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  1. Watched about ten minutes of the show and had to stop just because it felt way to heavy handed to me. Almost as if it were made by "normals" that just felt it was weird that someone would collect toys. Then they go and find the pieces that a person likes the most and put pressure tactics on them to get them to sell it for far less then what its actually worth. As for the Botcon Breakdown, I would consider that G1 mainly because it used a G1 mold, just like the botcon classics/generation figures are considered from that line. Why can't they just have a show where they celebrate the hobby, show off collections, and talk to the people that have them. I sold off about a quarter of mine when I bought my house, for a bit extra cash, but mainly because I didn't want to move it. I didn't start with the most valuable pieces. Nope, BW/BM, Armada/Energon/Cybertron stuff. I will admit that it hurts me to see a great collection boxed away and not displayed. Especially when its getting the crap beat out of it while being boxed away.
  2. I love tranformer jets. Uranus/Superion is going to be tough for me to pass.
  3. I ordered the Scourge from BBTS. TFCC just has left a bad taste in my mouth from last years credit card problems. Took me months to get that fixed. Had to convince the bank that my name wasn't Kittieeo Fiifee.
  4. When I bought my house I made a effort to reign in most of my collection to one 12 X 10 room that is my computer room. At my apartment I had them scattered all over and they were in every room and hall but my kitchen and bathrooms. To do that I sold off about a 1/4th of what I had the majority of it being BW transformers and Armada/Energon/Cybertron transformers. For the most part I have kept the collection in that one room, to the point that you can barely tell what color the rooms walls are, even my ceiling fan has a pair of transformers hanging from it as the pulls. Fan speed controlled by a Windcharger keychain and the lights by a Bumblebee one. I think that its not a problem as long as something isn't forcing you to pick through the neighbors trash, isn't making rooms unliveable, and isn't hurting you to the point financially that you are at risk of losing it all or being in so deep of debit that you can't get out of it.
  5. Great hopefully I'll be able to see the third season again. Wish they'd get that on DVD
  6. Back to the topic though, the hospital also has social media policies in place where you can't even mention you work for the hospital let alone say anything bad about it. Never asked for passwords though. Whats next? Asking for your email, shopping, financial passwords?
  7. The hospital I work at took it further and has a ban on smoking anywhere on there property. I support the laws that keep that crap out of restaurants and other establishments, I can't breath when around someone that smokes, my eyes water and my nose just runs. There also isn't such a thing as a non-smoking and smoking section. If I were running things there would be extremely high taxes on them and would make it so that you couldn't get any government assistance if you were a smoker.
  8. Then he would be lying about a firebender having killed his family. However being the only non-bender in the family probably wasn't easy.
  9. I have no issues with college players being paid provided the ones that do are not getting a scholarship as well. Honestly the scholarships should go to the players that likely have little to no future after college sports. Those are the ones that will use the education they gain. Going to be a one and done in basketball, fine here some cash to play here (that money can come from a booster pot) and here's the bill for your tuition. They can either pay for it out of their "salary" or get a loan until they sign their big contract. I rather see this then have a scholarship wasted on someone that likely will never complete the degree, or even if they do will likely already be well set for life and not really require it going forward. There also needs to be some changes for those that are on scholarship, they need to be able to sell stuff they have earned, provided the price is around the going rate for the item, and they need to be able to accept reasonable gifts like a dinner.
  10. Mine are in robot mode, though they display well in both. I prefer robot mode because then I don't have to worry about storing the weapons. However my custom G1 Dinobots are in dino mode. I think a case could be made especially with Grimlock that the dino mode is their primary and the robot their alt.
  11. Oh wow, totally forgot about that. Good point. Didn't Ty Lee do that (I think that was her name...the chick that used to pal around with Azula)? Yes, but she also trained the Kyoshi warriors to use it at the end so it wasn't exclusive to just her.
  12. I think Amon is some member of the Fire Nation Royal family. I want to say Azula's son. With the stories that he'd have been told by her and Ozai he could say in a way that a firebender killed his family. Ozai is likely the only other person that has been involved in energy bending since I doubt that Aang published a how to book or even mentioned it to anyone. However what Amon does I'm leaning more and more towards not being energy bending. Someone on another board pointed out the obvious fact that there was no light show when he did it, and their explination of it being just a advanced chi blocking skill that prevents someone from using a chacra point is reasonable. Its also something that Azula did inadvertantly to Aang.
