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  1. You're off by six months - RoC came out in mid-'09. Version 43 was the first of the movie Snakes at which point there were seven more for the rest of the year (including Resolute of course), so based on that alone I'll bet we can count on similar numbers for the sequel especially since it's supposed to feature more ninja action. Still, it's fun to imagine. I'd wager that since SE is the Prime/Bumblebee of the Joe franchise we're likely to see the averages rise going forward if all other factors stay the same. I agree that 2020 or even 2019 isn't too far-fetched.
  2. Mine are all in a box but when I displayed them I never had a problem with them falling over - or are you talking about the 2.5" inaction figures?
  3. The whole rubber suit bit is a necessity to have the super-ripped comic book appearance. In the comics, everyone looks like they stepped straight out of "300" or something, the problem is fabric doesn't really do that. Look at jacked up football players in their Underarmor-brand shirts. Heck, just look at the Rock in some of this films stills. You can tell they're built, but you don't see the cuts, and shirts don't get any tighter than UA. It's one of those comic physics vs real-life things that there is no simple replicating. So, they wanted a Snakes Eyes that looks like he stepped out of the comics? They have to go rubber suit. You're right though - it makes him look thicker than he should be and I think it's mainly because the suit tucks into regular pants. Snake Eyes - the Rock notwithstanding - is really the "face" of Joe at this point. I think R.Digital means he's like Wolverine in that he's the character that always gets played up the most in the franchise. They're nothing alike as individuals, but they each are a big part of the branding. Consequently, Snakes can't just be a guy in a black commando sweater (to them).
  4. Oh yeah - I'll bet you're right. I know that was Storm Shadow and I thought the other guy was Snake Eyes but I guess that was Firefly. And we did see the Water Moccasin like vehicle in that earlier vid with the Rock.
  5. I admit I'm a little worried that tiny hovercraft will be the new WHALE. After what they did to the Dragon(fly)hawk helicopter in the RoC toy line, that'd be a bummer.
  6. Looks good so far: CC looks like the new IDW one - no weird fish mask No lips on Snake Eyes Jinx looks awesome (though, on the mountain cliff fight, is that her in yellow too? At first I thought maybe they were going to get Helix into this with the yellow, but she's sporting the red-handled katanas HISS scout Possibly less Duke - Roadblock says, "We're all that's left" and Duke was there when they were attacked so I guess Duke must get killed? I'm surprised if that's true but thankful b/c Channing is awful. and uh... hello? RATTLERS! (ok, they have five engines now it appears but still - gotta be Rattlers) My only complaint? It's time to retire that Transformers "BWwoow" sound-effect. It's been waaay overused.
  7. After some simple parts-swapping, horn-moving and a dab here and there: Trashbolt: Reffuze: The gang (so far):
  8. They had it as a lightning deal or whatever they call it a couple days ago - scored two for 21 dollars each! At that price I didn't mind paying thirty for one of those Republic Cannons either.
  9. Yeah - MP11 does improve upon the mold but I can't imagine spending so much more for it over these. My biggest complaint was always the hip kibble and this fixes it. I don't need the cape and crown and I don't really like MP11's new head.
  10. Where did you see this? That seems unlikely.
  11. Well, Starscream and Skywarp are legit (and of course Megatron). But yeah, Soundwave is an up-sized G1 knock off and all the rest are IGear's Seekers.
  12. Lightning made the soggy journey across the ponds and landed at my front door today. I won't spend much time talking about the quality or anything of this guy because it's right on par with all of IGear's Seekers so far which is to say, as good as if not better than the official product (for example, this Thundercracker is assembled correctly). Feel free to peruse the other IGear reviews here and here in which I talk a bit more about the heft and feel of these guys. Mainly I'm sure people are interested in his color so without further ado, some color comparisons. I don't have original MP TC to compare him with as I sold him to make room for this guy. Instead, settle for a comparison between the Henkei and Generations (or RTS whichever) Thundercrackers: Lightning is a light blue. Near as I can tell he may be the same shade of light blue as Cybertron Thundercracker's blue parts? Just looking at pictures it's hard to tell but he may be lighter still. He's sky blue vs the darker, more metallic blues we've seen so far and way lighter than MP TC. Frankly, it's a bit jarring at first, but the more I look at him on the shelf, the more I like it. He definitely stands out as there's nothing quite the same color (and I mean really stands out - I don't think I have another toy the same color except maybe for Comic Pack Cobra Commander). His blue is a flat color with no metallic flake at all, unlike all the previous IGear Seekers. His gray is molded in that color and has a very mild metallic tinge to it - I'd call it Aluminum Gray if I were looking at the Testor's rack. Lastly you'll notice no stripes on his vertical stabilizers. Sunstorm doesn't have any either, but for whatever reason I didn't really notice that whereas it's odd not having the typical stripes here. This represents my only real complaint about the toy. Bot mode is no surprise either of course. He has the two wrist communicators and the new lower legs. And really - what more is there to tell? Here are some group shots: I'm probably done with these guys for the time being. The only two remaining Seekers they currently have (possible) planned is Current and the yet to be named PPO3R. I'd be surprised to see Current at this point since earlier pics of him show him being the same bright blue as Lightning here. Hopefully R is some sort of Acid Storm green, but we've never seen anything about it yet so until then I'm happy. In short, the color may not be for everybody, but don't fear the quality
  13. This kind of things irritates me. "Oh, we can't do big vehicles if they aren't exciting enough and they'd be too expensive. But here's a limited edition, limited availability space mini-van for only fifty five dollars." That thing uses more plastic with more tech than the Clone Wars Y-wing for less money! Yet somehow they still couldn't get their minds around a Twilight so they just pulled it from the show without explanation. What, is Disney losing money to bring this toy to the masses? - doubtful.
