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  1. That article states that the F-35 is replacing the F-16. The F-22 replaces the F-15 I could have sworn the F-22 had a production run that was at least another 10 years.
  2. Have no use for a second Twincast or Soundblaster, but I'd be thrilled to get the four tapes on their own.
  3. I consider Go-bots to be superior to the Transformers that were in their size class actually. metal, rubber tires on some and some of them actually had pretty interesting transformations for their size. Yes they had guys like Hands-cuff that was pretty much pull out arms and unfold the back end but how much different is he from Windcharger or Gears. Someone like Stinger or Stallion is far more interesting. Go-bots had a crappy show, they weren't crappy figures.
  4. My go-bot Geeper Creeper has the gun that one of the guys that I work with had. Had a few GI Joes stolen by a second or third cousin when I was younger so I guess some of my old collection is with him. I have a few figures that moved on to collections of other members here as well. For the most part though my entire collection is one that I pieced together over the last ten years or so. Don't even have any personal vintage stuff in it outside of one stomper truck.
  5. I haven't really compared the two but I didn't see any major differences between the Hasbro version and the Takara one to warrant the major price difference. Did buy the new Unicron though.
  6. It aired on Comedy Central say 10 or so years ago along side some claymation series about two guys traveling the country that I can't remember the name of. Both were solid shows that didn't get a second season. Undergrads really should have, especially when compared to the stuff that does.
  7. good video I was the first to hit the like button on youtube also sent you a friend request Got mine yesterday, one of my favorite molds from universe but its starting to feel a little flimsy.
  8. followed by Toy Story 5: now it's just getting sad Then Toy Story 6: How are we not broken yet.
  9. If they were dubbed I would get them, but I'm not reading anything. Honestly I rather have the horribly done English dubs that are available now then have it be subtitled.
  10. Back when I did customs I got a number of sticker sheets from them. The quality was great and once they got the pre-cut sheets you really couldn't tell much difference from the reproduction to the real thing.
  11. I have a Cindersaur that I've been procrastinating about putting on ebay. Only bought the set to get Rapido. I'd sell it for 65 shipped
  12. Blu-Ray players will still play DVDs so its not like you have to have two devices like you would with VHS and DVD. I bought one and haven't replaced my collection, perhaps a few here and there that merit it and all the new stuff I get is blu ray if possible. However as more and more people get Blu-ray the price of the media will come down, and its likely less and less will hit DVD. I don't think we are to far from there being no physical media as well.
  13. I thought that it was ok, but felt that the story took a back seat to making sure everyone had a really good action scene. I likely would have removed any scene with Statham and his girlfriend for more character development. That part felt just tacked on to give him some solo screen time.
  14. Wild Ride will probably be lockdown Motormaster will likely be Prime, though I think Ultra Magnus would be more suitable Dragstrip will be though tough one, I'm guessing Blurr what would be really cool is if they found some way to get them to combine into Menasor. If Motormaster is Prime make a trailer that breaks down into the parts needed to connect the five together.
  15. I personally like how Blaster had to translate for them.
  16. The third book sounds like something I read in middle school, that was over 20 years ago but this looks like it could be that book. Remembered that I really enjoyed it. http://www.amazon.com/Deathwatch-Robb-White/dp/0440917409/ref=sr_1_57?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1295563644&sr=1-57
  17. I don't really agree with that. Anakin was trying to save someone that is important to him, in that situation he'd be more focused on what needs to be done. He also is rather hot tempered with the Jedi Council which leads me to believe something horrible had happened, such as Ahsoka being killed while under one of the masters watch. I think she dies while working with Windu. Windu didn't save Ahsoka, so why would he be able to help Anakin save Padme. Plus Anakin isn't exactly respectful to him in RotS. I just don't like the idea that the character is taken care of with a throw away oh she died under order 66. I think her death is the key that starts the change of Clone Wars Anakin to RotS Vader.
  18. This season of Clone Wars reminds me of a scene from Futurama where they are watching the All My Circuits fan interactive movie. Problem comes up and people watching are presented with two options. Do you want to see..... A. Major jedi/clone fighting against the anti-republic forces and sith lords or B. Politicians complaining about rancid drinks and droids going to a day spa. Ohhhh I definitely want option A...pushes A on keypad. You have chosen option B Hey that isn't what I selected. Pretty sure you picked B. I just know there is something really cool going on right now and much rather see that then a seasons worth of boring filler episodes. Honestly for the most part I rather they have let the secrets stay secret. Really the only one I care about is who gets Asoka killed. I'm leaning towards Windu.
  19. That would combine two of my loves. Seekers and transformers with paint schemes so horrible they look like knockoffs.
  20. Both are excellent, but I'd say Red Hood is the better of the two. That is only if the version of RotJ is the unrated. If its the rated version then its not even close to Red Hood. And I agree Red Hood would have been far better if Todd had killed the Joker.
  21. The movie should not try to reinvent the character. No sickly kids, no costume changes that offer no improvement over the classic design. The costume needs to be bright and full of primary colors, unlike the X-men Superman is known to even someone who has never picked up a comic book or watched a tv program based on him. If you say the name the classic costume is usually what you think of. Drastically changing it, which is what I feel they did in Superman Returns (there is very little play area with a character as iconic as Superman), and you have people focusing on the suit instead of the movie. Keep the costume simple, its worked for decades and is one of the most reconnized costumes in comics. What they need to do is focus on the movie itself. I rather they stay away from any cheap ploy to beat Superman...like a mountain of floating kryptonite, and have a villain that is Superman's physical equal or better on Superman's best day. If you want the movie to work though you must respect the source material far more so then really any other hero. I think you could put Batman in a urban camo ninja outfit with no cape or bat eared cowl and fans would be more ok with that then turning Superman's primary suit color from blue to black or even navy.
  22. Even if I was blind her voice alone would make this a no.
  23. Personally I think ToD is the weakest of the Indy films by a wide margin. However I haven't watched any of the original three films since I got the DVD set when it came out so I'm a little fuzzy on them as to why I feel the way I do. Crusade Raiders Crystal Skull Temple Would be how I'd rank them, with a sizable gap between two and three. Crystal Skull would have been far far better if they left the aliens out of it. I think what I liked about Crusade and Raiders is that Jones was trying to find what would be a world changing archeological find. Crystal Skull was more rescue mission (yes I know Crusade was as well) and I can't even remember what brought him to the Temple of Doom. However, like you with Raiders, I saw Temple of Doom far after its release date. The first time I saw it was when I got the DVD set. So I didn't have any nostalgic views with it.
  24. Personally I think if you speak "ebonics/slang/urban" whatever you want to call it, you understand and can speak English perfectly, well as perfectly as most American's can get. If the person in question insist on using it I would consider it a obstruction of justice and would tack on some more jail time. Of course I also feel like if you are going to live in America then you need to speak the language. If you can't and aren't making any effort at all to learn it then you need to leave the country. Treating ebonics as if it were as if it were Spanish, French, Japanese or any other language is a joke.
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