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  1. Here's a link to a review with video of the 1701Ds: http://trekmovie.com/2009/06/21/the-collec...erprise-d-toys/
  2. Yeah, you keep rewriting history to massage your ego. They were prototypes. Shocker asked for critiques. Critiques were given. Changes were made. Don't be angry now because you didn't participate in the process and instead chose to pretend to like something which you really didn't. Were you afraid of being called a "Hater" if you gave your real opinion on the prototypes?
  3. I think you're confusing us. I never said the new figures weren't an improvement. Wow, yeah, those are awful. (SWH probably blocked them from his memory, and that's why he didn't notice the changes. Some sort of post traumatic stress, or something.) Good to see that you have developed a sense of humor and can post these awful pics now. I remember when you first posted those, and everyone was calling it Chick Tracy. (Everyone except WWH, of course. If you had listened to him, look at what you'd be stuck with, lol.) Anyhow I'm happy to see that you've been making the changes to your product and the way you conduct business that people have been telling you to. Also happy that you have come back here. Don't be so thin-skinned this time and run away again when the conversation isn't entirely to your liking.
  4. Wow, I was sort of half joking, but you really are jealous of SWH! SWH and others have suggested improvements, and Geoff has listened to them. Everyone is working together to make better toys. And now you're telling them not to discuss other things that need improvement. You're mocking him for doing what has proven successful in the past. That's odd behavior. Please relax, wwh. You are, without a doubt, Geoff's #1 fan. Even if/when Geoff incorporates the latest suggestions of SWH into his figures, no one will ever argue against your very special place among Shocker fandom.
  5. Yeah, here's a link. This is where Geoff's faisco at CBR started. It's a long thread and the pertinent information is many pages into it, so it''l take some digging. Happy reading: http://forums.comicbookresources.com/showt...048#post7948048 WWH, go back and reread this thread, if you would please. There were no personal attacks on other posters until you came into it. Then when people defended themselves against your personal attacks, you do the whole "let's just talk about the toys" routine. You have derailed this thread. You really do come off as jealous of SWH for having had such an enormous impact on the success of Shocker Toys. From the incorporation of so many of his suggestions to improve the product, to changing how they treat customers because of him pointing out shortcomings, to just keeping their name in the "news," Shocker Toys has improved greatly because of SWH, at least in part. And what have you done, WWH? Your uncritical praise for everything and anything Shocker related has not led to any improvements, either in product or service. Your histrionics on message boards have only reinforced the old Shocker image of being unable to take even the mildest of criticism. I know you take being Geoff's #1 fan very seriously, but what you are doing isn't helping. You have hurt the company and the man that you say you love so much. Shocker Toys appears to have left their troubled past behavior behind. Maybe you ought to do the same.
  6. Speaking of letting things go, do you have to follow SWH everywhere he posts just to attack him personally for having an opinion that isn't your own? How many sites have you followed him to? Or are you not allowed to stop because it's part of the arrangement you and Geoff have? (You know, the one where he gives you free stuff for you going around the internet making personal attacks on anyone who dares to not have a positive opinion of Shocker Toys/ Geoff Beckett. Sure you'll deny this, but it was already established last year in the CBR YABS Rick Olney thread. You remember attacking Gail Simone, whose board you were on, for having not responded positively to Geoff's phony legal threats, don't you?) If that arrangement has concluded, why not just let people express their own opinions without making everything personal? If you had just left off your first few paragraphs attacking SWH, you'd be presenting your opinion more effectively, instead of coming off as a shill for the company.
