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  1. I noticed from the pics at Toy Fair this year that Diamond Select had the NX-01 on display with the Excelsior, yet I didn't read anything about it. I know it's been asked about for some time but they hadn't been able to redo the old Art Asylum version. I decided to ask and this was their response: "Yes we will..."! I've kicked myself a little for years now. I had multiple opportunities to buy the NX-01 at clearance prices but I was broke back then. Of course now, the Ebay prices are ridiculous, so this is good news. They show may have been rough, but I've always loved that ship design.
  2. Woohoo! Time to hit up TRU if you want the non-NES version of Michael Keaton Batman! My closest store got one case and there were ten bundles. There's a sticker on the package clearly stating you can only buy the figure with the Blu-ray, though their computer rings up the figure but not the Blu-ray so I expect some locals won't realize it. It's 25 for the set. He looks good. He's a bit more rubbery compared to previous NECA figures I've bought like Robocop, Terminator and Predator figures. -WARNING- the first one I bought and opened had his leg snap off at the knee because the joint was stuck. I exchanged him and the second one was better though all the joints are still very stiff.
  3. Thanks to the Five Below store I snagged a five-dollar Jinx and figured the obvious repaint was the way to go. I don't have an airbrush to match the original's blend, but I wanted to do something a little more interesting than the Club's choice of a straight-up repaint.
  4. Bought the Phantom at my local TRU - left the Inquisitor Tie for later since I suspect it will be the warmer of the case. Didn't see the AT-DP though which is what I REALLY want.
  5. Oh wow! I've never had a custom front-paged before (must've been a slow week ). Thank you! I should have added to the description, for those who just want to keep the Joe Colton figure as is, a little bit of paint thinner on a cotton swab will take most of his five o'clock shadow off and it vastly improves the look of his face. It makes it look less pudgy.
  6. Do I sound like I'm orderin' a pizza?! Haaaans! Pretty simple recipe: Dreadnok pack Zanzibar torso, upper arms and hands (which of course was a Storm Shadow repaint to begin with) Renegades Duke (V44) forearms and lower legs V43 Duke's thighs Quick Kick's feet. That was the trickiest part. I drilled out the lower legs and cut and whittled down the shins a bit on the feet and then just stuffed them up in there.
  7. Thanks! Yeah, it's not to say that a couple of bandoliers aren't cool and all, but I felt like this made a good PoC-style update.
  8. Even without paint, the Cobra Island Outback makes for a great LBC RnR with the headswap. Decided to go ahead and touch things up though for posterity.
  9. The Tfs have cockpits because they were toys made from random Japanese lines which had tiny pilots. It's that simple. They had Earth vehicle kibble on Cybertron because they were animated that way. That being said, I'm good with actual Cybertronian modes. These will be fun.
  10. After scouring the stores for weeks, I finally found a Generations Hot Spot. I can't believe these are one per case, but I love the color and the new head. Meanwhile, I think Bludg-atron will be the shelf warmer. I like his head, but the mold is just NOT right for G2 Megs.
  11. Finally found not one but two Mandalorian Assault Transports. These are pretty excellent vehicles for the size class. The seating is great, the lines are clean and it's so nice to have something besides a Jedi Starfighter. I wonder if there were hopes/plans for electronics or other features because it really seems like the rear of the ship could've been a door of some sort either for batter access or to have a small storage compartment for weapons and jet packs.
  12. That Life Day scene is awesome. Now you just need a coked up Leia and confused Luke!
  13. Three words: Toys. R. Us (ok, two words and a letter).
  14. Kudos on the hard work. Now, I take it you are basing your 1:18 scale on bot mode, not vehicle mode? Because the Nissan Van was not that big.
  15. Looking good. I'm looking forward to being able to display all my stuff some day.
  16. Part of what made/makes Joe so good is the story. So someone would need to do start that from scratch and in so doing it would always be compared to Joe. Just look at SK Omega which still hasn't gotten going.
  17. Yep, the movie is actually based on his life - he's basically playing himself. In any case, that was bandied about as a possibility but wouldn't really be enough to undo all their planning up to this point.
  18. The difference there was v2 SE's mouth was not so pronounced. It looked like a mask pulled over his head instead of a rubber face with a visor.
  19. A big ditto on the gimmicky weapons. It's always been a waste of tooling dollars before. To get these worthless lumps of plastic now though in exchange for gimped articulation is just an insult. Lose, the giant weapons AND the figure stands and return to a minimum standard of articulation. Some figures can get by without the jointed wrists and double knees, but ankles are just a necessity anymore. I'm sure wave 2 is in the box. Wave three was probably in production when the change happened. It's waves four and on that could benefit from any changes.
  20. I think that's their reasoning precisely. That being said, even as a kid my vehicle drivers were often out in the mix. Why hide someone in a cockpit where you couldn't see them? Maybe I was the exception to the rule. The problem for me is we are now paying the same or more for less. It would be one thing if the figure prices all dropped a dollar. But nope, ten bucks remains the average now and we are getting less product. Many of the single-carded figures aren't bad... but they could be great. Zartan, Roadblock, Cobra Commander - wow, they stand straight up well (assuming the packaging didn't warp a leg of course). Or, you can perch them on the edge of a foot (maybe). Anything more than that, sorry, out of luck.
  21. It's less about the company making them and more about the fact that Hasbro has gone back in time for the sake of cost-cutting. The reality is, Micro-man had ARAH levels of articulation in the seventies. One of the things that made Joe so popular in an action figure market that had been dominated by Star Wars for so long was low price coupled with added articulation. I don't understand how Hasbro can say kids don't care about articulation when it was what set GIJOE apart from its inception. But hey, five-points was good enough for the golden years of GI JOE: EXTREME! right? If we want to cut costs I'd rather the driver was removed all together and released full-priced and fully-articulated on a card later. This is a waste of tooling and manufacturing dollars and results in a waste of my money paying for a piece of junk. I've bought vehicles just for their drivers (i.e Green VAMP for Steel Brigade Delta), and I would have bought my fourth version of the Sting Raider in the Fang boat just for that driver if it had been a normal figure. Now? It's not worth it.
  22. Here's my commentary on the matter: Now they have time to go back and make Joes, not this.
  23. The shield generator protected not just the Death Star but itself. Rank advancement in combat moves at a rapid pace. In earlier times, the generals were often in the field with the troops and the Rebellion couldn't be too choosey. Han was instrumental in the destruction of the first Death Star after all - no one else was able to protect Luke. Two reasons for no warning about Palpatine: technically, "Sith Lord" had not been invented yet for starters, but even within story - it would not have mattered much for Luke. It's not as though his knowledge of Palpatine's status would have made him any more able to absorb Force Lightning. Luke's training was already extremely short and broad and going into the history of the Sith and Jedi wasn't on the syllabus on Dagobah. Luke knew he was an Emperor of the Dark Side and that was enough. As for Anakin's reversion - Lucas has said it's because he technically died when he changed from Anakin to Vader and so his ghost is of his younger self. I call it baloney since he redeemed himself at the end of ROTJ before dying but that's Lucas for you.
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