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  1. "lol you sure about that?" Yes. I am. Why would I question a Jazwares representative when a website that has nothing to do with the production of these figures made a mistake labeling their pictures? But as I said, feel free to continue to disagree. It still doesn't change anything.
  2. The ninja is Smoke, and the unpainted prototype next to Cage is Kano. RHunter, Jazwares representative, has said repeatedly on other forums that wave three, if they get the chance to release it, will be Cage, Kano, Reptile and Smoke. Feel free to argue or disagree. It doesn't change the fact that you will be wrong.
  3. "Return of Supmerman Series 2," huh? Oh, man... Too funny.
  4. "If there is enough demand, ToyBiz would be very stupid not to act and meet it." *repeats self again* DarthMaulSithLord, you are, like everyone else, ignoring the fact that retailers wouldn't buy it. Toy Biz made the figure. They showed it at SDCC a few years back. Retailers didn't bite. They made it a rotocast, significantly dropping the price point. They showed it at Toy Fair. Retailers, again, didn't bite. They've tried. Why do you keep ignoring that? As for an exclusive, they could not sell it as a store exclusive because, repeated once again, retailers simply do not want it. Feel free to place blame on retailers all you want, as it is completely in their hands. As for, say, an internet exclusive, or a mail-away, that wouldn't be cost-efficient for Toy Biz. It is easy to sign a meaningless petition on the internet. It is just as easy to claim on a message board that you'd buy it. But due to the fact that this figure is now both a) an exclusive, and large, the price would go up. Suddenly all of the people claiming to be willing to spend $45-50 on this figure are going to have to spend upwards of $70-80, plus shipping, just so that Toy Biz can break even on this exclusive figure. But, obviously, with the price going up, the number of people buying are naturally going to go down. Do you (finally) see Toy Biz's problems yet? On the topic of the possibility of a smaller scale, regular price release, like the new Treebeard, I recall hearing Adrian from action-figures.com stating on his boards that Toy Biz actually has (or at least had) that on the drawing board. And, once again, it is up to the retailers whether or not it will ever see the light of day.
  5. Can I point out a second time that Balrog is a deluxe sized single electronic villain character (i.e., to retailers, the exact same thing as the Cave Troll that didn't sell), and that the Bridge at Khazad-Dum set is a mini figure playset? Or are we going to continue to ignore that fact and assume that retailers would see it as the same thing? "And why wouldn't you guys buy this AOME set, if this is the only chance at owning a Balrog? You'd rather have none at all?" Because it isn't going to influence any retailers at all when it comes to the full sized Balrog figure. Why is this so hard for fanboys to understand? I would want one too. I would certainly love to have one in my collection. But I became resigned a long time ago to the fact that it just isn't happening. Move on with life, you'll feel better.
  6. Rik, you are, like everyone else, ignoring the fact that retailers wouldn't buy it.
  7. Armies of Middle Earth Balrog = moderately priced playset for mini figures that only takes up so much room at retail. Lord of the Rings Balrog = large scale deluxe villain with high price point that takes up a large space at retail. Buying all of the mini Balrog playsets in the world will not inspire retailers to change their minds and order the full sized Balrog from Toy Biz. Remember, retailers don't see individual characters, they see in terms of size and whether a toy is a villain or a hero. And please, let's all stop blaming Toy Biz. It was stated numerous times two years ago that they wanted to release the Balrog. Why would they have sculpted such a large figure, and put gone to the cost of planning to include electronics in him, if they were going to decide on a whim to just not release it? It is the retailers you need to take this up with.
  8. Well... yeah. They didn't real-scan anybody in the Fellowship toyline's exact musculature, did they? But their bodies are covered by clothing, so who cares what they look like underneath. This Pippin is going to be, in my collection at least, displayed with the helmet on, and his face hidden. Why should I care in the least if his face isn't perfect? I'll never see it.
  9. ...does it occur to no one that Pippin has a helmet, and his face will be all but hidden anyway? "Toybiz if you read this, just know that you are the biggest disappointment in all of action figure history. Aren't you ashamed?" Dude... Have you not been paying attention to Mattel for the past year and a half? Toy Biz is a Godsend compared to those chimps.
  10. 1337R8


    That'd be Atom, Ecc.
  11. "Batman: Death in the Family= Jason Todd buys it" *gasp* Well gee, thanks for spoiling it for me!!! Heh.
  12. *watches thoughts of blackmail rolling through his head* You know, Mandy, that signed SDCC He-Man figure you have would look pretty nice in my collection....... =)
  13. This is going off of what was posted on the DC Direct message boards. As usual, this is all subject to change at any time, etc.,etc. So take this as you will: Wave 1: April 2004 Batman Joker Poison Ivy Hush Huntress Wave 2: TBA Superman Catwoman Robin Nightwing Harley Quinn And, before anyone else asks: Justice League of America Wave 2: 3rd Quarter 2004 Firestorm Atom Elongated Man Adam Strange Whee!
