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  1. Thanks for the reviews and the pics - much appreciated! Can we see one of Outback without his flak jacket? I know it's the standard torso, but that's how I'm going to display mine - so he looks like a modern update of his ARAH figure.
  2. nah dude, it's an eclectic set of tokens, I think there's: Duke's dog tags Cobra Commander's helmet a VAMP or a vehicle like that I could be wrong, those announcements were made a few weeks/months ago with preview pics. Anyways, it's fairly random stuff - no miniture figures.
  3. Well you guys were lucky. The wife and I went to see Wolverine last week (a week after release) - theatre was still packed, and they showed all the upcoming summer blockbusters from June - August. The crowd cheered for Megan Fox for sure, and Terminiator Salvation got some air-time too, so did Star Trek and that Tarantino/Pitt flick about Nazi Germany or whatever. But grossly missing from the trailers was G.I. Joe - so f'n weird.
  4. do you want a terrordrome...what kind of question is that? OF COURSE I WANT A TERRORDROME And a real honest to goodness one, not the love-boat on wheels movie PIT!
  5. I still say the inventors of this mighty mugg nonesense missed the boat. These things should have been actual mugs/thermos, with the handles being the arms and the head/body cavity used to hold that sweet sweet coffee! no, seriously...
  6. I like to buy Toyfare as much as the next guy - for some enjoyable reading when I'm on my ummm throne. But what I don't like is the lack of coverage G.I. Joe gets. A few issues ago they had a one-pager on the cartoonist, and the issue with the AVAC on the cover barely had anything about G.I. Joe in it. Sure Baroness is big and bold on the cover, and the issue is themed "the year of G.I. Joe" but I bet we'll only get a half page spread with nothing new. I hope I'm proven wrong!
  7. haha Tom-1 if I'm reading your original post the way I think you intended it to come across - that was brilliantly done good fellow!
  8. My first G.I. Joe was Dusty in the summer of '85. I was aware of Joes thanks to my friends who had guys like Torpedo, Firefly, Spirit, Recondo, and the boring '82-'83 Original 13 @smilepunch@ But it was when my aunt visited for a holiday, she bought me my first Joe and I remember picking him out of an entire wall of carded Joes. We went to the beach that day and I promptly lost his bi-pod (which I wouldn't get back until 2000 as an adult collector getting back into the hobby!). It was great, the beach was a gigantic desert for my new desert trooper! I still have the original, all beat up and weathered down, but it's a badge of honor.
  9. well these "Rumoured" figures look like teh suck! So I'll stick to the 25th rehashes and maybe Resolute (still on the fence about that). Thanks for the linky DarthJoe, but it is in no way shape or form a confirmation on the movie figures we'll get!
  10. man Al, I've been a fan of your cusomizing skills for years (back when your customes used to fetch $30 hehe)! You're to G.I. Joe what the Four Horsemen are to DCUC/MOTUC, have you thought about applying to these companies? The Four Horsemen already have a 5th unofficial molder, but you could be the 6th Horseman!
  11. bah we're all adults here (mostly), and while it's irresponsible/irrational for some to yell and scream when a proto doesn't see the light of day, I think we all look forward to discussing SOMETHING about our hobby every day - afterall it is a forum right? I think leaked protos or lists generate discussion, whether good or bad - that's for the moderators to monitor. As a forum member, nothing is more disappointing that hitting your favourite fansites and not seeing anything new for days because the vendor refuses to let things out, or not seeing more posts/threads in forums. It really does erk me when I don't see new posts or topics to discuss, because there's nothing new to read! We all appreciate official confirmed news, but it's the crazy rumours that gets us excited! "Will Mindbender come out in wave 15? I thougth they said they wouldn't single-card him?! What's with another Red Star?!? I'm so excited about the possiblity of getting a Resolute Baroness!" <-- all that stuff I think adds to the hobby. So JayC to your original question, I personally just want to see new stuff because I take it with a grain of salt. Yes I'm upset that the Stinger and Outback waves are held back/cancalled whatever, but it's not going to affect my lifestyle, I've still got a wife to spend time with, online games to play, and mortgages to pay. We're talking toys here, not stock market investments.
  12. Boy did the inventors/designers of the mighty muggs franchise miss the boat or what - if these things could actually hold hot java like an actual mug they would be on to something!
  13. well umm, I might be stating the obvious here but I'd say (ignoring filecards) that the HISS Commander commands a battallion/fleet/group/squad/motorpool of HISS Drivers. We got the Driver single-carded which didn't make sense, and a HISS Commander with a HISS which also didn't make sense - but if we look back to '82 -'83, well the HISS did come with the red HISS Driver. And later on a blue HISS Driver was called "Rip-it" so the HISS Commander is probably a tribute to Rip-it, whether you consider him a named-cobra or another branch of legions, i.e. the Rip-it's it's up to your interpretation.
  14. oh and the other thing - I don't know how I ever managed to play with a handful of joes by myself as a kid. I remember one summer it rained so much that our yard was flooded and it was then I discovered the Warthog can float, piled up with Joes - Cobra was on the run in the "marshs" and it was a totally wild event for me. Now if I were to attempt a Cobra invasion of G.I. Joe headquarters, I would be totally frustrated with all the figures lieing down or leaning against something while I tend to others. Guess I didn't care about that as a kid.
