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  1. Agreed! At this point Lucas has over milked the crap out of this franchise. Lets just get the Saga out on Blu-Ray and be done with it unless new movies and or series is made. Especially having to wait an entire year for each film in 3D to come out in theaters. Dumb!
  2. Nice job on your cloning Wheeljack! I too suffer from "Cloning-Itis". It's already been more than 5 years since ROTS I can't seem to stop my cloning production either. It's soooooo highly addictive. Ever thought about designing and making your very own cloning facility to display your clones in? I am currently working on some idea's for mine. Happy hunting!
  3. Hi guy's! It's been a while. Been out of the loop. I too have already grabbed quite a few of these figures. For some odd reason the Boba Fett seems to be the hardest one to track down, which is lame because it's the same figure from the " Legacy of the Fett's " 3 -pack that came out a couple of years back. I think my biggest gripe so far is with these foil carded variants. I just dont see the point. I mean, are they even going to be worth anything? Probably not! For example: Look at those UGH hunt figures from the 2006 Saga collection wave. Those harder to find variants aren't worth anything now. It seems pointless IMOP.
  4. I could not agree with all of you more! Enough of the Clone Wars already. We need to expand on the original trilogy for once. Kid's love the original trilogy as well Mr. Lucas! I think the best bet ( and I heard someone on one of these forums already say ) would be to do animated features based on the expanded universe novels and comics. I like the characters like Grand Admiral Thrawn, Mara Jade, Jodo Kast, the Black Hole Stormtroopers, Kyle Katarn and many, many others. This needs to happen. Lets at least get to see even an animated feature based off of The Force Unleashed with Starkiller. Maybe several years after Episode III so we can delve more into the creation of the Empire. I would love to see the evolution of the Clonetroopers into the Stormtroopers as well.
  5. Went to Wal*Mart 2 days ago and finally found the vintage line. Picked up the Bespin Luke ( best out of the set IMOP! ) and the C-3PO. Anyways, they were both $7.00 a piece ( which isn't too bad ). I returned to the same Wal*Mart the following day to pick up a couple more and they already raised the price to $7.96, almost a whole dollar more! What the hell is up with that? I didn't buy.
  6. It looks to me like Hasbro is doing the same exact thing to the Iron Man 2 4" inch line that they did with the Indiana Jones line a couple of years back. Hasbro has flooded the market with the first two initial waves of figures. Just like the Indiana Jones line, these first two waves are still sitting on store shelves. There are still so many figures from the first waves just overflowing that it's hard to find any of the new Iron Man figures on store shelves. If you do come across any of new figures they are very far and few between. This is alomst exactly what Hasbro did to kill the Indiana Jones line. I remember it was almost next to impossible to find the "Temple of Doom" and "Last Crusade" waves.
  7. Meh! I am pretty much, at this point with the " I will believe it when I see it crowd ". I have an amazing Toy Biz Marvel Legends collection already and I dont think that Hasbro will even come close to touching it IMOP. Just look at how some of the Toy Biz figures have already begun go way up in value within the " collectors " market. To a lot of collectors out there, including myself the Toy Biz line is the definitive Marvel action figure collection. I'm really happy with what I have. I started to collect the MU line but quit at the end of series 2. I thought, " whats the point in collecting a smaller line of all the same old characters I already have in a much better quallity 6" version?" Plus I agree with most when it boils down to the sub par quallity of Hasbro's MU line. I do have a select few of the Hasbro Marvel Legends but I still don't think that they match up to the majority of the Toy Biz figures. Time will tell with me, I guess. I may end up collecting a few of the new Hasbro 6" inchers in the near future if they imrove quallity wize and they make some of the other characters we dont get too often. We already have enough Wolverine's, Spider-Man's and, well you know.
  8. DikTator32

    Rare .

    Okay, Ready? 'Cause here I go with the Hasbro bashing once again. To answer your question is " because its Hasbro!" They are getting worse every day and making it harder for the average collector to find anything decent on store shelves, period. I cant even find the new " Star Wars vintage collection " figures anywhere. And where is our ( the United States ) 6" inch movie Iron Man 2 Mark V suit-case armor Wal*Mart exclusive figure Hasbro? Huh! Why has Canada had these for months and us nothing? For some reason part of me believe's that Hasbro wants the majority of their figures to be rare which in turn causes for more demand. The good ol' fashioned Supply and Demand game. Either that or they want to adhere to the "Scalper" crowd.
  9. Ok, so whats the deal with Target and Wal*Mart the past several months? All stores are completely baren with the new stuff. I'm trying to get my hands on some of the new vintage figures and there's nothing. Are Target and Wal*Mart doing resets or something, and how long does it freakin' take? Toys R Us has the new vintage collection, however the last couple of times I have gone into one of their stores the shelf is almost completely wiped out, with none of the good stuff left. I blame Hasbro for the majority of this issue. I am getting closer and closer to boycotting the company. They seem to be making it a lot harder these days to find anything good. Why can't they release this stuff in massive bulk quantities so that everyone can have a stab at them?
  10. So far I am really disapointed with this game. I am a huge Gambit fan and for him not to be in this new installment really stinks IMOP! He was an outstanding character in Marvel vs. Capcom 2. I will not be purchasing this game unless Capcom starts putting more and better Marvel characters into this game! Gambit is one of the more popular Marvel characters and he needs to be in this game. Many others like Venom and Carnage should be included as well from the start.
  11. I still have not seen these around my area yet, either! Tell me why Canada has had these for a month or so now and we still have nada? Let me tell ya Hasbro is really good at playing mind games.
  12. Oh! I can almost assure you there will be more than 30 characters. Youre just gonna have to pay extra for them over XBLA and PSN for the downloads.
  13. I personally think it's far better to have just a good looking actress that can act over a hot one like Megan Fox who can't! At this point Megan Fox is really starting to get on my nerves. I would love to see someone like, maybe Summer Glau. She's a much better actress. Megan Fox just comes across soooo fake to me when she attempts to read her lines. I personally thought that blonde actress that was assisting our government in the first film was was way more interesting and believable. And she was extremely hot too!
  14. I would like to add on at how dissapointed I am that this fantastic, engaging and extremely entertaining movie hasn't even reached the $300 million dollar mark at the box office yet! Not like it ultimately matters to me or the rest of you out there that loved this film too, but it is a real shame so far. What's wrong with people?I am shocked at how the sequel is, in comparrison trailing behind the original when it was out at this time. I also want to point out that I am really getting tired of " the Dark Knight " is better fanboy nonsense. Just because " the Dark Knight " grossed more at the box office doesn't make it a better film to everyone. Iron Man 2 is awesome!!!!
  15. I simply loved this movie! It was excellent IMOP! It's definitely on par if not better than the first one. I'm happy. I thought that the pacing of the movie was similar to the last one but the action scenes were 10x more intense. Great film! You have to experience it in IMAX! I was truely blown away. Can't wait to own it on Blu-Ray.
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