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  1. sorry for the off topic post, but i just wanted to ask someone who knows how to navigate the site better how i go about deleting my account? Getting tired of the company around here, and I don't like to leave loose accounts. Place just isn't for me. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. you can call it prejudice if you want, but i call it an opinion. i think that she's ugly.....plain and simple. i cant believe that you think maturity has anything to do with my opinion. you must live next to the animal shelter. From your responce to my opinion I think you do You possibly like girls who I would think of as ugly thats obvious, if maggie is enough to float your boat. as for me, thats one fish i'd throw back. Just don't forget to tell your girlfriend that you think she's a dog when she gets a few wrinkles and gains a couple pounds. Oh, and tell your son to think of women that way, too. That a way.
  3. well, no you make a point. she's not an action figure, she's a collector's figure.
  4. What comic did you read? The wall has been around for a long time. Read some of the old suicide squad, she was classic in that. Thats how they portrayed her in the show, for me Waller will always be associated with the squad. I cant wait, now all I need is a Captain Boomerang , Rick Flag and Bronze Tiger, maybe in a box set with her. I've not read many stories with her in it, but in Hush the Batman series she was a stooge for President Luthor, so yes, that is accurate. Obviously someone either didn't watch or didn't care for Justice League Unlimited. We fans of the show would like her very much, thank you.
  5. Sorry to hear you're just another teenage minded, fickle example of prejudice, Pooda. I thought better of you. But, I guess when all things are considered, the argument is kinda moot, I suppose. Neither Holmes nor Gylenhall is coming back, and i imagine if anyone but Nolan is directing they'll probably try for the starved but "hot" supermodel type for the next film. That's Hollywood and their fairyland beauty culture for ya.
  6. Even so, I'd give a big round of applause to anyone who would pull off an MM scale Rachel Dawes figure custom and post the results. There have already been some killer Gordon customs. Hopefully in a different oriented wave of MMs they'll consider a Gordon, maybe once the Crime Scene Evidence goofiness is past.
  7. Wow. You guys are either too used to great hollywood beauties gracing the screen, or you must have some really hot girlfriends. Either way, I'm jealous. @ohyeah@ I think Hollywood has given the teenage crowd a pretty warped perception of beauty. Most of the "hot" supermodel women they'd have in a batman movie are starving, vomiting desperates who have to sacrifice everything healthy to be accepted by the mainstream. Old fashioned beauty, healthier beauty, as i would categorize maggie gylenhall, is now shunned and considered ugliness. Thank you America for training your stupid young men to think beauty is all about airbrushed busty beauties with no internal organs behind their tiny stomachs. Trust me guys, I live in nowhereville Iowa and compared to most of the women out here? Maggie is hot, and that's not to put her down in the lowest common denominator, but she is no ugly wench, and I shake my head for the fickleness of America's mindset towards beauty.
  8. Yeah, that one chick...what was her name....gah, it's on the tip of my tongue. Rosie? Rene? Oh! Right, Kathy Ireland. rrrowr. Need a toy.
  9. Whoa, nice. I wonder, is this her first figure release ever? Not a bad start if I do say so, and about time! I mean she was only a major mover and shaker in TWO different batman related stories. Props to matty, the upcoming figs just keep looking sweeter and sweeter.
  10. All politics and other non vital points aside, Maggie for me, only because she's the stronger performance, but I do NOT discredit Holmes. I thought she was actually the best female counterpart character in a live batman movie yet. The supermodel bimbo in Batman 89? Terrible actress, in my not so humble opinion. Michelle Pheiffer doesn't count because she's catwoman, doesn't fit the "damsel" category. Kidman was a weak link as well, though an improvement, and whoever the chick was in B&R isn't even worth mentioning, really. Maggie is not a dog, despite a lot of the fanboy gripes. I'll grant you she looked strangely old in the scene with Bruce on the roof, but that was bad lighting, seriously. She's pretty cute, and she has a great figure. Any dumb twerp that calls her a dog couldn't boast to have someone a fourth as cute as her, and I defy anyone to prove me wrong. Sorry had to vent, I just find the shallowness surrounding Holmes and Maggie to be a whole lot of pathetic, though I'm sure it'll all be forgotten by the time the third batman movie comes around and yet ANOTHER new chick love interest is introduced. let's see who it is and who starts complaining then.