  15. ohhh emmm geee!!! I'm so happy I'm not the only one that feels this way. I don't think it's the fact that we've actually forgotten how to play with toys, but more the fact that we're adults and are conditioned to think differently. Let's face it, there's a stigma (comic book guy) attached to grown men "playing" with toys and it has to influence your behaviour towards toys. Basicaly as we get older, our life experiences influence how we behave. I'm not saying some of us don't play with toys, but I'm in your camp - I've tried it, and I can't do it anymore. I'm proud to say I'm a toy collector, everyone at work knows it, my friends know it, my wife tolerates it (ha!) - I love every opportunity to show off my collection. I'm 30 years old and not ashamed of it; like you mentioned I too love posing these figures and making dioramas, but when I tried to play with them...lost all interest in less than a minute. I remember spending hours every day as a kid playing G.I. Joe. If I wasn't playing with the figures, my friends and I were reinacting scenes from the cartoon as characters. We lived and breathed G.I. Joe growing up. I don't even know where or how to begin doing that now with my collection. I never had those WWE Hasbro wrestlers growing up so to improvise I made my own "G.I. Joe wrestling federation" and would spend hours performing matches to my heart's content. As an adult, I was able to purchase WWE Hasbro figures, the ring, everything and thought - "Hey let me re-capture some moments I lost as a kid" - two seconds bouncing the figures off the ropes and they were back in my glass display case to be admired and untouched. I've revealed way too much but it's so cool to hear I'm not the only one lol.
  16. this made me realize just how many Destro's we've received 5-pack Destro SDCC Pimp Daddy Destro Gold chrome SDCC Pimp Daddy Destro Silver chrome wave 4 Destro wave 5 IG Destro wave 2 comic pack Destro wave __ comic pack IG Destro DVD set 2 Destro (cartoon accurate) <-- the best! SRO wave 2 IG Destro upcoming Pilot Destro holy crap! And we though SE and CC were bad
  17. That's some high hopes my fellow canuck! @smilepunch@ gratz on that wicked haul there zod. Only thing missing are the DVD packs 3 & 4
  18. I'm loving Transformers Animated - both the cartoon and the toy line. What's an incredible added bonus is that the cycles from Transformers Animated are more or less 1:18 scale with G.I. Joe! Prowl I don't know my motor-cycles but Prowl reminds me of a Dukati and is just a tad wide in the seat for G.I. Joes, however you can get them to fit respectably. Transforming him is another skill on its own, with mine his limbs kept popping off and it was a little tricky to understand his legs at first. However the figure is terrific and like all Animated figures, is very well articulated. The only other picky thing for me is that he does not have any light-piping for his eyes like other figures. Oil Slick To be honest, I haven't transformed him yet into robot mode and quite frankly he looks a little silly as a robot. However as a chopper he's awesome! Love the spikes and the ram skull mount at the front. The handle bars are soft plastic so you can bend them into G.I. Joe kung-fu grip til your heart's content and not worry about breakage. The bonus in this mode for me is that he's coloured like Zartan's Chameleon and Dreadnok Swampfire so he fits right in! Both toys are definitely worth buying if you see them!
  19. I like Al's rendition of Shockwave here, and I don't mind the brown one bit - it does add a certain something without being slavish to the ARAH version. However can i suggest some camo spots of yellow - just a few. Would give him a tad more connection to his original yet staying true to this new style.
  20. inside joke? cuz i missed it
  21. Every single one of my Joes and COBRAs is a lousy shot. Every one. Even when the broadside of a barn is the target. But any ONE of them can grab an enemy by the belt, throw their foe into a crowd and knock 50 down in one go. It has to be that way, it just has to. I think I understand where you're coming from, each one of my joes are able to pilot any land, sea, or air vehicle in the motor pool! And the only casualties of war I have are heaps and heaps of blown up BATS - that's honest to goodness G.I. Joe to me!
  22. KD you're definitely not alone on this. I'm also a HUGE fan of the Sunbow Cartoon series...yes I know we are a rare bunch, and my play-style back when I was a kid followed the cartoon strongly. I know a lot of fans like to portray G.I. Joe as very real and gritty, with the cussing and the killing/bloodshed but I liked the innocence back then. Nothing against G.I. Joe resolute, I think it's cool and a nice nod to those fans who like it hardcore! Anyways, I love the Snowjob rifle, and while I'm a purist with my ARAH collection (figures have the accessories they were issued) I would definitely load up my 25A's with this rifle but the ARAH version of the rifle has the handle quite large which stretches the hands of my 25As. Hope they reissue a smaller version for these guys.
  23. oh yeah I forgot to mention the Duke arms on top of it all too. This could quite possibly be the worst parts selection ever!
  24. I was looking forward to adding Leatherneck to my collection when I heard he'd be coming out with the AWE Striker, but now this looks to be a pass. I know for cost-cutting measures "vehicle drivers" are pretty watered down, but some choices on this prototype makes no sense: 1. Mission to Brazil outfit - I get it, can't resell the same green AWE Striker, so we get a tan version and therefore a tan Leatherneck - I was hoping for his original colours 2. Ugh - Buzzer's Torso??? AND they kept the metal plate on his left shoulder? Try explaining that to the USMC 3. Snow Job's legs work well with Wild Weasle and not-so-well with Leatherneck. Really they could have use any of the (made) original 13s' legs instead.
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