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  1. My g/f and I went to KB yesterday to do some Christmas shopping for her niece and the cashier told us before it hit the news. Frankly I knew it would happen sooner or later. KB sold nothing but crap for years. I don't mean to sound harsh about this b/c I bought a lot of stuff there when I was a young kid but in the last ten years they have really been on the skids. I walked through the action figure aisle yesterday and was just amazed to see all the...well the junk. Lines no one has ever heard of and stuff no one wants to buy. Its basically just supply and demand, KB didn't supply anything any kid or collector wanted and so there was no demand for there stuff.
  2. In the comics it depends on the writer of the comics. The consensus during the whole DC Earthquake thing several years ago was that Gotham was basically New York. It sat on the eastern sea board, had a port, and was located in New England. Supposedly decades ago some writers made it that Gotham and Metropolis were sister cities separated by a small bay, and made to be in IL. In the TV show Smallville, the town is in Kansas along with Metropolis. But its been generally believed that Gotham is New York and Metropolis is Chicago. But now that line is becoming even more blurred with Nolan's Batman-verse which is based in IL.
  3. Those 3.75 inch figures are cut down versions of the eight inch hand painted DCD statues that was put out months ago. My parents gave me the Joker for my birthday. I love the statue it looks amazing and when I saw the ad I couldn't imagine that the 150 dollar DCD statues were going for ten bucks at Best Buy.
  4. you tend to suck in the clarity department.(just kidding) but yeah.....i agree with you. You suck in the clarity department, jk. Its just kind of hard to tell any real detail about the figures with the clarity of the scans. And actually I saw a issue of Lee's Toy Review, and they had a pic Sonar Batman and (this is what they called it) Arkham Asylum Scarecrow. And both were still hard to see and it was a decent sized pic. The cuts in Batman's suit for some reason came off white, not red or flesh tone. That I am hoping is just the lighting in the pic or just a prototype but that was actually pretty noticeable and pretty strange.
  5. I asked for the Blu ray version for Christmas and I'm thinking about getting the regular edition today but actually last week my girlfriend and I were in Blockbuster and they had put out the dvd to rent (the clerk at the counter was also arguing with his boss trying to defend his decision to put it out five days early). So I got to see it last week.
  6. Yeah I'm reserving judgment till we get an actual good pic, these little scans tend to suck in the clarity department.
  7. 3 years ago....oh wait you said how not when.
  8. I just don't think that fans will buy it. Grayson is Nightwing and was Robin. Drake is Robin. Wayne is Batman. That is just the way it works. I don't think we could see it any other way. Especially if they start doing stuff like Grayson becomes Batman, Drake becomes Nightwing to fill that void and then we get a new Robin. I think Wayne and Batman might be gone for a while only to make a return when Nightwing and Robin can't pick up the slack for all the criminals running around.
  9. I would look into wrestling figures for that. I don't collect them but I've noticed that they are about the right height and they have such a variety of facial sculpts you could be able to find something that might work for you.
  10. I never had a problem with the DCSH line, all the figures were pretty cool as far as quality. Mattel then said they were going with a vendor who had better quality (this was a lie and a non-issue because they didn't have quality problems). The new vendor is probably cheaper and in this case you get what you pay for. I am having some serious doubts about Mattel's future with this line. Also it makes me wonder with the new MOTU line, at 20.00 a figure are we going to see paint and production errors? Also isn't it crazy to think we are heading towards 15.00 for a single 6 inch figure??? Oh hell no, with the fans already lining up for the psycho price of $20.00 and online ordering only for MOTU figures those things better be perfect. If Mattel has any QC they better be going over those figures with a fine tooth comb. If there is a He-Man that gets shipped out with two left arms there will prolly be looting.
  11. I liked that story line. It was cool compared to now where the X Men have been relocated to San Fransisco, CA. Relocation is fine. If they're suddenly accepted by humanity, fine. But they've all been turned into beautiful yuppies (at least in the Uncanny title). They can cut that crap out! Now back to Batman... Beautiful yuppies lol that is true and terrible.
  12. with all due respect the question is not lopsided i wanted to know about quality which most people including yuorself answered. the answers about joints and sculpts are not what im looking for. i want to know about figures with left arms on the right side, bad paint, parts that fall off thats quality. so for any of you that dont understand what im looking for now you do Um the joints count as QC when you look at the damn figure and go "WTF were they thinking?" But the paint apps and the very strange backward and double limb thing is Mattel's major downside. They need much better QC.
  13. You know that would be true if we could actually FIND THE DAMN FIGURES!!!
  14. I agree, they should make the figures a 50:50 ratio. And next the moon will become cheese......we have a better chance of Mattel coming out and saying what a terrible company they have been to the fans and apologize for all the issues with DCU.
