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  1. I don't know why, but I had always assumed that the "cut face" Thing would be wearing that helmet that he had. I mean, he didn't exactly leave his face exposed a whole lot after it happened. And that Punisher is nice...completely different from the one we got this summer.
  2. grail

    Identity Crisis

    One thing to keep in mind is that Meltzer has said that this will be a true mystery...meaning that there won't be some 11th hour introduction. It'll be someone who was there the whole time. Major Force didn't actually kill Kyle's mom...he just made it look like it. Kyle really went against type when dealing with him though. Apparantly Major Force can't really die, but there are things that are worse. One of the theories about Tim's dad is that he's going to be hurt because he has some relation to a DIFFERENT DC character than Tim. Not sure where that idea came from, but it could make things interesting. Also, it looks like the Lex Luthor armor isn't necessarily an important factor in the story. DC's January solicits just came out, and in Titans, they're sent to go find it while "Robin deals with his personal loss"
  3. Not on nothing...it's a GOOD series. Really good. I'm still annoyed that they cancelled Young Justice for it, but I really like what ###### Johns is doing over there. And it's still a pretty young series, so you can pick up what you've missed for fairly cheap.
  4. Well, I got my set in the mail today...and the Super Skrull's right leg snapped at the knee as soon as I took him out of the package. Now to figure out how to get a replacement...
  5. Also a good reason to stay away...maybe I'm just spoiled by Palisades.
  6. Well, according to this thread from awhile back, the lineup is: Series 8 Mr. Fantastic and Human Torch Brown Wolverine and Cut-Face Thing Invisible Woman and Big Chest Thing Chase: Clear Invisible Woman Series 9 Blade and Punisher "Patch" Wolverine and Lady Deathstrike X-men Cyclops and White Queen Chase: Clear White Queen Of course, it could have changed by now, but I don't know...I decided not to sign up for the AA club after the way they treated a friend of mine. (Oh, and special thanks to DG, who's post in that thread I blatantly stole from)
  7. Actually, I think it varies a little from figure to figure. For example, I bought a JJJ set and a regular Chameleon set (so I could display them both at the same time...cause I'm sad like that), both came from the same box, I saw the guy at the comic shop open it. Both of mine have a flesh-colored neck, and are the "exact same" to the point that it took me a second to remember which one was the "real" JJJ. (it was the one on the left....I think.) The only difference I can tell on my two Chameleon heads is that the paint extends up onto the top of the head juuuuust a little on the non-JJJ one. But trust me, it's such a small difference that it would be flat out STUPID, if AA were making a whole new paint mask to make it intentional. See, when they paint these in the factory, they make "paint masks" out of copper...basically a little copper plate that fits over the piece and keeps the paint jobs as similar as possible. They are not cheap to make. Did I overkill that enough?
  8. Yep. But as far as I can tell, both of mine were right arms. See, as a bendy, there are a couple of holes on the underside of the arm -- it's an insertion point for the wire used to make it "bendy" -- mine has arms are exactly the same. So if you put it on the left side with the holes down, then his hand opens in the wrong direction. It's a quibble, and I'm not even that worried about it personally, but it's worth mentioning. Don't know if it's exclusive to me, or if everyone's is like that, but I'm willing to bet it's an error. Er...yeah...so to answer your question, yes. He has 2 extendable arms.
  9. I forget her name, but she's been showing up in Aquaman lately, and was the girl with him when they cameoed in TT a couple months ago. You know, when those kids started turning into animals? They showed up briefly to talk about the kid who was a whale.
  10. If they're planning on it, they haven't announced it yet. But (again), the license requires them to put the figures out with a building toy. So, they can't release just the figures by themselves like the Marvel ones. Maybe with a smaller set somewhere down the line, but why? If they release Bruce Wayne in a $50 set and in a $10 set, which one are people going to buy? Exactly. Besides, there are way too many figures that haven't been done yet for them to start thinking about repeats. I want Alfred before I want another Bruce Wayne. Actually, I'd love to see an extension to the Batcave set come with Bruce in a different set of clothes, and Alfred. Maybe something they can wedge in there to make the damn thing more sturdy. Or maybe a "mobile Batcave" or something...
  11. I have a confession to make...and it's a big thing for someone like me, who's a big time DC fan. I've never really followed the Legion. When I first started reading DC comics, I had Justice League, the Bat Books, Teen Titans, and tons of other stuff that I tried to absorb all at once...Legion was just too many characters to try to pile on at once. I tried to get into it later, but I was already so immersed in the other stuff, and the Legion stuff is such a completely different set of stuff, that I jsut couldn't get into it. But I have to admit, after this crossover, I'm really looking forward to the relaunch. I'll be there with issue 1.
