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  1. actually no he is supposed to look like RID Rollbar they just screwed up on it mistaking red for orange RiD Rollbar is green with a orange chest plate. G2 Swindle is red with purple camo. The only Rollbar that is close is the red with black trim alternator. Which of course is closer to the color scheme I gave Swindle with my Bruticus custom.
  2. They got the colors wrong. Swindle was suppose to be primarily red.
  3. We'll just send Bruce Willis and a team of BP oil riggers to the future to take care of it.
  4. I rather then do something they haven't already reissued. Not like it was that long ago either.
  5. PB Max candy bars Peanut Butter Snickers Upside down 7up Crystal Pepsi the old style submarrinos at Fazolis when then were on italian bread and tasted like they were made fresh to order instead of the new crap that taste like it was microwaved in a plastic bag.
  6. They did increase the offer to 10,000. Honestly for the entire lot I don't see him doing much better then that, since usually anyone that would buy a collection like that would do so to resell it, and they aren't going to buy it and sit on it for another 10-20 years in hopes that they continue to increase in value.
  7. Likely this is no longer a issue, but I was bored and needed a break from work. The figure in question is a Tomy Tri-bot http://www.toyarchive.com/STAForSale/NEW2001+/RandomRobots/FSRandomRobots.html
  8. I bought one of those knockoffs thinking that it was the real deal. Quality is decent enough, but it doesn't have the software that the real ones come with which was a disappointment. Honestly I would have no issues with knockoffs being sold on ebay if they were forced to clearly state that what they were selling was a knock off, or if it was completely obvious, like if the knockoff USB ravage was bight red.
  9. That and the fact that they probably needed to make darn sure they were the right ones who called. "Oh sorry, we were saving this money bag for Mr. Smith's robbery, they called ahead and placed a order for one. If you give us a few minutes we can get one ready for you."
  10. I probalby have one of the larger gobot/machine robo collections on this board. I don't think its really far to compare them to the larger transformers, their going to fail all the time because of the size difference and what said difference allowed the Transformer figures. But if you compare them to the Transformer mini-bots the Gobots actually win alot of times. The majority had diecast, rubber tires, unique transformations some even fairly complex for a figure that size, and even a good deal of articulation. For some reason Tonka decided they loved the color red and went with that on a considerable amount of figures instead of the more colorful Machine Robo designs, as if they got a great deal on red plastic and paint. They also were comparable in size to Hot Wheels cars. They get a bad rap because of the cartoon and the fact that Transformers came out shortly there after with larger more detailed figures and a better quality cartoon. They're also easier to collect MOSC.
  11. I had a buyer buy around 10-15 GI Joe vintage vehicles that I had for roughly around 300 dollars. I offered to let them pay in installments the who works but nothing ever happened. Gave them a month to pay and just gave them a slew of negitives and filed with ebay for them being NPBs. Relisted the items and sold them for half price. Using Rockzilla's logic I should have backed out of the auctions because they didn't go for as much as I wanted. I've taken losses on a number of items, but still shipped them and honored my agreements, I've won auctions that I really wish I hadn't, but still paid for them. And its understandable that you couldn't afford two...you should have paid for the first one you got instead. You are completely in the wrong here.
  12. Just bought a 32" LCD tv for the bedroom, some shirts for work and some loafing around the house clothes. Internet Black Friday is so much better then the real deal. No headaches.
  13. If you have the means to play it, and its a movie that would benefit from being seen in Blue Ray then go for the Blue Ray.
  14. Wouldn't be the first there was a machine robo bus figure. Have on in my collection.
  15. As someone who's brother is a cop if it came down to it I rather he put a criminal down rather then have him wait for the criminal to shoot at him first. I'm sorry but most of the time if you get to the point that police are shooting at you chances are the world would be better off without you.
  16. Anyone is better then that hack that is in the office now. I feel sorry for the person that has to clean up his mess and take the blame for said mess.
  17. If you are turning the black BB yellow I would highly recommend against it. But if you do it get a great coating light gray to work as a primer and then paint the yellow. Air brush would be far preferable over brush. I would avoid using Testors paints and go with Tamiya acrylics, in my expirence they coat better. Unfortuantely I don't think there is any color that perfectly matches the BB yellow, but their standard yellow I believe should be close. For black I'd just use the flat black because it gives more of a plastic look when dry. If I misunderstond and your turning a regular BB into a stealth BB the same colors would apply and it would be easier to do since less coats of the primary color will be necessary.
  18. They already have a Classics Brawn. I wouldn't mind seeing the rest of the dinobots, updated cassettes like classic ravage. Definitely a new Shockwave, one without the massive unposeable gun arm.
