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  1. I remember another case as well. Transformers fans were clamoring for a figure (Battle Unicorn?) after they saw it. Unfortunately it wasn't going to be made and I believe BBTS went ahead and got it as an exclusive. Sure enough they couldn't move the bloody things and were still sitting on them years later. While people talk the talk, it usually isn't the case that they walk the walk when the product finally shows up. Especially at higher prices.
  2. Since we now have the new MU line and the Wolverine movie line doing a ton of Wolverine variants. Will Hasbro go to the well too often with one of their most popular characters in the MU line? We have so far: X-Force Wolverine (MU) Logan (comic) Logan (movie) Weapon X (comic) Brown Wolverine (comic) Military Wolverine Logan w/Motorcyle jacket (& motorcycle). From the movie line 2 pack. That leaves what? 3, 4 more "iconic" wolverine costumes? Would you be ok with Hasbro throwing some of these guys back into the MU line in a year or 2?
  3. I think the problem most ML fans aren't realizing is that the ML line is worn out. You say you would be willing to pay $20 a fig, for a character you want. So which character? Who do you want that hasn't been done already that would be mass appeal enough to sell 10,000 units? Which character can use old body parts? Just because you want the character doesn't mean it will sell enough. Also, in regards to MOTU. Mattel relaunched the line with a more traditional look. That gave them the chance to redo the big guys, He-Man, Skeletor, etc. Even with that, the first 2 figs didn't sell out after almost 2 months. They only sold out because Mattel pulled sales to have some for the conventions. Skeletor sold out quickly after people realized that they wouldn't be able to wait for months to buy all at once and save on shipping. Would you be good with Hasbro redoing Spidey, IM or others to get some more money out of the molds? I just don't see Hasbro finding an upside to online exclusives. Especially with a long running line that has already plumbed many depths of the Marvel universe. Also, to those who don't want to see the line end. Sorry, but every line ends eventually. It may come back in some form years later, but everything eventually has to die. Even the great Star Wars had years off the shelves.
  4. Man that's a long list. If they are going to go with the costumes shown, I have a list of 19 that would be no brainers for me to buy. So, only 5 huh?..... hhmmm..... 1) Galdiator. Just love this character for some reason, and not a change in look all these years. 2) Archangel. A great look, with PROPERLY done wings please! 3) Iron Man 2020. I can't get enough IMs. So many armors to make!!!! 4) Hela. Great look for a character, but I can't see her being made any time soon. 5) Red Guardian. We are getting Cap, so let's give him his Russian counterpart. Only 5 is a tough choice. It also isn't a very fair list. The bigger names are probably already going to get more votes just from recognition. Also, some on this list are probably givens for being made (Archangel, Havok, Mystique, Beast, etc.)Others need a more update-to-date costume (Wonderman). Here were my other 14 "automatic" buys: Vance Astro. Loved Guardians of the Galaxy as a kid. Tigershark. I always thought he was a great villain, especially his new incarnation in Deadpool. Gwen Stacy. Spidey's first love! I think she is a given. Mary Jane. Again, another given in my books. Havok. Great character and I love the modern costume. Constrictor. Has come into his own finally thanks to the Initiative. Batroc. Purple & Orange?? French?? He leaps?? What can I say, I really love this character. Quasar. Another favourite from my childhood. Grim Reaper. Probably one of the dumbest costumes, but really great stories over the years. Firelord. Galactus' redheaded stepchild who done good! Beyonder. C'mon, Secret Wars? He has to be done in my book. Nighthawk. Ahh the funky 70s. Brother Voodoo. Thank you once again 70s. Cosmic Spiderman. Spidey with the Captain Universe power punching a Tri-Sentinel in Acts of Vengence!!! If you know what I'm talking about then you know why this is an inspired choice. This line has great potential to rival ML for sheer numbers. Especially since the body types are going to be more reused than in ML.
  5. Well I saw something pretty funny today. I'm going to assume it was a pricing mistake on the sticker. My local Zellers (think of a store similar to Kmart, but a bit better), had the Indy single figures posted as $11.04!!!! Someone must have goofed. I didn't bother to scan one to confirm the price.
  6. agreed, i think swapping out parts is much less lazy than just painting an old figure black and calling it something else. What was hasbro thinking? Or that people are buying for the vehicle and not necessarily the figure that comes with it. God I hope not. That thing is right up there with the Buzz Boar for ugly and weird in my opinion.
