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  1. I kinda find myself thinking it's not going to be anything spectacular, but only based on the SW BMF. You figure that one started out at 150, though that was partly due to what I like to call 'Automatic Star Wars Inflation Syndrome'. The 'true' price for that should have been 100, like it is on clearance now. Now, what we got was a pretty nice piece of work, so I'm not knocking the toy, just using it as a possible comparison. What I would expect from this Pit would be similar. Comparable size and features. I am not expecting anything the size of the FLAGG, which had that kinda price point back in the day. I think we will be looking at something more like the Terrordome, maybe with some sounds/lights. I think lights and sounds are a likely part of the PIT. I also think we will see at least 2 floors, and a vehicle lift/elevator. As for the Night Raven, I figure it will be similar in size to the ARAH one. Since the Rattler/Conquest came in under $30 I figure it will come in somewhere around $50 depending on "extras" (sounds, lights, etc.)
  2. Well according to JediDefender, there is a listing in the Target computers for the PIT at $99.99. Here is the link: http://www.jedidefender.com/newspro/fullne...232504675,95633, So if this is true, then I can safely say that this will be a brand new mold and not a rehash of the older ARAH molds. Can't wait to see pics. Oh, and a CLONE TURBO TANK for next Christmas in the SW line!!!!
  3. Morrison writes Final Crisis also. Why is everyone shocked about this? Captain America died and his book got better. Is it ridiculous to think the competitors wouldn't try something similar? Better in sales, or better in story? Because one is numbers, the other is opinion, and in my opinion Captain America is no better a comic now, than before Steve's death.
  4. Just thought I would ask since I don't remember if this was covered before when the set was first seen. The ACE figure in all green is pretty much how he looked for that 1 second he was in the 1983 commercial for the GI JOE comic (#19). So was it ever determined if this was an intentional homage, or just coincedence?
  5. Here is the situation as it seems to be in Canada right now. (Taken from multiple posts on different boards) It appears that Walmart (Canada) put out wave 1, revision 1 cases. (Check Entertainment Earth) These cases were broken down as such: 2x Iron Man 2x Spiderman 2x Wolverine (X-Force) Daredevil Punisher Silver Surfer Human Torch (Johnny) Stealth Iron Man Black Panther So they didn't include Bullseye or "Flame On" Human Torch. My belief is that these two figures will show up once all the retail chains start putting the figures on the shelves. As to there being "Variants." Someone made a good point. The more accurate term would be repaints (like in Transformers). Each figure is individually numbered. Iron Man is number 1, Stealth Iron Man is number 9. So each different figure is actually meant to be different and not just a limited change on the original figure. So currently Stealth Iron Man is packed the same as Silver Surfer, Punisher, Daredevil, Black Panther & Human Torch. 1 per case. It will be demand that makes certain figures harder to find.
  6. I just finished it today and I am surprised there isn't a thread about it since it covers a couple of things about the movie, the toys for 2009, Resolute and pictures a movie toy. I know there are rules about posting images, articles, intellectual property, etc. So I will just post my two cents, and avoid spoilers. The first article is with Ed Verreaux who is the production designer. Apparently he worked on E.T. and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Anyway, the article goes into a few details, especially interesting was a tidbit on how Duke & Ripcord end up on the Joe team. An interesting, if somewhat worrying article. The second article is with Ellen Mirojnick who is the costume designer. Again some great insight into the costume process and the reasoning behind it. I think the Storm Shadow reasoning is quite sound and reasonable. Confirmed by her is the speculation that the "Accelerator" suits will be partly CGI. However, the article does lead me to worry again. The one movie toy pictured is the Scarab with a new Motor Viper who could easily be used in the 25th line. The Scarab is a Hummer style SUV in black with weapons and a shielded windshield. It is a nice toy, with little to make it seem "futuristic", but rather just a modified SUV. The article on the upcoming year for the toys and Resolute were both good reads, and it looks like another good year ahead for us Joe fans. NOW, The reason I said the movie articles worried me.....let me just say I have been an avid supporter of the movie and telling people to wait and see before jumping to conclusions. However.... Both articles mentioned that the production was organized under a time constraint, with approximately half the usual time taken (or less) to get the production going. On top of that, the production designer mentioned a few times that the movie was constantly being written during production, another worry. Finally, if you read the article, the tone from the production designer throughout, does not inspire confidence in me. For the first time I am actually concerned about the movie's success.
