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  1. Have people still not figured out why the very successful "ToyBiz" changed their name to "Marvel Toys", just in time to NOT do toys based on Marvel characters? Let's do a little math here, folks: There are three main types of toy buyers out there: a) Us. The guys who go out there looking for guys like Savage Dragon, or Darkness because we're comic geeks who know the characters and were gonna buy this stuff no matter where it was. We care what the name of the company is only because we're anal like that. Kids. They come into the toy aisle looking for something cool and see how awesome these are. Then we get "Pokemon effect" when they realize they've got a leg from a figure that has more pieces out there. They don't care what the name of the company is, they just want a cool looking toy. c) Parents. The ones who buy the toys for the kids in the first place. And a lot of the time it's the mom, who's never read a comic before, and doesn't know who these characters are. BUT...and here's the important part...after all the movies, toys, etc of the past few years, they recognize the name Marvel. Parents see something with the name "Marvel" on it, and they figure that these must be more Marvel characters that they just know nothing about. The word "Marvel" puts it in league with Spider-Man and the X-Men in this type's mind...which gets the figures home. It's subtle, but genius if you ask me.
  2. Greetings all, For those that haven't heard, Indie Spotlight is a line of action figures, not unlike Marvel Legends or DC Superheroes, but specifically for "Indie" comics. It's being done by us here at Shocker Toys. Yes, I know there have been some...let's call them "problems" between TNI and Shocker in the past. And yes, I know that it wasn't the fault of anybody here at TNI. Those days are in the past. This will be the only thread started here about this line, and I want to hear ALL opinions, not just the ones that agree with me. If you have a question ask, and I'll do my very best to answer everything. So, I actually worked it out with JayC for us to be allowed back awhile ago, but I wanted to wait until we had something announced that was a little more solid than "look what we're gonna do". Last night, we announced series 1 over at banned, and we'll have some of the prototypes available to see at SDCC in a couple weeks...so I'd say things are going well. And so, Indie Spotlight series 1, brought to you by Shocker Toys is as follows: - Witchblade - Shadowhawk - Madman - Judge Death Thoughts?
  3. Okay...here's the list: Ongoing Series- Army of Darkness New Avengers Young Avengers Batgirl All-Star Batman Batman Batman: Gotham Knights Battle Pope Birds of Prey Detective Comics Exiles Fables Ultimate Fantastic Four Fear Agent Fell Firestorm Green Arrow Green Lantern Invincible JLA Marvel Team-Up Nightwing Outsiders Powers Robin Runaways Amazing Spider-Man Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Marvel Knights Spider-Man Ultimate Spider-Man Supergirl Superman/Batman Teen Titans The Tick: Days of Drama Ultimates Walking Dead Astonishing X-Men And Transformers and Re-Animator as soon as they begin, I did get the #0 for both. Mini-Series- Astro City: The Dark Age Batman: Gotham County Line Batman: Journey Into Knight Daredevil: Father Ghost Rider Green Lantern Corps: Recharge House of M House of M: Spider-Man Infinite Crisis Ultimate Iron Man New Warriors The Sentry Shaun of the Dead Son of Vulcan And I've got about 4 more minis that have been solicited, but issue #1 hasn't hit stores yet, so I don't count it as one I'm actively collecting. And I wonder why I'm always broke...
  4. As best as I can figure off the top of my head, somewhere between 6/7000. Which is why the idea of trying to database them frightens me. I think I've got a bunch in storage too, but I've kinda lost track...I know there's a bunch of stuff missing.
  5. grail


