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  1. Can you provide some further information to back up your claims??? . . . . . KIDDING!! Since so many people took offense last time. As to these HISS tanks, I can only think of 3 things off the top of my head. 1) Some sort of Sky Patrol reissue, using a HISS instead. (pretty unlikely) 2) Some auction recently had a bunch Storm Shadows in both gold and silver versions with vac metal paint. This could be related to that, meaning that it may well be a convention exclusive. Although I don't know how that would play against the rumoured Red Shadows idea for this year's convention set. 3) Some "lunch time" special that is going to start popping up on Ebay soon. The thing that throws everything into question is the pic with the roughly 40 assembled HISSes. That is very unusual if they were "lifted" from a production line.
  2. NOT A CUSTOM read above post Ok, what's the research? You just say you did research and claim it is official without actual references. Please expand on your research to prove it is official. Thanks. Dude, you really ought to chill out. Either way, it's probably not coming out anytime soon. My questions are valid, and by no means are they meant as anything other than simple interest in the validity of an item. I am not questioning HissCommander himself, but his multiple posts of it NOT being a custom has me interested in the how/why. Thanks for the advice though, I'll take it under advisement.
  3. NOT A CUSTOM read above post Ok, what's the research? You just say you did research and claim it is official without actual references. Please expand on your research to prove it is official. Thanks.
  4. Please stop. I don't have the money to get sucked into another line of toys thanks to your INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!! customs. So again, please stop. @loll@ Care to give us some info on parts?
  5. I got to thinking about this as I finished reading the latest issue of the new IDW series. GI JOE over the years has gone from 1 man to an elite force with varying degrees of staffing. Each incarnation since 82 has had a core group to start that has varied. So with IDW's take on the franchise now I thought I would ask what kind of roster/make-up for the team/person would you go with? After some thought, I came up with a Stargate SG1 make-up. I would have the GI JOE team made up of small groups of 5(Alpha, Beta, etc) and each group would have a commander. Each group would then of course report to a General. It would start out with only 2 teams, but of course it could easily expand as needed. For me it would be Joe Colton as the General. Sorry Hawk, but you don't appear in my version. A nod to the original has to be made. Alpha team would be Duke, Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Shipwreck & Roadblock (NO HEAVY DUTY, EVER!!!). These are the big boys who have been together for some time and work well together. Once Beta team was activated, it became a rivalary between the 2 teams. Everyone is friendly and has no problems working together, but Beta wants to be top dog and don't hide that. Of course for big missions, everyone can come together. Beta team would be Flint, Jinx, Stalker, Mainframe & Gung-Ho. Yes, each team has a some "stereotypes" or "staples" of the JOE mythos, but I had to go with what I know and feel. The team has air support from Wild Bill and Ace. However they are there for everyone, and only rarely would take part in an operation outside of air support. I already have a third team lined up, but I wouldn't introduce them until the second season of a series or after 12 issues of a comic. That team would be: Beach Head, Tunnel Rat, Lady Jaye, Spirit & Bazooka. So, anyone else have no life, like me, and spent way too much time making up a scenario?
  6. I'm a little disappointed. I was hoping for some variety, and not a list of "already shortlisted" characters. The fact is that the 3 "X" universe characters (Archangel, Havok, Mystique) are pretty much shoe-ins without being on this list. So I feel they are 3 wasted spots. Granted I am happy about Archangel since I voted for him, but with time now I am a little less enthused about him being on the list. As for the other 2 spots. I am glad MJ made it, she is an example of expanding the line outside of just costumed characters. It gives the "universe" subtitle a little more validity. Winter Soldier is an ok choice since he is being represented in the Invaders box set as Bucky and as the "new" Captain America, why not finish out the James Barnes figs early? I would also like to put in my two cents for finding out who made the #5-#10 spots.
  7. I can agree that paint app problems are the most subjective of the QC complaints. However missing apps are not a nitpick. Bad application may be, but not missing. At least paint apps are the easiest problem to fix in most cases. @loll@ Missing filecards, misprinted comics, warped body parts and missing pieces on the other hand, are not easily fixed, and definitely not nitpicking. @grumpy@
  8. I didn't think to add loose/mis-shaped figures from the weird poses. I have 2 loosey-goosey figures and 3 that never full recovered their shape after being packaged in a funky position. Oh, I also had no file cards when I bought my first Crimson Twins comic pack.
  9. Well I got to thinking after I did a little spending spree this weekend. I managed to find a couple of things I was looking for, but I was a little surprised by the number of QC problems I ran into. Here is what I came across: Resolute Comic pack (Tunnel Rat/SS): Unpainted hair on Tunnel Rat. Half the comic pages are upside down and in reverse order. Meaning I had to read the book from the middle to front for the first half (& upside down) and then the second half was the right way. Rock N' Roll. I picked up an extra that I was looking for. Bullet strap has missing paint, left hand has green paint all along the knuckles and underside of the chin/beard missing paint so the beard is partly green. FANG/CLAW: Nothing bad here except that they included 2 CLAW file cards instead of 1 CLAW & 1 FANG. So how has your QC luck been? Any major problems, or have you been QC problem free?
  10. You can see in the eyes that it might possibly be removable. This is a great looking figure. I'll be picking it up no doubt.
