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  1. I'm going to get each set, just because. However, Hasbro fixes Flint's arms and then ruin his face!! C'mon Hasbro, you can give us a figure that is completely right.
  2. canprime

    Target Sale

    Definitely give us an update after Tuesday.
  3. www.cobrastickers.com has all sorts of pre-cut stickers. I got a set of white and a set of red HISS numbers to customize some of my extras.
  4. Another question. Why was the club allowed to make a Slaughter figure a couple of years ago?
  5. Just remember that the 5-packs come with filecards, but only 1 card for the "troops" so they will have to share.
  6. Awesome, totally awesome. I can't wait. These were my 2 favourite subgroups. I have a PP Conquest already, but it will be nice to get one all brand spanking new, as well as the Tiger Rat.
  7. canprime

    Target Sale

    Sounds like it will depend on the store. I went down and found 1 store with nothing left, another with 1 (I bought it), and another with only 3 left. If the store has a lot, then I expect the price to drop. Any store with stock left over on Boxing Day (Dec. 26th for you guys) will probably drop it like crazy.
  8. I actually never thought about that. I could try, but since I re-tied and re-taped everything I don't think I want to go through all that hassle again. Maybe I'll just say that Crimson Guard "Fred" has decided he is a better choice to run the Crimson Guard. As such he is leading a coup against Tomax & Xamot. That is why he is fighting with the CAT II and a Jet Pack versus Tomax & Xamot in the HISS and Flight Pod. Yeah, that's better. Much less work that trying to undo everything, move it and redo it all. @smilepunch@
  9. Well I had some loose vehicles, figures and a little bit of customizing and voila!!! My Crimson Guard Ultimate Battle Pack!!! This is just the first pic. I will upload a few more later. Here is the list of what is in this pack: 1 Crimson HISS from the Crimson Guard Sabotage set (2003?) 1 CAT II (Crimson Attack Tank) (2003?) 1 Crimson Flight Pod (custom painted 25th Anni. FP) 4 Crimson Guards (25th Anni., wave 5) 1 Fred Crimson Guard (25th Anni. comic pack w/custom Crimson Jet Pack) 25th Anni. Tomax & Xamot I took the time and effort to repack these items as the original UBP figs/vehicles were packed. Once I finish the back of the box to match the items in the UBP then I will reseal it with tape.
  10. See now that is a great error. Not these stupid wrong hands or missing paint apps. This is one that is obviously an error by someone not paying attention. The question now is what you already asked. Is this one-of-a-kind? Or are there going to be multiples? In your case I would hope for multiples, then it would really shoot up in value.
  11. Yeah I saw them today and it was obvious from early pics that there was some remolding. However I thought they both looked bigger than the originals, which may have just been my eyes playing a trick on me since the earlier vehicles aren't any bigger, just updated.
  12. Let me clarify. I saw the Sky Hawk and Water Moccasin (can't remember the new name) today. I was looking at them and they seemed bigger than I remember them being in the old days. I was wondering if anyone who has the new ones can tell me if they are the same size, or is there a slight size difference?
  13. I think the Universe idea is great as one line, but it shouldn't be the "main" line. I don't know what Resolute is going to be, but there needs to be a push by Hasbro for a kid friendly/oriented main line. It is what needs to be done to keep the interest high after the movie. As far as I know the Resolute line won't be that since people die in the cartoon. So I would put a big push on for a kid's line/show. Have a Universe catch all line and maybe a Resolute line depending on reaction.
  14. I think that droid was one of the Star Tours droids and was a "nod" to them.
  15. Agreed on the "not again" part. Let's just let this thread die.
  16. canprime


    Of course. With store exclusives, they are like us. They have to actually go out and buy the item from the store and then sell it on their site. I think in the early stages of a store exclusive they are just trying to hit the international market, and then it comes down to holding them to see if they go up enough in value to be worth the price tag.
  17. It was kind of nice for a change. Made it more fun to see that this wave was shipping from BBTS, and I had no clue what they looked like. I agree, it is kind of refreshing to be so completely surprised in today's internet spoiler age.
  18. Quick question. What did you use to create the Nullifier's helmet?
  19. Where do you get the idea that Wave 1 '09 (Wave 13 overall) is the last wave before the Movie figures? It's already out, and 2009 isn't even here yet. Movie figures won't be coming till the third quarter of next year, around June. The Movie doesn't hit till August! Also, Hasbro has confirmed at least a half dozen new RAH characters for the Pre-Movie waves... plus Resolute just started! Where's Roadblock, Snake-Eyes, Zap, etc... There's still a 6 month window for Hasbro to either reschecule or reallocate the three new vehicle packs that were coming in Wave 5. This isn't going to be as big a catastrophe as some seem to think. QFT. The bigger crime is Hasbro practically stealing money out of my wallet with all the product that has come out in the last month.
  20. canprime


    At least the exchange works in your favour. Here is Canada, that price is approximately $140. Then add in shipping and customs/brokerage and it would easily top out at close to $200.
  21. And without the AT-TE that attaches to it being bundled with it. You've got to remember, for a casual buyer/mom looking to buy for the kids, the dropship will look like a half-missing vehicle. Yes but moms do read the boxes and ask questions In my experiance in retail they ask Yeah I guess the question would be if Hasbro wanted to be sneaky. They could package the dropship like most of the bigger vehicles where it has a picture on the front showing it taking the AT-TE and then putting in the corner that it only has the dropship.
  22. I'm still kicking myself for not getting the Vader/Vos set. I haven't seen it since I picked up the white Vader. As for Leia. I must say that I think they went to far with trying to make her in scale. She looks like a midget and really not proportioned well.
  23. If the AT-TE does really well, then that can only improve the chances of the dropship being made. It also would help if the show (Clone Wars) featured the ship a couple of times. I don't think it would be more expensive to make than the AT-TE. I could even see it coming in cheaper. It is basically a longer version of the Gunship and uses probably the same, if not less, plastic than the gunship since it has such a wide open space. It would definitely still be a tough sell though without show support.
  24. Thank you Unicron! That's more like it. That's more like the kind of response I was expecting, to be quite honest; some fellow collectors that know where I'm coming from, who add their (civil, encouraging, friendly) advice and/or two-cents. Neutron, I would have been fine with your unblinking, painfully honest opinion had you not implied I was simply, bored, fickle, and unreasonably critical. Then on top of that, you threw in the whole "Why the Hell am I even reading this?" comment. That's the attitude I don't understand. What'd I do to you?? Seriously dude; I've read your posts before and never took you for a jerk until now. I just don't understand... FIRST OFF. This is not attitude, but a question. If all you want is someone to agree with you, then why post? SECONDLY. Your original post was basically telling everyone how you were thinking of getting back into collecting but were not impressed enough by what you saw to be sure. So you are still somewhat on the fence. You never said in your original post that you wanted people to convince you to collect. Like anywhere in real life if you air out an opinion, you should be ready for the responses that come in from all sides of the discussion. THIRD. As for your situation. I hope you do get back into collecting, but that is because I love the whole Joe universe and think it is great escapism. However I don't think you should if you need us to provide you with some form of evidence/support that it is worthwhile. In the end you are the one who has to decide and come to the conclusion that it is worthwhile to you. So while we can provide some opinions, if you aren't happy about it for yourself, then I would say it is a mistake to get back into collecting. FOURTH. I agree with you about paint apps and quality control. There are lots of cases out there of poor QC and if you don't like it, don't buy it. I understand people who have to have things as soon as possible, but taking the time to actually look over a purchase is always a better plan.
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