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  1. you dont use up the Dark Knight Returns title...you dont repeat Batman Returns....He was the Dark Knight and he left....he has to return now...and since the word RETURN has been used so much in Batman mythos with success mind you..why not use The Return of the Dark Knight....hes returning...hes the Dark Knight...it makes sense...to me theres no other title...The Caped Crusader?...are you kidding?...Nolan is laughing at you all bc that sounds so corny...ive heard people want to use THE BATMAN...are u ##$%$#ed?....we know hes The Batman, it was in the first @##@@ movie....and the bringing up of the Batman Triumphant...gay title, gay director, gay Batman..NO NO NO...The Return of the Dark Knight or The Dark Knight Returns or nothing...what else have we heard for a title...Gotham City?...ohhh...theres a wonderful one...The Dark Knight was about Gotham City a bit, it was one of the stars of the picture...but to put it in the title?...idiotic...sorry i have to laugh a little more on everyones suggestions...Why no just call it the Long Halloween, seriously...thats a good f'n title...okay so TRDK TDK or The Long Halloween...no Dark Victory...sounds like Vin Diesel to me..
  2. leave feedback about my fan fics...just would like to know how they are..

  3. In part 1 of IGAFTSAR we left The Batman in a murdered Doctor's office after a day of mayhem and the spoiling of one of the Joker's most deadly plots. Gordon has 2 bullet holes in his leg, Alfred escaped a body bag, The Joker went to Arkham with a batarang protruding from his chest, Harley and numerous thugs got handcuffed, and many innocent people died at the hands of the Joker. At the same time the carnage and deadly threat wasn't close to over. The Bat waits in the Doc's office, waiting for Harvey Two Face to show up with Gordon's family to ransom Gotham and to possibly expose The Batman's identity. The Batman is on his own now that Gordon is being tended to at the newly rebuilt Gotham General for multiple gun shot wounds. Our Caped Crusader decides to be proactive and leaves the office realizing that Harvey must of been tipped off that the Joker was done in. The Dark Knight crashes through the window into the rainy darkness of Gotham, he free falls a few stories, his cape flickering, slicing through the rain drops...about a storie off the ground he rifles his grapple gun through the night and it catches just in time as he swings through his beloved city streets...he has no clues, no proof of Harvey's location but his instinct drives him, directs him to the Narrows... It had been a while The Bat had been without the trusty Tumbler..he swang through the streets, ran on the rooftops of Gotham to get to the run down ghettos they call the Narrows. He makes it to the More Club, a seedy bar known to house some of the cities most notorious gangsters. The back room of The More was somewhat of a safe house for the likes of Harvey, Croc, and The Black Mask. Our Crusader repels down the back side of the club and swiftly boots down the back door. The sound was deafening but with the deeply bassed blues tunes and the roar of Gotham's worst bellowing from the belly of the club, the patrons hadn't noticed. Bruce steps to the back room's door, he can hear voices growling from within, he comes to the conclusion that there is a card game going on inside..but who knows who the deadly players are...Batman swings open the door and in a swift move grabs the the guard around the neck and holds him tightly as a shield...The card players all stare up at the unimaginable..The Batman is in their presence...4 players sit at the round table in the far corner of the room...a man with a bowler hat lifts his head and tips back his cap..the green eyes widen and bring the Bat into focus. Edward Nigma was currently leading a semi clean life, he hadn't bothered Batman in almost a year and was well off enough by now to not bother with heists...Nigma begins to speak but the Bat interupts..." WHERE'S HARVEY!?"...Maroni, a local mob boss pushes back his chair and begins to stand, "..well this is a bust, I'm headin' home to da ball and chain.."..."..YOUR GOING NOW WHERE SAL..''