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  1. Simple question. I didn't want to make a poll since there are so many vehicles released, or coming up. You can include any vehicle released, or known to be coming up, to date. Even Zartan's little swamp skier, or Matt Trakker's helipack. For me it has to be the Rattler. A classic vehicle, with a good update (outside of the stickers). It was a very close decision between the Rattler and the Firebat, but the rattler wins out for being bigger, and slightly more classic to the franchise.
  2. Pictures are up at gijoeclub.com. And i must say they are looking sweeter than I imagined. BTW I'm new here and would like to say hello to all. Welcome. I'm also not sure what the deal is with linking to pics. So I will also say, go check the club site. Great pics are available. Here is a breakdown of what we are getting: FLAK w/Outback: A quick comparison to the original leads me to believe it is the same mold. I can't see any real differences or changes. The new one has more paint apps and is a lighter colour, but otherwise looks the exact same. OUTBACK has his full name "Stuart OUTBACK Selkirk" so I guess they lost that name as well. Thank god for creative legal naming. The figure looks to have a new head and web gear. He looks to have gloves as well. The rest will probably be parts of other figures. Overall he looks pretty sweet, and a must have. CLAW w/Stratoviper: Well the third time is the charm I guess. Now we get a red CLAW instead of white. As well we get 2 bombs as well as the 2 missiles. The missiles are black, and the bombs are white. The red is a surprising good colour for this mold. I think it makes the CLAW look much better than the white. Yes it is still a chincy mold, but this improves it in my opinion. The STRATOVIPER is another favourite of mine and I am gald to see him. The figure looks to have a a new head and web gear/vest. The vest/web gear looks like it is just put on over the figure. Again, I'm sure the rest of the figure is parts. Either way, I love this figure. STINGER w/Stinger Commander: WOW!! I loved this vehicle as a kid, and this one looks to be an improvement on the original and the new VAMP. It has the doors and roof, as expected. Then the "grill" is changed from the vamp to match the original (no bar lights). The gas can rack is gone, with just a bar and step platform. They took out the "pack on the hood and replaced it with a canister/tank?. Finally the nice little touch. They got rid of the removable shovel and replaced it with a gun!! That's a great little touch Hasbro. As for the Commander, he looks to be a straight repaint, but with a Cobra Bazooka soldier head and red mask. This is a must have for sure!!! Arctic HISS w/Arctic HISS Driver: This one has me torn. On the one hand, I love the fact that we get a new HISS that isn't black, blue or crimson. On the other hand, I'm not sure how well this is pulled off. I like the white, but I'm not sure if I like it just being plain white, or if I wanted some sort of "camo" look. I think I prefer just the plain white, but I'll have to see it in person to be certain. I appreciate the change to the STINGER's missile rack, from the turret. It makes for a nice change, but I can't see the point in this when it basically means you transport a HISS all that way and it can only shoot 4 missiles and it's done? Again, I'm kind of torn, but I like the attempt overall. I really like the added rack with blankets. Again a nice little touch to add some variety. As for the Arctic HISS Driver. Again I'm torn. I think I would have preferred another Cobra Trooper (maybe Snow Serpent), but at least this isn't just a straight repaint. I love that he has winter gear and even binoculars!!! I like the paint scheme and think it adds to the ranks fairly well.
  3. Ah well, once again we Canadians get to sit and watch while HTS still doesn't ship to Canada. The latest "news" was Spring 09. That makes it now almost 4 years since I asked the exact same question (Botcon 05) and still the same answer. I wish there was a code that made shipping to Canada possible. Ok, end of whining.
  4. See that's where I disagree. You see it as a "shock value" move. I don't. Especially since it would be more realistic than any other style of death. As well, the story usually revolves around the "great sacrifice" of a death, and the truth is that the "random" death is something that really forces storytellers to explore characters. I don't for one second think that is ever going to happen, but I would really like to see it.