  7. Just got back from the one Supercentre. Here is what I remember and what I bought: Remember: 12" Indy - $2 Titanium vehicles $1 2 packs & fig/item $2 Vehicles $2 NON-Indy: Hulk Movie figures (Grey Hulk, Bi-Beast, etc) $2 Hulkbuster Hummer $5 12" Hulk $5 Hulk Hands $5 Batman (Movie) figures (not Movie Masters) $2 12" Iron Man w/Armor accessories $5 Marvel Legends $2. They only had Black Knight, Hercules, Banshee, Movie Colossus, Beast, Cyclops, Hydra Soldier (variant), Marvel Girl (variant), Planet Hulk, Emma Frost & Bucky. What I got: Indy: 3 Cargo Trucks, 1 Jungle Cutter Hulk: 2 Hummers ML: Cyclops & Black Knight Grand Total for all 8 items, after tax: $24.96 Cdn.
  8. A couple of new Supercentre Walmarts opened up here recently (Toronto area), and they must have received the entire overstock for North America. They had at least 150 vehicles at the one I went to. Plus tons of figures and titaniums. Anyway, the vehicles (Cargo Truck, Troop Car, Jungle Cutter) were originally $5 each, and now they are marked down at some to $2 each!!
  9. I just realized. The movie has given us our newest sub-group/specialty team. Move over Tiger Force. Beat it Night Force. Buzz off Sky Patrol. There's a new team in town........... GI JOE: PARKOUR PATROL!!!! All the city hopping madness you can handle!!! @loll@ Sorry, it just struck me, and I couldn't resist. Oh, and Destro, a Scottish Laird with a Scottish accent?!? Who's crazy idea was that? @loll@
  10. Well here is what I have as an opinion from watching the trailer. 1) Destro (Eccelston) is probably going to steal the movie. Those few tidbits with him seem to really make him stand out. 2) Outside of Destro, it looks like the movie's breakout stars are going to be SE, SS and Baroness. Which is probably a good thing if those fight scenes with SS/SE are any indication. 3) It looks like some pretty epic battles, although that quick underwater shot doesn't really do anything for me...yet. 4) The story/dialogue doesn't seem to be all that good, especially Hawk. However, as others have said, it is still way too early to get a good sense. So, this has alleviated some of my growing concerns, but trailers tend to do what they can to sell a movie. That means you usually see some of the best, or all of the best, parts of a movie in them. Further information will be needed. Although I think the SS/SE battle(s) are going to be great.
  11. This is going to be a fail for Hasbro. I'm not saying that out of some hope (I'm a completist for 25th), but rather, that the reaction has been overwhlemingly "MEH" from the boards. First, they are mostly just reissues with what appear to be cosmetic changes. Some, like Flint & Viper are actually the most accurate/perfect rendition of the character to date. So great, but the majority are just updates with no real sense of change to the toy. Yes they have different body parts in some cases or different accessorie, and yes they were voted on by us. However, we were told they would have new/different decos and in most cases those decos are minor changes that really don't improve the figure to a point where they are a "must have." Oh, and don't get me started on those god awful stands. That colour is awful. There are many different subgroups that could have had new members added through repaints, or new groups entirely (Night Force, Night Watch CG, etc.) I understand the whole "Hall Of Heroes" idea means the more traditional look, but I think Hasbro could have gone with "new" paint schemes. Second, packaging. I will hold off a bit until we get shots of the back of the boxes, the excess packaging is nice, but a waste. I think that it was good idea in theory, but in practice it falls short. Third, PRICE!!! OUCH!! So it looks like we are talking about what, $11 US each figure. If you buy a case. Are sites going to be willing to break up cases to sell individual figures? What price then? How many of us up here(Canada) are willing to spend approximately $14-$16 each? Overall it seemed like a nice idea at the time, but the length of time to execute this has severely hurt the prospects of this being a good seller. Every figure has already had at least 2 releases already in some form, and most are not different enough to warrant the extra expense. Also, the character selection, while chosen by us, is fairly weak now after 6 months of new releases. Thank you Hasbro (honestly) for this, but I think I now better understand why these kind of situations are not really worth doing for large companies.
