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  1. This IS some of his "earlier" work. Depending on how you define early. Especially when it's Starlin who's been at it for a loooooong time. But anyway...it's from the late 80's-early 90's area, I don't remember exactly when it was originally released though. I believe it's pre-Tim Drake, though if memory serves. I remember getting it when it first came out, and I also remember it being pretty damn good. But I haven't read it in awhile. Think I may have to dig it back out tonight.
  2. The premiere date for Teen Titans is officially July 19th. Teen Titans is going to suck hard...leading me to say again: "They cancelled Young Justice for this?" For verification, try: http://www.comicscontinuum.com/stories/030...05/22/index.htm
  3. Really? I thought it was Paul Hayden, Psycho-Pirate (okay, actually it was "Roger", but maybe it's like that whole "David Banner" thing) Hey, something you said that I meant to bring up and forgot. Yes, Clark CAN fly. But it's not something he can do consciously. I think that even in his own mind, the thing with Lana and the twister was more of a "controlled jump" based on the fact that his super speed comes from having super-dense muscle tissue (yeah, horrible explanation, I know...but I really don't feel like explaining the supposed science of Superman to someone I'm betting already knows. At least I'm not having to explain the "Speed Force" again...last time I did that, my head nearly exploded.), which means that his jumping ability would logically be increased as well. (going for the "in the head of the guy that doesn't know what's going on yet" thing here) Of course, if he were to stop and think about it, he'd probably realize that the laws of physics should have bounced him off the outside of that funnel cloud...but oh well. So yeah...he does have the ABILITY to fly, but that doesn't mean he CAN fly. Or did I totally miss the mark? Batman was always more my thing...Superman's obviously yours.
  4. I'm really nor looking forward to this cartoon. This is why they cancelled my Young Justice. And did you see the "preview" on WB a couple weeks ago? They were all completely out of character...it was like watching a train wreck. All I could think was, "They cancelled Young Justice for THIS?!?!?!?!?!" And then I think I curled up into a ball and cried myself to sleep or something. Yeah, I'm bitter.
  5. Yeah...Crisis was a good idea in theory, but all it really did was make it virtually impossible for people to keep track of what exactly was going on for a good 5 years afterwards. And of course now they've gone and undone it with "Hypertime"...but I digress. A few things I've been thinking about Smallville: 1) The producers have come out and said that they aren't allowed to use any other Kryptonians because of the movie...so there are two possibilities. Either the voice really IS Jor-El. Or when they said NO other Kryptonians they meant it, and it's not even Jor-El. Honestly, my money's on the latter, as they've already given us that nice little Brainiac misdirection (I wonder if they're taking lessons from Joss Whedon?). My theory? One word...Eradicator. 2) If you connect the dots on Lionel's "behind the scenes" activities, then it looks like Clark's going to come against his toughest foe yet very soon...himself. Think about it; cloning, accelleration of cell growth in said clones, and now he's got access to Clark's blood. (You know he had to know Lex had it) My prediction is that season 3 will end on a cliffhanger introducing...Bizarro. 3) One of the corners the producers have painted themselves into is Kryptonite giving people powers. If they're going to introduce ANY of the rest of the DC universe, then they need to get away from using the "Kryptonite Krutch", and introduce the concept of "Meta-Humans". One of the things I have always held to about the DC universe is that it IS a universe, and because of their ownership structure, they're in a terriffic position to exploit that. For example, originally we were going to get "Bruce Wayne"...a show about the "road to Batman". The point was even made that he wouldn't put on the cape and cowl until the end of the series. Sound familiar? The reason they ended up scrapping it had something to do with it being "more engaging" to do superpowers instead of detective work...but I'm not sure of all the details. If they can introduce Bruce Wayne, then they can spin him off. They can even have the two cross over from time to time...like a Buffy/Angel kinda thing. Sorry, this one turned into another of my "DC is dropping the continuity ball" rants. I'll move on. 4) I don't think Lionel had anything to do with the plane crash. I think it's more misdirection. Money is a POWERFUL motivator...I think Helen set him up. They'll find her floating in the ocean with some sob story, as to why she's the only survivor. Then she'll move on to Lionel. Lex will come back, and find them together, and the transformation will be complete. After all, didn't Lex KILL his father in the comics? 5) Chloe is either trying to figure out what Lionel's up to under the guise of playing along...or she's starting down a path of tragedy of her own. Again, my money's on the second option. My theory is that she'll find out everything, and report it to Luthor like a good little puppet. Then at the end of the season, she finds out exactly what Luthor's game is and is horrified by her part in it. She tries to warn Clark...only to be killed by the newly introduced Bizarro. 6) Let me run an idea past some folks...Clark needs answers of a cosmic nature. He needs to know what EXACTLY happened to Krypton. About the people, and most importantly...about what the message really says. Well, what's the best way to get answers of a cosmic nature in the DC universe? I'll give you a hint...think green. There's this guy named "Abin Sur" that could really be a lot of help. (for the record, my guess is that the message literally translates to "lead them". "lead" can mean both "rule", and "guide". Just a thought.) So, thoughts? Am I completely off base or no?
