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  1. That plus apparently some places are now charging $70 means it will be a tough sell for non-collectors.
  2. Yeah! Wow! The bad news here isn't so much the end of the sale as is that ten dollar price tag! Who does Target think they are? Kohl's? If they keep that up they can throw their Joes into that same bonfire they're going to have for their unsold over-priced Infinite Heroes! Dear God. Up here (Canada) the Joes are currently priced as follows (before tax): Walmart $7.92 Zellers (think somewhere between Target & Kmart) $7.99 TRU $9.99 My local Comic Shop $8.99 (others range from 11.99-14.99) The increase for you guys should be disturbing. I don't know what Walmart or TRU down there are asking, but as it trends closer to the $10 range, the sales are going to drop. As an example, the SW figs up here are $9.99 at most places and quite honestly they don't move. Yes the rare or hot figs sell, but once the market is saturated, they don't move unless there is a sale. I think that the $10 pyschological price point is where people will simply stop for a small figure. Worse, GI Joe doesn't have the same large scale appeal right now that TFs and SW do. That means pricing is very important. I'm glad to see the 25th line doing great and a new movie coming, but pricing that is too high could be a serious blow to the line at this time.
  3. Thanks Ares. I would be going to Niagara Falls/Buffalo from Toronto. I kind of figured that myself (restocking), but I know a few members here work, or worked, for the big chains and I just wanted to find out. Thanks again. I recomend going over the Queenston/Lewiston bridge in Niagara-on-the-lake. Exit on to the 405 off of the QEW once you get over the skyway bridge to get there. The 405 pretty much doesn't go anywhere but the boarder so it's really easy to naviagte. It's also in my experience the easiest of the three bridges around there to get in to the U.S. (shortest wait time, that is) That way you can sweep around and through Buffalo hit every Target, Walmart, Toys R Us and what have you and come back over the peace bridge in Buffalo with relative ease. Bring lots of change for toll booths. What a pain in the A$$ those are...... This won't be my first trip, far from it. I was just unsure what the Saturday after Black Friday was like and if it was worth going down, or if everything is wiped clean. As for the tolls. SCREW THEM!! I found other routes that bypass the Grand Island and allow me to hit at least 3 TRUs, 4 Targets and 4 Walmarts. I usually go early enough that getting across isn't a problem. I find it a toss up coming back at either bridge. My big hope is for the UBP. After that it will be wave 2/3 of vehicles and then figures.
  4. Thanks Ares. I would be going to Niagara Falls/Buffalo from Toronto. I kind of figured that myself (restocking), but I know a few members here work, or worked, for the big chains and I just wanted to find out. Thanks again.
  5. Just a quick question to all you Yanks!!! I'm an hour from the border and was thinking of going down on Saturday (can't make it tomorrow). So, my question is, will the stores restock for Saturday, or will it be whatever isn't mowed through on Friday is all that will be out? Specifically I'm thinking about the Target UBP. I know Target is running a 2 day sale (Fr/Sat) and was thinking of going down on Saturday in the hopes they restock from the mess on Friday night for Saturday's sale.
  6. I want to give credit to JoeCanuck.com for the heads up. Here is the link to the thread there. The items are actually in an Ebay auction and the seller has pics that can be enlarged. Mod Note: Link edited to actual images http://cgi.ebay.com/GI-Joe-25th-Lot-HUGE-M...1QQcmdZViewItem
  7. OUCH!!! I guess the original suggested retail of $49.99 went out the window. Oh well, still have to get this set.
  8. AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!! Why Hasbro, Why? On the one hand I am grateful and thankful for the Trouble Bubble mine. On the other hand, why is it in another vehicle pack?? Oh well, all these vehicles will be mine!!
  9. Thaks for the link, JayC! A couple of pics from the Tunnel Rat & Stormshadow pack (other than being Asian and parts of Hama's psyche, I'm not really sure why they're packed together either...): No real clues to how Tunnel Rat will look other than he'lll be strongly based on his RAH figure. "Training Stormshadow" seems to be working the samurai angle! You can't really judge a comic book company by the pack-in comics they also produce for a toyline that's meant to be accessible to 5 year olds. Jourdan is clearly a very competent artist who can tell a story with plenty of drama and visual detail. The figures are stylisticly different, but they conveal the appropriate emotion and don't look static. Quality wasn't consistent with the whole run of the old Marvel series, but even the bad art could relate to the good because they were drawing from the same artistic influence, namely Joe Kubert, Neal Adams, and especially the great War comics of yesteryear. New artists seem more likely to draw from manga. without neccessarily catching what made manga good! It's a shame that the Samurai motif is Storm Shadow. It would have been a great opportunity to make Budo since he was the "samurai" ninja for the Joes. Especially since Budo would have been a waste of a figure on a single card.
  10. True, but I never said it was cartoon "accurate." #Granade#
  11. An airbrush is your best friend when it comes to custom paint jobs.
  12. Ok, we are down to the last 2 customs I have done. First up is a Crimson Trouble Bubble. Simple enough, just a red repaint of the 25th Trouble Bubble. I felt it would be a neat 2 pack with the Mini-CAT I did. Second is a cartoon Firebat. I can't remember which episode it was exactly, but in one episode the Firebat showed up as grey, rather than red. So I went with that. I simply repainted the 25th Firebat "Aircraft" grey and the seat red. I thought it might have been too light a grey, but once finished I really liked it.
