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  1. Heimdall is the "White God". Or the Whitest of the Gods. And hes being played by a black man... For some reason this dosnt bother me. Im thinking this will be his "Human" form. Or maybe Loki has a hand in his pigmintation. Since they are supposed to have an epic battle at Ragnarok and all. Maybe Loki is just playing mind games with him while hes on earth? But then as far as I have heard Thor is the only God to come to earth. But there is a lot about this movie we havnt heard yet. Hogun is of asian dessent, so its possible that they may be making Heimdall african. BUt then Hogun isnt of the Aesir and Heimdall is. But honestly who knows what they are doing with this. Ill take a wait and see approach.
  2. So Steven Seagal has a new show coming to A&E this fall. And its just COPS but staring Seagal. WHoever thought this was a good idea, I hae no idea, but Im glad they made this happen! Heres a link to the article on joblo. Theres evena little commercial for it at the bottom. http://www.joblo.com/seagal-is-a-cop
  3. Ive seen all of these at my local walmarts. Right when the movie hit they got in a ton of stuff ( after just trickling out a few cases here and there for a month), and out of the hundreds of figures they put out there were TWO Doctors. I bought one and went bback the next morning for the other and he was gone. Havnt seen one anywhere since. I want to know what the deal is with the white coat version? PC is everywhere now, I just bought 2 more tonight actually. And PP Baroness was pretty abundant when my walmart went nuts a few weeks ago. But I dont recall seeing any since then. Aroudn here it seems only the main villains and the Joes in the armor are selling.
  4. I actually want both of these sets. And an extra of the Joe set. Does anyone know if Speed Metal has a new head sculpt? Now if only my nearest TRU wasnt 2 1/2 hours away
  5. This is something I was thinking about as soon as I saw the movie. So heres my list. Duke- Dessert Flashback Ripcord- Dessert Flashback Rex- Dessert Flaashback Duke- Dress Uniform Ripcord- Dress Uniform Rex- Dress uniform Anna- Just to complete that scene Dr. Mindbender Breaker- Reactive Impact Armor Cobra Technician- Those guys in the grey and red Star Trek uniforms Heavy Dutty- Paris Pursuit Breaker- Paris Persuit Rip Cord- Leaving paris- Black cap and leather jacket Storm Shadow- In the suit he actually wore int he Paris scene Scarlett- Arctic gear Breaker- Arctic gear Ripcord- Arctic gear Snake Eyes- Final Battle- All cut up with two swords on his back and the tonfas Young Snake eyes Young Storm Shadow Hard Master Destro- Arctic Escape- Reuses the SDCC exclusive but include a burnt head Zartan- Brown Jacket- include the egyptian disguise Baroness- Dessert Battle- same as regular figure, but with cleavage Neo Viper- Black Suite/ Sunglasses Neo Viper- Training gear- Black T-Shirt and pants like int he Cobra scene Neo Viper- Secret Service The President General hawk- Dress uniform Zartan- Business suit- Like he wore when standing over Destros Shoulder at the begining of the movie Mars Scientist Female Pit Trooper- Im not convinced thats Jinx, but I still want a figure of her, give her interchangable heads or at least hair styles Duke- Green camo- smae outfit as Heavy Dutty wears, Duke was wearign thsi after the atack on the pit Heavy Dutty- Training gear- black under armor Joe shirt Duke- Training Ripcord- Training Scarlett- Training Baron De Cobray Annastasia De Cobray And I would like a line of Deluxe figures as follows Duke- Funeral Flashback with Motorcycle Scarlett- Paris Pursuite with motorcycle Sgt. Stone- with Joe Spyder and Brendan Fraiser likeness Duke- Cobra Prisoner with operating table I think that will jsut about cover it Edit: Forgot Snake Eyes in the Black and White Dalmation hoodie from the training scene
  6. I disagree tremendously. The Grand Floridian has the best accommodations and the absolute BEST access to ALL of the parks. The Magic Kingdom is a five minute monorail ride away! You have to do it right though. Don't cheap out and get a low-end room in one of the larger buildings. Pay for a suite in one of the buildings with the concierge service. It will make all the difference in the world. As for those other two hotels, I wouldn't stop at Port Orleans to use the toilet and Animal Lodge is a nice idea, but if you're really going to spend that kind of money just spend a little more, do it right, and stay at the Grand Floridian. I couldn't imagine going to Disney and staying anywhere else. Well sure if the whole purpose of your trip is to stay at a nice hotel, awsome. Go for the Grand. But if your like me, and your spending 95% of your time in the parks, and only need a bed to sleep in and a place to shower, why pay so much? Id much rather take that extra money and put it torwards somthing else. I honeslty perfer POP or All Star Movies over the Grand. I like the themeing of those two. But they are way too packed with kids. Thats why I like Port Orleans. Its beautiful there and the theming is great.
