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  1. So what do we have here. Snake Eyes w/Arashikage motorcycle: Not too sure about the SE figure, but I like the paint scheme on the bike. It will be a good purchase for the cycle and the figure will probably end up as custom fodder. Grand Slam w/Air Assault Glider: I like the colour scheme on Grand Slam, but it is a waste of a figure in my opinion. The Glider was always a bit too big and unwieldy for my tastes, but it may look good in a new colour. Eel w/ Wave Crusher: I'm loving the colour scheme on the Eel. He'll end up as my Eel leader. The Wave Crusher looks good in that colour, but I would have liked to have seen it in the old Hydro Sled colours. Air Viper Commando w/Cobra Claw: Huh? I'm not sure what the thinking was behind this colour scheme for the Air Viper Commando, but it doesn't look that great to me. I love the AVAC mold, so I'll get one. The CLAW looks pretty good in black, so now we have 3 different colour CLAWs. I don't like the neon green FANG missiles, but I will probably repaint them black for the white CLAW. So overall I will probably pick up all 4.
  2. The Clone Wars AT-TE ended up at $20 each on sale up here, so I will be waiting for the inevitable massive price drop on this.
  3. Two points: 1) I believe the toys will do better than the movie. Unlike Indy where the toys died a quick death after the movie, I think the line offers more for us collectors, and kids. So I don't think it will make or break GI Joe. 2) RESOLUTE. I think the fact that there are mulitple figures based on the show already in the pipeline, and the fan response, means there is a good chance GI Joe will be fine after the movie hype dies down.
  4. I was able to see this up close at the recent Canadian Joe Con. I can safely say that I will be getting at least 2. Yes it is smaller than I would like, and yes it has a lot of "play" features that are really geared towards kids, but overall it is still a pretty good vehicle.
  5. The only thing that would make the set even more upsetting than it already is, would be to make the "troop" figure a Crimson Guard. We have gotten tons of them already at retail, so why would anyone pay a premium for more?? It has got to be the Viper in Crimson as the troop figure.
  6. Saw this on Ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/GI-JOE-Custom-VAMP-6X6...%3A2%7C294%3A50 That is a great custom. I never would have even imagined using the MMS that way. It looks seamless. Unfortunately the asking price is way too high for my taste.
  7. The figures may end up as single packs instead of 7 packs, but I would say that they are still going to put everything else on hold until after the movie. At the Canadian JoeCon, the Hasbro rep said that the only product until the new year would be movie related/packaged. So take that for what you will, but I am more and more sure that we have seen everything 25th we are going to see until next year (unless packaged in movie packaging).
  8. AAARRRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!! Damn it Hasbro!@!@! First I gave this movie and the toy line a chance. Then I saw the first few trailers/clips and the Toyfair images. I was saddened and concerned. Now over the past few weeks, the toyline looks to be on par with the rest of the 25th line. Some great, some good and a few passes. Now this new trailer has me excited again!!! I'm still not super impressed, but I get the feeling that we are getting at least a good "popcorn" flick with lots of action and possibly some average storytelling. Stop toying with my emotions!!! Seriously though, I really did like the new trailer and I am now intrigued to see what kind of screen time the Vipers get.
  9. LOVED!!!!!!!!! That HISS. C'mon Hasbro, get us one of those already.
  10. So let's look at this wave. We now have a couple of sightings of SS, Bat, Falcon & Zap. From the back of the card we also have possibly Roadblock & Destro in a later wave. We know that of these guys, only 2 are appearing in the 7 packs that are due out soon. The remaining 2 and Roadblock/Destro (possibly Resolute versions) are not in the 7 packs. To me it seems to indicate that we are going to see these guys some time in the near future. How or why I can't say for certain. However I wouldn't put it past Hasbro to release single card waves not completely tied into the movie. (I know, that is contrary to their stated position).
  11. So far I like the packaging better than the figures.
  12. The link has all ten episodes on it, you just need to shuffle thru to the last two. Got it. Definitely love Destro getting a "grenade noogie."
  13. Are episodes 9 & 10 supposed to be the same part? The 2 links, link to the same part.
  14. The blue Night Creeper is just missing the rest of his head gear, it will go over the "helmet". If you look at the latest 7pack pics, it is the same with the regular Night Creeper.
  15. So, these figs have piqued my interest: Photo 1 - Nice prototype fig w/clear head?? It'll be interesting to see who it is. Any guesses? Red & black fellow gives off a "bomb disposal expert" vibe. He could be missing headgear. Night Creeper, sans head gear in movie colours. Interesting choice, he could be a leader for the regular Night Creepers. GREAT MONKEYWRENCH!!! C'mon Hasbro, don't mess him up, get him some glasses. Copperhead?? Interesting colour choice, but too close to the PP version for my tastes. Chuckles looks much better with the proper shirt colour. Although I still don't like the head sculpt. Photo 2 - BEAUTIFUL Ranger Viper!!! Who's the big bad on the far right (top)? Another movie Viper? Resolute Destro & Gung-Ho for the win!!! AWESOME!!! Last figure??? I guess it is a movie Joe? Looks a bit like the Astro Viper, a bit. Photo 3 - SOOO...2nd figure is V.2 of Matt Trakker?? GAH!?!? Roadblock has had some facial reconstruction!? Yowch, not a flattering look. Finally, who is the 2nd figure from the right (top)? Looks to be a completely new mold, and obviously a movie JOE.
