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  1. I agree with this, really liked Bale as Bruce Wayne, but the voice he used as Batman just seemed wrong
  2. DD is one of the few movies that the directors cut should have been the theatrical. What was cut really was a night and day difference with the movie. It wasn't Affleck's fault that DD wasn't memorable, it was the fact that it was missing Matt Murdock. A good super hero movie requires some time spent as their alter ego and DD was really missing that. The directors cut corrects that. As for Batman, I'm not crazy about the casting, but it really isn't a problem with Batman, it is can Afleck do a good Bruce Wayne. Really as long as the writers don't go all Batman and Robin with this movie any actor who is in shape could play Batman. I think he'll do fine as long as he remembers this one key. People won't go see this movie because of him, they'll go see it because it is a Batman movie. It is one of those times when the source material is far more popular then the actor in the role.
  3. I'd be all over a Clamp Down police version Sideswipe. Already have my pre-order in for Tiger Tracks. G2 Sideswipe or Deep Cover though would likely be a pass. The Datsun's are a little trickier since I think the only versions they released were the Anime BlueStreak (done), Prowl (done), Smokescreen (done), Chromestreak, Diaclone Blue Bluestreak, and Hasbro toy Bluestreak. So if they were going to milk that mold using colors that were already used there isn't much left, though I would be all over the Diaclone blue Bluestreak.
  4. same, to me it makes no sense for him not to speak and I think most older fans would question the logic of autobots having the technology to travel through space and make warp gates but not being able to fix Bumblebee's voice box I think they actually answered that in the show something about it being a part of him or some such & also I am sure they said they could fix it were they on cybertron It was a non-repairable biological part, the only way to get one would be to likely take someone else's.
  5. Do you mean this figure when you are referring to the RID version. This is the classics Mirage. I doubt that they make a second. http://www.tfu.info/2006/Autobot/ClassicsMirage/mirage.htm
  6. I can probably give you a solid deal on Loco. Never been a fan of the figure and I think that I got him in a lot. I got the MR figures around a decade ago, they have climbed in price rather steadily since then if you can find them. I would say the ones I have are some of the rarer figures in my collection.
  7. Not just you. I don't have many 3rd party figures, but MakeToys Giant is one of the best Transformers related figures I've got in my collection. I think HasTak has some quality molds, but they tend to over expose those, and their primary lines are littered with action features that detract from the figure. I know I'm not the target demographic, but I would like to think that kids would prefer to have weapons like they look in the shows over this light up things.
  8. Just looking around my collection room. Tux Fitor (loose and MOSC) Rest-Q (loose and MOC) Gunnyr Blockhead Buggyman (blue and orange) Orange MOSC Dart Bentwing Turbo Jeeper Creeper (loose and MOSC) Twinspin Waterwalk Bolt Crainbrain (loose and MOSC) Dumper (loose and MOSC) Dozer Pumper (loose and MOSC) Smallfoot Sparky Spoiler Major Mo Bullseye Screwhead (loose and MOSC) Road Ranger (loose and MOSC) Dive Dive Ace Wrongway (loose and MOSC) Spay C (loose and MOSC) Scratch Spoons Slicks Night Ranger Zero Pathfinder (loose and MOSC) Fliptop (loose and MOSC) Hornet Stinger Stallion (loose and MOSC) Loco (loose and MOSC) Leader 1 (blue and gray) Royal T (loose and MOSC) Flytrap (MOSC) Coptor (MOSC) Heatwave Streetheat (Loose and MOSC) Crasher (two different white variants, black) Mr. Moto Super Gobots Defendor Wrongway Cykil Raizor Spyeye Machine Robo Apollo Tailgate Snoop Man-O-War Bullettrain Bus 3 wheel buggy mini-cooper
  9. A lot of the old Go Bots are awesome figures but get a bad rap because of the Go Bots name/show, and the fact that they are inferior to figures three to four times their size. Yes there are some pretty weak figures like Tank, who's transformation is to just assume a yoga pose, but for each of those there are some pretty cool figures like Tux or Stallion. All in all I think the Go bots line was superior to that of the G1 mini-spies line which I think is a much better way to compare the two. The Super Go-Bots though generally were destroyed by the G1 figures, there were however a few super go bot gems. Just hate seeing people bash them by saying the line was happy meal toys and figures that transformed by standing them up on the back ends. Growing up doing that with Hot Wheels and opening the doors on said car were most of the transformers I had. Think I had Starscream, Thundercracker, Jetfire, Hoist, Prime, Afterburner, and Smokescreen. Most of those figures had a ton of accessories or were fragile. To the point that Go Bots might have actually been a bit more play friendly. In large they had no accessories, were generally tough to break, and quick to transform. Plus they were in scale with Hot Wheels. I just don't know why they are treated so horribly by collectors. Obviously I collect them myself. Have a decent sized MOSC collection along with a good loose set and some Machine Robo exclusive figures.