  13. Ok, here is round 3. So far we had the Cobra Command Parade Car, GI Joe HISS and 25th Night Raven. Now we are onto the S.C.R.A.M. and Mini-C.A.T. They received the most votes, so they're up next. The S.C.R.A.M. (Special Communications Rapid Assessment Motorcycle) is Destro's alternate plan for communications on the battlefield should communications be jammed by the enemy. It allows his Iron Grenadiers to quickly reach battle groups and relay Destro's orders. I used an extra 25th RAM and painted it with the standard IG colours (red, black, gold). Then I used some of the RAM stickers and a couple of gold Destro stickers from www.cobrastickers.com. The Mini-C.A.T. was my first custom. I wanted to do a crimson custom, but instead of going with usual "crimson" as a primary colour, I went "old school." I based it on the original Crimson Attack Tank (CAT) colour scheme of mostly black with red accents. I used an original Armadillo and custom stickers. Up next will be the final two. The cartoon Firebat and Crimson Trouble Bubble.
  14. canprime

    Holy Crap!

    Oh man! Could we finally get something you Americans are not getting? SWEET!!! Hhmmm....What should I demand from you guys in return for this SUPA-RAREZ VARYANT!!@@##!! It definitely sucks if it does end up coming out this way, but from what we hear and see in Canada, Hasbro Canada usually gets figures on Cdn. cards as an extra production run on the US production. So the trooper will probably come out the same way as the Cdn. carded version.
  15. HA HA!!! I fooled you!!! I did warn you that it wouldn't be what you thought.
  16. Since the voting on my last custom was a tie, a whopping 1 vote apiece!!! @loll@ I have decided to post the 2 vehicles that won at the same time. First is the GI JOE HISS. I wanted to do a HISS in green, but as I did I came up with the idea that this was a HISS that was captured and repurposed by the resistance in the 2 part episode "Worlds Without End." That was the two-parter that saw the Joes end up in an alternate dimension where Cobra won. What I used for this was a 25th HISS, HISS stickers, RAM stickers and cobrastickers.com stickers. The paint was Model Masters Acrylic, Interior Green. For the 25th Night Raven, I went in a different direction. Obviously nothing has been released anywhere near as big as the original, so I went with an old Firebat that I had picked up for $3. It was in great condition, but only had 2 bombs. So I repainted it and gave it some new weapons from the "Vehicle Gear pack." So it has 2 torpedos from the Devilfish and 4 bombs from the Tomahawk. I used cobrastickers.com stickers for most of the vehicle. If anyone has 2 Firebat guns, I am looking to acquire them to finish off this custom, otherwise it is gunless. SO, Here is what's left. Vote on which one you want to see next: Mini-C.A.T. Crimson Trouble Bubble S.C.R.A.M. Cartoon 25th Firebat
  17. Awesome work. A quick question. What do you do for the tight lines? Meaning the silver around the edge of the yellow? I mainly do vehicles because I find I can't get the fine detail of figures to come out right.
  18. Well Falcon7, since you are the only one who "voted" I guess my GI Joe HISS is next. I'll post that either today or tomorrow.
  19. Well I finally got around to getting a Photobucket account. So, this is the first custom I am posting. I have 7 vehicle customs total to post, but this is first. I'll let you guys decide which one you want to see next. As for the "Cobra Parade Car," I felt that Cobra Commander needed a vehicle for being seen by the troops during his MANY parades. Usually you see him in a military vehicle, but I wanted something a little different. Of course he would never go anywhere in a vehicle that doesn't have some weapons.. I used an Indiana Jones Troop Car and customs stickers. http://i431.photobucket.com/albums/qq33/canprime/parade.jpg http://i431.photobucket.com/albums/qq33/canprime/cc3.jpg As for what to show next, let me know which one from the following list: GI JOE HISS S.C.R.A.M. Mini-C.A.T. Crimson Flight Pod Cartoon Firebat 25th "Night Raven" (not as big as you are probably thinking)
  20. OMG!!!! I must have that!!! I can't believe how rare and valuable it is to have a figure that is missing a paint app. Geez, what some people won't do to try and make a buck. I doubt this will sell, but then again, a fool and his money...and all that.
  21. I was hoping to just directly upload from my computer, but I'll try that.
  22. Hey guys, I checked out the FAQ and did a some searching with the help function, but I need some help. I want to post a pic of a GI Joe custom I did, but every time I upload, it says it failed and ask an administrator if the directory is writeable. I made sure the photo was under 75k, but it still isn't working. Am I doing something wrong?
  23. If you haven't, when it comes on, the very beginning has a guy sitting on his bed with a voiceover about his love of comics as a kid getting him girls. If you look at the bookshelf on the right side of the screen you will see a bunch of 25th GI JOE carded figures and one of the box sets. It was a neat little sight, but it is only on screen for a few seconds. Nice to see some love for Joes!!!
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