..growls the Bat...the rest of the men at the table give each other some glances, trying to silently develope a plan to get out of the clutches of the Bat...Killer Croc seems nervous for the first time in a long time, his scaly skin is visibly moist and his lip begins to quiver at the the thought of heading back to prison...The last time he was in the joint he got put on a ferry during one of the Joker's experiments and nearly blew the boat sky high before thinking better of it and throwing the detonator out of the window, he wasn't going to fall prey to that again...The other face sitting in on this villain card game is a familiar one, how could u mistake it...A bald charred skull mask burned into the face of one of Gotham's elite, Roman Sionis sits quietly, his eyes stairing at the ground... The standoff is tense, the Bat see's no immediate threat and tosses aside the guard he was using for a shield...He steps closer to the card table to see what the pot is...4 toothpicks lay in the center...Toothpicks? he thinks...these are hardened criminals hell bent on destruction and riches and they are gambling on toothpicks...he trys to disect this riddle in the middle of the table when opportunity springs...The Riddler stands and his mouth opens, "...Sa,so,sooo..do you want in Bru..Bats?.."...the Riddler nearly says what his frigid expression is hiding, the four men know the Bat's secret..they know Gotham's wealthiest is standing before them, but they keep their cards close to their chest...Surprisingly The Bat abliges and pulls up a chair...he uncharacteristically unbuttons his cape and folds it over the chair...a few giggles come from the players..."..Whats the game and whats the stakes?" says the Bat...Croc collects the cards and begins to shuffle and tells Bruce the game..."...we're playing 5 card stud, everyone bets a toothpick, the toothpick represents a prize, the prizes are a secret, but there are only 4 toothpicks and 4 prizes so one will have to be split in half..."...the Riddler spills with laughter, Maroni and Sionis crack smiles and exchange glances.."...Whats so funny gentlemen?" asks The Batman...similtaniously they all say nothing...Croc begins to deal to his left...1 for Edward, 1 for Roman, 1 for Batman, 1 for Sal, 1 for Croc ect ect ect until everyone has 5 cards a piece. They all fan out their cards and hold them tightly to shield their hands, the Riddler methodically rearranges his cards repeatedly, Sal cracks a smile and seems pleased with what he was dealt, Roman has no expression bc has no face but it seemed like all was well, Batman keeps his poker face solid and glares at each of his opponents trying to read them, Croc seems dissatisfied with what he dealt himself but who knows, he could be bluffing, the man is half reptile for christ sakes...Batman looks at his hand...a 9 of hearts, a Queen of Clubs, a King of Clubs, a King of Spades, and a 2 of hearts..he decides his options and decides what cards he will exchange...something is going on here, they are acting too calm, something is awry, are they afraid? are they hiding something? or have they had it with battling the Bat? I doubt the last one...We know and Batman knows the four of them are hiding something and The Bat's bet is on it has something to do with Harvey and the Gordon's and during the course of this macabre card game with his foes, The Batman will find out this secret they are all hiding, one way...or another...to be continued...
  4. The Final Part...its been out for a bit on my Facebook but I forgot to add it to the rest over here..enjoy...FINALLY..CLOSURE! ...laughter penetrates the ear drums of Gordon and Batman, they stair at their foe from across the room...The Joker stands to full attention and brings the the walkie talkie to his mouth, " eh hem, Harley, forget plan A, B, and C...just bring the old chap and Jimbo's beautiful family down to Doc Glenns office, were all going to play a little game together..."...again, silence from the other end is met with a smile, and all is well as far as the Joker's concerned, he tosses the walkie talkie out the window and plops down into the Doctor's chair...The Joker leans back and kicks his feet up, Batman tends to Gordon some more and both men stand. " Why don't you both sit down, I want to conduct an little experiement..."...Both men know their out of options and sit down in the patients chairs in front of the Doctor's desk. Who knew the Joker would one day be evaluating the two sanest men in Gotham, in a proper psychiatrist office no less. The Joker begins scrambling through the Doctor's drawers, looking for something to make a joke of. Finally he finds what he was looking for, rorschach cards...With out notice he throws one up in the air, " BANG BANG!!!"