  16. What's to say? It seems like the decision was to go back to probably their most successful set. I don't know about successive sets, but I do know that the Crimson Strike set originally sold out. Granted, this was their first ARAH set and the numbers were lower than later sets, but still, a sellout is a sellout. Crimson "whatever" has always been a good, safe bet. You can usually do well with something in that scheme, so I see the logic behind trying to recapture that hit with the 25th molds. However, I get the feeling that MC wasn't expecting quite the backlash they have received around this set. The set comes off 1 of 2 possible ways, in my mind, in regards to the reasoning behind it. Unfortunately both possible ways are not very flattering for MC or the future of ARAH/25th sets. 1) MC has begun to let the ARAH side of the Joe con slide. With the Transformers con taking a more predominant spot in their business (& probably larger), it seems that Joe fans are getting stuck playing second fiddle. That means the majority of their resources are going to TFs and so a quick and easy convention set was decided on. That set was basically a rehash of an already made set, but using 25th figures. If this is the main reasoning behind the set, then it is sheer laziness and greed. 2) MC is running out of ideas for large ARAH/25th sets. The model for these sets seems to be static, with no room for change. 15 figures with a heavy emphasis on army builders/mold reuse, and a "set" price in the range of $270-$300. This leads to very limited selection for possible sets. GI JOE basically only has greenshirts, although I think you could do sea or air sets of JOEs with just changing the heads and keeping a standard uniform body. I don't know if that would do well. So that basically leaves Cobra as the main thrust for most sets. Whether it is Cobra, Dreadnoks, IGs, whatever. However MC has already hit on CGs, IGs and Dreadnoks. Then they started in on "new" subgroups or characters that seemed to go over well in some cases. The problem with "new" subgroups is that you are taking a big risk that fans will want them or not. Ginning-up an existing subgroup is a safer bet. It's funny really. MC had been moving along with the JOE licence and then picked up the TF licence. At the start, they received a lot of hate from TF fans who hated the business model and felt that TFs were playing second fiddle to JOEs. Then slowly the TF fans started to accept this new way of doing things and are now pretty happy with how the convention is run. The switch is now to JOE fans who seem to be playing second fiddle and getting shunted around willy-nilly. My suggestion to MC is look at your business model for the JOEs. Maybe it is time to consider a change. 15 figure sets may no longer be sustainable as a model for the JOE mythos. You were flexible with the TF sets, at the beginning, to some degree, maybe it is time to think of something similar for Joes. That, or as others have suggested, start mining the existing subgroups you haven't done (TF, PP, SP, NF).
  17. Sounds like Ebay a few years ago. It will eventually get so bad that Amazon will have to go the same route as Ebay and change the rules to try and make everyone more honest.
  18. I guess it was bound to happen. They were one of the few figures that I was surprised had not seen any sort of repaint/reuse. Personally I am hoping for a re-release of the C.A.T. colour scheme from the 80s. Much like with the Tiger Rat I would love to see Hasbro release some "rare" old school repaints that fans pay big bucks for now. Next up after that I want to see the Dreadnok Ground and Air Assault packs. All 4 vehicles from those packs have been redone in the 25th line and would make for a nice exclusive.
  19. Just found out that Canada gets to watch the whole thing on April 24th!!!! YAHOOOOO!!!!
  20. YAY!!! Torrent download!!!! Can't access AdultSwin.com because I'm in Canada. Can't watch it on AdultSwim, because I'm in Canada. I'm sensing a trend.
  21. I'm guessing Red Star. OOOH, off by a year. You're right, you were off by one year. Anyone able to guess without looking it up? Well would it be fair to say how many from 92? Interestingly enough, we just need a guy from 93 and 94 now. Just one character from 92 Technically 2. One "new" one a "repaint". I was thinking of the Ninja Viper. What was your other one? Wild Bill?
  22. I'm guessing Red Star. OOOH, off by a year. You're right, you were off by one year. Anyone able to guess without looking it up? Well would it be fair to say how many from 92? Interestingly enough, we just need a guy from 93 and 94 now. Just one character from 92
  23. I'm guessing Red Star. OOOH, off by a year. You're right, you were off by one year. Anyone able to guess without looking it up?
  24. Well a day off leads to some sorting and organizing. After the task was done, I came to a few realizations that I hadn't before now. 1) I hadn't realized that since the 25th line began. Hasbro has at least one figure redone from every year up to 1992. (anyone guess 1992 without looking?) 2) There have been at least 20 completely new/never done versions of figures/characters. (not counting minor changes like HISS driver from the UBP) 3) There are only 6 figures/versions not done from the 82-84 time frame. 1 is the red pads Grand Slam, but most of the others are drivers. 4) From 1982 - 1986 Hasbro released 111 seperate figures (not counting rereleases or swivel arm changes). Of those 111 there are only 30 that have not been redone in the 25th line. 3 of which are celebrity characters that probably won't ever get done officially (2 Sgt. Slaughters, William "Fridge" Perry). That means there is only 25% left to do from the first 4 years. So I just wanted to say thanks to Hasbro. I know I personally can get snarky about what Hasbro releases to us, or how, but really in looking through things today I have to say thanks. For a line with no support (TV show, movie, etc.) back in 2007, and relying mostly on nostalgia, I have to give credit to Hasbro for really going with what the fans wanted (mostly).
  25. See I think of it the other way HissCommander. I can't see someone getting out the door with that many HISS tanks, but I could see someone doing them as a limited run to sell on Ebay. Much like they do with a lot of TF product. However I did think of one other thing. This could very well be an SDCC exclusive?.?. Maybe some sort of special anniversary exclusive?. Just another guess.
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