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  1. Every dealing I've ever had with Killertoys (and I have had several) has been wonderful. I've run into a couple people that have had problems, but they've always been solved pretty quickly. Their # is 954-934-0054, and Joe's even got an IM for people to contact (killertoys123). Hope everything works out.
  2. grail

    The List

    And it all leads up to September's (I think) Infinite Crisis mini-series. I have a feeling Day of Vengence is going to be a lot better than some people think. It's supposed to really "redefine" DC's magical characters and set them up for the future, and I'm actually looking forward to it. Okay, I'm looking forward to them all. OMAC is interesting if for no other reason than the poster say "It was supposed to be Batman's greatest weapon", or some such thing. It's like "tower of Babel" all over again. The Rann/Thanagar War is supposed to do for DC's sci-fi titles what DoV is supposed to do for their magical characters...it doesn't hurt that Adam Strange recently became a true bad-ass. And Villians United just looks cool.
  3. Yes. He had a "moment of clarity" after taking a dip in a Lazarus pit to rid himself of an inoperable brain tumor, and suddenly realized the answer to the "world's greatest riddle". Personally, I think there's more to the story.
  4. Yes it was. If there was any question of it still being an imposter, today's Wizard pretty much confirmed it once and for all. He's back, and he's pissed off.
  5. You guys realize that Countdown is a one-shot, right? There are a lot of things spinning out of it, but Countdown itself isn't going past #1.
  6. Actually, the other female in Double Date IS the Huntress. There's also a Suicide Squad episode coming up...except they're called something else. Something about using the word "suicide" in a cartoon...
  7. I wouldn't mind a Mandroid though... And Darkhawk. I want Darkhawk.
  8. Hal's only in the comic for about a page, and really only shows up to show up. Hell, stuff from last month's Batman is more important than his showing up. Heh...
  9. You know...the Joker's been off the radar for a little while now. Maybe he's "starting over"? Grasping at straws, I know...but really about as valid as any of the other ones. Especially since DC seems to be telling EVERYBODY who Batman is under that mask these days.
  10. I read it this evening, a definate upside to my job. It's interesting. That's all I'm gonna say, except to say do NOT miss it. People are going to be talking about what comes next for a while, I think.
  11. NECA hasn't "failed" yet...they're just having some problems getting one of the actors to sign off on the likeness rights. Hopefully Mr. Murray will come to his senses eventually, but if not they're planning on using "stylized" likenesses.
  12. "Now Playing" figures that I would like to see: Mani - Brotherhood of the Wolf Buckaroo Banzai, Dr. Lizardo (or any of the others) - The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension One - The City of Lost Children Smoochy, Rainbow Randolph - Death to Smoochy Sgt. Kabukiman - Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. Carl Kolchak - The Night Stalker/The Night Strangler Westley (or again, any of the others...I'd kill for Fezzik) - The Princess Bride The Rocketeer - (do I have to tell you which movie this is?) "Santa" Dropo - Santa Claus Conquers the Martians Shaun, Ed - Shaun of the Dead George Newman - UHF Vulgar the Clown - Vulgar Willow, Madmartigan - Willow And for a scene re-creation like the MacReady/"dog thing": The scene from "The Abyss" where they first meet the aliens.
  13. In addition to the return to the BB era, Comics Continuum also reported earlier in the week that Jerry O'Connell will be providing the voice of the big red cheese himself, Captain Marvel. That's the one I'm looking forward to...at least until Deathstroke shows up, takes all the major players in the League down, and Nightwing shows up to play a little "where are they now" with the original Titans to save the day. But that's never going to actually happen, so I'm just going to look forward to the power of SHAZAM.
  14. grail

    Sorta Ot

    Well, Graphitti makes most of the comic shirts out there...I'd start with their website: www.graphittidesigns.com
  15. grail