  7. At TRU.com, you can get 2 HKs for only $9.99: http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3335515 The sale applies to the A-10 Warthogs, too: http://www.toysrus.com/searchHandler/index...mp;type=trigger
  8. Since no one asked, or probably cares, here is my completely biased, but attempting to be fair, assessment of the state of Shocker Toys. The Good: Geoff finally put out some product, and people are generally pleased with it. That's all most anyone is going to care about. Geoff has mostly stayed off the internet. He hasn't resorted to the spamming of his past. He hasn't engaged in any epic arguments lately. That's a definite improvement. His non-presence is a much larger asset than his presence. He seems to have finally learned to let his product speak for itself. The Bad: Geoff still needs to pay off prior debts. This is a big one. Geoff needs to announce the cancellation of the Gwar, WWTBASH, and other lines that have been on the shelf forever, or he needs to get them out soon. He needs to refund any preorder money he got for his announced and super delayed lines now, even if he still has plans to make them. It's been too long. Do it as a sign of good faith. Geoff is still promising more than he can deliver. Why talk about series 3 of Indie Spotlight when series 1 has just barely made it out? Why keep stringing along posters at his forum with promises of making figures of characters they create for over three years now? Accept growth at a reality based pace. Don't promise what can't be delivered in any sort of reasonable time frame. Don't say you are working on acquiring a license just because someone asks about it (e.g. LoEG). Geoff is still lying. So there may be a problem with some Scuds breaking. Don't try to hide it. Don't try to cover it up. Just deal with it. Geoff hasn't apologized for some terrible things he has said about a lot of people and some terrible things he has done. He owes Robert Kirkman, Gail Simone, Jonah Weiland, Bobbi Boyd, comic shop owners across America, and probably others, public and sincere apologies. Some free advice for Geoff: Don't start taking pre-orders for product until it's on a boat on it's way to you. Doing so in the past has contributed greatly to your reputation as a liar. Stay off message boards. You come off as a jerk. Use whatever money you are making off of Indie Spotlight series 1 to pay the people you've used, in the worst sense of the word, to get them made. This includes your web designers. This includes the "interns" and others you've failed to compensate. If this means that you don't have enough money to start manufacturing series 2, so be it. Raise the money through other means. If it is through pre-orders, be upfront about it. People have a right to know if they are helping to finance your company through their preorder money. Otherwise, you are scamming them. You don't need to be a Hasbro or Mattel to be successful, so stop pretending like you're bigger and more influential than you are. Your stuff doesn't need to be in Toys R Us stores. Stop posing. Respect is earned over time, not something that you can simply demand. No more threats and phony legal notices in an attempt to squash any and all negative publicity. It makes you look stupid when you threaten internet posters with calling the FTC because they think a toy of yours is ugly. Grow thicker skin. No more scams. No sending out mass emails to comic shops pretending to be customers wanting your product. You've finally got something to sell. Let it sell on its merits rather than your fishy marketing.
  9. Classic. Don't address any actual point I bring up. Just attack my argument by questioning my motives. And you are calling me a troll? Instead of name calling, why not point out things in particular that I posted that you have an issue with. Then, we can have a discussion about issues. Like, I don't think it's cool to sign up at the Shocker forum under different names to post things just to stir up trouble, just to hide insults of Geoff within the first letters of each word of a post or whatever. You know, like you have done ,Doom Saber, aka Gen Officious Suxorz. What's your justification for doing that? This is you, isn't it? From here, for context: http://forums.comicbookresources.com/showt...1&page=3294 Post # 49405 Going by other posts of yours at CBR talking about Gen officious suxorz' posts, you were once sort of proud of what you were doing. It seems that you now feel guilty for it. And now, you seem to be projecting that guilt onto others, like myself.
