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  1. I'm still waiting on series one to arrive to me from BBTS. My LCS was carrying series one but they were way more expensive than they were online. I'm going to try to go to mine today and see if any of series two is there. But if its not I'm not ordering them from LCS. Several comic shops in my area has come and gone and a lot of them have a bad habit of taking all the money of customers who order from them and not deliver the product as they go out of business. Pretty crappy sales practice. If you ask me.
  2. hold on, wait a miniuet! you think WW is all about violance & brutality?!?! Boy are u clueless & in the dark in regaurd to the Amozon princess mythos (& I mean that in a non sarcastic way). Its true i'd rather have her straight (not to slight all my gay sisters out there hold'n it down), but to "green light" senceless violance & gasp & swoom at the prospect of a woman finding love in the arms of another woman is hardly something i'd call scandas. As stated above WW has long been speculated to be gay, may I ask why are you just now taking issue with her sexuality (which ever way it may swing)? WW isn't gay and has always had a long standing love interest in Steve Trevor and Superman and even recently in the comics Batman (an awesome one shot came out and was great). I don't mind the violence, its an ACTION CARTOON BASED ON A WARRIOR...uhh duh people. We all know WW is more than a simple brute, her job is of compassion also but I do not agree with gaying her up, its typical nowadays and boring. ok, I think I can co-sign most of what your saying (not all) but most of it. Um...actually the whole "simpler time" thing doesn't hold water with early WW. Her creator William Moulton Marston was a bit of a...well freak. He created the lie detector with his assistant who lived with him and his wife in a three way relationship. This is from Marston himself on his wiki article: Marston's Wonder Woman is often cited as an early example of bondage themes entering popular culture: physical submission appears again and again throughout Marston's comics work, with Wonder Woman and her criminal opponents frequently being tied up or otherwise restrained, and her Amazonian friends engaging in frequent wrestling and bondage play (possibly based on Marston's earlier research studies on sorority initiations). These elements were softened by later writers of the series. Though Marston had described female nature as submissive, in his other writings and interviews he referred to submission to women as a noble and potentially world-saving practice, leading ideally to the establishment of a matriarchy, and did not shy away from the sexual implications of this: "The only hope for peace is to teach people who are full of pep and unbound force to enjoy being bound ... Only when the control of self by others is more pleasant than the unbound assertion of self in human relationships can we hope for a stable, peaceful human society. ... Giving to others, being controlled by them, submitting to other people cannot possibly be enjoyable without a strong erotic element".[7] About male readers, he later wrote: "Give them an alluring woman stronger than themselves to submit to, and they'll be proud to become her willing slaves!"[8] And that was from the original creator, not so much simpler huh?
  3. I plan to watch it later but the whole gay thing makes sense b/c even when the series first started the island was nothing but women living together until Steve Trevor landed on the island and she wanted to go after him. I mean if you think about it its not that far fetched that there would be some lesbian action going on on the island. But anyway blood and killing should be pretty cool. I think the time is right for some more serious adult oriented comic book animated features. I mean really there is only so many times you can see these heroes with awesome powers heat soup but use machinery or magic crystal or etc to stop or just scare off the bad guys.
  4. The whole no tights no flight thing was a unique and great idea when the show started and up to about four seasons ago but now its worn out its welcome. Clark is doing everything but wearing the suit and flying. You can't keep the show going if they plan on keeping the cape off of him for much longer. I agree with Queen on this one. If he doesn't don the suit by the end of the show the fans will be pretty upset. And Eric your last sentence is the same sentiment we have been going on about. That the show has pretty much reached the end of its rope and they should just let Clark "graduate".
  5. Well then he should get his study on. Unless they are planning on making the show last 12 years and saying that the last 12 seasons have been him studying with Krypto-poppa. And actually just b/c Clark is suppose to study with Jor-El doesn't mean that he can't leave Smallville/Metropolis to do it. He could still take it on the road. Its just that the whole storyline is slowly getting stale again.
  6. You know what would also be a good idea? To briefly take him out of both Smallville and Metropolis and have him do a season pilgrimage around the world. I think if they dedicated a season to Clark soul searching he would grow into accepting his role. In doing so, they could introduce tons more DC heroes as well as show Clark helping newer people rather than the same people getting into trouble week after week. Truth be told I wish they would have taken this chance in earlier seasons and then allowed Clark to go to Metropolis. That is not a bad idea at all. Just let him grow up and become the Man of Steel. The only problem with that scenario is that they either have to not use the rest of the cast for a season or give them a story. I don't get me wrong I love Chloe but a season of her either trying to solve people's problems or getting into trouble would be terrible. There is no way they could actually pull that off right.
