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  1. As always they work with the nom noms to do a job a monkey can do. Like in everything else Aaron does he fails. Way to let the fans down again as always Aaron. You havent learned yet have you? LOL!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Feel as if I am reliving GI JOE EXTREME and SGT. SAVAGE all over again. Why bother. As for the comment about the Wyanes brother playing RIP CORD? I guess all the bithcing he did because he did not get the part of "ROBIN" in the BATMAN movies payed off. As for the toys???? Great for customizing. It just shows again that Habro as a tendency to drop the ball on What the fans want when it comes to figures. PPl say tht they market to a new era of toy collectors and childrean but at the same time they will never get rid of the same old "WHITE STORM SHADOW" and "BLACK VR2 (timber SNAKE EYES" The avarage person pays 8 dollars for figures but yet here we go again with...... the 36th? snakes figure that does not look any diffrent then the last 35. Why not a red Snake Eyes? and as forl Storm Shadow.... he should be renamed ZARTAn because he has been every color under the sun. Will the Movie flop? I hope so. I do not get why they would have DESTRO put his mask on in the end of the movie? (sign) @smilepunch@ Crimson Fist
  3. More repaints and repaints and repaints. Thats what I love consistancy!!! I remember putting up a post a while back and now I see some of you are understanding what I have been saying. I have seen the protos for MASK like I said before one of the figure (body type are in wave 9/ Para vipers) for the new up and coming MASK line can you guess who? Its sad because someone said Hasbro has run out of ideas. That maybe some what true. They have a huge develpoment staff and a boat load of artists who are willing to work, the only thing is they plan to milk this GI 25th into the ground, then release new product. As for Visionaries becareful whaty you wish for. Lets just say is you do not like the whole "Thundercats Movie theme" (them being a rock band) for the movie concepts in the works then you will hate the concepts for Visionaries. If you like new Ideas them enjoy. The only thing I do like about the Visionaries concept is the idea they are throwing around (3 3/4) ????? (wraith,bb cc,trackerzartan v1 body types) Sad..... by the way anyone one want to buy a whole GI JOE collection??? Its a lot of stuff email me if you want pics!! Fist
  4. CrimsonFist

    2008 Wave 12

    I agree with you. I do not think in anyway GI JOE will go anywhere... It is here to stay but the worried about what the image will look like in a few years is somewhat scary. I like the opinions of everyone of this forum agree or disagree. It shows that they have a passion, love it or hate it. Let me ask you ... what would make it more Love than dislike? Your feedback is very helpful. Fist
  5. CrimsonFist

    2008 Wave 12

    Anyone here buy the grand slam with the shark? can you say Single carded Grand Slam with jet pack. @loll@
  6. CrimsonFist

    2008 Wave 12

    What I am saying is that tooling are not expensive- 22,000.00 for a fully articulated figure (same as old school joes) and still We make repaints? Really... it does not cost that much to produce the figures. In all fairness, If ppl knew half of the numbers they would feel kinda of ripped off. I, as a fan am one of the ppl who WAHHHHHh so ppl can have short sleeves on Flint. Lets just say some ppl are just sheep and follow, while others try to make a diffrence. Hopefully whoever is the one who is talking about ppl complaining and WAHHHHing if a follower. The reson why we like the new figures is because they are New ...not repaints. And by the way it takes time to develope even repaints, This has been planed for a year now..trust me. Get a Job at Hasbro and then tell me its because they listen to anyone? lol Silly rabbit tricks are for kids and repaints are for sheep. LOL This not to say that proper colors on repaints are bad. Its to say that other than the fact the Artic snowserpant pack will not sell as well now with ppl knowing that the Scarp Iron is coming out in the two pack. That is a fact. So you know Im on the up about what I am talking about. Wait till you see Golobulus...Hes sweet but will he be a repaint??? lol Pythona is sweet as well.... Little bit of info. M.A.S.K. figures 3 3/4 as well sweet but repaints as well.... I am trying to say something which is that ppl who work in the industry like what they do but hate to see the product detroyed by ppl who do not collect.
  7. CrimsonFist