...he blows two holes through the card with his revolver..." he brings the card to his face and lines the holes up with his eyes..." I'm sick of the evaluations, sick of the badgering, why do I do what I do? "...A knife begins to cut through the card from behind, of course, it forms a smile to match the Joker's eyes..." you see Bruce, I have a taste for the theatrical, as do you, but I need the spot light, I crave it, and with me constantly being locked away, hows a clown suppose to stay on top in the town?" Bruce now drops his Batman voice and talks to the Joker man to clown, " You know we've never spoke of this but i've known who you are since the first day we crossed paths, the chemical factory, 1984, you were the Red Hood, I tried to save you but your gloves ripped and you fell into that..." The Joker's smile turns stern and he stands and cuts off The Batman, " thats it, GET UP!...take that silly @##@@ costume off Bruce, GET IT OFF!!!..." The Joker raises his gun to The Batmans forehead, "...if you dont take that off im going to put a hole in the cops head, im not JOKING!"..."...Batman's honesty turns into his only plan..."...I tried Jack, I knew you had a family you were trying to protect, and the.." The Joker fires a shot into Gordon's leg, screams fill the room as the Jokers face gets more stone cold, his gaze penetrates Batman's..." TAKE OFF THE COSTUME BRUCE!!!, Ill kill HIM, Ill KILL HIM GOOD!"...Gordon is writhing in pain but is able to nod to Batman to tell him his plan is working, The Joker is cracking, the evaluation has been spun on the good Doctor...Batman continues his assault, "...the night Falcone's men murdered your family, and cut that smile into your face for botching the chemical plant job, if i'd known it would come to this." Batman waves his hands by the dead slumped over office workers on the floor, smiles cut into all their faces, his hand stops and points straight into the Joker's face..." BLAM!! Another shot enters Gordon's leg..." "....I, I wish I could of done something, we are not so far apart Jack, our families murders changing our futures, turning us into monsters, turning us into enemies..." The Joker's definitely cracking, his hand begins to shake, his eyes well, and he clenches his lip with his teeth, there is so much on the line, Alfred, Barbara Gordon and Gordon's kids in the clutches of a mad man...Batman and Gordon have to act, this is their time, The Joker is weak but not for long..."...the next one ends his life!...last chance!"...Batman abliges and unhooks the cowl, he begins to remove it and a surprise...Gordon acts and grabs the Joker's legs, the barrel of the revolver lowers to the Commissioners forehead, its over..." THWAP!!!..." ...The Joker's falls flat on his back, no shots were fired, Gordon lays, stunned, clutching the Joker's purple shoes...Gordon had distracted the clown long enough for the Bat to throw a batarang right into the JMan's chest...Batman compromised his one rule to save the ones he loved, he'd seen this situation too many times before, high ransoms to cater to one mans insanity, not this time, he had weighed the options and made his decision, it was either wait out the Joker's plan and see the deaths of the whole Gordon family, Alfred, himself, and eventually all of Gotham or take out the man perpetrating these crimes and break his one rule...for now the threat was subdued... Batman tends to Gordon and ties off his wounds, calls for Gordon's backup...The Bat then stands over the motionless Joker, he lays there stiff, batarang protruding from his chest, and then the unthinkable, the Joker coughs back to life and incoherently begins laughing/coughing, making any sound his silly mouth can make...Bruce cuffs him and leaves him on the floor...Now footsteps begin to fill the hall again, whistling can be heard...Harley kicks open the door dragging a wiley moving body bag, she drops it and gives it a kick and turns around to see the unthinkable...The Bat slams his fist into her face and throws the cuffs on her..." Where are the Gordons Harley! "..."...she cracks quickly and claims that Harvey is on the way with them "...Great, one more supervillain to take care of and this mayhem is over...Back up arrives and the days villains are escorted away, the room is now empty except for the Bat...he waits patiently for Harvey Two Face to show up with the Gordons, who is preparing to give the, " Bruce is Batman address on live TV, and hold everyone for a hefty ransom..." Alfred comes over the radio, " Master Bruce, haven't you got your man yet?...its nearly supper..." Only Alfred could be kidnapped for half the day and still have the energy to fix supper...Bruce begins to worry, its been hours, he should of been here...Harvey must of been tipped off...you have to pretty slick to fool the man with two minds...Harvey knew, Two Face knew...what could he possibly pull now that his plan has been spoiled...I guess well have to wait and find out....