  12. And this is why I usually stay out of these arguments...they're completely redundant. People have their favorites, and nobody's going to persuade them that their favorites can lose. I'm not saying it's bad to have favorites, I'm just saying that these threads only ever start fights when favorites clash. (and for the record, hitting a moving target is an art. Flash is the ultimate moving target, and GA is the ultimate artist...personally, I thought it was pretty good writing. But then, I'm a Green Arrow fan)
  13. I wanna say there were around 8 or so, but to be honest, I didn't count. I sifted through them a little just to make sure there wasn't one that had variants, but obviously there weren't. They were next to the 4 packs, which varies a little from store to store. The store I bought it from (Castleton store, Indianapolis, IN) keeps the minimates on the shelf under the Marvel Legends. The set was $19.99
  14. Ain't that just the way... I just made a post about this in another thread, I picked it up today. It's groovy!
  15. I haven't heard anyone mention this yet, so I will... Along with series 7, which I picked up at the comic shop yesterday (got 'em all, even JJJ), I found something COMPLETELY unexpected at my local TRU here in Indianapolis this afternoon (Castleton, for those in the area). They had a whole stack of Minimate 10 pack gift sets for $19.99 each...and one fo the 10 is from series 8. The set includes the following figures: "Battle Damaged" Daredevil Ultimate Spider-Man (w/web) Thing "New" Wolverine Ghost Rider (w/chain) Venom (2 heads, w and w/o tounge) Ultimate Green Goblin Iron Man (w/Tony Stark toupee) Silver Surfer (w/board) and the new one... drumroll please... Mr. Fantastic. With "extendo arms". If anyone's interested, I'll try and put up some pics tonight...I'm at work right now.
  16. And yet, nobody cried too much when Deathstroke easily took out the Flash in Identity Crisis. Not to mention that he kneecapped Bart in the start of the current Titans series. And I seem to remember Green Arrow pegging a speedster in the leg once in JLA. Hell, Robin's even tripped Impulse before back in Young Justice. It can be done.
  17. There's also the fact that the bigger the object is, the longer it takes Gambit to charge it. Cards only take a second...they're small and flat, almost no mass. But something like the suggested streetlamp could take upwards of a couple of minutes to charge. Thus the plan of having Gambit just charge everything in sight in the hopes that Superboy just bumps into one doesn't hold water. Speaking of water, if you want someone who COULD have an effect on Superboy, try Iceman. Superboy doesn't have the same tolerence to heat and cold that Superman does...at least not yet, they haven't said if he's going to develop that or not. (he JUST got X-Ray vision, and his heat vision and hearing are fairly new developments.) Bobby putting him in a sudden deep freeze, while not fatal, would screw with his head enough that it would take him out of the fight long enough to make him completely ineffective. But then, it's always been my feeling that these "versus" things are kinda silly. Everybody's got their favorite characters, and as such they can always come up with a scenario in which they could take out the strongest players. I mean, hell, if I really thought about it I could probably come up with a way to have Darkhawk beat the Justice League all by himself. (since we're crossing companies here) Does that mean it would ever happen in the comics? Nope. But given the proper writing, anything is possible.
  18. I can take one when I get home tonight...give me a couple hours, and I'll see what I can put up.
  19. Didn't they do this back in the 80's? It's been awhile, but I seem to remember that the winner was Deathstroke...who pretty much kicked the crap out of BOTH teams.
  20. Click the "prev" link in the upper left hand and it'll take you to the other pic.
  21. Someone, somewhere, said this the other day, and I think I agree with it. That Bat-copter looks kinda like the one they used in Superfriends oh so long ago. Not to say it isn't neato though. The pilot bats that comes with it is pretty keen too...but I MUST HAVE NIGHTWING!!! Also, did anyone else notice that Flash has two different faces? Maybe one's Barry and one's Wally? Okay, maybe not. I just wish that AA's "comic" license covered more than just Batman. I'd love to see some mini's based on the current Teen Titans characters. Not the cartoon, but the comics.
  22. Absolutely! Tim's what turned me from the X-Men fan I was in high school, to the more well rounded (yet DC leaning) comics fan I am as an adult. Heh...I'm an adult...now if only I could say that with a straight face.
  23. I think that after people dismissed the rumor that started this thread, conversation just wandered. That's the internet for you. Did you read the Bat-books this week? BIG week for War Games. One character dead, another tortured, the "mastermind" revealed, Hush setting up Batman for a giant pain in his ass, and Batman being a giant pain in the ass to the cops. It started off slow, but I have to admit, I'm really getting into this story.
  24. Good luck putting it together...it took me close to four hours. Not because I'm technically defecient, but because I'd get a bunch of pieces on, and they'd all attempt suicide by jumping off while I was trying to attach another piece. I think I've narrowed down what the problem is though. It's the large, flat pieces that make up the floors of the structure. They're thin, and thus not strong enough to really hold the pieces in. Plus I think they may be slightly warped due to being that thin and that long. If Art Asylum would just replace those three or four pieces, the set would be awesome. They can take the existing molds, substitute a higher grade ABS plastic for those few pieces, and then offer them to anyone who can send in the original pieces as an exchange. Flat pieces just require harder plastic. The bricks make up for being lighter by being thick, but the sheets don't have that. You shouldn't be able to bend a sheet and see stress marks...that's a bad piece.
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