  5. Sounds good. Let's hope it can maintain that feel for the long haul. Although one thing does bother me, but it is my own personal bias. I hate when writers talk about how people will die, but it won't be for "effect" or out of the blue. Guess what? In reality soldiers die for no reason other than bad luck sometimes. That is what makes things all the more tragic in war. I feel that can be a "meaningful" death when written into a story .
  6. Not to get off-topic, but this is the same in the Halifax area. What is with Canada only getting these, and not any VAMPs or Trubble Bubble packs? That's because someone at Hasbro, or Hasbro Canada, had the bright idea that wave one for Canada would only be the HISS and Armadillo/chariot and took out the Vamp and RAM/Trouble Bubble. The first sightings were like the figures, cases diverted to Canada from the US. Now it is specifically cases for Canada.
  7. I'm sure that there are many contributing factors. The economy being one, however if a scalper makes his "living" from this, it won't affect him. In regards to Joes, I think that the shine has finally worn off. Outside of the crazy variants, and the new "gotta have it now" items, most older stuff is not moving for more than retail. There is an abundance of items and some stuff has now gone into the "meh" category. We all were craving the new vehicles, but now, at least in Toronto, such a large supply of the HISS and Armadillo/Chariot have shown up, that I can find them at any retail in multiples. Look at Ebay. Most figures are not selling for more than retail outside of harder to find figures. Pretty much anything outside of the "cool" figures (SE, SS v1, Flint) are not selling for even retail. Vehicles are the same. Collectors, for the most part, have gotten their fill and don't need to go hunting or paying for items. Ask yourself this. Would you pay more than retail for more than 10% of the current release of 25th product? Again, outside of variants I don't see the need to rush out and pay for something that will be plentiful, or clogging shelves later.
  8. Thanks FUGAYZIE. I had thought about trying masking tape to do the cross hatch, but the mesh sounds like a good idea. I'll try that first to see (on cardboard of course).
  9. Since there are some great customizers on here, I thought I would ask. I have a custom idea in mind for a vehicle. It would be a Cobra vehicle turned into the Python Patrol version of that vehicle. However I am not sure how I can do the distinctive cross hatch pattern of the vehicles. I looked around, but no one really has a "how to" on that kind of paint scheme. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. I'm pretty "meh" about this wave, but I'll get one of each. I'm a completist. For those of you bemoaning the whole "when the movie comes out, it's over." Please just stop. This is exactly the same thing that went on with Transformers fans. There was moaning and groaning about how the classics line was GREAT! and the movie is going to kill the line when they stop making it. Guess what? Classics are back now that the movie line is over. Guess what? Same thing for us. By most accounts, the 25th line has been a big success. Success is good, Hasbro will mine this for as long as possible. Either way, we will see more product. If the movie does as well as Transformers, then more fans means more money, means more toys. If the movie doesn't do well, Hasbro will still probably want to mine the 25th line for as much as they can.
  11. If you're talking about the new "troop builder" 5-packs, one with 5 Crimson Guards, and one with 4 Joe team "green shirts" versus Firefly, I wish I had known you wanted those SKUs a couple days ago! I just saw them in a TRU for the first time on either Monday or Tuesday, and I would've gotten the SKUs for you if I'd known you needed them. @bH@ Next time I see them, if you haven't gotten a reply yet, I'll see what I can find out for you. Thanks, those are the ones I am talking about.
  12. Just wanted to ask. They are now showing up in Canada (for $19.99) and apparently they are not in the system and people are getting stuck waiting while they check with head office. Same thing happened with the latest 3 packs, but someone had the SKU and that saved everyone a lot of time.
  13. Oh Hasbro NO!!!! Looking at the Firebat and SHARC they went back to printing the filecards onto the boxes instead of including them in the box as pre-cut pieces. That was my biggest problem with the packaging from the Target exclusives. I loved when they went to the other style for the first wave of vehicles. Oh well.
  14. I'll have to throw in my two cents and say the THUNDERWING was by far one of my favourite vehicles of the last 5 years.
