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  1. He has previously been in Urban type movies where that accent fit...he is also a huge hip hop fan and dresses teh part also
  2. So far I got Shipwreck (hands look like they just do not fit his forearm), Snake-eyes (great figure...mouth is weird and sword wont stay on his back), Camo Duke (nice), Camp Heavy Duty (great), Destro (really good figure), Storm Shadow (great but leg articulation blocked by his skirt haha), Zartan(good figure but that is NOT zartan to me), Viper and Ripcord.....has anyone else noticed Ripcord is way way way tall????? he must have been a basketball player haha.....i see that the heavy duty in suit is tall too i guess...but in the ones i have camo heavy duty is a little taller as he should be...but ripcord towers over ALL of them......
  3. well............... I went to my local WalMart (North Myrtle Beach, SC) they have NEVER had any dc universe at all.....well to my SERIOUS surprise I picked up all of Series 6!!!!! One of each I am not stingy lol.....they also now had Infinite Heroes also!!!!! In Charlotte, NC I picked up Riddler andAmazo of wave 5....the Amazo has melted plastic under his right arm....nothing broken yet....the Wave 6 Shazam has major red bleed through on his boots...and his right leg is pretty hard to move front to back...like it is fused,,,,,,i have to look back on here and see how to fix that....the Killer Moth has melted paint on his upper right bicep like it was still wet and stuck also on his underarm....it is white there and looks broken even though it is just paint.....the other 3 are perfect no problems!
  4. I am in the Myrtle Beach, SC area and not a single walmart near me (5 within 20 miles) carries the dc figures
  5. Found all the 2 packs tonight at the TRU in Myrtle Beach, SC.....only one of the Batgirl/Azrael...I picked that one up and the Orion/Lightray pack.....passed on teh lantern pack as I already have Hal.........I hav eever had a problem w/ any of my DCUC figs yet....only had a loose knee joint on Ares that honestly was no big deal.....The Orion and Light ray's left leg are a bit warped.....but not TOO bad.....the Batgirl's chest logo is almost GONE.....and the Azrael has a pretty loose almost spinny mid section joint ...WORST OF all his left bicep joint is spinning like crazy SOOOO loose....and about to fall off!!!!
  6. I bought the entire set yesterday at KB Outlet.....not one problem w/ any of these problems w/ any of the figure....the only prob I had was Ares...his right knew is insanely loose....and about to fall apart LOL....but no switched parts and no paint errors...ya can tell the BB's red bat will chip away at least in the center of his chest.......... Only complaint I really have is the KB Cyborg has just the arm blaster attachment and none of the others....no regular hand NOTHING....yet the regular version sold elsewhere (which are Unfound here) have 3 arms
  7. This board cracks me up sometimes.....people where so pissed at how slow they were coming out....and now "they are coming out too fast"???? same old mess.....ya can't please anyone My Target also got in Wave 1...God knows why!!! I agree the distribution is all screwed up...they are hard as hell to find......if ya find em right when they arrive ya get em...if not good luck as they never seem to get in second or third shipments even though they sell out within literally hours of hitting the shelves around here! It is insane!!!! Also I know Infinite Heroes is supposedly warming pegs...but here they sell as soon as they hit the shelves in Target but TRU has overstocked em and they have not sold....... Have not seen Wave 4.....not in Walmart or Target.........
  8. Looks like a great wave! Despero is a MAJOR character in the new Trinity series by DC....featuring teh Trinity of DC wonder woman, batman and superman!
  9. No not new at all...yes I very well know they reuse bodies....BUT i have NEVER seen this plugged back in any pics of the Hal figure
  10. FINALLY found them all (no Variants) at my Target today.....I got ONE of each and left a Hal on the pegs.....also bought The Classic Batman and Hawkman form JLU.....ANYWAY....I have not heard anyone say this or seen it in any pics but y Hal Jordan has the same upper body as Nightwing......what I mean is you can see OBVIOUSLY where Nightwings baton holder would have been and a plug is inserted there teh same color as his suit (green of course).....it look REALLY crappy.....I love the fig but damn what is that mess???? Also my Solomon Grundy has NO loose joints at all...
  11. SO PISSED!!!!!!!!! My nearest Target is about 20 miles.....I have been calling every few days w/ the DCPI number to see if they got em....the tags and pegs have been there for 3 weeks now EMPTY......I called this morning and the girl said lemme go check....she came back and said YES WE GOT EM!!!!! So I took off in the rain down there and guess what NOTHING....they had put the new Justice League Figures on the worng pegs.....NO Classic not even in the stock room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way for you Infinite heroes bashers....they are sold out of Infinite Heroes for the 4th time! ....a technically, Deadpool is the Marvel version of Deathstroke. Even his name "Wade Wilson" is a parody of Slade Wilson. Deathstroke is the DC version of Taskmaster.
  12. The bio on the back of the packaging he comes in....says he is 6'4" so yes according to that he is WAY too tall! Finally got mine today
  13. I ordered my Lobo on July 29th.....today is August 8th and still no sign or him??
  14. didn't touch a nerve just incorrect....they are selling liek crazy here...and I bought em so someone is buying em @stupid@ hahah touched a nerve there. don't take it personal otherwise boards are not for ya..hee.
  15. I only want son of hulk and wendigo from this line and cannot find those 2 anywhere????
  16. These figures remind me of the older super hero figures I grew up w/...personally i love the articulation.......I collect ALOT of 3 3/4" scale figures as i LOVE that scale.....the GI Joes tend to get a bit floppy after using them for awhile....also the 3 3/4" WWE Jakks figures just flop all over the place so loose......as did the Marvel Showdown figures....flopping and falling apart......Marvel legends tended to get this way also which is why I dropped collecting them........I Have bought everyone of the DC Infinite Heroes line and love every single one of them they are by far my favorit eline out right now......BY THE WAY..The target here has sold out of these twice now...and when i cal to see if they got more in they said "damn you are the 4th one to call today, i hope we get more soon, people are definetely looking for them" My TRU got them this week and sold all but one adam strange....and the Target one hour away from me sold out the first day also.......a local comic dealer has 5 cases pre-ordered for customera and he is selling them for 7 bucks also.........$4.99 is what i used to buy GI Joes for in the old days NOT too expensive ..YES TRU is too high as usual....but notice ALL toys going up in price lately.....
  17. any sku numbers or whatever it is they call it at Target??? LOL...my target is so lame at putting stuff out I would love to call and check before driving there
  18. here in myrtle beach, sc we of course have NOT A SINGLE ONE IN OUR CRAPPY TARGET AS USUAL hahahaha Well yeah they would need to do a 6 inch Flash first......what the heck I hope they put them in the same wave of DCUC.......I mean it would be just a repaint. At least they might have the common decency to give Zoom a different head sculpt, with crazy red eyes and the biggest frown we've ever seen. Yeah they would probably do a new head sculpt.....At any rate it's a cheaper figure for them to make.....so here's hoping for wave 6. That would be sweet with Captain Cold and Mirror Master, Anyway, to get back on topic, if I were to pick up the one Infinite Hero that did not steal Gorilla Godd's Hands (Reverse Flash), do I pose it with my massive JLU Flash or should I have him chase my son's Ben 10 figures? Let your son have it......they are much cooler (IMO) then DC Superfriends. I took him to Target and let him see them, he decided to take a pass, opting for the Movie Masters Batman. Which is cool with me that even at 5, he appreciates a better looking toy. He was excited to get it home and take on the DCUC and DCSH evildoers. Anyway, we will wait for for the new JLU figures for something in that size. watch out for lead! we dont want the little guys sick.
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