  14. Dake


    And they're limited to one per purchase. I'd have to talk myself into a set even if they shipped free - I really have no interest in those figures.
  15. I don't see what the problem is honestly, after all pepper spray is just liquid food. These folks should've felt lucky to get a snack before they went shopping.
  16. It's a simple fact: retail sucks. Retail at Target/Walmart sucks even more. That being said, I've worked ON Thanksgiving for years now so it could always be worse for these folks. The summation at the end of that article is the most interesting though. The guy is petitioning to "restore the sanctity" of the holiday but he asked for the day off to go work at his other job...
  17. That other sparring mask is to put on someone Big Boa's about to beat up - his mask isn't removable.
  18. The only ones that are really blah for me are Surefire and Barrel Roll. The rest all have at least a little something going for them. The Club is, as usual, in a tight spot. They can never please everyone or even 50% honestly. The collecting community is so divided all they could hope for was casting the widest net to see if any given person might like two or three of the twelve. They could have done teams like all Python Patrol or Tiger Force or whatever, but honestly that probably would've been less appealing to me personally so - again, can't please everyone. The final factor here is price. They really need to bring this in at 20 bucks (or less) before shipping. I can talk myself into 20, but I'm not so sure about 25.
  19. I think I might swap the head onto my Covergirl. I really don't like the "skinny leg" uniform pants they gave the RoC females. I might also swap out the lower legs on the Club's and put on a different head to do a vintage, short-hair Covergirl. Also, I swear I've seen that head before on other people's CG customs. Is that a Marvel female?
  20. Well - you certainly couldn't pick two crazier people to argue either side. The ultimate irony comes in watching them defend their respective universes when they both hated nearly everything about them for so long.
  21. Looks like Benchpress with a goatee instead of a beard to me. This is easily the most bland thing they could come up with. I never knew all the drama that surrounded the original version of this figure and I don't really care one way or another as far as that goes. I just think it's weird to not only go with something so dull but to use up a valuable slot in this line with it. If the guy wanted a 25th version of himself, surely he could pay someone to make a custom.
  22. Oh - so you have gotten yours then? Well that's awesome! All you have to do is post a pic of Zarana with your shipping invoice from the package and you can show all those cynical Hisstankers what-for.
  23. Well, to be fair the figure always came with a gun. And why does no one give Doc a hard time for being a pacifist anyway?
  24. From AC Toys via The Terrordrome: Lifeline and Zombie Viper! Looks like Lifeline kept most of his stuff, though it looks like he lost his paratrooper gear.
  25. That's the whole exasperating thing about this hobby anymore. The secondary market has ruined it for many collectors and left only those with nothing to do but spend more of their easily earned (you would have to think?) money...on plastic toys with cardboard painted to look like something they loved as a child? Openly expressing what we would gladly PAY (beyond what is reasonable) for this crap, in public forum, is just asking the scalpers and so-called "secondary market" operators to exploit the hobby and it's fans even more so. Because everything said on the internet is true. Seriously, nobody cares what someone says they'll pay. It's what someone actually will pay. He's not airing state secrets. One person being willing to pay a hundred dollars a figure won't pay for a toy line. Even one in ten being willing to do that won't. The simple fact is if you have ever paid more than retail for a toy at any time, you've contributed to the problem. These scalpers deal in volume and for every figure they manage to unload at three or five (or more) times retail, they have to gamble on breaking even somewhere else. I'm not crying for 'em and I hope they choke on their left overs, but it's the reality of the situation. As for Ebay and outrageous BINs, that's the other side of the coin. You can list your MOC whatever for ONE MILLION DOLLARS but it doesn't mean someone will buy it. I've seen stuff get relisted and relisted for years - aint no one going to pay. About the only thing BINs are good for is low balling: if you want to get rid of something, put it ten percent less than the lowest BIN and someone will snag it. For me, when I've sold off older stuff all auctions start at .99 cents with no reserve. Whatever I get is what I get.
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