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  1. wow, been a while since i was here. so alots been shut down huh? while i get most of my info on matty's FB, its said to see a "bar" frequnted by so many simply closed up. when and why did it happen?
  2. ALWAYS revert back to CODMW2, but i got monster hunter 3 on the wii, PLUS i just downloaded one of my old faves on the wii, OGRE BATTLE 64!....great game and i recommend any to try it
  3. so whats the scale? recipe? ive doen a couple of WD customs as well
  4. it said i had to reply...so im replying.... i woulda like to reply to J's orginal post bout the new politcs and religion section. thought it was kinda funny how it was worded.
  5. I know there are program that will send a mass email out to your contacts if you don't log in within the pre determined set of time, I.e. Every month, 6 weeks, etc. I read about it. Think it's pretty big in the online gaming community. Not dead here
  6. ya my 2nd xbox died on me again. the tray wouldnt open and read a disc. on the online forum i just said it was the 3 red lights of death and they just sent me another one without charging me the $99. but while i was waiting on the new one to come in my gf bought me the CODMW2 ed bundle. pretty sweet. the hard drive is so freaking huge!
  7. oooh boy! Here we go! The liberals are going to eat this one up! Next thing you know, he's just retaliating against the torture at Gitmo? His "victim card" will have many faces and will be played over and over again. So far there's only been speculation regarding his motives for doing this. However, I dont think anybody (liberals or conservatives alike) will believe that such an act is justifiable in any way. If it was a catholic or christian, or jewish person that had commited this act, would you be thinking the military should be looking at their hiring policy for those religions? No because christians and jews don't go around blowing people up with IED's and other black market weapons. I have a question though, what kind of people were shot? ummm OK city bombing? mcvey did it for God and country im pretty sure. and ex military right? and people who blow up abortion clinics? yept they do it for God. (and regardless of your views on abortion, its still legal, even if you disagree with it, as i do)
  8. crabs...and if i ever see the girl again, thatll be 2 things ill have killed in my house
  9. matty today said that wave 10 has BARELY shipped and there will be plenty throughout the holiday season...hmmmm i kinda beleive this....
  10. Wow! Imagine that! A black person sticking up for Rush. Of course, the left-leaning black people will just call him a house-n***er in an attempt to discredit and humiliate him. Normally I try to be somewhat civil, but screw that now. I re-read that sentance 10-12 times while thinking of a way to politely state how ignorant it sounds, but I couldnt think of one. So instead, I'll just say that you really should shut up if thats the sort of thing you're going to chime in with. so is this supreme queen? has that been established?
  11. no new news on major force of black lighting? dont care for the BL myself, just need the BAF part, but Major Force hasnt been done in 6 inch scale yet and hes a must have for Green lantern collectors
  12. Once we know which stores, that will help tremendously!!! Appreciate it!! ya brian on the matty fb page really gets the info then passes it along, he seems like a good guy
  13. is this a normal case breakdown? i ask cuz i stumbled over some of the figs and am only missing Man-bat now...
  14. well, it sucks but one WM here is only ordrering one case at a time. soooo....im down only joker and man-bat!!! got a lead on a case this week at another walmart so we shall see...might result to ebay for the last 2 though
  15. im having an issue with a buyer. he paid for the item and hes gonna get it about 10-14 days after the auction ends. shipping was free. there was an issue, (long story) and i didnt get it shipped out as fast as a i would have liked. hes been a dick from DAY 3! about getting the item! i got a feeling hes gonna leave neg feedback. what can i do as far as rules are concerned?
  16. man i used to love the old bucket of legos, i didnt have any sets though when i was a kkid
  17. hmmm if you read that it takes care of the issue of wave 6-7
  18. this is pretty basic.... • Product: A product is the need-satisfying offering of a firm including physical goods or services (e.g. a new car, a new soft drink, a sports team). The product also includes the features and benefits, quality level, accessories, installation, instructions, warranty, product line extensions, packaging, and branding of the product. • Price: The price is the amount of money that is charged for “something” of value. In determining price a firm must consider things such as cost to produce the product, objectives, flexibility, competitive pressures, return on investment, market pressures level over product life, geographic terms, discounts, and allowances. • Place: The place is the making of goods and services available in the right quantities at the right locations. It determining the place a firm must consider things such as objectives, channel type, middlemen, and kinds/locations of stores, transportation, storage, and managing/coordinating channels. • Promotion: Promotion is the communicating of information between seller and potential buyer or others. It involves considerations such as objectives, promotion blend, sales people, advertising, sales promotion, and publicity. these are commonly known as the 4p's...now..which of these are you providing?
  19. ill check again tonite and hit ya back, i know they have the parademons for sure, ill see what else
  20. who do u need from 8? they are sitting at comic shop near me and have for a while...they are around 16 a peice i think
  21. anyone know when the second wave is coming and what the dpci number is?
  22. oh! yeah, that's different. Disgruntled and indifferent is a lot different than being AWOL! I digress. now he didnt use the word AWOL but is lining my job performace up with one of those guys...
  23. That's ridiculous. I read his posts, and he didn't cry about how bad it was. He said he disagreed with the mission. He said we shouldn't have invaded Iraq. It's his right to say that. For you to say that he shouldn't express that opinion is fascist and unamerican. You're the one who is dishonoring those who fought and died for our freedoms by trying to say he's not allowed to use his. There's a difference in stating what we THINK of someones opinion and telling them they can't have one. TG seems to be stating what he THINKS of soldiers who come home, safe and sound, ALIVE to their families and then b!tch about the WAR and BUSH! I'm not particularly too thrilled with those types of whiny liberal soldiers myself, and like I feel about COPS...I respect the uniform, I appreciate the job they do, I understand and support the tough decisions they sometimes have to make in protecting the community overall and give them praise when they deserve it, but I don't always respect the PERSON in the uniform. and hey thats your right, VH. BUT TG is stating im one of thsoe AWOL guys and that i was whining about my job, which wasnt true.
  24. again, you didnt answer the question of where i whined about my job? its cuz it doesnt exist. and i do hope you lose intrest quick, its annoying to see you stalk my profile page then find my post to put "negs" on my rep...
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