  10. You are mixing the posts and points of different people to make your argument. That is just silly. Would it be appropriate for me to intertwine wwh quotes with yours to make a point against what you are trying to get across? The progression of your argument is fundamentally flawed because of this. I have never said that I was attempting to get anyone to not buy Geoff's product. You've conflated what I posted with what another person posted. I said I wanted to present information that would allow people to make their own decision. But you've lumped in what I have said with what others have said because to you it's all sort of, kind of, similar. It's then an easy jump for you to label all of "us" as a "bloody scary" hive mind with a nefarious, single minded purpose. How about instead, address the people you disagree with as individuals? We aren't all saying the same thing. If you have a problem with a poster(s), why indict the whole thread? You are incorrect to say that only the direct victim of a crime can point out that a crime has happened. That is silly too. Whether or not Geoff will actually be held criminally liable for anything, does not mean that what he has done isn't immoral, unethical, or just plain wrong. Say a group of people are going to a party. Bill says he is getting a ride home with Tom. Jack says Tom has a history of drinking and driving. No, Tom has never been arrested for it. Bobby says he has seen Tom do the same thing. Are Jack and Booby participating in character assassination? Does Tom not having been arrested excuse his behavior? Jack telling the cops about Tom's past won't get Tom arrested. Tom may not ever drink and drive again. But, telling Bill about it may get Bill to find a safer ride home, or maybe even a safer ride for himself and Tom. Telling Bill about it allows him to make an informed decision. Like I said before; I am not trying to ruin anyone. Geoff being a scumbag is absolutely sound grounds for what I am doing here.
  11. I never implied that you were a shockpuppet, Doom Saber. You misunderstood what I wrote. Maybe clean up what you sloppily posted and others can read for themselves what I did indeed post.
  12. Thanks, hall monitor. I would have sworn that I saw a moderator respond just a few posts before yours, but have fun writing your report. Nice job forgoing any discussion and jumping to the conclusion that everything said here is character assassination. Of course there is no point in character assassination. Pointing out the crimes of a criminal isn't character assassination. You disagree with my assessment of things. Fine. We disagree. I trust others enough to make that decision on their own. Why do you feel that you need to make judgments for others instead of letting them make them for themselves? I explained the "point of it all." You seemed to have ignored that in your rush to try to silence the exchange of ideas. Read more carefully. I never claimed to be better or smarter Here's some advice back at you; try not to being so smug and judgmental. You may enjoy life a little more.
  13. Ah, the beating a dead horse argument. If you are familiar with something, then everyone else must be also. But, it never fails; whenever I post a response to something Geoff, or one of his fans, claims, detailing Geoff's "erratic" history, at least one person always says thanks for letting them know about it. It may not change what they plan to do, buy or not buy, but they appreciate having the opportunity to make a more educated choice. And sometimes, the choice is to not support behavior that they don't like. Of course everyone will decide on their own if they want to buy these or not. Of course many people could care less about the checkered history of Shocker Toys. They would buy the toys no matter what Geoff ever did or said. But some people do care. Some people, if made aware of things like shady behavior by the company of a product they are considering buying, will choose not to buy that product. Some people simply dislike supporting shady businesses, enough so that it changes their behavior. Even more people care to hear about breakage problems in a product. I don't think it's remotely petty or immature to get the facts out on a product, especially facts not spun by corporate pr. (I am personally grateful to all the people who posted about the failure rates of the Xbox 360 over on Kotaku, despite the constant assurances early on by Microsoft that no problem existed. I delayed my purchase of one until the problem was addressed and probably saved myself a lot of headache.) Posting the truth about Geoff probably won't "hurt" his company. But I'm not here to "hurt" anyone. Quite the opposite. So you can say that this toy line "will live or die on its own merits now" as if it were an undeniable fact, but it's not. Other factors can and will affect the success of the line. And I never claimed to be better or smarter than anyone else posting here. But I'd like to point out, again, that someone admonishing others for engaging in this thread, is engaging in this thread. No interest in the discussion? It's unproductive, immature, petty, meaningless? Then why are you in it?