  15. I stopped collecting ML when Toy Biz lost the license but I've seen the sculpts Hasbro has put out since they have been creating the line have improved (wasn't impressed at first). And they seem to be in better shape and quality now. Mattel is like a train wreck. Its like 4 DCU figures to a case and 4 cases to a state. The paint jobs suck, and just the general assembly of the figure is terrible. I remember when you would hear about like one or two figures in a whole line that get shipped with a mistake and sometimes those mistakes were worth money but now the figures that are worth the most money (at least in DCU's case) are the ones that...well just end up looking like what you are suppose to be buying. Mattel is a terrible company when it comes right down to it. No line can survive with this many mistakes.
  16. I know this isn't a marvel thread but since were talkin marvel. I hear theres some big shake ups comeing for marvel in the comics. not sure what exactly but maybe some death of some kind. I just hear things are going to come to a head in the up coming year you know man I am pretty much done with the mainstream comics. I love Batman, Superman, Spiderman and Wolverine but the mainstream has become so stupid. Every issue has a new writer and they have to "leave there mark" they can't write a fun issue. They write a self reflecting issue where the hero is "shaken to there core". Its like they are completely out of new or really just good ideas. That's a great point. It's hard to keep track of writers, and so many seem like they can't just write the comic. It's not enough for them. They need to leave their fingerprints all over it, and too often that means either killing someone or bringing someone back from the dead. That's the only way to "shake things up" in comic books now. Or they have some huge event that's not really huge, kill off someone(s), and remind us all that "this is the biggest thing to ever happen in this comic." Exactly! Which is the reason fans keep leaving the comics of there favorite characters, b/c they end up hating BS done to character. No story can be fun anymore. It has to be either overly dramatic or one silly plot twist after another. And why does it seem like every time the phrase "This is the biggest thing ever to happen to this comic" ends up being just another low point in the history of that comic?
  17. I know this isn't a marvel thread but since were talkin marvel. I hear theres some big shake ups comeing for marvel in the comics. not sure what exactly but maybe some death of some kind. I just hear things are going to come to a head in the up coming year you know man I am pretty much done with the mainstream comics. I love Batman, Superman, Spiderman and Wolverine but the mainstream has become so stupid. Every issue has a new writer and they have to "leave there mark" they can't write a fun issue. They write a self reflecting issue where the hero is "shaken to there core". Its like they are completely out of new or really just good ideas.
  18. Well its not Marvel is producing Shakespeare and the Marvel books I read is actually Ultimate series. And even that kind of makes me angry with Spidey b/c the kid will never age. But either way both are not the greatest stories anymore. Its almost like the movies are making the comics take a backseat. Like people only want the most realistic stories but as for the comics they seem to think that the fans will eat any old crap up.
  19. who doesn't love marvel or is it wolverine comics now considering that dink is in almost every title they run. sure batman and others get these crappy stories that are 20 years too late but they at least don't have batman at everywhere at the same time meaning there can't be any continuty cause there is no way wolverine can be in africa, us, japan, and russia all at the same time with 4 teams who could vouche for him being there or is that what they are doing with the secret invasion. ah thats it wolverine is a skrull and they have copied him 1000 times that is how he is everywhere.(my hatred for wolverine must not be a secret now) Even still though the writing is still a little better than this Batman story that way more than 20 years too late. I mean I understand the idea of trying to create something that is so earth shattering it makes Bruce (the man who has seen everything and kicked its ass) give up Batman. But this story seems so....well dramatic. Its kind of silly I mean in during Hush the big thing was that Jason Todd was back and now its Thomas Wayne, screwing with decades and decades of continuity. At least Marvel isn't even trying at this point, I can't wait to see the clean up process that is done after this story to make the character assessable to non-fans again. Basically filler stories.
  20. Yeah really, I think DC is slowly scraping the bottom of the barrel here. Next we will find out that Jor El was never Superman's Kryptonian father, he was just some guy who loves ice and is stuck in the Fortress having a waking dream and muttering about his life.
  21. Barrett, thanks for putting up the scans. The Hi-res were nice and we didn't have to wait all day while Joker-fied teasers were put up. I think most of us appreciate it man.
  22. That is actually the plot Dc came up with Thomas Wayne was said to be havin an affair and forced his wife into drugs and orgies. He wanted someone to kill his wife, so he hired a thug to kill him. He also faked his murder so he would not be connected. Read that bit on wiki not too long ago quoted from wikipedia: Wow......so instead of reading an comic book we are now all reading The Bold and Gotham. The monthly soap opera, next month Barbara will learn that Gordon isn't her father and start taking pills to cope with the pain before falling out of her wheel chair.
  23. That is the creepiest but fitting bit of casting that could ever come from Hollywood.....I think I would pay to see that movie.
  24. They killed off Steve Rogers not the Cap. That was my point Batman IS Bruce Wayne but Cap is whoever is dressed in blue and flinging a shield. If they killed Bruce Wayne watch DC readership drop when a new Batman steps up. There is certain characters that is just known as that hero. Clark is Superman, most people don't know Kal El but you say Krypton and they know the freaking man of steel. Thus Bruce = Batman.
  25. haha it is a stupid question but not b/c you asked it, instead b/c Mattel should have caught that. One point to Nightwing
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