  11. If he could learn to appreciate that they're BATMAN films and not showcases for the villains, than sure. his style, direction and the Elfman music are all classic and fit the batman world very well, but Burton always needed help in the story department. batman 89 should have been called The Joker Rises, and Batman Returns was Penguin Begins. doesnt it say: the hero is always as good as his villains? dark nkight wasnt different in my opinion. it was all based on joker, dent, gordon. batman was realy on hold here. i would have loved to see a little more past training methods of bruce. i even hated the way he stoped scarecrow. jumps on the car and finish? they did the same with mr.freeze in batman and robin. c'mon.... how much of a physical threat is scarecrow? without the glass, whats left? of course batman movies are gonna be about the villians.....we already know whats up with bats. the bad guy makes ANY movie with good vs. evil. batman is a reactor, he can only react to whatever the bad guy is doing. It's basically all about the balance, and who's head you get in more as a watcher of the film. The burton films never really made me feel like i got in Bruce's head much, and even though Batman's role was reduced in TDK, i still got moments to connect with him and know how he was thinking, feeling and what the villain's movements meant to him personally. Don't get me wrong, in the comics some of the best stories have been villain centered with Batman being in the background. The new Joker graphic novel by Azzarello is a good example of that. But for the movies? I like to at least see Batman have his appropriate amount of imput. I mean, honestly, we got a LOT less of the Joker in this film than we knew of him in Burton's, which was fine for that movie, yeah, but so far these Nolan films have made the villains, minus Harvey Dent, a lot more ambiguous and unknowable. Just my pref is all.
  12. Aaaw man, loose? I would love to top off my set with Ghoul-Man, but 15 bucks for a loosie would just feel a little anticlimactic. Thanks for the heads up though, Pooda. I'll see how desperate I get after bills are paid. if you dont collect MOC, then it shouldnt matter. Well i prefer to have one carded and one loose for most of my collections, but i was pretty much only planning on getting carded for the ghoul, didn't see the need to get double, especially since they're so expensive. That's why I said I'll see if I get desperate enough to just buy a loose one whether or not I do get an unopened one. I don't suppose we have any hints of the ghoul being repackaged in a two packer, hmm? that's my other fear, spending a bunch of money on him when down the road they'll just reship him anyway.
  13. Aaaw man, loose? I would love to top off my set with Ghoul-Man, but 15 bucks for a loosie would just feel a little anticlimactic. Thanks for the heads up though, Pooda. I'll see how desperate I get after bills are paid.
  14. I still say the only way this Joker that Barrett found could be real is if it's some very early prototype that wasn't meant to be shipped. the paint is terrible, the articulation is non existent, it incorrectly proclaims the figure within to be a new suit batman, and according to the information it's a whopping ten inches. All the figs on Legions are re-issued 4.5 incher figs. I'm not arguing so as to discourage a fan from buying what they think to be an interesting item, but I don't believe it's legit, or at the least, meant for american consumption. It could just be a chinese issue not meant for our market. My interest is piqued though, if we end up seeing anything else from this.
  15. I hope either that you're wrong or that this is a VERY early protype, man, because the look and text of the package and of the Joker himself sucks. Do you have any sources confirming this is an upcoming waves of figs? I'd be fascinated to learn that you're right.
  16. Noticing that it's a Hong Kong product, judging from seller location, and the fact that it doesn't have the title Dark Knight anywhere on the front of the packaging, I'd warrant most likely a cheap knock off. Odd hands on that Joker, I noticed, not to mention it doesn't look very articulate. I wager a chinese knock off.
