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  1. Eat crow? Why? I posted this over at RTM. I think it covers this. "Someone" posted this My reply And another response Good for Geoff for finally delivering. Good for fans of the properties. But, that doesn't mean that anyone should feel bad about pointing out his past lies. It doesn't mean that he will somehow not be an #$#$# now.
  2. Cool. I'll keep them in mind. Didn't know about them and like seeing the smaller companies trying make a name. How'd I forget these guys? Four Horsemen I just reread this "interview" from November 20th. Geoff Beckett uncategorically states that the Indie Spotlight series 1 figures would ship from Diamond in December. Then in the comments, the "interviewer," Collin David, posts on November 22nd: So no excuse of some production delay. No excuse of a shipping delay. Geoff Beckett stated that the figures were done and he had received them. He LIED. Always remember; the more certain of anything that Geoff Beckett appears, the more certain you can be that he is lying. UPDATE Case in point, March has now become April. From Figures.com(emphasis mine):
  3. What's wrong with these two pictures? From NYCC: From the Shocker website: Price creep is another thing that Geoff works into his pre-ordering schemes. Watch as later the shipping and handling included will get dropped from the online store prices. Then the price will rise again. Someone will mention it, and Geoff will explain that the extra cost is to cover included shipping and handling. Then later, the included S&H will disappear again. And on and on and on. By the time the regular line comes out, if it ever does, the figures are going to cost over $20 each. easy.
  4. Uh, yeah. But thanks for the history lesson anyways. Mallows = a rip-off of a rip-off. Geoff Beckett is behind the curve again.
  5. Do you think that Hasbro will be happy about these?
  6. Another Shocker Rip-off Product. Since your little sign asks, here's some feedback, Geoff, so listen! Get yourself a good lawyer to deal with the forth coming lawsuit from Hasbro regarding these Mighty Mug rip offs. Notice the order form on the bottom right.: NYCC exclusives that aren't available at NYCC! How much more exclusive can you get? Pay now! Cash or Credit! Maybe get something later! Is that the "sold out," SDCC exclusive Maxx figure pictured on the right?! Still available!
  7. There are many smaller companies out there that we don't have to feel bad about supporting. Onell Design Suckadelic Atomic Mushroom 3A Toys There are probably a hundred more that I can't remember or don't know about.
  8. Here's a brief description of the threatening phone call made by Geoff Beckett to Jonah Weiland at CBR:
  9. Geoff's on a internet scrubbing tear lately. Must be needing to convince some investors to cough up some money. First, two threads from the DC boards were deleted yesterday. Then came the announcement concerning the LitG thread. Now, I just noticed that the A-F.com article that was being discussed over in the LitG thread has had its comments deleted. Is this thread next?
  10. The CBR LitG Shocker thread has been closed and will be deleted soon. Here's the final post: I am so disappointed. As an archive of Geoff's shady practices, it's invaluable.
  11. That's all understood. But Geoff claimed that the figures had left the factory on the 12th of January. It's still says that on the front page of the Shocker website. If the figures were made then, why would the Chinese New Year period, which didn't start for another 2 weeks, delay their shipment? Did he decide to pay to have the completed figures stored for several weeks so that he could try to have them shipped during the Chinese New Year period? That simply doesn't make sense. Geoff Beckett lied. Again.
  12. I think Doom Saber is right here. Shocker has claimed that MT stole the idea of making figures of indie characters; a completely ridiculous claim given that many other companies made figures from non-Marvel and DC characters prior to either MT or ST.
  13. Shocker Toys' latest scam: http://www.unscrewedcomic.com/article.php?...081205105907312 Comic shops have it tough enough without phony customers purposefully ordering product they don't plan on buying. This is really a new low. This is getting posted everywhere.
  14. Alvatron, that was hilarious! Money has changed hands. Or at least that's clearly Geoff Beckett's intention whenever he posts spam trying get people to place pre-orders for his imaginary product. That's my biggest problem with Shocker Toys. Lol, that's even funnier than Alvatron's post.
  15. Yeah, but it's a righteous anger That whole thread cracks me up. SWH put the perfect cherry on top with that fake Shocker add. The interview that Magic 8 Ball is talking about is so full of FAIL. http://www.toycyte.com/the-shocking-geoff-beckett-interview I love how Beckett talks about his "design team in Singapore" and his "GFX designers th3rdworld.com." They aren't part of Shocker Toys. They are subcontractors. Shocker Toys hasn't the slightest claim of ownership or control over either. They are separate entities that are (hopefully) getting paid to do a job. They are no more a part of Shocker Toys than the factory he hopes one day will make his figures. Who is willing to bet that his "people" in New Jersey and New York are just interns, relatives, or one of the half dozen posters on his forum? By the first comment made by the interviewer, I'm thinking it was done mostly to generate some traffic for the site.
