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  1. Should have hit it last week when they had alot of stuff marked down. Between that and the Amazon sale I had to get around 350 dollars of stuff for around 75-100.
  2. Free shipping with 50 buck purchase and with the holiday25 promo code you get another 25% off so its a excellent sale. I got Animated Lugnut and Bulkhead (non-leader) and Silverbolt for 7.50 each, then got a second set for Toys for Tots and picked up a few legends and classics pre-orders as well.
  3. New Year Convoy Pepsi Convoy Pepsi Prime Jafcon Prime Fire Guts Ginrai God Ginrai Nucleon Quest Convoy WST Prime WST Magnus WST Anime Prime G2 Prime Action Master Prime (NY Convoy version) RM Prime RM Primal Rodimus Primal 10th Aniversary Primal Titanium Optimal Optimus 25th Aniversary Prime Alternators Prime Altenators Nemesis Prime Universe Nemesis Prime (Big Convoy) Armada Prime (base) Armada Prime (supercon) Armada Magnus Armada Nemesis Prime Crystal Convoy Classics Prime (G1 homage) Classics Prime Classics Magnus Classics Nemesis Prime RID Prime Titanium RID Prime Movie Prime Movie NW Prime Mini-RID Prime THS Cybertron Prime THS G1 Prime Superlink Prime Cor-o q Prime Leo Convoy RM Leo Convoy
  4. It would have to be one of the Yamato 1/48th scale Valks but none of them are exactly like G1 Jetfire. This is probably the closest one to G1 Jetfire. The size is comparable to Masterpiece Prime I think just a little shorter, but I also believe it is also the largest Valk availible. http://cgi.ebay.com/Yamato-Macross-Robotec...8QQcmdZViewItem
  5. Picked up the three mini-dinobots that I didn't have (Swoop, Sludge, and Snarl) and got a Alternator Nemesis Prime. Since I'll probably never get a Diaclone Swoop this mini that is done up like the Diaclone will just have to do.
  6. It still could be cool if they didn't insist on the robot heads looking like the characters heads. Star Wars vehicles to transformer based robots with Star Wars power master or head master figures would have worked. Have the master figure look like the SW character in robot mode but as the transformer in head mode.
  7. Since they are redoing Sunstorm I wouldn't mind a gray Astrotrain release. I didn't get it the first time because I'm just not a major fan of the mold, but looking back I should have got the ehobby version and skipped the white one to pick up later. just didn't expect the price to go thru the roof over night. Other then that I pretty much have every reissue that I want, that has already been released. The G1 seekers that were released in very limited numbers like Trailbreaker wouldn't be bad to encore. I rather they do some figures though that haven't been done like Wheeljack and Sunstreaker, but if we stick with molds that are known to exist A ehobby Metrotitan, I like him because he looks so knockoffy A ehobby Artfire even without the targetmaster Blue Bluestreak A ehobby release of trailbreaker and hoist in one of their other diaclone colors...I think Hoist was red and Trailbreaker blue A Yellow tracks to match the binal tech version I doubt I'd get it, but Trypticon's mold has to be around somewhere since it was used in one of the Beast Wars series how about they just start releasing the G1 seeker jet in assorted colors and give each names. I mean they still have a yellow (Sunstorm is orange sorry), green and purple one to do at least. Just go to ebay and find the stuff that is selling for a ton and if it can be done reissue it.
  8. Yes he has a turret chest, the tank is more War Within though then anything close to the G1 version.
  9. Paint looks a little thick on most of them. I would suggest getting a airbrush for at least the primary colors (especially when you are trying to paint something a lighter color) and would recommend staying away from the gloss colors for the same stick with metallics and flats. The end result looks more plasticy if that makes sense. For early work they are pretty good definately better then what I rolled out when I started, keep at it.
  10. I run IE 6 along with this program and I have no ad issues. Its a free program, needed something because alot of these ads are getting more and more annoying and since I remote home from work for my internet having ads that take a few minutes to load really annoys me. Its a free program. http://www.download.com/SelectView-Filter/...cdlPid=10697965
  11. Bought both even though I already got a NP from ebay at inflated prices.
  12. I hate the fact that they always sell out of these sets for the non-attendes before they even really show you what you are buying. I'm sorry but for the price they want I had better want the majority of the figures. This year I don't really care for any of them other then Jetfire/Starscream. Prime is to purple Goldbug is ok, but I wouldn't buy the set for it. Grimlock doesn't look that much different then the regular version in dino mode and bot mode is rather plain as well Jazz's head just looks to big for the rest of him and that figure has alot of kibble I could care less about the Legends figure. And I really like the Jetfire/Starscream but not enough to pay the inflated price for just that one figure. I wish that they sold them seperately and the prices for even the larger figures were under 100 dollars like it use to be.
  13. The only way I would consider them is if they looked far different from the real release. I want my knockoffs to look like knockoffs. Thats why I got the clear black Mirage instead of the one that looks like the true figure.
  14. There is online stores that sell knockoff transformers?
  15. I know this probably isn't any major help but I've had this happen to me as well. I ordered the Voltron Fleet of Doom movie from World Events and it took over a month to arrive after it said it was delivered. While it is very possible that it got delivered to the wrong address. it is also possible that it has been misplaced at some post office as well. I hope that it finds its way to you.
  16. I'll get the black Ironhide to keep MISB since I dislike the mold, probalby going to pass on the green Rachet, its color is one of those that is so horrid that you can't look away which makes me want to get it, but I'm not willing to go and pay the 150 that BBTS is asking. Seems like something that will either drop in price down to around say 75-100 or go thru the roof.
  17. I wouldn't consider the orginal to be a poor figure quality wise. I have one and have had no problems with it at all, would say that its pretty much a standard G1 figure with a high breakablity on the beak and head area. because I have the orginal I don't have the knockoff. Now if they did a Diaclone version of it I would be very tempted.
  18. I really only get knock offs when they are really different from the orginals. For instance I just bought a bunch of clear cassette tapes (rumble and laserbeaks) If I want one that looks like the orginal I rather have the orginal. That being said I might make a exception for Wheeljack and Sunstreaker if the price is at least somewhat reasonable. (50-60 shipped)
  19. I did not think they had even come out ... probably refering to the earlier releases of the figure. The orginal and the BWII "reissue"
  20. This is the best image of them that I could find. Have the Club magazine as well, but its a one and done shot on the front page. The figure pictured there has all six Seacons as well. As seperate figures I believe only Snaptrap is worth having, but combined its a nice figure. Won the BWII version say four months back for around 70 bucks. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v338/Sco...seseacons15.jpg
  21. I got him from BBTS in a package deal with WWI Megaton and Fallen, I think each ran around 18-20 with that.
  22. Whats kind of funny is that I picked a gobots episode to watch knowing nothing going in and it was this exact same episode. Still trying to figure out how a blash from Cykills crotch disabled the gardians and if that is all it took to make them worthless why he didn't do it every time he came close to one of them. Gobots now with 20% more porno action. It was pretty much like you said though watchable but still horribly bad in parts and definately had a very hanna barbara feel. If ever there was a toyline move that should ignore the bulk of the old cartoon Gobots would be it. I would definately go watch a Voltron movie
  23. I believe what you have is the true Diaclone figure. Worst case is that it is a Joustra, which was still a offical product.
  24. Don't have either. But I've seen them first hand and thats enough to know they have no place in my collection. Those two are probably the only Diaclone/G1 figures that I have no interest at all in owning, though there are plenty of others that I don't have as well.
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