in hand it's hard to tell, but the tie looks to be part of the sculpt itself, but when that series sees release I'll have to take a closer look.
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