  14. Aw, man. DC Direct is just doing everything right while Mattel is doing everything wrong. While Mattel is spoonfeeding us the occassional good character mixed with big stinkin' piles of junk in both Justice League and Batman, DC Direct is giving us nothing but pure plastic awesomeness. By Christmas of 2004, we'll have ten Hush Batman figures (with no snap-on armor or neon paint-applications on ANY of them!), ten Justice League of America figures with actual articulation and in a better scale than Mattel's, not to mention all of the incredible Rise of the Supermen figures. So thanks, DC Direct, for giving me steak while Mattel puts out nothing but neon green bologna.
  15. Now just slightly resculpt Batman, and include him with a new Martian Manhunter, Firestorm, Atom and Plastic Man as modern Justice League wave 2 and all the fanboys (and me!) will be happy and stop complaining. C'mon, DC Direct, you know you wanna
  16. At least we can all agree that Image and all the other third party publishers suck. *smirk* And now, the flames resume...
  17. Mattel is still under the impression that all of their boys action figure lines are actually of interest to kids, and are convinced that these non-existant kids would find more than bare-bones articulation to be too easily breakable. Of course, anyone looking at a toy aisle can tell that the only figures selling at the comic-accurate ones, which are all being picked up by collectors, but since when does Mattel worry about little things like logic or reality?
  18. The way I look at it, anytime a collector whines that Spider-Man has lots of Spider-variants in the line are being extremely selfish. We, collectors, get Marvel Legends. It is clearly aimed for the most part at collectors, with chase figures, classic comics, bases, no action features, etc. Spider-Man is the exact opposite of that, and aimed at kids. But on top of that, Toybiz throws us an extra couple of bones by giving us characters like Daredevil and so many villains in the Spider-Man line. So there are collector-aimed figures in the kids line, but no kid-aimed figures in the collector line.... and collectors still complain?
  19. Marvel Select is a compilation toyline of both Diamond Select and Toybiz done in a completely different scale than Marvel Legends. The figures are in a 7 inch scale, where as Marvel Legends, Spider-Man and X-Men/Hulk Classics are all in 6 inch. Saying that they can't make a Black Cat in Spider-Man is like saying they can't make a Silver Surfer Marvel Legend because they already have one in the Mini-mates, or they can't make an Ultimate Nick Fury because they made a bust of him. ...why do I feel like a broken record? Villains I'd like: Burglar Electro Scorpion Vulture Mysterio Allies: Black Cat Dr. Strange J. Jonah Jameson ...and that's about it, I guess.
  20. For those curious, the reason they chose this costume rather than the unified look is because this is representative of a scene out of Ultimate X-Men #6, while Wolverine was still wearing his original Ultimate costume. Note that Magneto is being gutted here, not kneeling before Wolverine or anything. And please, stop comparing Marvel Select to Marvel Legends. Two different toylines, two different companies, two different scales.
  21. I'm here too (being nocturnal and all). Not that it matters, since I'm here to talk toys, not win them, heh.
  22. When considering bringing your company's toys to a convention such as the San Diego Comic Convention, please, consider the following helpful DO's and DON'T's: When it comes to building up pre-convention hype... DO show only one or two figures in Toy Fare a week before, and vaguely hint at completely unexpected surprises. DON'T show every single new sculpt save for one in Toy Fare a week before. When it comes to reusing past pieces in your new toys... DO only use a few previously used bodyparts, repainted and mixed with new parts to create exciting, new characters. DON'T have half of your next six months be cheap repaints of old characters with extra accessories. When it comes to communicating with your fanbase... DO realize that the adult collector is a vital part of your business, and answer questions in an intelligent, thought provoking manner via the internet. DON'T continue to deny that the adult collector is a vital part of your business, and answer questions in vague, childish manner via the internet. When it comes to insisting on multiple versions of the same character... DO ensure that they are all dignified, well sculpted versions that have actually appeared somewhere before. DON'T play "Let's see how many ridiculous accessories we can slap onto him this time" for the sole purpose of putting out yet another version of an already peg-warming character. When it comes to exclusives... DO release them to the mass market in short-packaged quantities so that everyone has an equal chance of getting one. DON'T make the fans you deny exist jump through hoops in order to have the privelege of only buying one of your two exclusives. So there you are. With these few simple, helpful hints, you too will have a great, popular and fan-titilating display at Comic Con, and won't walk away completely disappointing everyone involved. A free Keldor to anyone who can tell what two companies I'm comparing
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