  5. I've actually been thinking about this and it makes sense as far as rumors and maybe gives insight for Spiderman 5 and 6. If you assume the casting call for the red head twins leads to 2 kids playing one orphan baby named Kletus Cassidy bc there's no way Sam could make MJ or Peter have a kid(s) without getting reamed by every Spidey fan...that's not the way to go with a billion dollar franchise...So we have Carnage bc they went out of the way to show Connors keeping the piece for the symbiote. Then I predict that the Black Cat/Felicia story with her father being the new "boss" of The Daily Bugle..the new boss might be Mac Gargan the Scorpion..hired by JJJ? Whilst JJJ playing mayor or something..now that's 3 villains and Sam knows he screwed up last round with villain mismanagment so he's trying to vamp up for a crazy 4th entry and setting up for the Sinister Six for 5 and 6..that's right so we'll have 5 villain appearances if you DONT count JJJ... The two villains are The Lizard and Venom but I think Venoms appearance will be a short one again if not helping Spiderman for the greater good to set up anti hero status...I think well see a classic Lizard storylines that leaves room in a possibly 2 1/2 hour film if Sam gets it right again...this all may like toooo much but I think this is the way to go with the franchise and maybe let someone take over for 5/6 if people aren't coming back... It's awesome that were getting some news about a need to do big character movie...there's no TDK2 news at all...by the way I think I have a great name for it with ruining TDKR..just call it The Return of the Dark Knight...TRDK?....anyways...what do u guys think about this little break down?
  6. Slashfilm.com claims to confirm there is a new female lead and it's Felicia Hardy and Rachael McAdams auditioned for it and some other chick...and they got a scoop on her story arc and it involved a new boss at the Bugle who was her father...and he would be a villain but possibly not in costume...I think I got it right on the nose...maybe venom maybe no venom...but Gary Ross did the last draft on spiderman and is negotiations to write and direct venom...I think this is a sign for a tie in...Spiderman 4 shoots in March and casting is going on right now...expect a Mac Gargan casting to come out in the next few weeks...my hunches are never wrong...
  7. Really? ....not one reply?...I know this is the marvel figure forum bu I figured that people wouldn't mind about a Spiderman 4 thread...especially one that identifies the villains and sure it's speculation but it's all based on news from the project and it doesn't sound far off..would u guys mind seeing the movie go this way with JJJ hiring Scorpion to get Spiderman while Pete deals with Felicia and Connors...then we get a Scorpjon/Venom combination and showdown in the end where Peter gets help from The Black Cat or Lizard...I would definitely pay money to see this movie twice...hopefully Sam doesn't give us the Vulture or Kraven...both would be really lame for a movie that's been established in a semi realistic way...that's a lot of villains but it all can work really well if Sam does things the way they should be done...let's all hope he gives us this film...it would be close to best in the franchise if he executes it well...alright...opinions anyone?
  8. From the news we're all getting about Spiderman 4 I think I've pieced together what Sam is going for...I think that te fans would be happy if the Scorpion was Felica's father and JJJ hires him to capture Spiderman...Peter deals with the Black Cat/Felicia, MJ, and most likely a Connors/Lizard buildup, if not full blown Lizard fights...So that puts almost 4 potential villains in this film and it looks like Sams ratcheted up or a film series in it's forth go round and there has been a franchise this good in a few decades that's mad it to 4 nearly unscathed...so Scorpion, Black Cat, JJJ, and Lizard...and I truely believe the Venom tie in...the hiring of Gary Ross for double duty after Spidey 4 is too much of an indicator that the best thing is a tie in, there has to be mention of spiderman in atleast one of them and if made be the same people I would honk venom will get some mention or possibly some face time in 4... I mean if I'm wong here, what else could he be going for with this news coming out. People have been saying Vulture on other boards but Toomes buying The Bugle isTHAT interesting...if you have The Scorpion as the main main villain you give yourself a opportunity for momentum going into Venom movie...you give Scorpion the Venom suit for the end fight so he's some match for spiderman...and have the Lizard and Hardy situations resolved and possibly have one of them help with Scorpion/Venom I just the most kick ass story they could do at this point without using carnage who most people are polarized about...personally I would mind Sam trying it or holding off until 5 or 6 but I would say he carnage is a worthy advesary since they have used venom already or maybe twice... alright if this sucks I'm sorry...what would you do?
