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  1. Man, this was a crazy piece to work on. And expensive. Whew. I was asked to try an Infinity War Thanos on a Shao Kahn body and initially I loved the idea. The problem, however, was the material. Various pieces on the Storm Collectibles figures are soft rubber, which is tough to easily sculpt over. So, this became quite the endeavor. I was still determined to get him finished, though. Picked up the head cast from eBay, but PlasticCurves also has it available, along with variant heads. Since the torso was so annoying to work with, I had to sculpt the suit in layers. I smoothed over the upper torso bit by bit, then sculpted another layer that I could actually cut into. Then I sculpted the last over the armor over it. Added sculpt to the upper legs and lower torso, as well. Sculpted up the belt, waist, kneepads, and the full boots. Sanded down the straps that remained on the shoulders, then sculpted on the full gauntlets. Hands are made soft too, so I stuck with fists for simpler modifications. Cut off the blades and properly resculpted the hands. From there, a full repaint, and all finished! Recipe: Base - Storm Collectibles Shao Kahn Head - Thanos cast thanos by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr thanos2 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr thanos3 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr thanos5 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr thanos6 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr
  2. My favorite character from Infinity War. Ebony Maw was definitely the stand out member of the Black Order. They gave him powers of telekinesis in the movie, and I think it was a great improvement on him from the comics. Sculpted up the pants, sleeves, full torso, and skirt sections. The head was a Frankenstein cast. I wanted something a bit larger than I used for his comic look. Or, more specifically, something longer. Cut the nose off, reworked the head, and sculpted up the hair. Gave him two larger hands, a full repaint, and all finished up! Recipe: Body - MU Angel Head - AngelForge cast Right Hand - MU Gladiator Left Hand - one of the original MU figures blackorder29 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr blackorder30 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr blackorder31 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr blackorder32 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr
  3. Avengers Endgame is coming up, so this was good timing to finally fix up some more Black Order figures. Seems like I'll have a few of those in the lineup, this time also focusing mostly on the movie lineup. Interestingly enough, pretty much everyone else is pretty close to their comic designs, save for Proxima Midnight. She's actually pretty immensely different. Swapped out the lower legs then moved into the sculpting. Sculpted up the armor on both arms, the bands on her right leg, her knees, and her gold boot. Smoothed over her torso, front and back, and sculpted up the horns and hair. Cut the blade off the spear, then sculpted up the trident section and the bottom. Full repaint, and all done! Recipe: Base - BossFightStudio Female Blank Lower Legs - MU Dagger Spear - Star Wars figure blackorder33 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr blackorder34 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr blackorder35 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr blackorder36 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr blackorder37 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr
  4. So, this was an unplanned concept. Last year I fixed up each member of the Black Order just in time for the movie release. This year, around the time of Endgame's released, I got commissioned to make all the movie designs. In the mix of things I got to make a Black Swan, a different approach to Black Dwarf, and there has been some discussion about trying a movie concept Supergiant. I realized if I did another rendition of Black Swan, a properly updated Corvus Glaive, and a movie Supergiant, I could actually consider myself 100% fulfilled with the Black Order. And that brings us here! Used the black blank, but I did swap out the upper arms for the white blank. Sometimes you just gotta be a little lazy on the joint work. Added some sculpt to the lower legs and lower arms. And then I sculpted up the top of her pants and her upper arms. Used the bald head, and fully sculpted on the hair. Used some material strips for the strands coming off her arms. From there, a full repaint, and all done! Base - BossFightStudio Female Blank blackswan3 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr blackswan4 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr blackswan5 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr blackswan6 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr
  5. After working on movie designs for the Black Order, I was asked about the idea of doing a movie concept Supergiant. The idea intrigued me, so I checked into it. Turns out, there was concept art for adding her into Infinity War. So, using it as a general guide, I was able to pull this together. And with her and Black Swan out of the way, there's only one more Black Order design I need to fix up before I've checked every box! Smoothed over the upper torso with sculpt. And sculpted up the hood. I love how the head was way too small for the body, but once I added the hood, it was a perfect fit. This was also my first attempt at sculpting a cape. I'm having a hard time finding stuff I like to work with, so if I can get better at sculpting them, that will cut out a lot of concern. I really need to find something I can drape the sculpt over and properly shape into the position I want. But, after all that, a full repaint, and all done! Recipe: Body - BossFightStudio Female Blank Lower legs - MU Dagger Head - Star Wars figure. Can't remember exactly who blackorder51 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr blackorder52 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr blackorder53 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr blackorder54 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr
  6. Here's another batch of pieces I've finished up. This first one is recent, and the rest are past postings of the rest of the movie Black Order designs. Including a concept. Ok, so, this wasn't my own creation. A guy named btanselanoican designed it. He did Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidorah. I believe the concept is supposed to be them as Dungeons and Dragons gear, or how they would appear if they were characters in D&D. Either way, they look outstanding. I was so far only commissioned for this figure, so I'm not sure if I'll end up making any of the others. But if you like it, definitely look them up. The art is very detailed and great for figure/cosplay reference. I don't really post reference pictures these days, but thought it necessary for this one. Sculpt. So much sculpt. Literally everything. Belts, sword blade, hair, cape, armor, straps, all of it. Tedious work, but I'm very happy with the final result. Full repaint, and all done! Recipe: Body - MU Executioner Head - MU Hyperion Sword - MU Skaar Sword & Sheath - MarauderGunRunners original88 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr original90 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr original91 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr tumblr_py2w0r5OpB1tnyne7o2_1280 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr
  7. Here's one I've been making a bunch this past month! With the new Titans series out, I was expecting multiple variations of Robin to hit my schedule. Instead, I got a bunch of Nightwing. Thankfully, he's a favorite of mine to work on. Not too much to him, really. Sculpted up the arm bands, and resculpted the hair on the head a little bit. Also smoothed over the batons with some sculpt. From there, a full repaint, and all done! Recipe: Base - MU Daredevil Head - StarWarsGeek Cast nightwing23 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr nightwing24 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr nightwing25 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr nightwing26 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr
  8. So, I actually managed to get this done just in time for Halloween! I'm shocked. But I was very determined. Actually, I was determined to finish more, but they didn't quite make it. For those that haven't seen it, this design for Jason was created by Tom Savini, the horror effects guy. Or at least, his team. It was an exclusive to the Kickstarter, and it looks awesome. I made a Jason a bit ago, but once I saw this one, it had to be done. Classified as Savini Jason, I much prefer the Inferno Jason title. Sculpted up the pants, full torso, spikes on the shoulder, collar, sleeves, and chain around his wrist. Then I sculpted all the tears on the suit, and added a couple of breaks to the mask, as well. Glued some dark metal chain to him, gave him a full repaint, and all done! Included a shot of him with my classic Jason. Recipe: Upper torso, arms, upper legs - MU Hyperion Lower torso - MU Wonder Man Lower legs - MU Sandman Head - AvacsLab cast Trident - AngelForge cast jasonvoorhees5 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr jasonvoorhees6 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr jasonvoorhees7 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr jasonvoorhees8 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr jasonvoorhees9 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr jasonvoorhees10 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr
  9. I finally finished up my movie style Black Order run and really wanted to share this one. Cull Obsidian is definitely my favorite of the set. Really like his movie design. And I'm fascinated by the name change. They don't even say his name in the movie, but the credits still refer to him as Cull Obsidian as opposed to Black Dwarf. Anyway, this was a tedious, but fun set to run through. Might try a couple of the comic designs over again at some point. This was a ton of sculpting. Sculpted up the full boots and kneepads. Added some sculpt to the upper legs, and sculpted over the entire torso to make his suit. Sculpted up the belt, front and back skirt piece, the rings, and the sash hanging down. Sculpted up the shoulder pad, strap, and the shoulder armor attached to the arm. Sculpted up the spikes on his arm, and the full head. After that, I sculpted up his entire weapon. From there, a full repaint, and all done! Base - Avengers Assemble Hulk blackorder45 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr blackorder46 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr blackorder47 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr blackorder48 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr
  10. Took me years, but I finally got this one finished up. I've wanted to make Knightmare Batman since the first time I saw Batman v Superman, but finding time in my schedule to make any of the dozens and dozens of figures I personally want to get to is difficult. But, hey, we got there! Definitely my favorite movie look for him. Started by getting all the parts swapped out. Sculpted up the emblem, utility belt, sleeves, gauntlets, wraps around the gauntlets, pants, boots, knees, holster bands, collar, and the goggles. I think that was everything. From there, a full repaint, and finally finished! Recipe: Upper torso, arms, upper legs - MU Hyperion Head - PlasticCurves cast Jacket - Van Helsing Lower torso - MU Sandman Lower legs - MU Kraven Feet - Captain America: The First Avenger Captain America Gun - MarauderGunRunners cast dojbatman5 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr dojbatman6 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr dojbatman7 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr dojbatman8 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr
  11. I used to post on here ages ago, but a few years ago I had a computer crash and lost links to a bunch of old forums. Recently stumbled back here, and thought I'd share a few of my more recent projects. Thanks for looking! I've been talking about this one for a long time now. I recently got a series of commissions for the original Power Rangers, and I knew if I was making the Pink Ranger, I absolutely had to finish up the Ranger Slayer. Had to get a couple shots of them together. For those who don't know, in an alternate reality in the Power Rangers comic, Tommy remained evil and became Lord Drakkon. After this, he killed most of the Rangers and turned Kimberly into his main soldier, the Ranger Slayer. Sculpted up the right arm gauntlet, belt, morpher, left arm, shoulder pad, collar, upper torso, bracers on her upper legs, knees, and hands. Modified and resculpted the helmet a bit, too. Second head was also from BossFight with the hair sculpted on. Cape was cut from material and glued on. Need to find a different kind of material to work with. Bow was a random one I had on hand, completely resculpted. I'll be posting a before and after short of both the figure and the bow on Instagram later this week. Dravenheart2012 for those interested. Full repaint, and finally all done! Recipe: Base - BossFightStudio Female Blank Bow - possibly a Lord of the Rings figure? Helmet - MMPR 2010 Pink Ranger rangerslayer by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr rangerslayer2 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr rangerslayer3 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr rangerslayer5 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr rangerslayer6 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr rangerslayer7 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr rangerslayer4 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr
  12. Here's a set I always wanted to make, and didn't know it. I'm a huge wrestling fan, and with my recent endeavor with Jake Roberts, I'm finally getting better at them. And when I was asked to fix these guys up, I couldn't resist trying out one of my favorite tag teams. I initially wanted to make the shoulder pads removable for an added touch, but couldn't get it to properly work on this build. Resculpted the shoulder pads from Road Pig, then added some toothpicks for the spikes. Picked up a ton of random heads and found these two to be the best fits, but I don't remember exactly where they came from. Full repaint later and they were all finished up! Exceptionally fun projects. Recipe: Bodies - MU Wonder Man Heads - random casts Shoulder Pads - GI Joe Road Pig + toothpicks for spikes
  13. Being a big fan of wrestling, when I came across this cast, I knew I had to give Jake Roberts a shot. Him and Macho Man were always my favorites. Kinda hope he gets included into WWE Immortals. Would love to see what variations they give him. So, I swapped out all the parts, gave him a full repaint, and posed him with a giant snake just for the final touch. Definitely my best wrestler custom to date. Recipe: Body - MU Captain America Lower Legs - MU WWII Captain America Head - Angry Nomad cast
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