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  1. Idk I think the questions were worded perfectly but Mattel did skirt some issues that should have had follow up questions. Look at the last questions, was it hard to get Bill Murray's approval for Peter, will we see a Peter figure, and when will we see the figures? Answer: yes doing a Peter figure and sending Sony for approval. No answer on when we will see something and no answer on what they did to get Murray to change his mind. I think several follows up should have been asked. Especially in the realm of DCU.
  2. I have never liked full cases b/c you always end up with crazy case assortments I just try to buy what I can for a decent price but yeah 3 proto-batmans are strange. And I know we have discussed this before but who is Mattel targeting with this wave? Can't be kids b/c there is no TDK-esque thing is sight so it has to be collectors and like I said in an earlier post will there be enough merch and shelf space to go around to keep this wave plentiful, since its going to be just the collectors making purchases?
  3. I kind of agree, feels like they didn't exactly hit while the iron was hot. I know that there was so much stock out there for the movie but now that the movie and dvd have both been released I hope retailers order enough so that the regular figures don't end up being as scarce as the chases.
  4. Alright Batdance video is on that....MUST OWN!!!!
  5. You know overall I liked the movie and really I don't think that the Comedian and Sally Jupiter story was all that bad. Trust me I have seen much worse love stories on TV and even worse yet real life stories that was handled much worse than that was. Overall for a "comic book" movie that was damn good. I can't wait to see the uncut version with all the footage back in I bet that will be amazing.
  6. Damn, ya beat me to it since l also thought it was bleh. The movie is certainly confusing for those who haven't read the comic. For instance, without the brutal attack on NightOwl I, his death just seems out of place. A lot of ppl who never read the comic would think that the bandaged body in the hospital is Moloch. Synder should have removed the death of Hollis or reshot it with maybe Hollis dead in his destroyed living room; it would give the audience that Hollis died because Dan didn't visit him or something. I know that they have filmed the attack on NightOwl I, but they should of removed the death completely for the theatrical ver. The scene without the attack makes it confusing for those who haven't read the graphic novel. As for my opinion, I don't know why I don't like it. I mean, I didn't feel anything when I watch the movie. When I usually like somethin, I feel emotional. However, with this movie, I feel nothing inside, which most likely means I didn't care for the film. As for the comic, though, I did feel emotional readin the pages. I guess I like the book better because the character development is so much richer than the movie even if it is faithful. I miss Rorschac's origin on how what made him fight crime As for the ending, it didn't bothered me that they altered it because the comic book ending is as corny as having Dakseid in a Superman live action film; it would make the audience confused. l heard that the home release ver will contain more scenes, which may make the movie better. I realize that the fight scenes are more violent than the book. I mean, the book is very violent, but most of that has to do with the end, which was altered in the movie. l find it strange that Silk Spectre 2 and NightOwl II kills since in the original piece, they were old school fighters um..Hollis' death isn't in the movie, what version did you see? Hollis shows up at the beginning and that is it. I liked the movie. And frankly it wasn't that confusing, I took two friends who have never read the graphic novel and they loved it and got it. I think if you sit back and expect the movie to just play out for you you won't get it. But if you think about it while watching it it plays out on a whole other level.
  7. I've never run in a Target but one day I was walking down the action figure aisle and like always my Target never keeps the thing stocked. Huge gaping holes where there should be product, if it was a dog that aisle would have the mange. But anyway there was a little kid sitting all alone in a shopping cart, waiting on his parents to get back I guess. I was walking through and got frustrated and said "This place sucks!". And that kid looked at me really scared like I had said I was going to throw him through the ceiling. At the time I felt bad but now its kind of funny.
  8. Alan Moore doesn't like any movie based on his properties. Mostly because they tend to suck or change too much away. From Hell was a personal project about Jack the Ripper they turned into a normal thriller, LXG well that flick was just strange, and V for Vendetta was just silly. So Moore tends to shy away from Hollywood. He will never see the movie, or so he says. Also Rebel Dan was a great fighter, even early in the book where Laurie and him fended off a gang of Knottops, he can fight.
  9. My TRU doesn't have the series at all. I think its kind of funny that its an "exclusive" that they don't have. But hey the rest of the web does so that a little better.
  10. Its not really a TRU exclusive. They sell him on BBTS, CMD Store, and MidTown Comics. Idk who told them they were getting exclusive rights to him but even LCS are mostly likely going to get that figure especially if MidTown is getting it. Would you recommend one to pre-order it? I've not heard about this figure from my LCS. Picked up transluscent Doc Manhattan today, btw. Sure I recommend Bigbadtoystore.com (BBTS), Midtowncomics.com is pretty good but BBTS is prolly the best. If your LCS isn't getting him go ahead and order from one of the ones I mentioned.
  11. Its not really a TRU exclusive. They sell him on BBTS, CMD Store, and MidTown Comics. Idk who told them they were getting exclusive rights to him but even LCS are mostly likely going to get that figure especially if MidTown is getting it.
  12. Got my first series in the mail last night from BBTS and they are awesome. I'm really glad they are finally here. Nite Owl is amazing look and Rorschach is a just generally creepy.
  13. got'cha! you know what. i have had the absolute edt for quite some time now but have been scared to read it. You know that whole "the book was better than the movie" thing. I just want to beable to enjoy the film all for what it worth and give a fair unbias review of it. i feel i can do this better if im "ignorant" to all the lil tid bits that happens in the "TPB" that most likely wont make it to the film. how ever the director did say he and the screen writers did there damnedest to stay as true to the comic as possible (which is why the thing is 161 mins long) YIKES, bring your hemiroid cream LOL. Tryin not to spoil things, the movie is faithful to the tpb except one part, which l can understand a rewrite, but they changed it in a way which made a lot of those who read the original tpb mad. my point exactly. i'm tryin to avoid that very pit fall. Hahah I know what part you are referring to and Queen if you wait till after the movie to read the book I'm curious to hear your opinion on what is changed. And trust me you will know what part we are referring to.
  14. from the Watchmen wiki: Wonderin if you remember who held the Crimebusters meeting. I know Ozymandias, Rorscach, Comedian, Silk Spectre, Dr. Manhattan and Nite Owl. I really don't remember seeing Metropolis there. If he was there, then he'd have to have been in the background, because the scene was pretty much focused on Ozy and the Comedian as they were the only two with lines. Oh. l have no idea they removed lines from that portion of the movie. That blows Yeah my bad he isn't there. I saw a portion of the scene on movies.yahoo.com still looks cool but sucks Cap Metro isn't there.
  15. Yes Wonder Woman has been around for quite a long time but its just one of those things that is tucked into her history. Just b/c more than 1 writer has written for her over the years doesn't make that aspect of her history any less true. I mean look at it like this, Spidey has hung out with the first cast of SNL and now Obama but does that make him a fan of Chevy Chase and a democrat? Not really (its possible he is both but never stated for sure) but it does get put into his history as an aspect of the character. Just like Diana living on an island with nothing but women and her creator using sexual overtones. Things change and soften for the character over time based on era and writer but its still part of the history of the said character, and can be pulled out and used based on who is writing for the character.
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