  13. I haven't bought any of the sets, but have around seven of the little figures. Those were really all that interested me.
  14. I haven't bought any of the upgrade sets, but I have bought a ton of their regular stuff and had a few custom colored seeker stickers made from them. I can say that everything I have ever gotten from them has been of the highest quality.
  15. The fix for the loose leg Soundwave is to put actual batteries in his battery compartment. Puts enough weight to the back for him to not topple forward.
  16. I can't remember the wording exactly but one of the Orion Pax episodes from S2 of Transformers Prime had Megatron giving a reason why they were called Decepticons (while acting like a good guy for Pax) Something along the lines of the Autobots branding them with it and them wearing it as a badge of honor.
  17. I have a pretty decent collection of original G1 figures. However they were never originally mine. I got them before the reissues became affordable, I believe at the time only the limited runs were available and cost more then a comparable original G1 loose did. Generally I don't mind having a G1 or Reissue as long as I don't have to break the bank for either and its in very good (g1) or new (reissue) condition. Right now I currently only buy reissue figures though, there is something to be said for being the first person to open the package. This though is more a product of me having the majority of the G1 figures that have caught my interest.
  18. Of the current crop of Super Hero toons on right now it is easily the worst of the lot. I think a lot of the problems lie with the line being heavily blurred between how Peter Parker acts as Peter Parker and as Spiderman. It appears to be something of a Batman Brave and the Bold rip off as well. It just doesn't stand up well with either the toons that had just ended (BatB, Wolverine and the X-men, Spectacular Spiderman) or the ones that it is running with now (Green Lantern, Young Justice, Iron Man, Avengers, and even Thundercats and Legend of Korra) In my opinion they would have been much better off finding a way to continue Spectacular Spiderman which once you got past the animation was a far superior show. Unless the quality goes way up much like The Batman did, I don't see it lasting much past this season.
  19. Robot Chicken showed one guy cleaning up on Naboo when Maul's body hit the ground. He complained about it, but seemed the type to finish the job no matter what. So he probably swept Maul up and disposed of him along with all the other junk. Either that or when the Emperor came to pick him up he decided half way back that Maul wasn't evil enough since he was beat by a Padawan (plus he'd already moved on to Anakin at that point) so he had a Starscream throwing Megatron out of the ship in the original TF animated movie moment. Perhaps the Emperor did fix him with those spider legs and couldn't fix his unbalanced mind, and with stuff starting to fall into place he needed more of a leader front man student in Dooku over one that was a silent assassin. So he cut his losses and discarded him where he likely wouldn't be found again.
  20. There is absolutely no reason that these shouldn't be released in seasonal format. Probably just want to see how well it will sell before releasing the other set. Even then though the cost of those two disk is probably close to the cost of what it will take to put them in a second case. These will probably retail for around 15 bucks when its all said and done, they could have easily sold the season set for 25-30 and made just as much. For me I like seasonal sets over multiple releases because they take up less space. I liked this series but do agree that its likely a one and done, or a one and season two being a different series.
  21. The problem I have with Bee's speech issue being because he has a damaged biological vocal processor or whatever is that when Megatron took over his mind in season 1 he was able to eventually talk just fine. The show is solid but I really can't stand Bee not being able to talk.
  22. I was thinking he was a Highlander instead so when does he fight the Kurgan I would think before the quickening, but he'll have to learn the undefendable sword move first.
  23. My card just got hit this weekend. Unfortunately for me I used my check card so I'm locked down myself from my checking while it gets cleared up. THinking that maybe I'll start getting my exclusives on the secondary market.
  24. Well passing on this set, I'll get Road Rage, Treadbolt, and maybe Ultra Magnus off ebay. Dislike the other three figures
  25. Got ehobby Skids and Skreech from the guys at work---A little more plasticy feeling then I'd have liked but their hideous near knockoff looking repaints which is right in my wheel house Takara Animated Black out---Love this figure, one of my favorites from the animated line. Just wish that he had better elbow articulation DotM Skyhammer---I like how they deal with the prop blades, but the figure itself was a bit of a let down. Junkheap and Skyshadow--Both great figures, usually the universe/generations line doesn't let me down though The power core Dinobot combiner--Massively dissapointed with this figure, the only one that I got from the line and I'm glad that I've avoided it. Figure is smaller then expected and pretty flimsy feeling.
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