  17. If he could learn to appreciate that they're BATMAN films and not showcases for the villains, than sure. his style, direction and the Elfman music are all classic and fit the batman world very well, but Burton always needed help in the story department. batman 89 should have been called The Joker Rises, and Batman Returns was Penguin Begins.
  18. For a fan I know it's painful to be reminded about the stinkers we've been offered, but I don't think that's reason to shun the possibility of toys existing as memoribilia. I mean, I love props and toys of old sci fi stinkers, and it also comes down to taste. I mean, dude, you've got a wishlist as your sig pic that has the live He-Man on it. I feel for that movie like many do for Batman and Robin But I don't object to there being a toy of him to commemorate the movie. The real question is, would they sell? Any new kids who collect batman these days are hardly gonna flock to 90s Batman MM action figures, but who knows, even in the ranks of the fans they might go strong.
  19. If NOTHING else, I'd love some of those for customing purposes. The Riddler and Catwoman would be adjusted al ittle to make great figs, and penguin is good pretty much as is, though I'd like to give him some paint. And I'm surprised at you people, has anybody mentioned Bane? Granted his appearance in B&R was a disgrace, but it was still a good design. And dare i suggest Chris Walken's character Max Schreck?
  20. Likenesses of Joker, the Returns cast, the differing batsuits, Michael Gough's alfred and the Forever cast, sure. Batman and Robin is for me only good Rifftrax fodder, nothing else. And yes, I'd love a Mike Gough alfred toy, he was a great alfred with a lot of personality and charm, and the ONLY good thing about B&R was his subplot of being sick, in my ever not so humble opinion.
  21. One more note about the sculpt on Harvey that just came to mind, looking at my Bruce variant Batman. The original pics in Toyfare and elsewhere that appeared of the variant were terrible. it looked LOOSELY like Bale. When the final product came out I was stunned how much better it looked. Granted a lot of people still don't like Joker, but keeping the Bale toy in mind I say wait until you see the physical units on the shelves before we decide how bad it is, because like the Batman variant it's entirely possible the finalized model will be even better. Just a thought to my fellows with the cool collectin' heads.
  22. yes...are we ever going to get Gordon and Ra's? When the horsemen get through the other 6,000 jobs they've got going down this upcoming year And to be honest, I'd much sooner have a good Gordon in regular attire or swat gear over the whole Nurse Joker craze. Cute scene in the film, yeah, but come on, we don't need a fig of EVERY incarnation he had. If it would make the more avid collectors happy (of which I guess I'm not), then it's cool, but nothing that's really needed in my ever so not humble opinion.
  23. seconded. Thirded. Let's hear a round of applause for the mature collectors. *proud of his less than 50 posts
  24. Mattel is a business. That is why poor distribution and poor quality control isn't good for their business. The last thing they should want to do is get a reputation for misassembled parts or poor paint applications or figures missing accessories etc etc. I mean people are openly stating that they are afraid to buy the DCUC 2 pks recently announced mainly due to concern about quality control. Go to other boards and there are threads pages long with documented quality issues. Mattel are handing out vouchers for the shoddy products. How dare you bash Mattel! How dare you question their business accumen! Kidding aside that is all I was saying but according to your friend pooda I was being unreasonable and according to you I don't understand that Mattel is a business. That's hardly a remark on them being the great satan that some of these forum members enjoy indulging in. I'm consistent, I'm not saying they're a bad business or a bunch of ##$%$#s, I just wish of WHAT THEY HAVE available that they would increase the ratio. That is in no way a remark on their corporate practices or acting like they're a bunch of morons. Plus there's the scalpers to consider, they're likely the biggest reason all the variants and chases or so impossible to find anyway, something Mattel has no power over. As for noname, if you don't like forum argument for the sake of discussion then you can ignore the posts, really easy.
  25. This is a thing of beauty! Godzilla is my favorite anything, this would be superb to have displayed. Thanks for the alert!
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