    To the same extent, no...they haven't. But from all accounts, it wan't necessarily Mattel's fault either. At least not as much as has been attributed to them. It's my understanding that Wal-Mart specifically wanted the metric ass-load of Batmen. And supposedly there was some condition on He-Man that actually involved Batman...but I think that story may be more wild speculation than anything else.
  6. It wasn't a mistake...more like a "creative change". I am AMAZED that they got away with as much as they did, to be honest...getting "animated blood" past standards and practices is supposed to be virtually impossible. Hell, the fact that they just did it may have just thrown open a lot of doors due to a now established precedent. Talking about souls and the phrase "immolation by sunlight" also really impressed me...as did Joker's fairly gruesome "death". Remember kids, don't jump into the pool with a car battery strapped to your hand. They really went all out with this little movie, and I gotta say, it was really pretty good. I wanted to hate this show when it started, I really did. But I just can't. It's well written, not JLU-level, but better than 95% of the drek out there, and the animation style is just as radically different from Batman: TAS as Batman: TAS was from anything we had seen before 1992. Is it gimmicky? Oh hell yes. But it's gimmicky-ness (is that a word? really?) is a whole lot more subtle than the "anime-chic" of Teen Titans, while retaining a similarly complex set of characters and pathos. In short: me like Bat-cartoon. Batman Vs. Dracula is everything a DTV movie should be, and I hope it does REALLY well, so maybe WB will give the go ahead on that JLA vs. the Crime Syndicate DTV they've got sitting around doing nothing.
  7. grail


    HA!!!!!!!!! You DO know why there are so many hard to find variants in Marvel Legends, right? It's 100% due to retailers. The buyers for these retail chains aren't fans, but they know who Spider-Man and Wolverine are. Wal-Mart specifically has just about everybody over a barrel when it comes to mass market toys. (If you don't believe me, try talking to Josh Blaylock about Wal-Mart and G.I. Joe) If they say you've got to put in 4 Spider-Men to make up for that one Deadpool that they've never heard of and don't think they'll sell...then that's what Toy Biz does. Hate to break it to you, but Toy Biz is absolutely ruled by the retailers. Not to say they aren't creative. The entire reason for the build-a-figures is that Toy Biz used the fact that people are going to want all the parts to sell Wally World et al on the idea of an (mostly) even casepack.
  8. The "company line" is that it's so that people (i.e. kids, their "target audience") don't get confused by characters showing up in 20 different places and characterized and drawn differently in each. I'm sure it's all about the merchandising though. You think Bandai isn't praying for Batman to show up in Teen Titans some day? Not that Titans stuff doesn't sell well, but come on...it's Batman.
  9. Way I hear it, it was because they were afraid kids were going to set themselves on fire. As far as the Aquaman embargo goes...well...all I'll say is this: Peter David did just mention on his site that he's turned in the script for a pilot for a new animated series. And why did Bespin Refugee say they can't use Bat characters? Dots connecting...
  10. Michael Dorn also did the voice for Steel in the Superman episode where he premiered. And Clancy Brown's most well known live-action acting role has to be that of the freaking Kurgan in the original Highlander movie!!! He was also in Buckaroo Bonzai, for those that have seen it. (he was Rawhide) Carl Lumbly was also in Buckaroo Banzai, he was John Parker, he was also the lead in M.A.N.T.I.S., a great show that used to be on Fox several years ago. Hell, Tom Sizemore did the voice for Metamorpho...actors don't get much better than that. And the guy who does Vandal Savage is "Jackie Chiles" from Seinfeld. Michael Ironside does the voice for Darkseid too...he's done everything from Top Gun, to "V", to Highlander II, and everything in between. Keith David, Goliath from the Gargoyles cartoon, also from movies like Dead Presidents and Requiem for a Dream, came in to do Despero. Ted Levine, "Buffalo Bill" from Silence of the Lambs, and the police captain from Monk, does the voice for Sinestro. Really, it just goes on and on...other people who have done voices include Alfred (Dr. Octopus in Spiderman II) Molina, Brad (Everybody Loves Raymond) Garret (He was Lobo for crying out loud)... And my absolute favorite...Jeffrey Combs, who was not only one Dr. Herbert West in the Re-Animator, and the freaky guy from the Freighteners (a great and really underrated Peter Jackson movie), as well as a metric ton of Star Trek characters, plays one of my favorite characters: The Question.
  11. It's not the last season. They've already talked about at least one of the episodes for next season. It's going to be set in Skartaris and feature Warlord. (who coincidentally is getting a relaunch via Bruce Jones and Bart Sears)
