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  1. The Wizard Hunter Rose is available for attendees and non-attendees (They are all Summer exclusives) Grendel Prime is in our Series3 available after SDCC.
  2. Show and Tour Exclusives: The following Shocker Toys' exclusives will be available at the Shocker store for attendees at the Cons and for non attendees in limited supply. http://www.shockertoys.com/store.php?type=exclusive SDCC: The Blank 6” (Dick Tracy), The Blue Beetle 6" (Dan Garret), Barry Hubris 6" (The Tick), Shinigami Mallow (Soul Eater) Wizard World Tour: Hunter Rose 6" (Grendel) and Mallow versions of: The Maxx, Mr. Gone and Lazerman. Besides the above mentioned exclusives, Shocker will also be partnering with FUNimation and VIZ media in the production of some of your favorite anime licensed mallows. Look for upcoming news on their sites.
  3. We wanted to say to everyone happy new year and thank you for making Indie Spotlight the 3rd largest comic book universe toyline in the world. Did you miss out that Indie Spotlight Series1 hit the U.S.? No problem 2 product runs were made for the demand and there are still a limited amount of them left (Variants sold out). There is also a free Dick Tracy offer for Shocker Toys 10th year at their store. Look for Series2 The Tick series soon and new Mallow products to be shown at New York Toy Fair 2010. Again thanks to everyone who supported us. http://www.shockertoys.com/store.php
  4. No difference eh? SWH and domu don't you remember ragging on the pre-production piece? I guess your memory must be slipping. Original pre-production Dick Tracy Paint Master of new sculpt PU sample for SDCC exclusive Final Dick Tracy production figures Dick in a box Hope that helps put things in place guys.
  5. Well since none of our answers are putting you all at ease then we will just back off from posting here. Thank you for listening to what we could answer but further info can be found at www.shockertoys.com and our forums.
  6. i'm not going to give you a list like the other poster did i'm just going to tell you outright how i feel as a dick tracy fan, and was looking forward to him.. the early pics i remember seeing of the sculpt didn't look anywhere near as bad as the pics i'm seeing now. the fact his head doesn't look like dick tracy is reason number one i can't go with this figure.. reason two being the joints and general look of the figure reminds me of bootleg dollar store toys.. i generally don't get this upset with figures but looks like the mez-itz are going to be the definitive figures of the tracy characters.. at least they looked like the comics. Shockertoysllp, i don't mean to completely knock on the stuff shocker toys comes out with, but this figure in picture form is horrible. both of em. and sadly i was really hoping this would've turned out great.. on a side note i honestly didn't know series one ever came out. i had the maxx pre-ordered through my local comic shop (which deals through diamond) and i was told these things still haven't showed up. We cannot please everyone but we are trying to better ourselves and our lines as we go forward. We are making a toy line in a different style then others and doing alot of new and different approaches . As far as Mezco if you love their deformed figure style that is your own right and we set out to try something different and uinque. Also we are sorry some of you feel you can't order from a yahoo connected paypal but after being hacked twice it was a way to keep the company account safe. Also if your local shop ordered anything from Diamond they will not see it from us as we did not supply Diamond with any of Indie Spotlight. So they should have notified your LCS who should have notified you as a customer. We notified all stores who were carrying Indie Spotlight and other who were not that Diamond would no longer be supplying our products. If you can't order direct from us (which only helps the company and further the line) you can order from our new distributor through your LCS it is Haven Distributors. Bottom line love us or hate us we are not going anywhere and we are going to keep trying new and different things with unique characters that no one else will touch despite the crys from fans. But again the more feedback the better and SWH IS1 changed for the better by us listening to everyone including toy collectors like you who have a very, very high standard. We will get there, it will just take a bit of time to do so now that we are on track and moving forward.
