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  1. uhm... maybe Despero... Maxwell Lord? XD ... El Dorado! Help!!! XD I hope that Batman brings with himself its ring of Kryptonite
  2. Major distribution to others countrys and diversificate the fisic models of the actions figures, much detail y much most accesories and better quality of material, picture and finish
  3. My list was: The Erradicator Desaad HighFather Metron (BAF for Moebius chair) Martian Manhunter (new version) Vixen Hakwman (Version Superman-Batman) Donna Troy Anarky The Monarch Mary Marvel (Black costume) The Spectre (B.A.F.) Swamp Thing (B.A.F.) Doomsday (B.A.F.) Lobo Motorcycle (B.A.F.) Blue Bettle (Jaime Reyes) Brainac (Last Version) Darkseid (Final Crisis) Star Girl Husk Monitor Kyle Rayner (last version) Soranik Natu El Dorado..... is all for now
  4. The Hawkman is awesome and the mister Miracle too, best photos of the hawkman vs metallo, one question, the Hawkman have one sword?
  5. Really this diorama i am was for represent a Grundy rebirth in the swamp of Gotham.. born in Monday... Born in Monday... poor duke... on joe does not deserve that, on the other hand is a good synchronization of elements pooda
  6. WTF? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA XD Deadly!!! very good Dragonrider1227
  7. Long Time where my last contribution, but, never forgotten.. Solomon Grundy
  8. is very good pooda, the 3 3/4" of Comisioned Gordon, this are the dc universe infinity heroes?
  9. frankly... I doubt it, is pure luck search any action figure de DC clasic actually... is more lucky olds actions figures of the DCSH
  10. Thanks KreyonKid for yours comments, wait better. Hail a alls, is 2009 and wait more and better DC minicomics(and asociates no relatives) Next? I am not having to Aquaman.... T_T....
  11. Gambit: Bonjour est- contigu, ont-ils dit que podrias être étoile de cinéma ? (Hello iDolly!, have claimed that podrias to you to be cinema star?) Gambit: Uh oh... Gambit: Crossaint!... Kagami:日本語!!!!!!!! (ahhh! Kentarou Miura Otaku!!!!) Good Night for all!!!
  12. Guardian: Hal Jordan of the Earth , was not to count anything than you have heard to the rest of the Corp, we cannot allow that the lies and insidias of Sinestro affect the spirit of the other Lanterns, nor the confidence that has been affected by the other beings of Universe by its actions, is an order. Jordan: If they are only lies because to give as much importance them? perhaps something in them has something really? Guardian: These are subjects that are not incumbent on Green to you Lantern of sector 2814, now return you sector and fulfill your having. Jordan: uhmm…. ok, but this subject not yet has finished… are questions for which I want answers. Guardian: The Lantern Jordan has demonstrated renuenci to obey our mandates, that revolt is similar to the one of Sinestro. Guardian: You do not worry for that reason brother Guardian, the Lantern Jordan podra to be difficult to handle but to demonstrated its loyalty to the corporation and in just a short time has reached great merits, is worthy successor of Abin Sur. Guardian: Never to put in ours against. FIN
  13. Jordan: Ah! it forgot it… Sinestro, these under arrest Guardian: You have done a good work when recapturing to the Treasonous Sinestro Hal Jordan of the Earth, from now on we we will be made position of. Sinestro: He.. Guardian: We had to be but severe with respect to your punishment Sinestro de Korugar, was an error consideration by your served to corps, your actions have stained your reputation but it finds of all .redemption of our part, this occasion, your exemplary was pain . Sinestro: I do not wait for any mercy of you Guardians, in which you do not seem to realize is that I have won but with this defeat that with a simple victory, did not take much so that the rest of the Universe sees its lack, I am only the principle what this to come. Guardian: No of your lies podra to dim the light of our Lanterns Sinestro, you only look for to promote a rebellion that never managed to last while the Guardians watch the Universe. Sinestro: Lies? and that Lies there is in ..... The Blackest Night.. Jordan: The Blackest Night? Guardian: Sufficient! The Guardians already we have listened Enough! Lantern Salakk escorts to the prisoner to a cell of isolation and that does not have contact with anybody! The Guardians we must deliberate its destiny… Salakk: Immediately Immortals.. move Traitor.. Sinestro: We will see ourselves again. it remembers my Jordan words… ha! ha! ha!