  6. If you like THAT Batman, wait till you see the 12" (i think) gray/black Batman with the utility belt you can open up. It looks totally bad-ass!
  7. *raises hand* Regular Batman is the only one that looks decent. Have you seen the blue/gray Chicago/San Diego convention exclusive? He's VERY spiffy. I just hope I have a chance to get both him AND Keldor, or Keldor's losing out. MUST HAVE BATMAN!!!!!!!
  8. **spoilers** Rumor has it that next week's season finale is going to center around the doctor that's been in a coma for the better part of this season waking up and telling Lex and Lionel that Clark is an alien, sent to destroy us all. It also looks like Lana finds out everything. Oh, and btw...they've got someone doing the "voice of Jor-El". They're being VERY secretive as to who it is, but they're saying that Superman fans are gonna freak out. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's probably not Brando...I could see it being someone like Tim Daly or George Newbern though. (Especially Newbern, since he works with Rosenbaum on Justice League) (On a side note, sources are indicating that TPTB at Smallville finally got the okay to do a guest appearance by some guy named "Bruce Wayne" in season three. Apparantly the name ties somewhere into DC lore...heh heh heh)
  9. No he didn't...there's no Dr. Light in there, but there IS a Dr. Polaris. Which is kinda odd, considering that Polaris was a hasbrocollectors.com exclusive in a two-pack with a new mold Green Lantern that isn't present. **edit** The Blue Beetle that he has is from another of those "collector sets", but the re-molded Flash isn't there either.
  10. Hmm...Magic 8-Ball sez: Not freakin' likely
  11. i went and asked, and got mostly the same response that dreamer gave. but here's what they had to say anyway:
  12. Not sure what it is, but it is pretty neat! What I might suggest is to take it to a Micronauts board and see if they can place it. Those guys know Takara products (that aren't Transformers) better than anyone. There's a really good Yahoo group called Micropolis, and the Palisades forum has a pretty good Micronauts section, but those are the only ones I know of specifically. Hope that helps.
  13. Funny story...As it turns out, WizKids approached Hasbro at GenCon last year and asked what the possibility was of doing both G.I. Joe and Transformers as HeroClix type games. Hasbro's response was along the lines of "Sorry, those are ours. No touchee". So then Hasbro tirns around and asks WizKids, "Well, what if WE made a HeroClix type game out of Transformers and G.I. Joe?" WizKids response? "We'd sue." Still, it'd be neat! I know most Transformers fans aren't necessarily big on the idea, but I would love to see some action figures of the characters themselves...without the alt modes. I mean, yeah...some of the fun is in the transformation, but how many of us just let them sit for months without picking them up anyway? Besides, they could amp up the articulation, sculpt, and accessories...and maybe even give us some generic Autobot and Decepticon "troop builders". They were always hanging around in the comics and cartoons...extra, nameless, Transformers that are just there to shoot or get shot. Could be neat!
  14. My Prime had no shoulder problems, but instead he only transformed the trailer into pants once. Haven't been able to get it to work since...but I couldn't bring myself to return it. Maybe I should have. My only problem with Sideswipe is that the peg and hole that hold the two halves of the fender together won't stay closed...but that's just small quibbling.
  15. Speaking of statues, I still haven't figured out why Hard Hero hasn't done anything with her. One of the HH guys mentioned back at BotCon last year that Arcee was supposed to be their next full body statue after Unicron. Of course, now we're getting Kickback and Ravage, but still...
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