  7. JACKPOT!!! Thats it rev! with out even realizing it you just said why there's most likely gonna be a 9th season. CW & Micheal Rosenbum (unofficaly cause its all being kept hush hush) had a mega melt down knock down drag out fight over money$$$. So CW was like F**k him, we can do the show with out his chacter & desided to rolled the dice that Smallville could get along just fine with out its #1 villian..............NOT!!!!!!!! IMO CW realized some where during this curent season that their gamble didn't pay off & if they end the show with out Lex (or that gas mask version no name actor) its all gonna be very anti climatic. So CW & Rosenbum are gonna do what people in Hollywood have been doing in tinsel town for decades after a major fight............kiss & make up! I'll bet the throne I sit upon, that a compromise will be reached so Rosenbum can bring Lex back to end the show right. Some thing major an epic for sure (well for tv any way). So yeah that why I think Smallville will be back for a 9th season. You know I think that the whole Rosenbaum leaving thing would have been cooler if they could have figured out how to do the show without him but they couldn't figure it out. Lex to me was a problem to the show, he is Supes grand villain in the comics. Joker to Batman if you will, but you have a character that Clark doesn't fight or really do anything other than just get angry at. I mean Clark doesn't really do much to him, Lex could kidnap Lana and tie a boulder made of Kryptonite to Clark and Welling's Clark will break free, save Lana and then Clark will just stand there and tell Lex something trite. I was hoping that Rosenbaum leaving the show would open it up and allow Clark to get some backbone and not be afraid to kick some a$$ if the need be and if Lex were to come back you would see a Clark that is not hindered by the four years of friendship and the fact that Lex is human. I'm really not sure where they will try to take the show but I hope that Clark finally becomes Superman and that the Doomsday fight (if they ever wake that craggy mess up) will be amazing and not like the previous fights on the show (Clark gets beat up for five solid minutes and then he uses some last ditch effort (usually some far off Kryptonian crystal that had no use before but starts glowing) to defeat the bad guy).
  8. That's why I think they need to make him 'grow'. By that I mean, 'get smarter'. The character's pretty much been relying on everyone else to tell him what he needs to do for quite some time, now. In order to end this series, and move on to the 'next stage', Clark needs to be able to take a lot more initiative. Sure, he may not be right all the time, but he definitley needs to step away from all his little helpers. Yeah and that kind of bothers me about how Clark can't seem to make a decision about what to do without talking to Chloe, Lois, Lana, his parents, and even in the day Lex. Its like you know for someone who will one day be the superhero who is faster than a speeding bullet it sure takes him forty five minutes to make a decision of whether or not to punch Zod-Lex. It really is quite silly and you are right Clark needs to step up so to speak or just let him become Superman and end the show.
  9. Anyone else think that the Captain Marvel looks Asian?
  10. You know I think that the show jumped the shark a long long time ago. I have seen every episode but now I feel that within the last season the show is kind of different. Almost like a different show, kind of like Whats Happening and Whats Happening Now. Its gotten better but Clark has got to put on the shield and take off into the air soon. I do think that the show is starting to run its course though, if it goes another season I would like to see season 9 be it. Let the show end and let Clark become Superman. B/c I don't think they want to do a weekly hour show with Welling being actual Superman but an episode or two where he puts on the suit would be mostly what the producers would do.
  11. No evidence is shown for new Joker. I seriously doubt his coin has copy on it but good joke. Yeah he did a little especially when screwing with Sal Maroni.
  12. As long as the figs wonderful details remain during the incredible MM shrinking process I will be a happy man.
  13. I don't think the kick pose is a variant... Its not, Mattel changed up the packaging several months ago so we would think there was new figures coming out. Or at least that was the only decent reason we could come up with.
  14. I agree about the face its a little too clean looking and the hair is just emo and silly. I think the face sculpt is better than the first one but still needs some work.
  15. I would have said that I would have been seriously surprised to see Watchmen figs in TRU especially given that it is an R rated movie and that TRU hardly ever get DCD figures but the figs are online so who knows. They aren't grouped together and I think I'll buy mine online as well but grouped together. They end up being too expensive by themselves.
  16. Like its lazy to use a recurring theme in a James Bond movie? The title theme can be different, but the John Williams fanfare theme can be used much like the Bond theme, or Alexander Courage's Star Trek theme. Its an identifying tune, meant to invoke a mood when heard and signal a moment to an audience that is supposed to be "familliar". That's why it gets used. In the James Bond series, every movie has a different song that is closely identified with it. The main Bond theme is a part of every movie in bits and pieces but at least the crews working on the movies care enough to innovate whenever possible, the people who make the Superman movies continue to recycle the old stuff over and over again. I love the Superman theme as much as anyone else, but if Warner Brothers and DC want to do a proper reboot of the movie series, they need to start at the beginning. You know you are right about James Bond, they keep the 007 theme but create a new theme for ever movie. But if you notice....so do Superman movies. They keep the Williams theme but there is new music in every movie. Its not like if you buy one soundtrack you have bought them all (even though the Williams' theme is the only thing people really want). But really the new opening song in Bond movies are terrible. Live and Let Die and that Casino Royale song were pretty good but most of them have been boring and pretty bad. Whenever I buy a Bond movie I tend to fast forward the "music video". But if they really want to ditch it they should bring in Williams' to make a new one. That way they could at least appease the fans unless it sucks.