    2008 Wave 12

    Repaints Repaints Repaints. LOLOLOL save your cash because the next comic pack waves (not wave5) will have some cool figures...... if you like repaints? I like the figures but what was so great about Joes back when we were kids was, how every figure was his/her own, he/she did not have the same clothing as everyone else. All the gear they carried was special.... one of a kind. You could take a screw driver to them to cutomize. Today if you lose Storm Shadows bow you can just buy a Red Ninja and replace it. When you can replace a weapon on a figure so easy its no diffrent when a person makes repros of the original Firefly walkie or better yet Heavy Metals mic.... you know its only a copy. Trying to customize the new figs are a pain in the back side these days, a lot of sharp tools are needed along with some puttying or sculpting skills The new figures do not have that feeling. Its come to the point where toys are about selling quantity not quality. From an old school fan who has collected way before 3 3/4 and "kinda of works in the industry" Its sad to see a line like G.I. Joe go down the tubes (very slowly) simply because some ppl feel thats its better to maximize tooling costs. Think about this, How many of you collected STAR BRIGADE :DUKE, DESTRO, ROBO JOE maybe BATS? Purple guns and fruity vipers is what killed it. My kids would not know about GIJOE if it was not for me (like WE know it) When they look at my collection they do not look at there collection the same way. That spark is gone, not just from them but from alot of "people" I speak to "in the industry" who collect or use to collect. At the end of the day if my boss knew I was on line bitchin and moanin about G.I. JOE I would get fired....but as a fan I hear what ppl have to say and hope that future changes will come, more for older fans than newer fans. Sounds selfish but some of the younger generation who did not play with GIJOE like we did now work for in the industry and they like to think they know GI JOE. GIJOE is not just a toy its our youth. That is why we collect it...to remeber a better time (no bills, rent)..... lol you know what I mean. Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope you guys will enjoy the next wave. till then YOOOOO JOE!!! Crim
  8. If you can help it run out and get you some super apoxy it will work better than super glue. Super glue will only frost and brake off in your figures back as time goes on. With super apoxy it will stay on forever, will not frost and ruin your claw or your figure.
  9. So now you know what I mean by Annoying? The point I was trying to make is that When something is done over and over again it tends to get tired. especially when its something you like. The saying goes if you do not like it dont buy it, just as if you do not like your job quite? In some cases thats a little unfair...I need my gi joe fix every now and then ...lol and sometimes would like it done some what right (ex: CUTTER) Well to further the statment, When you are a FAN complaining is what we do? I will not make multiple posts anymore just so we are clear. I was just putting prespective to us talking about how Hasbro only does repaints and how exclusives are not exclusives . To have to buy a cutter and mod him is a crazy thought (although its fun). As a person who works for a model (sculpting) company for the past nine years. Sometimes I like to just come home and work on collecting not sculpting all day and work and having to do it when I get in the door for something I like ....alot. 25 years of collecting and I have eveything so I always look at the figure in a whole not the color of a repaint. Seeing evey type of repaint in the world after 25 years is some what annoying to see or hear it over and over again. Sorry for being a pest. Thank you for reading the post either way and commenting. I was honestly looking for a response just as you answered it. Let me ask you guys If you were to change anything on the figures would it be a RESCULPT (total) or a repaint. What can you do without?
  10. Major Bludd??? where ?????is there a Major Bludd figure??? you must mean the ZARTAN repaint I have with the color chaning face .... I mean green face (hulk smash) . lol I agree with you its all imagination but for they price they sell it at, they should freakin fly on there own ..lol (when you want like 10 of them) lol you know what I mean. As for the design, I can only pray that that whole crew who worked on this line gets fires and they can all live in the same card board box and hope that someone comes by and sets it on fire withe them all traped inside!!! LOL YOOOOOOOOOO JO..... ah forget it, I lost the feeling after the last repaint I saw. Oh and by the way have the seem the Joe dolls? Man I think I am gonna break out the TUBO GRAPHICS 16 and play some BONKS ADVENTURE !!! These figures are all lame. ANYONE WANNA BUY MY COLLECTION???? of repaints? lol
  11. I can only pray that that whole crew who worked on this line gets fires and they can all live in the same card board box and hope that someone comes by and sets it on fire withe them all traped inside!!! LOL
  12. I can only pray that that whole crew who worked on this line gets fires and they can all live in the same card board box and hope that someone comes by and sets it on fire withe them all traped inside!!! LOL
  13. I can tell you hes thinking....Why lord why!!! What have thou servent done to deserve this...all I want is to be a real boy.....LOL I can only pray that that whole crew who worked on this line gets fires and they can all live in the same card board box and hope that someone comes by and sets it on fire with them all traped inside!!! LOL Be ready to have this line fail along with the 3 3/4 line soon....I mean come on, how many repaints can we have.... ???? What made the older figs cool was the fact they all had there own gear, style and weapons...Whats we get now is the same old bodywith more repaints...and I know someone is going to say that some of the figures are new but.... look at them and tell me what figures you can make for future releases.....hummmmmm.lol Hasbro is lame.
  14. I can tell you what Destro will look like.... after you get off the toilet look inside and thats what he will look like!!! LOL I can only pray that that whole crew who worked on this line gets fires and they can all live in the same card board box and hope that someone comes by and sets it on fire withe them all traped inside!!! LOL
  15. Lame... are they selling GI JOE or BONKS ADVENTURE !!!LOL LOL.... Man who ever droped the ball on this is sooooooo... fired!! LOL
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