  9. Heres a list for you... Hot Toys Two Face - $150 Hot Toys Dark Knight Batman - $150? Hot Toys Bank Robber Joker - $165 Hot Toys Honor Guard Joker Pre Order - Snag 2, you can make some $$ on the extra clothes and keep the heads and extra body... Hot Toys Tumbler and Batpod if your that big of a fan...all this together so far will cost around $1000... Next I would go for comics, something that can be resold... Snag The Killing Joke CGC 9.8...I got one and I absolutely love it...$100? Detective Comics #168 - The Red Hood cover...such a great book and WILL sell if you get tired of it...$1000 Figure wise...fill in your DCUC or whatever... Dont get DCD Dark Knight product...go for the Hot Toys...if you get both youll wish you saved the $$ from the DCD... Honestly I wouldnt drop $5000 on plastic and paper unless it has a high resale value or you absolutely cannot live without it... Get a Macbook and a matching iPhone...You will be the happiest man alive....I am...and it only cost me $1300
  10. That is the Marvels cover I was talking about, all Ross in the book and I think it follows the gwen stacey death through the eyes of this old guy...very good art and story...
  11. Check out MARVELS, sick covers, Alex Ross does all the books I think...I have a Spiderman vs Goblin one and its got a see through cover kind of....theres like 3 other books...one with Silver Surfer, XMen, and Spiderman again i think.....$7 or $8 each...
  12. It's not far off...that cast would be sick in my opinion, if you don't think so give us something better that fits with a logical story...
  13. Arrow instead of saying, " your probably not a MM fan" I almost wrote "you probably only bought one figure"....I was right....MM peg warming right now doesn't matter...this was a year ago when they came out...if the new ones had come out in March or May like they were supposed to you would of dropped $10 on a Two Face or something...I'm just saying that it's Mattel that screwed up on numerous occassions since this lines conception...worst mistake mattel has made in a few years $$ wise...
  14. The movie master Joker was the figure of the year last year, am i mistaken?.....its not the best figure but was the figure that was in the most demand....sold for ridiculous prices and then the recall and the confusion....you obviously are not a MM buyer....do you work for Mattel?
  15. Anyone hear anything about Batman 3 or think that Inception is a cover for it because Nolan and crew dont want people bothering them for the whole year, the film could potentially be the greatest grossing film ever and with another x factor performance i think they can do it....Dicaprio is a start as the CEO bad guy ( Roman Sionis/Black Mask), Marion Collitard as the love interest and Catwoman, Ken Wantabe coming back for flashbacks or something like that, obviously Michael Caine, Joesph Gordon Levitt has the look and potential for the Joker, Cillian Murphy as Scarecrow with a bigger role, Tom Hardy comes in for Nigma who poses as help for Gordon, just so many good castings already confirmed for Inception, put Bale on top and you have my perfect Batman 3. Mattel you screwed yourself out of so much money by not getting on TDK MM merch, I had those things on my wall with doubles of a few and would of bought anything you put out for that but u took over a year and probably more to get a realistically 2nd series out....i might buy one but not the 10 i would of got a few months ago....FAIL is the word I would use. I dont think its DC related but Star Trek was great, i dont remember reading if Abrams was a big Star Trek fan but if he wasnt it was like Abrams version of Star Wars with a good story still....Terminator looks better and better, any torrent news on that one?....Anyone getting the Bale or Worthington Hot Toys figures....I would consider the Worthington one because hes gonna be huge after this summer....He might get into Batman 3 because of Bale, but maybe not.... Sorry if im f*cking things up in this chat, if you dont want to talk about movie related and rumor stuff and news just delete me... -Matt
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