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  1. Personally I hope they dont' do the movie characters. Those figures were horrible looking. I rather they skip them and do some Victory characters or other Japan exclusive characters.
  2. I work mainly with seekers, but have done a few request here and there. The keychains are for my girlfriend, and she picked most of the patterns and colors. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TransformerCK/files/
  3. Thanks. I wasn't for sure about it when I started it, thought that it would look to much like Sunstorm. But I think that the colors go far better together then that figures does. The gold was the key to pulling it together. Especially the head. This is also the first one I have done with optics. As for a group picture, no I don't have one of those and its probably going to be some time before that will happen. Other then the ones that are missing their decals, there are five that are also missing their canopies. For the moment they are away being molded for reproductions. A few seekers will get new canopies that will work better with the figures. Bloodlust will be given a red one over the smoked which should stand out far more against the back cockpit and Duststorm will have a smoked one instead of a blue G2, which doesn't look at all good with the tan/brown paint scheme. Nightwatch my ramjet repaint will have a amber/copper canopy as well.
  4. This is how I feel that Sunstorm should be painted. The red and gold work alot better with the orange then the white does. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TransformerC...stoms/Heatwave/
  5. I would definately say those are the prototypes. Theres have been alot of full color pictures released here recently.
  6. Does anyone here have a G1 Skywarp that they would be willing to part with for a decent price that has at least the main wings and possibly the launchers. I need one for a custom that someone has asked me to do, but they have a pretty tight budget. They basically want Skywarp with gray instead of purple, already have rounded up the G2 Screamer parts.
  7. Just bumping this on the off chance that anyone else out there is bored. ADCChat@groups.msn.com
  8. I'm a member at www.seibertron.com--Haven't really posted there much since the board crashes only a few people are worth talking to there still anyway. www.fanformers.net--Great site for people that have artwork or fics, or create character bios for their customs like I do. A RPG site mainly. This is my primary site as well. the Yahoo forum for www.reprolabels.com--Place doesn't really have that many post so I don't really post there all that often, I tried to keep it active myself for some time but theres only so much that one can talk about. The kitbashing/custom section though is one of the best collection of transformer customizers on the net though.
  9. I actually believe that this effect is because of two things, 1 to light a clear coat on the figure, causes a non-level layer which my camera is good enough to pick up on. Even though I do use brush for most of my projects the paint really doesn't show the brush strokes with the exception being the metal flaked paints, in which case I like the effect that the brush provides. My next one is just about finished as well, a Orange/Red/Gold seeker that looks something similar to the new Ehobby Sunstorm. as for the Silver/Black, that one has already been done, his name is Skywarp. I have had some ask for a Skywarp with light gray instead of purple parts so I will probably do that, but thats mainly just a part swap with a G2 Starscream and not really much of a repaint.
  10. I believe that I have some reissue Screamer small missles still on the spurce that I'm willing to sell for 7.99 shipped. If you posted this about a week ago I probably could have helped you with the Sideswipe missle as well, but I sold the one reissue missle that I had left with the box for the figure. I have to agree that www.transrepro.com is the best place for parts. And even mint G1 long seeker missles are fragile pieces. Why do you think they're so expensive to buy orginals.
  11. I use to have no problem with wheeljackslab, Sure most of the stuff that he list in his auctions is listed about a condition grade higher then I would grade it and his prices are very high, but for parts he usually came thru. It wasn't till I had three consecutive orders come missing parts that I decided that I was done with him. Especially after he said that I was lying on the second one, and if it happened again he wasn't going to do anything about it. I decided to just cut my losses on a Onslaught chest plate.
  12. Thanks for the complement on my Bruticus repaint. Anyway that Devestator is probably the nicest of the knockoffs I have the box set of it as well. The plastic while not great isn't horrible and it does have a complete weapons set.
  13. Alright the I guess spotted look on that figure isn't from the brushes its from a poor clear coat from the air brush. I need to get some more propellant and touch up that.
  14. Which custom are you looking at that shows unintentional brush strokes, I've held them in hand and I can assure you that the most recent ones this isn't a factor. The only one that shows it badly is Widowmaker.
  15. My seekers are mainly Starscreams Widowmaker, Scaredy Cat, and Hippie-Fire were each a Takara reissue got them for 25 bucks Flashpoint, Deltaflight and Duststorm are G2 Screamers Bloodlust is a G1 Screamer junker Nightwatch is a G1 Ramjet If I can get junkers with at least the main parts (tail wings, large wings, and launchers) for around 15-20 I tend to go that route and use parts not good enough to sell from www.transrepro.com to round them out. In the end completeing them cost about as much as the reissues tend to go for though. I don't care for the Armada Starscream mold at all, I hate kibble and that back annoys me like very few things can. So I highly doubt I ever do a repaint of that figure. So far only Bendy Prime and Wheeljack have interested me, perhaps Demolisher. And it would appear that people really like Bloodlust.
  16. I'm thinking about making some seekers for sale on ebay and am curious as to what would be the best one to do. A few months back I listed my yellow seeker up just out of curiousity to see what it could sell for, want to do one now to actually sell. Nightwatch http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TransformerC...oms/Nightwatch/ Scaredy Cat http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TransformerC.../Scaredy%20Cat/ Bloodlust http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TransformerC...toms/Bloodlust/ Widowmaker http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TransformerC...oms/Widowmaker/ Deltaflight http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TransformerC...ms/Deltaflight/ Duststorm http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TransformerC...toms/Duststorm/ Flashpoint http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TransformerC...oms/Flashpoint/ Hippie-Fire http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TransformerC.../Hippie%20Fire/
  17. I would avoid them all like the plague. :lol: Seriously I really do dislike most of the movie and post movie figures. And the triple changers really don't do anything for me. The only one that I'd consider is a white astrotrain.
  18. I'll be getting at least 2 or 3 of the new Takara Starscream, 1 for the collection, the others for repaints. The lighter blue looks nice. Different enough for me to pay for one for the collection since I have a thing for seekers. A cartoon correct Thundercracker would go over well too. Though since that wasn't a mass release figure I think its somewhat safe to say that it won't happen.
  19. Don't really care for Red Alert, Don't like his legs and arms, to much a kibble former, instead of one where the body of the car is more involved in the limbs and body. Be nice to have a Prowl, but I would rather see them modify the new Wheeljack mold or perhaps Blurr, though I don't really care for him much either, into a cop car
  20. Ruination, RR doesn't even have a weapon. He's screwed
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