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  1. which creation would that be ?.. I saw predaking & he looks pretty good looks better so far than the Superion... Is it just me or is anyone else getting tired of the teaser pics specially the blurry teaser pics You aren't the only one. For the price these things cost I would appreciate quality picks as soon as they can be produced so I know whether or not this will be worth the money they want for it. You either get in early and risk the figure not being what you'd like, or wait and risk not getting all the pieces and having to go the ebay route for the rest.
  2. Worried about the size? @?@ I was worried about the size. While its a nice figure I doubt that I pay close to 90 dollars for another version of that mold. To me its closer to a 50-60 dollar figure mainly because of its size and lack of rubber tires.
  3. I agree you can't recast the characters from the original trilogy, at least not without doing a remake of the original. I don't think that would go over really well with fans.
  4. As long as it isn't some story about how 12 Jedi go to a backwater planet in the Sol system, eventually die, but before doing so condense the Force into their heads so they "crystallize" and retain some of their Jedi powers I'll be ok. If something was going to be done with the original trilogy actors it really should have been done in place of the pre-qual movies. Doing them starting in 2015 with either result in the movies being to jarring because to much time will have passed since Jedi, I think it would have to be set a minimum of 30 years after the events of Jedi, or the original trio will just look to old for the roles they are required to play. I mean it isn't like any of them could really play their roles if the new movies were set in the Thrawn time frame. A way to do this would likely be to end SW Clone Wars at the end of this season and start a New Republic series that starts up 10-15 or so years after Jedi.
  5. This is what I've gotten in the last week or so Maketoys Giant--great figure in my opinion a near perfect classics Devestator, the only thing that keeps it from it is that it isn't official. 10/10 Matty Collector Voltron yellow, green, blue, and black lions with their respective pilots. Already had the red with Lance. Voltron is massive and a little top heavy. The auto transforming gimmic keeps it from being perfect though. 9/10 Both Iron Army two packs. Made a mediocre POC figure fairly cool, but the 80 dollar price tag is a little excessive, the figures themselves are rather simple looking scout sized figures. 7/10 Fall of Cybertron Bruticus. Just not a fan of this mold. I'm fine with having just the one. 7/10 Fall of Cybertron Prime, Shockwave, and Jazz. First two are both nice looking figures, just on the small side. Jazz is meh, his classics version is so much better. Prime Dreadwing, Knockout, Prime and FE Cliffjumper. Dreadwing, Knockout, and Cliffjumper are all great figures, outside of that stupid lightup weapon that Dreadwing has. 9/10, Prime though has to much kibble on his back for my taste. MP-12 Sideswipe. Very nice figure, worried about the size and really dislike the plastic tires. Does look great in both modes. 8/10 MP Sunstorm---I'm a sucker for jets especially ones that have something of a knockoff flair. Have no use for the crown stuff, and rather it didn't come with it just to reduce the price. 9/10 The Ultimate gift set with G2 Jazz and Combat Hero Prime. Didn't open this, left it sealed since I have a version of those molds already. Both are favorites of mine and look nice in the box. 9/10 Black Animated Rodimus--Nice mold and the price was right. More of a impluse buy for me. ToysRus Hotspot--Have a few of this mold already so I left it in the box. Nice bright blue with the new head. Was very tempting to crack it open. 5 blind packed Kreo figures not sure I really like the transforming gimmic these have, rather they just made the figures like the first group.
  6. I may get that protector KO just because of the scythe, and your review, also of note it seems there's a FOC ultra magnus armor up being released by mgs toys, and shatterglass herc looks pretty awesome I just can't get behind ordering knockoff versions of 3rd party stuff. These companies don't have HasTaks deep pockets so if they start losing money because of knockoffs or have people questioning their stuff because of knockoff saturation it may result in these companies getting out of the business. I don't have many 3rd party items, but for the most part the ones I do have are ones that put HasTak stuff to shame.
  7. Hercules is still widely available if that gives you an indication. You shouldn't have any trouble picking up the rest at a later date. "Silverbolt" looks AMAZING. Now if only the ladies thought that of me.
  8. If I were to say that a basketball team was to black when 11 of their 12 players were black I'd be called a racist, this is pretty much the same thing. The only thing the T-Wolves are guilty of is having a history of being to horrible, and a roster that has something like 8 point guards on it. I have no issues at all even if the team had decided that it was time to go all white players on their roster provided that the team could compete, and the league on the whole was still represented the way it is now. You Play to win the game.
  9. Got my Masterpiece Sideswipe coming, figures that it shows up four days after I clicked ship on a large order I had. They've been holding it since late April so I figured that I was near the end regardless, and thought that Sideswipe would be a early November release at best.
  10. I got mine online, I checked Friday and it hadn't been canceled yet. I also of course have yet to receive it.
  11. Yeah... It looks similar to the game right?... Never played or seen the game. Just know a drool worthy figure when I see it.