  7. I'll chime in here since I have most of the first wave already (already on shelves in Canada). This line is going to be great!!! For those of you who only care about ML, you're in for a disappointment. This line has pretty much equal articulation with the Joes and great sculpting. Are there clunkers? Of course, every line has a figure or two that don't come out the way people want. However this line is definitely going to be a hit, especially since the price point stays low enough to keep parents buying for kids. Also, remember that ML has pretty much tapped out the "main" characters and their variant costumes. So even die hard collectors would be hard pressed to keep buying Spiderman, Iron Man, etc. without significant changes. Now while ML has become much more collector oriented in recent years, Hasbro wants to hit the kids market again and this makes perfect sense for them, AND ME for space saving @loll@
  8. Outside of Clonekiller, ALL reports have been of finding these on the shelves. When I bought mine they rang up at the cash no problem. Also, all sightings have only been at Walmart and no other retailer. ok.. cool.. but everytime I have found a case at Walmart with a release date, they won't ring up in the computers... especially on new items that the store didn't previously carry. Like when the new clone wars stuff came out.. I tried to buy some Galactic Heroes. They had a release date on the box. And they wouldn't ring up in the computer at the cash register. The weird thing with this release is that it appears to be the revision cases of wave 1 that are being put out on the shelves. None of the cases found have included Bullseye or "Flame On" Human Torch.
  9. Outside of Clonekiller, ALL reports have been of finding these on the shelves. When I bought mine they rang up at the cash no problem. Also, all sightings have only been at Walmart and no other retailer.
  10. Where are you in Canada? I'm on the East Coast... nothing here yet (well, as of yesterday anyway). I'm in Toronto. Most of the Walmarts here have had some out on the shelves. ONLY Walmart though. None of the reports have mention eitehr TRU or Zellers, just Walmart.
  11. An interesting read. Although complete and utter crap. It is basically a fanboy, doing a fanwank to himself and his supposed love of GI JOE. If his comments on Transformers are any indication, he is representative of the stereotypical "fan" who can't see past the one narrow niche of his hobby. I can guarantee you that if GI JOE is half as successful as Transformers in the theatres, Hasbro won't give a rats ass about his, or our opinions. As for his points, I am going to offer counter points on some here: Roadblock...This is one I actually agree with, but I doubt this is going to be a major factor in the movie "sucking." Destro...The photo he has in this paragraph is all the evidence needed to argue against his point. The mask can be done, but shouldn't necessarily be done. As for a medallion? It would be beyond silly to have him wearing this giant medallion, especially on a bare chest. Ripcord...Watch Marlon Wayan's performance in Requiem for a Dream and tell me he can't pull off a serious role. This is one of those arguments that presupposes the actor is a one trick pony. The evidence is there to prove otherwise. Granted, changing the race of a character can be a problem, but Ripcord really isn't big enough of a character to be noticed by the majority of movie-goers. Storm Shadow...Really? He want's what? A guy in a white leotard with a crotch bulge? The costume choice may not be great, but I think it is one of the few inspired choices. As much as traditional ninja garb in white is ok, it really isn't the style this movie is going for (which is open to your opinion on being good or bad). Stephen Sommers...I pretty much agree here. He is a competent director, but I also believe there were better choices out there for the producers to try and get. Duke/CC...This is a tough call. Duke being young twenties is no problem. In the military there are officers leading groups in their early twenties. Hell, a lot of ground troops are late teens/early twenties. CC is a bit more problematic. I think a guy that young is a bit of a stretch for being this guy who organizes a large terrorist group. Origin Story...I agree here, but what can you do? It has become the norm to give background to people on "franchise" movies. It is meant to catch up the average moviegoer, but as the poster writes, it treats them like morons. Future...Again, I agree here. I know it gives them leeway to do some crazy things, but it wasn't necessary. Stalker...While I see the reasoning behind having him as a connect to the ninjas. He isn't necessary, and quite frankly, isn't important to telling the story of SS and SE in this new canon. Black rubber suits...I will wait and see. I can see both sides of this argument, but I think that the X-men movies did it right. And the Joes are similar to them with crazy outfits that not all of them would transfer over. Especially adding in that most are 20+ year old designs.
  12. I can't find the Q&A that had it, but Hasbro addressed this comic pack a while back. I'm paraphrasing now, but they said something to the effect of.... The ratio is 4:1. Meaning 1 out of every 4 will be Black Head. But that it would only be in the intial production run. Later runs would only be the Gold Head.
  13. Pesatyel, Let me say this again. I think too many people keep missing this point in their irrational fear about the movie. Hasbro, to date, has released each vehicle mold in their original colour scheme, while also releasing either new or old repaint colours. Why? To make money off the molds. This is the same thing going on here. The Ferret pictured has a god-awful gimmick, but guess what? It won't be there when Hasbro releases the Ferret for the 25th line in original colours. Everyone please stop and think. Yes the 25th line is going to be put aside for the movie. Yes there will be some homages in the movie line, but they will be rare (by my guess). However, just like Transformers, the 25th line will return after the movie. So please, everyone stop being so paranoid. Relax, enjoy the break your wallet will get (for those not buying) and just be patient (I know, that word is pretty foreign to us collectors). @loll@
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think the Joe base (V2) matches these dimensions. The height seems similar, but the width and depth don't match up to what I remember.