    Nobody knows yet exactly what the deal is with Countdown, but based on the Wizard that came out today, I'd say that dead-lookin' guy Batman is holding in the only Countdown image we've really gotten so far really is the Blue Beetle. We also know that spinning out of Countdown are three major events: the Rann/Thanagar war, Spectre and a new Eclipso (supposedly having something to do with the Parallax entity) trying to end all magic in the DCU, and a little thing called OMAC. There's also recent references to Kord industries being bought out, and Batman's little performance in this week's Outsiders. And it looks like we've got a new Society of Supervillians to deal with too...and they're all bad-asses. (and one of them puts in a surprise appearance at the end of the aforementioned issue of Outsiders.)
  16. It could also be something that they're preparing to do (again) in the actual DCU... OMAC
  17. Yep. He should have quite a bit of hair, actually. Maybe it fell off or something. And series 10 is inspired...Rogue and her "mommy", a pair of time travelers, and Spider-Man's freakin' "amazing friends". Brilliant. Series 11 is just as good. Sandman and his one time employer Silver Sable, BOTH Spider Women, the replacement Spidey...some Carnage looking Spider-Man...(can't really tell for sure who he is.) wouldn't have minded a Scarlet Spider though...
  18. It's actually a lot easier to explain than that... Have you ever tried selling ad space to somebody and then told them that you're going to obscure part of their ad with your sales information? Only way they could move the barcode to the back is to a) make the cover take up both the front and back of the book or leave the back blank save for the little info box. Of course, a bigger cover means that when you bag the comic, you can't see the whole thing and more importantly, that cover was now more expensive to put on the book. Add that expense to the fact that they no longer get the revenue generated by putting the ad on the back in the first place, and it's just not a good idea. But cover artists have gotten used to this by now...most of the time anymore, they make allowances in the art for large chunks to be obscurred without missing anything important.
  19. The whole thing about yellow was that because of a yellow "impurity" in the main battery (the thing that powers ALL the rings), the rings were ineffective against anything that color. This does not mean that a yellow shotgun could kill him, but if the ammo from the gun was yellow, he might have a problem. Of course, in that case a GL could just pick up something that wasn't yellow and block. Once Kyle came around, the impurity had been "fixed", so that the ring now worked against it. What we're finding out in Green Lantern: Rebirth however, is: SPOILER... The "yellow impurity" was an entity named parallax that fed on fear. That's why the corps had to be fearless. When Coast City got blown up and Hal broke down, the entity took him over. This caused him to become Parallax, cured the impurity, and is the reason that Kyle being a fraidycat isn't an issue.
  20. You apparantly didn't get the joke. A black man with electrical powers, an asian man that can control the wind, a native american that can grow to enormous size, and twins that aren't even human and take animal and liquid forms. That doesn't sound at all like, say...Black Vulcan, Samurai, Apache Chief, and the Wonder Twins, does it? It's all the characters that were added for the show because all the folks they started off with were white guys and Wonder Woman. Not really a nice way of putting it, but it's the truth. Some have made their way into the comics since then (Black Vulcan has a counterpart named Black Lightning, the Wonder Twins were introduced in the mid-90's, I think, and Apache Chief was introduced about a year ago, and is now serving on the Justice League Elite), but this was basically the show's way of aknowledging it's past. **edit** BTW, with the big focus on Cadmus, the fact that they've already cloned Supergirl (who looks an awful lot like Power Girl...dammit), and the fact that Superman's about to have a knock down drag out with Doomsday...does anybody else smell a Superboy episode coming soon?
  21. If you click on the "recipe" button, it gives his name and email address. I'd contact him that way.
  22. Huh...I was sure it was a general announcement and not just something I personally got told. Oh well. Guess I should be glad I didn't mention it more. **edit** Ah...I'm not completely crazy: http://www.banned/Article12376.html
  23. Wasn't this announced back at SDCC? Because I was hoping to see a prototype or two this week.
  24. grail

    Identity Crisis

    Really? My take was that they were setting Boomerang up to die, and his son to take over his spot, thus restoring the character to being a threat.
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