  12. Easily the best use of that mold. That's a must get. Looks like a new head and claw.
  13. I'm already happy with FMax. The other 2 I don't care that much. But I'm sure most fans would want Grand Max, so I guess I'll probably go with that too. Also, just because I want to see the value of Grand Max goes down, ehehe. I kind of want a Brave Max to complete my RID/Car Robots collection... I would say Grand Max simply because you can still get a Brave Max on ebay for around the price a re-issue would go for. So unless they were going to reissue Brave Max for the same price point he was when it was released I don't see much of a reason.
  14. Alternator/BT has rubber wheels... i cant wait to see the comparisson of lambor to the alts, but i'm thinking the alts wont be far off from this mp ver, i mean he's a lambo countach unhidered by real world interior making giving him more leg articulation so its a give and take relationship.....even mp prime had a seat for someone to sit in and the smaller mp prime had an occupant and rubber tires.....ijs @smilepunch@ I canceled my Red Alert order, just can't see paying 90 bucks for something they can't be bothered to put rubber tires on. I can see third parties making them for the figures pretty much immediately. I'll still get Sideswipe and hope that I'm wrong and perhaps get Red Alert if the price drops to around 50 bucks. First they cut the size, remove the die cast, and now rubber tires.
  15. I don't think you can call a figure a masterpiece figure if it has plastic tires, but those definitely look plastic. I'll probably cancel Red Alert if Sideswipe is as cheap as he looks.
  16. Hah no, bumblebee85, Trypticon wasn't in the shower with me. I had him on a shelf by the door to admire while brushing my teeth. In the shower, now that'd just be plain weird... Ok, I'm contacting the Collection Intervention guys, when you have toys in the bathroom there are problems. At least Trypticon's main body isn't that expensive. For me, back in the day someone broke my G1 Prime the only day I took him to school. Broke off his arm. The first real figure I got for my collection, a G2 Jazz, arrived busted up pretty good. Managed to repair him with a junker though, and then sell the junker for about what I cost to get it. I've only broke a few figures on my own. One was a Macross V-11B, while transforming it I ended up with a leg in one hand and a bot in the other. The other was a blue/gray Laserbeak microchange or maybe knock off that didn't survive the move to the new house.
  17. BBTS has updated their pics, looks like Fort Max will come with the Master Sword as well. Which actually does make a future Grand Max a release more of a possiblity
  18. I don't know if they'd do a e-hobby release of Grand Max. I would think something like that would be pushing 600-700 dollars because of the lower volume and mold additions. People would probably be thrilled to get one, but if 350 is a stumbling block for most, then the price that Grand Max would likely go for would really limit the number they'd sell. Look at the Omega Supreme ehobby release, I don't believe those sold all that well.
  19. $800-$1000... Even a Brave Max goes for around 500. 350 is pricey, but it is likely to jump another 100 or so on the secondary markets after its released, I can't imagine their going to produce as many of them as they would one of the autobot cars, and it isn't likely that Hasbro will bust out their own release. I just wish that it was Grand Max instead.
  20. i dont know how to do that add link stuff most of the time, but i know how to ask for them hahahaha yeah I ordered one myself. thanks for the alert. I didn't expect it till November at earliest and by then they likely wouldn't be available online. Looks like they pulled the listing. Pretty pathetic. I so hate exclusives, usually it means I have to go look for it on ebay.
  21. i dont know how to do that add link stuff most of the time, but i know how to ask for them hahahaha yeah I ordered one myself. thanks for the alert. I didn't expect it till November at earliest and by then they likely wouldn't be available online.
  22. I get a ton of emails from this place. I don't recall buying anything from them, perhaps a ebay purchase at some point. Looks like they sell the inserts for G1 figures. http://www.bubbleformer.com/ The only site that I knew for reproduction parts that I'd use was transrepro but that site hasn't ever recovered from Ken's stroke years back.
  23. ^^^^link? i cant find this preorder your talkin about probably in store only. I really wish that if you get a exclusive and have a web store that you have to sell them there as well to keep the exclusive. I ended up getting my Thundercracker off ebay for 85 shipped, which factoring in gas and tax is probably right around what I'd have to pay to get him in store. It is nice to see more and more scalpers have to take a minimal profit to hopefully a loss on him.
  24. I understand that they are trying to help them, but you can do that without selling the pieces that are worth a lot of money or the ones that have personal significance. I had issues with my own collection dominating my apartment, didn't want that to come with me to my house. I didn't sell off my high end stuff, no I sold off the stuff that I got when I just wanted to get a figure. If these people were involved in that they'd sell off a lot of my rare figures, or my Macross stuff. Yes I'd get a lot of money for that, but my collection would go down to something that I really wouldn't care about displaying either. As for Toy Hunter, that is better, though I could do without the part where he sells the stuff. I don't really care about the business side of it, rather they spend more time on the toys history.
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