  15. In the grand scheme, he is pretty rare. However, the demand for him is about as low as you can get for a "rare" variant and as such his price is barely more than the regular version.
  16. Yes his board has 2 pegs for his feet. The dollar has been below the US dollar again for a couple of months now. Synch, I honestly don't think that the ML line had much gas left. The logical step for Hasbro was to shrink down the line. When you actually get to see some in person you might not think they are POS.
  17. Hey Guys, I usually don't post here, but I thought you might like to know that the new "Fury Files" 3 3/4" figs from Hasbro are hitting shelves in Canada. I picked up a bunch today at Walmart. Of the 12 figures in the first wave, the only ones I didn't see were Bullseye and "flame" Johnny Storm. Looking at the back of the cards, it appears that the variant figures have actually photos of the variant, while the regular figures have a multiple character photo. Sorry I forgot to photograph the receipt. They retail for $9.92 (before tax) up here. If you want to see further proof www.cybertron.ca has a thread on their site with more disscussion and photos. As for the figures themselves. They are great!! They put DCIH to shame and match up nicely with Joes and SW. I can see this line outdoing ML in sheer number of characters and variations. I shall be well and truly broke this year.
  18. I'm guessing that something big is in the works that won't be seen at Toyfair. What? I don't know, but I think there is a good chance of some big surprise. A major movie is the best time for big ticket items.
  19. I applaud you sir!! This needs to be said over and over again to get people to understand. However it will most likely end up being just like the Transformers fans when the movie came out. Continual complaining by a hardcore group.
  20. I will say this here, like I did on another board. I believe that this Ferret/Scrap Iron is a repaint for the Movie line. Hasbro has released every vehicle to date in their proper colours and designs (forget the CLAW), with of course repaints to make some more money. I have no doubt that we will see the Ferret in the proper 80s colours, minus the "gimmick" attachment, either before or after the movie.
  21. Remember that the 3 pack is from the movie. So they could be Iron Grenadiers, or they could be called something else. They may not even be in the movie for all we know right now.
  22. As the title says. All thanks to www.theterrordrome.com for the notice. Scrap Iron and Ferret: http://www.theterrordrome.com/forums/viewt...p?f=2&t=783 M.A.R.S. Troopers 3 pack: http://www.theterrordrome.com/forums/viewt...p?f=2&t=782 I'm thinking that the Ferret and Scrap Iron are movie repaints and we will see the Ferret in original colours somewhere else. I like the black on Scrap Iron. As for the M.A.R.S. Troopers. I get a Major Bludd vibe from the "officer" and the other 2 I'm torn on. I like the looks of them, but I will have to wait and see what the story is behind these guys.
  23. Thought of one more category.... Best "new" character. Meaning a never before produced character (ie Paratrooper). For me it was the Bazooka Trooper. Not really amazing new ground unlike the Paratrooper, but I feel like it was a great representation of what a regular Cobra grunt would be if given a bit more firepower.
  24. My Target was so cleaned out they didn't have anything on the shelves!! Come to think of it, I think it had more to do with not having any Targets in Canada than shoppers. @smilepunch@ @loll@
  25. I broke this down into categories, but feel free to break it down however you like. Best single carded figure - It was a really tough decision with so many new and updated figures that I loved. It came down to 2 great updates. The BAT and Eel. In the end the "best of the best" from Cobra's forces won out. The Eel is my choice for best single carded figure. Best Comic 2 pack - Lt. Falcon/Nemesis. I know this is probably a controversial choice, but after considering many things, I went with a pack that had 2 "new" figures, great accessories (especially Nemmy) and a good comic (not great). Both were good updates, even with the common complaints about Lt. Falcon. Best "SRO" 3 pack - I went with the Naval Command. A nice Deep Six alternate fig, a passable Cutter and a cartoon accurate Torpedo made this set stand out over the other sets this year. Best Multipack - I decided to go with all the current multipacks rather than break them down into 5 packs and 7 packs. This was a pretty easy choice. Even though we got greenshirts and accurate CGs, it really was no contest. The Arctice Extreme conditions pack was the far and away winner. Great reuses of figures, and "new" troopers. Best Vehicle - Man, this was a doozy. I really loved the vehicles released this year, but when it came time to pick, it was down to 2. The Rattler and the Firebat. I love me some Cobra Air Force. Final nods had to go to the more iconic vehicle, the Rattler. Best "Accessory" - Sooo many choices...a new Swamp Skier, Trakker's Helipack, the TV camera from the Movie, Vines to hold Roadblock, etc. etc. This was really too tough. Every choice seemed right, and not right. I have to say the TV camera from the Movie was my favourite. It is just a great little nod to a classic moment. However, almost anything could really have been chosen. 2008 "BEST" overall - MASS Device. Really was there any doubt? An iconic item that really was worth the "build-a" concept.
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