  14. Jordan: Fear? That is your vision of a perfect Universe? Jordan: Perhaps the Guardians keep their mysteries, and perhaps my world is not perfect, but to the something that if Sinestro! Sinestro: As it is possible that you can defenft against the power yellow ring! it is impossible! Jordan: That while they exist Green Lanterns…! Sinestro: ARRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jordan: The Universe not to yield to the fear.
  15. Sinestro: Korugar was an utopia within a chaotic Universe, which your time like tyranny was not but that the test that the power provides the order that all the creaturas hopelessly need to be able to live peacefully, compared with your world fragmented in towns surrounded in absurd conflicts, almost moan to see that my pupil finally has stopped thinking by itself and has become a dog guardian but from the Guardians. Jordan: Uuunnnggghhhhfff!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jordan: They are not my masters… uuhhnnn! Sinestro: These safe of that Jordan? You think that you can serve to them faithfully while in your interior you know that they are not sincere with you? with the rest of the Corps? that it makes you think that in the future their decisions do not contradict your own thoughts, your own ideals? Jordan: uuhhnnn! I feel as my ring loses energy. it is as if it was fed on his power! Sinestro: If! I can feel as the doubt grows frequently in your interior Jordan! and with every second my power grows but and but! soon sucumbiras to be able, your and all those that they betrayed to me feel my power, the power of Sinestro! Sinestro: And once the rest of the Corps knows the truth that the guardians hide, they themselves resigned to their ring and their false oath…. and when the universe takes its then lives to be put under before my, to be put under before the fear.
  16. Jordan: Perhaps the yellow color is not a weakness Jordan: But one tries so that we surpass the dependency that we have of the ring.. Jordan: After all, as which it serves a weapon without the hand grasps that it? A Green Lantern is not only its ring, but also the will that to acceds to him to its power. He is something that you seem to have forgotten while you cleared the will to him to your own People.
  17. Sinestro: It is impossible! its structure have to have dissolved when touching the yellow spectre! Sinestro: Your useless efforts are Jordan! all the elements around give the advantage me on you, these lost! Jordan: You know to something Sinestro? THUMPP!!! Sinestro: Unghh!
  18. Jordan: Your Sinestro plan would not work, the Universe is not Korugar, and any weakness in my ring is not nothing that cannot handle against yours Sinestro: Was are Jordan, when all see that easy it is that the lies constructed by the Guardians only try to stop the inevitable thing, your defeat was is the first test of my words. Jordan: Who said that you were going to me to defeat? Sinestro: He is inevitable
  19. Green Lantern: Sinestro: Surrender Jordan, you know very well that your weak ring is not able to be against to the yellow power of mine Ring. Jordan: You would need but that to have to me in this yellow planetoid to end me Sinestro! Sinestro: Poor Earthling, does not give account you that the weaknesses of the ring are only one forms but in the Guardians they look for to control the will of all the members of the Corp? The guardians trust so much us they did as it with the Manhunters in the past Sinestro: My time in I exile made see with clarity the lies me you order within them of the Guardians, they hide Jordan secrets, secrets that can be the ruin of the universe if we do not impose a stop to them to its dominion, the universe needs to be controlled Jordan, but by which have given the back him to the emotions, but those that have known to dominate them. The dominion of Sinestro. Jordan: You speak too much
  20. Thank you Kreyonkid for yours comments. more dioramas! more!
  21. Men! as whichever action figures you have? O_o Perhaps someday we pruned to make things like this: SuperFigth in the collector japanese guy
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