  19. At the end of DK Batman becomes the villain, in my opinion this can't be glossed over in the next movie and almost has to be the focal point. The movie kind of needs to become a Gordon movie. Where he is walking the fine line in order to keep his job, but also while keeping the Batman on the street at the same time. The time would be right to introduce a detective character that wants to bring in the Bat, such as Bullock. Have the guy be hard edged but clean. Of course you can't have this be the only story, Batman needs a villain and Gotham PD just isn't it. I think the primary villain needs to be someone that does enough damage that the people of Gotham rally behind Batman to some extent, have it made known that the people that he was said to have killed were on the take. This way it could be a sure Batman killed them but they were siding with criminals. You could also have a reporter dig up enough to learn that Batman wasn't behind the killings. I don't know who I would use as the primary villain, though I do agree you do not want more then two and I think I'd stick with Scarecrow as a secondary since he hasn't really been used to his full effect yet. Catwoman could work, but I don't believe he's the villain this film requires, she would work better as a recurring secondary villain character. To the population of Gotham, Catwoman would be the lesser evil when compared to Batman. Riddler its to close to the Joker, I don't think it would be a smart move to introduce him and honestly it could be kind of insulting to the memory of Ledger as well. Penguin more of a behind the shadows villain Killer crock, Clayface, Mr. Freeze all to far from standard Human fare, which I believe is a requirement of Nolan. mob bosses like Thorn or someone like Black Mask could work, but I feel they lack the punch of a single villain, with their groups their more quanity over quality types. I would go with Thorn myself, have Batman learn this was who the majority of the cops were getting paid off by and slowly have him put the squeeze on him. Having been burnt by the Joker, but knowing that he was right in thinking that they needed to remove the Bat before their order could be restored, I'd have him higher a professional assassin in Bane. I would have Bane complete his mission by crippling Batman, and would end the movie with Bruce in a wheelchair listening to news reports of crime being up a considerable percentage. The movie of course would be Knightfall The sequel to this would be The Dark Knight Returns In this one have the same scenerio play out, mob highers Bane again only this time telling him to do the job right. This time around Batman defeats him with the help of Catwoman, thus giving that character the good badguy feel that I believe it requires.
  20. I find it to be sickening. The doctor that did it should immediately lose his license, I also think the kids should be taken by social services and given to couples that can't have children and desperately want one. If you can't afford the children that you got you should not be allowed to have more. This is not a way of life that should be encouraged in any fashion. It should be a question on the invetro fertilization questionare. You make this much, you have this many kids already, are you on any state funded financial assistance. One of the problems with America is that our biggest idiots reproduce like rabbits.
  21. If sold on ebay I think she would get more then her original price. Anything less then that should be automatic if you want them. Heck if I had a way to contact her I'd offer 300 and sell off everything I didn't want and perhaps get a cheap Shockwave among others.
  22. I'm always around, just don't post anything till I have something to say. All the stuff that I really enjoyed talking about is over, and I haven't done a custom in years.
  23. I defrag mine constantly. I run perfectdisk which continuously defrags my hard drive. Without that I would at least try to do a monthly one with a weekly check, especially if you have recently deleted alot of files. No defrags though in four years, that is why the scan took forever and its probably rough on your hard drive as well. Lets see I run Malwarebytes each morning, have Norton running live active, have perfect disk running to maintain my hard drives, have ccleaner to periodically clean up my registry, and casper to mirror my primary hard drive to my secondary. had the control board to my hard drive die once and couldn't get the data off of it because of that, so I lost everything. Not happening again, at least not with HDs being fairly cheap. I would also stay far away from toolbars, generally as a rule anything you get for free (toolbars, desktops, cursor icons, screensavers) usually is doing something that you probably won't like.
  24. Depends on the scanner really, most of the better ones will prompt you to reboot where it will kill the remaining parts of the program before they can start. The only time I've ever had to do the scan in safe mode was when that trojan was preventing the removal programs from being installed. Still if that scan took 15 hours you could have some serious issues that you are over looking as well. How big is the hard drive, how much has been used, and how badly is it fragmented?
  25. I do virus/spyware removal for a living at the hospital I work at, recently spent 12 hours cleaning up a doctors PC that got hammered with a bad one. Looks like you already found the answer that I was going to give you though. From my expirence Malwarebytes is by far and away the most powerful tool to have. I can not recommend it strongly enough. If you run something like Spybot or Adaware away or really anything that is "free" download Malwarebytes immediately. It is also free, but I would recommend paying what looks like a one time fee so you can have some live action protection as well. Pros of it Finds a ton of stuff and while it might take multiple scans for the bad pieces of spyware (Trojan.Vondu or something of that nature for instance) it will remove them. I haven't found anything yet that it can't handle. it is constantly updated, pretty much a new update every day. Since the people that develop the crap that it finds seemingly don't take a day off its good to see that from a group that removes them as well. Cons of it Its a slow sweeper when you do a full scan. Quick scans are of course quicker. Others to try that I've had some luck with LavaSoft Xoftspy....its pay to use though and doesn't have active protection. Scan is fast though. I use to run that and Webroot Spysweeper (had live active scanning) before picking up Malwarebytes. really though for a spyware/virus scanner you just can't beat Malwarebytes. If you aren't running one on your PC you really need to have one in this day in age, even if its just for scanning once a week. Some of those can get pretty nasty when it comes to damaging your computer. For instance the one I just dealt with wouldn't allow alot of programs to be installed, killed all network and internet activity and threw pop up windows...which seemed kind of pointless without the network activity. Though that only happened after I ran a scan that killed about a quarter of the infection. Prior that the desktop was changed and there was a software program that pumped out fake alarms. Glad that it worked for you, looks like what you had was pretty tame in comparision to what I've seen.
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