  15. Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone had any sites that might sell stickers/labels? I have already tried cobrastickers.com and they are sold out, or don't have, what I need for some customs. Reprolabels.com as well doesn't have anything. Any other sites?
  16. Thanks guys. I am planning to do a custom of the Firebat with this colour, but I needed to see it to get an idea of the colour and what the interior seating was coloured. Thanks again.
  17. As the title says. I know there was at least one episode of the series where the Firebat was grey instead of red. I can't seem to find a pic of it anywhere online (google, multiple Joe sites). So I thought I would ask if anyone has a good, clear screen shot of the grey Firebat? Thanks in advance.
  18. It's a shame, but hardly surprising. The line is great, but the support from the general market (ie kids) just isn't there and the movie didn't really shake the rafters like Batman. So all combined, I'm glad to have gotten some of what we did, and of course I would love more, but I'm not really surprised.
  19. Here is my opinion on this set: 1) All 3 vehicles are good choices. I like the MOBAT. That is mostly due to it being the first Joe tank. Anyone know if they will keep the motorized functions? The Crimson HISS is a good idea for a popular vehicle. And finally, a completely new paint scheme for the Flight Pod. Especially considering it isn't a "crimson" or "black" repaint. 2) The figures. As others have said, most of these figures are throw away repaints. Short Fuse is great to get and I like the homage of Destro to Red Jackal. The rest are meh? Although I do kind of like the trooper. 3) I think for the price it is being offered at, this is a great value. 3 vehicles and 7 figures is really worth $50, especially if you take into account 1 new, "desired" figure, 1 new vehicle not yet released (MOBAT) and 1 vehicle repaint that is highly desired by fans (Crimson HISS). Overall it is a buy for me, but I can understand those who don't share my view.
  20. For the bed, just do what I did and leave the interior the same. As for the wheel wells and hubcaps, you went with the better option in my opinion. I think it gives the vehicle a more realistic look they way you have it.
  21. Hey!!!!! Stop copying me!!!!! I actually did the same thing, although I didn't go with quite the same paint scheme. I left the back wheel wells grey and the bed blue. Here is the link to mine, that I am actually now selling on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/Custom-Cobra-Transport...id=p3911.c0.m14
  22. Um, I hate to burst your bubble, but the CLAW from wave 3 is exactly the same as the DVD pack. http://i.toynewsi.com/g/index.php?mode=vie...800&start=0 There are no "improvements" to this CLAW. As far as I can tell it is a completely new mold that is fairly close to the original, but quite honestly looks like it is a cheaper version than the original. OK, I was wrong and stand corrected, thanks for pointing that out. That is the first time I have seen that exact picture of the new one. Evey other picture I had seen prior to that was small and not the clearest. The stickers make a little difference in the appearance too. It really just sucks. This is the first mold that I am sad about. Every vehicle has either been a near exact copy of the original, or had some improvements. The CLAW just looks cheaper and less detailed than the original. Granted, these are early pics and the CLAW may be better in person, but so far I am wary.
  23. Um, I hate to burst your bubble, but the CLAW from wave 3 is exactly the same as the DVD pack. http://i.toynewsi.com/g/index.php?mode=vie...800&start=0 There are no "improvements" to this CLAW. As far as I can tell it is a completely new mold that is fairly close to the original, but quite honestly looks like it is a cheaper version than the original.
  24. I can't honestly say for sure, but if you take a look at the CLAW from 84 and compare it to the one from the DVD set , they look like 2 different molds. There are just so many small differences, that I don't think Hasbro modified the original mold, but rather went with a completely new one that is pretty close to the original.
  25. I really do have to agree here. I was lucky enough to see him and hear him at the Joemeet in Hamilton, Ontario (Canada). I thought it was going to be great, but the reality was...not so much. He came off exactly as you describe. He really came off as someone who understands his role in the franchise, but really is tired of it. He answered a few questions with "I don't really remember" and he came off as someone who was there for the show, but wasn't really into it.
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