  7. Amen to that. Im going to the World in Septemeber, and honeslty I could car eless about the Monorail being in operation. Its a nice ride and all bit yeah, they need to get this figured out. They have measures to prevent something like this from happening. But it did. A young man died, and they need to figure out why. No ones vacation is going to be ruined by the monorail being shut down. Theres still the buses and the boats ( Which I prefer.), and depending on what hotel you stay at your just a short walk from most of the parks. BTW BigDawg, the Grand is over priced and over rated. I perfer Port Orleans or Animal Kingdom Lodge.
  8. OK Ill start with the article that you linked to man. Did you actually read it? Because its just a dude who wrote a couple of books saying he thinks the government will reveal the truth soon. No where in there does he say anything about it actually happening. Sorry. Now I will say I belive in Aliens, and Bigfoot, and sea monsters and ghosts, and lizard people ( Saw one once when I was a kid.) and all kinds of other cryptids. But I dont think shape shifting dinosaurs have infiltrated the governments of the world. It sounds like you may have watched V one too many times. I am curious about the conversation you had. And if you had ever seen the man before or since. You say he was standing outside your house. Usualy when strange men stand outside your house you call the police. I would really like to know what you guys talked about. Im not a skeptic. I spend a lot of time in the woods. Its part of my job. And I have seen a lot of things that I cant explain. And I will say that if you go looking for these things, you wont find them. They dont work that way. Dont ask me how. They are there. But if you go into the woods with a video camera and a thermal imager, your not going to see Bigfoot. UFO`s however have been documented more than enough times. No one can deny there are strange things in the skies. What they are is debatable but again they are there. The world is a scary place. Especially what we dont know or understand about it.
  9. When I went to the midnight fro TF2, people cheered the hell out of the G.I.JOE trailer. Made me happy.
  10. 1)Well that does suck. The bridge just dosnt look right the way it is. Although Im sure now if it were released it would run about $50 at least. 2)Good to know. I can pass on these for now as they are not must haves for me. 3)Also good to know. 4) The one I was talking about is the one that is on the site now. Its sold out, but the spock they have, his collar is different. Its blue and made more like a sweter. Any pics of the cage Spock? 5)OK as long as he has a new head I will be getting him for sure. 6)I can kind of see their point here, but its not like they make mass amounts of these anyway. The Borg wave looked good, and most online places still have it for pre-order. Are you sure its not coming out? Maybe Diamond should go with a more rounded Trek Universe line. Have characters from each show in every wave, instead of a whole wave of Voyager or Deep Space Nine? Make it 5 figures per wave ( no countless variants) and have some build a playset peices with each figure and Im sure even those Voyager figures would sell. 7) Thanks, Ill have to check them out.
  11. So I kind of left this line for a few years, and now Im tryign to complete my sets as best I can. So Ive got just a few questions for you guys if you can help me out. 1) The Enterprise bridge playset with Mayweather, was this ever released? 2) I have TOS series 3, and I see preorders for series 5. Series 3 was like 4 years ago, but I cant find anthing about series 4. Who was in that wave? Or was the Wrath of Khan line considered series 4? 3) The dress uniform Kirk in the Toys R Us series 2, is this figure the same as the Kirk from the Space Seed two pack or are there any differences? 4) The Toys R Us Spock series 2 figure, was he ever released before? 5) Same with the Toys R Us upcoming Kang figure? I have the klingon form series 3, but I believe his name was Kor. 6) Why no Voyager love from Diamond? By my count there are 4 Kirk in Captains chair sets, and not one Janeway. Whats up with that? 7) Why are season 7 Data and Q so expensive? Thats it for now, any help will be appreciated.
  12. Man i wish my LCS was only 15 minutes away. Try an hour away, and then you can complain about it being far. Flash is in the wave that is currently shipping to stores, so he shouldnt be too hard to find. Check your Walmarts and Targets. You can also look at some of the better online stores. Bigbadtoystore.com has him for preorder. And he is set to be re-released in a future wave of allstars. So he will be out there for a while.
  13. Wait, I thought he was going to be like 12 inches or something. Is he really the same size as the rest of the line? Cause if so, Ill pass on this one.