  10. Go Bots had a few combiners. Two were just power suits and a central body. Select Gobots could be placed in the suits. They made two versions of that. http://www.tfu.info/Gobots/Guardians/Courageous/courageous.htm http://www.tfu.info/Gobots/Renegades/Grungy/grungy.htm They also had two true combiners. Puzzler and Monsterous http://www.tfu.info/Gobots/Renegades/Monstrous/monstrous.htm http://www.tfu.info/Gobots/Renegades/Puzzler/puzzler.htm The Go Bot with a top hat was not part of any combiner. That was the Rolls Royce Go Bot Tux http://www.tfu.info/Gobots/Renegades/Tux/tux.htm
  11. The surprise will be which paint job they use for him. which?????????? BOTH, its MONEY! they will do an off color and name it just to sell as a rare figure. I don't know about that. Neither Hasbro or Takara have released a G1 blue Bluestreak for example when that figure would have made some money as a exclusive release.
  12. soooo i'm a bit confused, this is a second version of omega by a different company, right? Looks like its just add on parts for the new energon remold Omega.
  13. I haven't seen anything new since last fall, shelves have been pretty much barren though since the holiday. I've gotten to the point that I just order the stuff from BBTS or get it off ebay. Cost a little more but far less of a headache.
  14. 6th member?... I think that is stupid... The 6th figure is going to be a Sabre tooth Tiger and not required for the combiner. The new figure will be a replacement arm to offer a more balanced appearance. Divebomb would mount on the back.
  15. The surprise will be which paint job they use for him.
  16. What do you mean? Hasbro Thundercracker is the new seeker mold, as is Takara Sunstorm.
  17. I had lunch with one of the editors for some of the Star Wars novels. What was cool was that a idea from my horrible fan fic novel ended up in a real SW book.
  18. Psycho or Future Machine (the black future car you are talking about) is one of the more common Super Go bots so it shouldn't to difficult to round one up
  19. Bug Bite's one of my favorites as well, along with the black Porsche 928, known as Herr Fiend (lol). They named the silver Porsche Baron Von Joy ... such class! Super GoBots were just awesome. There's also some cool Machine Robo stuff that Tonka unfortunately never released over here that Bandai did in Japan. There was a bus, a couple of bullet trains, a rocket. I've stalked ebay for them from time to time, but they always fetch too much cash. The best one of those I think is the mini-cooper. I have the bus, the mini, a trike (not Mr. Moto), one of the trains, the rocket, super gobot raizer, super go bot Spy Eye, and the blackbird Snoop as part of my Machine Robo/hard to find Go Bots collection. Always annoys me when I see a go bots stink post because a large majority of them were quality figures when compared to the Transformers of the same size. Admittedly most of them had horrible names though.
  20. That list is kind of a joke. There are three or four Kids meal toys on it. Not like those are actually suppose to be anything great.
  21. Super Go-Bot Defender. I think Go-Bots get a bad rap for not being comparable to the larger sized transformers. I don't think trying to compare Leader-1 to Optimus or the seeker jets is really the right way to go. When comparing say Major Mo to Windcharger the Go bot is the far superior figure.
  22. I would have to say no. I can't see people lining up to spend 80-90 bucks on a masterpiece Breakdown unless it was the first part to a masterpiece Menasor
  23. Get some rit dye and dye it black. Just need to put it in a pan over a low heat and keep a eye on it.
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