  17. dhoonib

    Q&A With Mattel

    You know a good question would have been "What has been some of the reasons behind the issues with quality control?"
  18. I don't disagree that the movie will happen but until we get something a little more concrete that some random date I think we shouldn't just jump to any sort of conclusion. For all we know this is just some ploy to try to get some verbal doors open so that WB can talk to cast and crew. But really if Nolan, Bale, and Goyer isn't on board for the next one I shudder to think what could happen (Schumacher disaster).
  19. You know until we hear from Nolan I still think we should just file this under wishful thinking. But still would be nice.
  20. I agree, Superman can definitely use a slightly more modern costume, nothing drastic and something that still keeps with the traditional look and colors minus the underoos, these are a few versions I wouldn't mind seeing on film, with just a few tweaks. http://www.supermanhomepage.com/images/sup...gsuperman01.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v208/Ote...yZ/superman.jpg give either of those verision short red gloves and i'm in. The glasses will always be somewhat of a hurdle as well though. is that enough to change is face? Well see...that is one of those things that is uniquely Superman that we are all just suppose to overlook. Changing his "Clark Costume" would kind if mess with the character. But I get what you mean. But a bit of tweaks to the Superman costume is cool but Idk how you could change Clark without making him un-Clark if that makes sense.
  21. Luthor being human is the reason I want them to stop using him in Superman movies. Superman is not Batman. And by that I mean he is not the type that would slug a human or superhuman. Superman will never punch Luthor and that I'm tired of. I think in ONE movie its cool that with all the power Supes has he can't stop a human with his powers but movie after movie its annoying. Luthor is done bring in someone Superman has to kick the crap out of. CGI or comic-bookish or whatever a good director and writer can take a character like Bat-mite and make him a fearsome creature. I believe that we need someone like Doomsday or Metallo or hell even a new version of Zod would work. I'm just tired of Superman not being able to do anything to Luthor. And while I'm on the subject of Superman they need to have Clark actually kick some crap too on Smallville instead of getting beaten up and coming up with a good idea at the last second. But yeah that is off subject. Lex is a great foil because even though Supes has all these powers that make him virtually a god, here's this human whose intellegence alone makes him a threat. The only way to really stop him is to kill him. And Supes won't do that. Sure we'd all like to see a huge blowout between Superman and someone who could take it, but you don't want another Nuclear Man, do you? Lets be fair no one wants another Nuclear Man lol. But I still think that Luthor in so many movies and Superman versions as a/the big villain is annoying. Superman never does anything to him. Heck even Spidey webbed J Jonah's mouth shut a couple of times. We just need a good fight scene in the next Superman movie. Brainiac would be perfect, smart and durable. Its just frustrating to see a character with all these cool powers reduced to giving Luthor the old heat vision the desk lamp which explodes and sucks the energy from the Kryptonite ring trick or something similar (and its not like we haven't seen stranger things in Superman comics as a way to defeat Luthor) and then Luthor runs off with a smart comment and threat about his next scheme. Its just tiring. Especially in these movies. They spend all this money on a movie where the hero is reduced to hoping that someone kicks away the glowing rock is just silly. Give me a Superman movie where the bad guy is 300 feet in the air, knocks Supes to the ground. Supes gets up rips a girder out of a building. Super heats it with his eyes and then beats the bad guy with it. Give me action and less talking or in the case of Superman Returns anything other than that damn kid.
  22. Luthor being human is the reason I want them to stop using him in Superman movies. Superman is not Batman. And by that I mean he is not the type that would slug a human or superhuman. Superman will never punch Luthor and that I'm tired of. I think in ONE movie its cool that with all the power Supes has he can't stop a human with his powers but movie after movie its annoying. Luthor is done bring in someone Superman has to kick the crap out of. CGI or comic-bookish or whatever a good director and writer can take a character like Bat-mite and make him a fearsome creature. I believe that we need someone like Doomsday or Metallo or hell even a new version of Zod would work. I'm just tired of Superman not being able to do anything to Luthor. And while I'm on the subject of Superman they need to have Clark actually kick some crap too on Smallville instead of getting beaten up and coming up with a good idea at the last second. But yeah that is off subject.
  23. Yeah I saw this scene its on the blu ray disc. The footage is pretty grainy on this version but yeah its just a little PS to the regular scene.
  24. You know it would help if you posted a link. Until then I will file this with the same thing you did for that Tom Cruise story you posted earlier.
  25. then is is like the Broken Saints dvd. its called flash format or something. i'm not the most computer literate person there is. They are pretty much limited flash animation. Actually pretty much the same animation that is on yahoo's main page where the mail or horoscope box will slide open or closed.
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