  14. Thanks! I was out of the loop for a couple of weeks, so this is new to me. Looks like Brandon Fraser is playing the Doctor? No hes not. Im not sure who hes playing. People were saying Gung Ho for a long time, but hes not in the script I read. The good Doctor there is someone else. That pit dosnt seem anything like what is in the script either. But it does have an elevator... And if Im reaidng the tiny blurry print it folds out to 3 feet? So yeah that thing is pretty big. But Im not sure how accurate it is. But I do like it, and Im glad to see Hasbro taking a chance on something this big. Im surprised they are using Zartan and Shipwreck on this flyer, neither of them is in the movie much, although they both have semi important roles.
  15. Cobra Commander looking like this makes sense based on the script. No hes not a disfigured snake man. And he does have a couple different looks in the movie but not actually as Cobra Commander. If that makes any sense. Also Destros mask is in the movie. There is a lot of scifi stuff going on, like pulse rifles and nanomites and robo armor. Having said all that, That Combat Heroes figure makes CC`s mask look like Jason X. And I have no problem with that. The overal design of the figure makes me think of the Battle Armor CC.
  16. Well the point I was making about the plane was that it never would have gotten into the city airspace. It would have been shot down or forced down by the airforce the first time they didnt properly identify themselves. And if they did identify themselves then it wouldnt take a genious to track the planes flight patern with the appearance of Batman, and like you said he was Bruce when he got on, but Batman when he left and got back on. A whoel lot of people shoudl be able to put that together. And as for Scully, she has no problem admitting things like Toomes exist, once she sees it for hereself. But she never once saw any real ALiens. Even her abduction was done by the government. Thats why she is skeptical about them. As for the priest, well I wouldnt have believed him either. And I think she did once he proved it to her. Even if she didnt want to admit it. She believes the things she has seen, because they can all be explained with science. I always found it odd that she needed things to be explained with science when she was a devout catholic, but that a whole nother can of worms I wont get into.
  17. dhoonib, Thank you for explaining how Two Face died. Seriously. I didnt read the book, or the script, but in the movie he seems to have landed flat on his back. And they may have landed on gravel, but to me it looked like dark dirt. The fact that it wasnt mentioned in the movie that he broke his neck still leaves me to question it though. You see int he movie they dont actually say hes dead, but the way the end goes he has to be dead. By the way the book for Batman forever made it seem like the greatest movie ever, but boy was it just not. And after Batman and Robins book made it seem like an actual good movie, I stoped reading book adaptations of movies. The book is always better lol. And I already said I liked the movie. It is a great movie. But just because I like something dosnt meen I cant pick at it. I still wear my Why so serious shirt at least once a week. And about the X-Files thing, Scully never actually saw any Aliens. She saw a lot of wierd thigns over the cours eof the show, but most oculd be explained as genetic mutations and other random acts of science gone wrong. In th emovie she just had the same stance she always had, her mind is open to it but she needs to actually see it before she can belive it. She now works as a Doctor, what she always wanted to do. Shes older, and just dosnt want to go back to a life that constantly made her question her faith. Or a life that took her son away. But thats got nothing to do with TDK lol. SUPREMEQUEEN, I understand Batman/Bruce Wayne perfectly. And seriously if you consider the first four Batman movies the deffinition of the character then well I dont know what to tell you lol. Pooda I dont appreciate being called dumb when Im just stating my opinion. I didnt come here to start a fight. And now I task you with naming one instance where in the comics, cartoons or movies( Before TDK.) where batman went to a forigen country and brought a forigen citizen back to Gotham to go to jail. If you can find one then I will concede the point about him going to China. But I dont think you will. Im not talking about something he has done wiht the Justice League where they go to another planet or something. Or going to another country and sending someone to jail there. I meen going to another ocuntry to bring a citizen of siad country back to Gotham to go to jail. If there was a criminal of such great importance where somehting like this would be considered then the government would have to do it. Otherwise they wouldnt be able to even hold Lau in prison legally. This makes Batman and especially Gordon look just as dirty as the criminals. And the plane he used, the Chinese government could easily track it back to him, or it would have been shot down when it entered Chinese airspace. This wasnt a stealth jet like the batwing. And he wasnt going into some backwoods country to get Lau. He was in a huge city. And your crazy if you think any city in any country in the world would let a plane fly that close to buildings after 9/11. There are so many problems with that scene. But please Pooda, Im not trying to fight with you, I meent what I said about finding an instance of this in Batmans past.