  7. Thanks for the long list of (Your) opinions SWH, and some justified concerns. - The guns are sculpted into the hands. Why not have removable accessories? **Why have them removable, so they can fall out of the hands. Our line has two sets of hands one with accessories one without if you don't like that it is your right. - Worse still, he has TWO HANDS sculpted to hold an accessory, severely limiting poses. **That is Dick Tracy's pose with the Tommy Gun he is not Scarface holding it with one hand shooting it into the air. He can still be posed as there is plenty of range in the arms and shoulders. - The interchangeable hands are in THE SAME POSE as the ones holding the weapons, meaning there is absolutely no advantage to having interchangeable hands instead of just removable accessories. **His interchangable hands are not in the same pose as they are different hands. - The face doesn't look like the artwork. Not at all. **Well it was aproved by Tribune and they liked it so again that is (Your) opinion. SWH much like you said Scud looked nothing like Scud but you changed your tune when Scud supporters said he did or when you said Maxx looks nothing like the Maxx but I can show you reviews that say it does. - His neck is too skinny. **I don't remeber Dick Tracy having a fat neck and the neck has to support the head properly as it is articulated. - The arms stick out too far from the body at the shoulders. Nothing to do with how they're attached, the torso is sculpted so that the shoulder joint is located out too far from the body. **The shoulders were fixed in the tooling adjustment alomg with other features. - The coat is too thick, and doesn't sit properly on the shoulders **The coat looks fine to us, again (Your) opinion. The coat has to not interfere with the movement which was hard enough to do but I can see you want to slam us with every small detail. - The shape of the suit torso still isn't right. **The suit torso was not only changed but the whole suit jacket was modeled after a real authentic suit of the era. So again (Your) opinon and not one that seems to make any sense. - His feet are sticking out on stupid angles. **Just the angle of the pic. The feet are poseable put them at what ever angle you like! - His feet are too long, it looks like he's wearing clown shoes. **Again angle of the pic his feet are actually small. - That big ugly visible gap between the end of the left hand sculpt and where it goes into the sleeve on the coat version. **Interchagable hands so there willbe a bit of a gap especially since his left hand has his communicator watch on it. - Absolutely pitiful hand sculpting on the right hand holding the tommy gun. **Again (Your) opinion the hand looks fine to us. If it is a bit rough looking could be the paint or hasnt been adjusted yet in tooling. - Huge gap down the left side of the suited figure where the suit piece meets. Also the front and back of the collar doesn't even match up. **That gap will not be on the final figure, again tooling adjustments. - Suit legs should go straight down on the sides. The double joint at the knee gives the legs a stupid looking shape, and the legs weren't sculpted to look like proper suit pants. **Again (Your) opinion I can show you other sites where people said it was the best figure in suit they have seen. Are they wrong? Or are they allowed to have an opinion also? - His arms and legs are too skinny. **Again (Your) opinion. The arms on the original were way to big and this was modeled after a real authentic suit. - The lines on the tie are crooked. **It is a paint master so the lines will be fine when spray masks are used. - His hair style doesn't look like the comic art at all. **Again (Your) opinion. The hair was modeled after a hatless pic given to us by licensor. Hair is very hard to get right I will give you that but we tried our best. - You've tried to give it a stylized paint job, but the figure is not sculpted in a stylized fashion. You're straddling two different styles, and by failing to commit to one, you've failed to achieve either. **We wanted to have a bit of both in the look and again it is (Your) opinion that it doesn't go well. We think his look matches well with the line art and adding the small lines was a way to bring out the look a bit more. We are sorry we could not please you with that but others do like it. - This is just a repaint of a regular figure from series 2. No new tooling involved at all. But you're charging more than double the price of the regular one, for a cheap repaint. **Actually we are charging $35 for this figure. We are charging what a smaller company charges to do a small run of a mass figures. Their is alot more involved then just a simple re-paint maybe you should look into the business more. - Lastly, you're completely overcharging by expecting people to pay $40 for a figure no different from what you would normally charge $15 for. **Again you need to check into your facts the figure is $35 and it is not the same figure as Series2. They are 40th SDCC specialy packaged black and white low run exclusive figures. Again you are not (people) your are (You) with your own opinions. You should stop trying to make everyone else's opionins yours. And what sort of ass-backwards reasoning is it to have the more in-demand and iconic version of the figure harder to obtain? What kind of a milestone is a 6th Comic Con? How does that explain such a dumb decision? But justify it all you want, you're the ones who would be screwing yourselves out of more potential sales by doing it that way. **As stated above it is our 6th SDCC and the 40thSDCC so that was special to us and our fans. Again (Your) opinion of what is special and what is not. That last part is not really you offering anyting but attacking us and trying to get people to not buy these figures. They already have and will continue to even with (Your) opinion known because they have their own opinions. Hope that helped and thank you for sharing (Your) opinions with us and some justified concerns. You do have knowledge of toys SWH, no one is saying you don't, and your input matters. If you spent more time letting us know what you think instead of attacking us you would really help the line for everyone.
  8. What is wrong with them? And the Iconic versions was used as it is our 6th Comic con and their 40th show.
  9. Playmates hinders a toy of Usagi Yojimbo in this Indie Spotlight line. The Badger is a big possibility and Faust maybe already signed with us as for Hunter Rose Grendel we have signed the Grendels and Prime will be in Series 3 and we plan more. The Indie Spotlight is based on a 6" scale.
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