  14. Hey, I was wondering when the holier than thou posts would start showing up. How does this usually go? "Everyone is so immature for participating in this thread, a thread that I have just chosen to participate in, but the first part of what I said doesn't apply to me because I don't really care one way or another, I'm just up here on my high horse looking down on all of you, and sure, I'm getting down into it with everyone else by reading every post and name calling and complaining myself, you know, the sort of thing I'm against because I said so, but that I'm still going to do, but does that really count? not when it's me, right? anyhow, I'm a moral authority and an authority on proper manly behavior and I stand up for what's right except, you know, if it might interfere with a toy I want to buy, then whatever goes and people shouldn't bring up something like a company lying and stealing and other shady behavior because that might damage the carefully woven cocoon of ignorance I've built around myself, so don't talk about anything I don't approve of unless you are crybaby pussies, got it!" I've said this before, but I guess it bears repeating. This is the circus. This is why you are here. This is why you are commenting. You can't turn away. You don't like it. You LOVE it. You don't have to feel bad. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Just accept that you walk on the ground like the rest of us. Or just use your mod powers to lock /delete this thread (like some clearly want). What's that? You're not a mod? My mistake...
  15. So it was a joke that nobody seemed to get, that isn't funny, and that you still believe is possibly true. Riiight. Good one. You're taking your ball and going home so soon But you haven't succeeded in getting this thread deleted yet. Will Geoff continue to give you free stuff for posting unquestioning praise for him on other message boards (you know, like you revealed he's done before over in the YABS CBR thread) even though you've failed yet again to help his cause and instead reinforced through your rants the negative image that Shocker has developed over the years? I hear that's where all the cool kids are hanging out! Let's head over now, Poochie!
  16. Do you have any experience with super glue accelerants? I thought I read somewhere that applying an accelerant makes the bond less brittle and was wondering if I should give it a try.
  17. I think it's the same basic stuff, cyanoacrylate, but there are different formulas that cure quicker or whatever.
  18. I think this bit of paranoid delusion speaks volumes. So, if I'm following this correctly, the pic is a Phototshop creation done to trick people into thinking that there is a breakage problem, a breakage problem that you and Geoff already both say exists, that was created for some website that you swear exists, and "everyone" helped to make, but which doesn't exist? Oookaaay....
  19. So wwh, I take it I was right when I posted on the previous page that you are trying to create a flame war to get this thread locked and/or deleted, so that absolutely nothing bad about Shocker Toys will be easy for people to find. And you keep saying bad things about various companies. Are you a "bias troll" on a "smear campaign" against these helpless companies?
  20. This is going to be complete speculation, but wwh's talk of these figures "selling out" has me wondering. What has sold out? Can't everything but the Scud and Maxx still be easily ordered? The Maxx only just sold out in the last couple of days. Scud sold out through pre-orders alone! Even with the tiny initial production run, none of the other figures has sold out yet. Is Scud that much more popular? Or, did a number of Scuds arrive obviously broken in the package, thus lowering the number available for sale? Is the breakage problem really much more wide spread? Why wasn't a Scud among the figures given away to be reviewed? Were there none to spare? We are left to speculation when discussion of the matter is actively hidden from public view. EDIT: On second thought, Geoff would probably just send out broken figures and tell anyone that complained to just glue it back together (as he and wwh have already done.)
  21. That Geoff feels the need to remove even one complaint to a section of his forum that is not visible to the general public suggests that he has something to hide. Does he? You (wwh) say that there has only been one complaint, but you also say that there are breakage issues with Scud and mention that a production change has been made on the figure to fix the problem. Why would a single complaint necessitate a change in production? Why not just make a public announcement along the lines of "Hey some of the figures have a breakage issue that we have been made aware of. If you have the problem, we'll send you a replacement. We've changed how the next batch of figures will be made to fix the problem in future releases." Problem solved. Compare this to your post. It feels an awful lot like what you did over on the Fwoosh last year. Transform any Shocker related thread that isn't 100% praise into a flame war that results in the thread being locked and/or deleted. Conveniently, the public no longer has ready access to a record of anything Shocker-related that isn't controlled and approved by Shocker. Even when Shocker has "won" it still feels like Geoff is trying to hide things.
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