  18. 1st. EVERYTHING about bats is illegal.(hes a vigilante) 2nd. the abductee is the link between the mob. bats would definatly go and get a criminal of that importance. 3rd. everything has to be explained. setting up was 20 mins that was worth it. he didnt kill two-face. but having several wounds led him to make a decision...two face or the boy.(good call by bats) i can disect this...but its not worth it. oh yeah....dropping 200lbs from 20ft makes a hard thump! Bats may be a vigilante but he opperates for the most part within the law. There were otherways to get him. Just because the GPD couldnt didnt automatically meen Batman HAD to do it. The buildup for the scene being worth it is a matter of opinion. In my opinion seeing batman pulled out of a window by a plane wasnt worth the wait. Id rather have seen him investigating the Joker. Something important to the overall movie. They wasted a lot of time with the Mob when ultimatly they did nothing for the overall story. And yes he killed Two face. If he wasnt dead then the whole Batman being the bad guy plan would fail. They set him up for the murder of Harvey Dent. If there is a villain running around with half of Harveys face then obviously Batman didnt kill him, and there is no reason for him to become the bad guy. And if there was another reason for Batman to become the bad guy then please explain it to me. If Batman didnt kill him then Gordon had ot put a bullet in his head as Batman ran away. And no the fall wouldnt have killed him. They already established that he didnt feel pain like normal with his refusal of pain killers. So I doubt he would have felt much of anythign from the fall. And again he landed on soft dirt. And flat onhis back. Watch wrestling sometime, those guys fall off 20 foot ladders and land on concrete and they are fine. hell I fell nearly 30 foot out of a tree when i was 12 and landed on big rock, and I was fine after I woke up.
  19. Well Im new around here, but I figured I would add my 2 cents. I agree with RDJ for the most part. And Im going to put up a few spoilers for anyone who hasnt seen the movie. You can stop reading now and go back under your rock lol. There was about an hour and a half of TDK that was slow, boring, and ultimatly pointless. Nearly 20 minutes was wasted to set up a rather lame action scene where Batman goes to China and abducts a man. Batman would never do this. Its a crime. None of that made any sense. The Gotham PD decides they have no jurisdiction in China, So they send Batman. Serioulsy WTF? To make it worse this scene, as well as all the others involving the abductee, have no bearing on the overal plot of the movie. Yes you could argue that he was stealing the money from mob. But honestly that could have been anyone. Why send Batman to China? Wasnt there any tall buildings in Gotham he could have jumped off of? Obvioulsy that is my biggest gripe with the movie but there are a few others. At the end of Batman begins, Batman is handed a Joker card and we all know the Joker is coming. Batman says he will look into it. Scarecrow is on the run. Seemingly out of his mind from the fear toxin. But as TDK begins its a year later. Batman dosnt seem to know anything about the Joker, and Scarecrow is still loose. Granted Scarecrow is delt with in the first few minutes. But it wouldnt have taken a year for Batman to find him. Gotham isnt that big. Same with the Joker. Oh heres this crazy maniac ont he loose dressed like a clown and killing lots and lots of people. Robbing banks and so on. But Batman is more concerned with just slowly picking away at the mob. For a year he lets this go on, untill the Joker makes it personal. Batman fights crime in general, not just the mob. There is no way Batman would have let Joker run around doing what he does for a whole year. One last thing, Batman killed. Again. Batman dosnt kill. Its like the one thing about the character that you can not change. Yes I know in the comics Batman started out killing bad guys, but once the character got develpoed more, that was forgotten and the basic rule of Batman was estalished. He dosnt kill. I could live with what happened to Ras in begins. But here he flat out kills Two face. He saves the Joker who over the corse of the movie kills more people than Polio, but Two Face who hadnt really done anything, he kills. Why? There were at least 10 other options he Batman would have had. Thats what Batman does. Hes never without a plan. Just tackeling a guy off a building is what I would call not having a plan. And to add to that, how did Two Face die? He only fell like 20 feet onto soft dirt. He landed flat on his back. He should have just had the wind knocked out of him. But no Hes dead. If they had to kill him, couldnt they have thought of a better way? ANd have Batman become the bad guy at the end? They cought the Joke,r blame him for destroying Harvy Dent. He did it after all. They cought him so its not like anyone would blame them for not doing anything. I guess its better to have a would be murderer running around the city rather than just putting the blame on the real murderer who is already locked up. That just makes no sense. Like the city is going to fall apart if they find out Harvey Dent was Killed by the Joker? And yes I look at Harvey and Two Face as 2 seperate characters. Now I know people are going to jump to conclusions and think I hate the movie. I dont. I like it a lot. But a lot of people seem to think this is the greatest movie ever made, and its far from it. I appreciate them trying to make a crime movie that just happens to have Batman in it. That is a fantastic idea. They just didnt pull it off imo. For me and apparantly RDJ there was a lot of head scratchign going on during this movie. as well as some yawning whenever Joker Batman or Har vey/Two Face wernt on screen. Iron Man was better
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