  12. You know, if he'd let them cover his face, I could actually see The Rock as a great Bane.
  13. Personally, I'm a big fan of the idea of Crispin Glover as the Joker. He's like Gary Oldman in that he just kinda blends into whatever role he does, so you'll actually see thoe Joker, instead of "Crispin Glover as the Joker". I don't think Mark Hamill is right for the Joker, but I don't think he should be completely left out either. I have long held to the idea that he would make an absolutely perfect Mad Hatter. Think about it...he's the right height and build, and can really bring that manic, bizarre energy that the character would need to actually be a threat on-screen. As for other characters, Adrian Brody would actually have been my choice for the Scarecrow, he's definately got the acting chops, and he's thin and wirey enough that he could pull off the "contortionist" aspect of the character that the new movie decided to ignore. I do like the idea of Sam Rockwell as the Riddler, that's inspired. If you want voice actors who could play the live-action part, what about Richard Moll for Harvey Dent? And maybe we could eventually get the original choice for Mr. Freeze before Arnold came and camped it up...Patrick Stewart.
  14. Unless they did it on purpose, and there's a reason for it that will be explained within the next couple of episodes... Just wait, all will be revealed.
  15. I LOVE that Colossus...What kind of paint did you use to get him so shiny?
  16. Now how the hell are they gonna reuse THAT for Ratchet? A Scion as an ambulance? Riiiiiiiight. Heh...
  17. They haven't said it, but the clone basically IS Power Girl. Though an evil one. She's got the costume, and the same mutilated beyond recognition origin. Close enough for me. It does make me wonder if her "psychic bond" with Supergirl is going to come back to bite her and be part of what saves the good guys collective asses. And did anyone else catch the "confirmation" that there will be another season? It was apparantly said in Philly this weekend that next season will have an episode featuring Warlord (who's about to get a relaunch, via Bruce Jones and Bart Sears...coincidence?), and set in Skartaris. (I think I spelled that right...) **edit** Oh, and I had audio problems too...thought maybe it was just me. Guess not.
  18. You know, if it ever does get made...is there any reason it would have to be only one movie? I mean, we all know it'd make huge money, and movies that make huge money usually get pressure for sequals. Why not break the movie up so A) more of it makes it in intact, and it makes more studio money overall.
  19. Funny thing is, in the comics, he had a VW Bug with a Porsche engine.
  20. Geez... Haven't you people ever heard of H.P. Lovecraft? The Necronomicon is a FAKE book that Lovecraft created and used in many of his stories. Things like "The Re-Animator", "The Call of Cthulhu", and "The Dunwich Horror", among many others. Raimi is apparantly a fan, and used the book as a device in the Evil Dead movies. A little trivia for you...Lovecraft is also the guy responsible for "Arkham Asylum". It's a place from his stories that DC comics adapted for their own use.
  21. Well, if you're going to be in Baltimore anyway, you might want to check with the guys at Palisades toys (www.palisadestoys.com) and see if they might be up to talk to you. They make the Muppets and Sesame Street figures, as well as Army of Darkness, Planet of the Apes, [adult swim], and lots more. Just a thought.
  22. grail

    Vilains United

    Agreed...really good stuff!
  23. They aren't free to the comic shop, yet they expect us to give them away. A bag of "free" minimates actually costs about $15. I did order a bag for myself though...nice blanks for customizing.
  24. grail


    Of course, there's about the same amount of speculation that he'll become the Spectre's new host. Really, anything goes at this point. I really hope he doesn't become "Buddy Blank" though, since it would pretty much require Ted to stay brain dead. OMAC and Kamandi were both Jack Kirby projects, so it wouldn't surprise me to hear that they're related storywise somehow as well. One of the most interesting things I've seen about the upcoming OMAC thing though is the poster that says "It was supposed to be Batman's greatest weapon". "Tower of Babel" was a big story in JLA a couple years ago, showing how Batman had come up with ways to defeat the whole league if they went rogue...it looks like this may be how he came up with those files. What's more is that it looks like the league screwing with his head was the reason it happened in the first place. It puts an interesting spin on a story that just kinda pissed me off at the time.
  25. The trick here is retailer support. A lot of retailers still have TONS of Batman stuff cluttering up their shelves, and don't want to add more stuff they they don't see as "selling". If the movie does well, then the retailers may buy. Otherwise, it won't happen.
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