  11. Just thinking about the possibility of the Red Shadows convention set coming. So I got to thinking, what if the Convention was able to use 25th molds for a set? What would be my preference? How about yours? I thought it would be easy. Just do a sub-group (PP, TF) and repaint a vehicle or two no problem. However the more I thought about it, the more I realized the unbelievable amount of options. So I tried to keep it simple here. My preference was a subgroup (PP, TF) and either an existing vehicle repaint (TF Tiger Shark) or completely new vehicle repaint (PP HISS). However I would want them to be 25th molds (both figure & vehicle).
  12. Of course. Question is, did you consider it complete with a FIREBAT & AVAC, or just the Terrordrome itself?
  13. A couple of the Toronto area Walmarts seem to have received all the remaining AT-TE stock and had a skids worth on sale for $19.94. This was only at a couple of west end Walmarts, but none the less it was a nice find. Even better was getting 4 AT-TEs for $90.13 after tax!!!
  14. We have now seen pretty much everything for the first 3 quarters of the year. Most of the first & second quarter (Jan-June) will still be 25th product. Late second quarter (June) is when movie stuff will probably start to trickle out. My question is, will we see a glut of 25th stuff like right before Christmas? We have wave 12 & 13 not hitting full saturation yet. We have 2 7-packs coming and a new 5 pack (Vipers). On the vehicle side we have good distribution of everything up to about wave 3. Wave 4 is still trickling out. We also have 2 exclusives (PP Conquest/TF Tiger Rat). Then we still have fairly poor distribution of the 5th DVD set (please get us more of these!). Now we still have at least 3-4 months before movie product. What I just listed isn't a lot of product to stretch out over those months, so again, will we get hit up with a lot of product from these groups in large numbers?
  15. If you guys think it is bad down there. Try up here. In Canada, some genius decided that wave 1 should be only the HISS and Armadillo/Chariot. No VAMP or RAM/Flight Pod. So guess what? They were over ordered, and so to this day you can go to any TRU or Walmart and find at least 3 or 4 vehicles from wave 1. That also meant Canada didn't see jack-s### from the remaining waves. I'm serious pissed that Hasbro Canada made such a dumb move. I'm hoping someone at least got their hands slapped for that blunder.
  16. Well Canada got them in in January, but they are scheduled for release in March so it isn't that big a stretch to be finding them now in mid February.
  17. Must haves: Shipwreck, Black suit Scarlett, Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes w/Timber, Snow Serpent. The rest are wait and see in person. I noticed no CC or Destro. Oh, and anyone else notice that the Snow Serpent has a Ski missile weapon based on the Ice Wolf vehicle?
  18. They put an extending ramp on the highest level??? Dear lord I really wanted to like this playset, but I can't. I think it looks pretty good closed up, and some of the little touches (ping pong table) are great. However the overall execution is weak. I'll pick one up to support the line, but it may be only when it is on sale.
  19. It's probably due to a couple of factors. 1) A completely new mold. 2) General price increase. The market is shifting and everything action figure related seems to be going up for 2009.
  20. Well upon closer inspection of those pics, right now my two favourite things are Shipwreck and the Panther. What does that say, when neither is a movie product, meaning created for the movie & not based on older designs.
  21. Ouch, it looks like pricing is going up, up and away!!!! So, let us break this down. Basic figures: Standard new price. We've seen a bunch already. There should be some duds and gems like with any line. 12" figures: 2 prices. Ninja electronics add $7 to the price? I personally don't care for 12" figures, but I'm sure there will be fans. Vehicles: So we have 4 price points. My biggest concern is the class A. We've already seen some pics. So basically we are now getting 1 small vehicle w/driver and sound gimmick for the price of 2 with 2 drivers from earlier. Not a great trade off in my opinion. I know this price point will do well because of the "perceived" value, but it irks me as a collector. Class B is the go-between. We'll get some vehicles that are probably a good deal. Others will probably be in the same class as the HISS/VAMP and be $25 instead of $16. It will be hit or miss with this price point. Class C (NIGHT RAVEN). So we get a $40 plane. My big question becomes scale, which I'm sure we'll see tomorrow. What was the price of the THUNDERWING when it came out? I think this will do well with fans, but the amount of screen time will really determine if parents/kids get on board. The PIT. Well, we will know more soon, so that leaves it up to each of us to decide if this is a value or not. ACCELERATOR DUKE: $70??? OUCH!!! This I think will be a tough sell. I know this class/size item in the Transformer line does ok, but I think Hasbro is banking on something that probably won't sell. THE REST: Kids stuff that may or may not sell well.
  22. Man, these file cards really show how much of an art form Hama made the originals. There is little, to no, depth to the characterization. Granted, there seems to be fewer lines than the originals, but it still comes up short in my opinion.
  23. I think he means that with the figure standing next to the Nightraven you get a better sense of scale. That's what I meant GPM. Although you get a better sense from the picture with the guys hands holding the Night Raven. It looks like it isn't as small as others were betting on.
  24. Looks interesting. I was hoping for a stationary base, but I understand the need for extra "play" value with mobility. The Night Raven looks even better now. The picture gives a better idea of scale. It looks to be in line with the Rattler/Conquest in size. Granted, not as big as the old Night Raven, but not as small as it seemed from the first pics. Oh, and now the SCARAB is known as the STEEL CRUSHER A.P.V. ??
  25. I like that update to the Night Raven. It keeps enough of the original look, while still updating the vehicle. The Scarab looks good as well. The snow vehicles are going to be a pass, or buy only when super cheap.
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