  16. Nice. Way to address the very real concern that these will not see store shelves this year as promised.
  17. Gail Simone is my new hero. She rips Shocker to shreds for his antics: http://forums.comicbookresources.com/showt...1&page=3191 (bottom of the page) I'm so happy to see someone stand up to the BS legal threats that Shocker makes. Other sites could learn a lesson from how she has dealt with him.
  18. Then why are you posting old pics of product that is supposed to be out in weeks as if they were something new?
  19. You are lying. You have been claiming for months that people would be able to get these in December. Your own website has "Shipping Decemeber 2008" after each of these figures. (Maybe "Decemeber" is some new month you created.) There is no clarification. No shipping from China to the US in December. Just "shipping in December" in a pre-order listing. No reasonable person would come to the new interpretation you are trying to push. You are deliberately misleading potential customers. This is a perfect example of how you lie. When the release date is missed yet again, you'll claim that you never said anything different, that it was always "ships to the U.S. in December". You're just punting things down the road like always. Remember when you were claiming that these would be out in 2007? Then a few months after Toy Fair? Then August? Then October? But you keep insisting that they are just around the corner to try to get money out of people through pre-orders.
  20. Thanks for clarifying the Shadowhawk situation. I haven't read Kabuki lately, so could you catch me up on that character too? (I was quite surprised by your pics that apparently Mack has made some BIG changes in the character since last I read an issue.) So are these still scheduled for a December release? Given that you are still showing unfinished figures this close to December, it doesn't seem possible to me. With shipping times from China and distribution once they are here, even if the figures were 100% complete right now, it seems highly improbable that they could reach store shelves in December. Have they already shipped from China? If so, how about some finished product pics?
  21. Umm, who are you? And where am I supposed to have followed you from? Is the leash thing your way of trying to hit on me? Is ShockerToysHelp the same person as ShockerToys and about five other similar names here and elsewhere on the net? Even in this post, you are implying that if "you people" hadn't caused problems, we would be getting Invincible toys from you. How could anyone have screwed themselves out of toys that you never, ever had a chance of making? Are you delusional? Or can you just not stop lying?
  22. Correction: If I cross my fingers and toes, will we ever get a figure? ROFL Shoot. It's looking close these days. The latest prototypes look great. All I'm sayin' is throw us a bone. Let Invincible sneak into wave 2 (or 3?). You will never see Invincible figures made by Shocker Toys. Check out this thread from the image comics board: http://tinyurl.com/4qrr7e It's a little hard to follow, as Shocker went back and deleted all of his posts, as he often does when even he realizes what a fool he has been. But what happened can be pieced together. Basically, Kirkman puts Shocker in his place for hinting that he had the license to produce Invincible figures when he clearly did not.
  23. domu

    3.75 TDK

    Comparison of the new 4" Tumbler with the Hot Wheels 1/18 die-cast version: For $8, the plastic version compares nicely, I think. It's front wheels are more accurately sized, too. Unfortunately, neither is true 1/18 scale. (And just another inch or so would have done it...) While taking these pics, I finally figured out how to open the canopy all the way on the Hot Wheels version. I thought I had broken it at first, but it just takes a lot of force to open. The interior is nicely detailed. I think I could squeeze Batman in there, but I don't think that there is enough leg room.
  24. domu

    3.75 TDK

    The DC Infinite Heroes look a little stiff in pictures, like these do. But if they are as fun in hand as these are, I will probably pic up a few. It's nice to see toys that are meant to be played with sometimes, too. Anyone know what scale this will be: http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/product...amp;mode=retail I really want a 4" scale Batpod. I also read that the Batpod that comes with the Stealth Launch Tumbler is a little small for the 5" figures, so maybe it could work. Couple of shots of the World's Finest:
  25. domu

    3.75 TDK

    Thanks for the kind words I hope that they make some more, too. A Batman Begins version Batman would be cool.
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