  12. So that's a 3 3/4" Luke? Dear Lord!!!! Great work Hasbro, finally the Rancor looks as he should, terrifying, even for a Jedi!!
  13. I'm hoping NYCC or Toyfair will have a couple of actual toys to show. I'm starting to wonder about the Clone Turbo Tank. The AT-TE was $100 and came with a Clone and that's it. The Turbo Tank is coming with a Clone AND a BARC Speeder for the same price!! Does that mean it will be cheaper in the way it feels? What about the front pic of the box? The size difference between the Tank and the speeder can't possibly be the same in the actual scale of the toys. Just questions I have, nothing that will actually make me not buy this when it comes out.
  14. The shelf with the Jedi Starfighters w/Hyperspace ring, has 2 rows behind them you can't see in the pic. I now have 4 shelves completely full with SW Titaniums. The next one I purchase will start shelf number 5!!!
  15. Not a bad set, though I don't like the brown. Also, talk about a lot of languages! I do love the dog tag style stands. Although.....DEAR HASBRO. You are allowed to put 2 foot pegs on stands other than just GI JOE stands. Cobras have 2 feet as well
  16. I sold off my BSG and TF titaniums, and solely focus on the SW ships. I have pretty much everything released, including the minor repaints. I'm just missing some of the early stuff (A wing, Y wing) and a few others (White Tie Fighter). It just kind of happened, and now I am in too deep!! Here are a couple of pics:
  17. That's the weird thing here. The Dagger B-wings were everywhere. Then in the last 2 weeks before Christmas, they were wiped out. Now, at least in my area, they are gone.
  18. I believe it was in Battlefront 2 (the videogame). What's your total on Titaniums? I'm sitting at 147 total SW titaniums with about 5 or 6 I am still looking for (early releases).
  19. Well I did a run down to the US (Niagara Falls/Buffalo) and found a number of things I was looking for. However I found one very disturbing trend at the TRUs I visited. Now, up here (Toronto) the TRUs I frequent have all way over-ordered on the 5 packs (CG, FF vs. GS) and the wave 1 vehicles. (Up here wave 1 was only the HISS Tank and the Armadillo/Chariot, no VAMP or RAM/Flight Pod). It wasn't until I hit the TRUs in Niagara/Buffalo, that I realized it wasn't just our problem. Maybe it was just these ones, but I can't imagine it was. The 2 that I hit had, each, around 60 or so of the new SRO 3 packs!!!! Both of them had an endcap with about 20 on them, and then another set of shelf space with at least that many and more!!!! Is this just a random happenstance, or is this something you guys are finding around the US?
  20. I was lucky enough to find the V-19, Shadow Scout, & Republic Tank yesterday.
  21. It says in the blurb that the Bridge comes with the mat, Captain's Chair, Viewscreen, Helm, 2 View screens & Kirk. Everything else pictured is going to be packed in with other toys. Also, it looks like there are no electronics in the Bridge set.
  22. It could look like an outhouse. With guns. So that would mean the new phrase is "GO JOE!!!" @loll@
  23. this is my worry as well since i am getting a negative vibe from that vehicle and the cobra one shown in toyfare as well. i dont care about the price of something. if it is good i will buy it. i am more worried it will have lots of spring loaded gimmicks and lights and sounds which will ruin it since it means more room will be needed to fit the electronics/gimmicks. i honestly wouldnt mind a revamped pit from the old line. updated it would look great "27.5" x 9.5" x 15.75" is the shipping case size. and weighs 12.21lbs" so over 2 feet wide . 9.5" tall and a foot and a half deep. unless they screw with the measurements since it usually goes WxHxD that isnt too bad of a size for this but then again it is all about the pics. cant wait to see them! Don't forget that the measurements are just the box itself. The PIT could easily be much bigger once it is removed from the box and put together. The one thing I want to warn people against is unrealistic expectations. This is not the PIT from the 80s comics. This is the movie PIT. That means, whatever the PIT looks like in the movie, this item will be based on. Hopefully it will be awesome, but don't get it into your heads that this is the original.
  24. Are you sure JohnnyRebelV2? I remember buying it for around $30 after tax a couple of weeks after it came out. (the Rattler)
  25. That's a shame since I really love PP. However this fig was released earlier, and sometimes the market has had it's fill. Maybe these will move a bit more once the PP Conquest hits stores.
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