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  1. I've missed the celebrity inclusions like The Fridge and Slaughter and keep hoping that with Hasbro having the Marvel license, they could do a crossover figure or two. As for a Classic Cap recipe that would work with only a little retooling: Head - Serpentor (No helmet, Wings added) Upper Torso - Gung Ho Tower Torso - Gung Ho Upper Arms - Serpentor Lower Arms - Cobra Commander Upper Legs - Serpentor Boots - ???
  2. Not that I would inflict the DiC cartoon on hapless children shopping in the toy aisle at Wal-Mart but... Operation Dragonfire would be a pretty sensible concept to build a set of some kind around. On one side, you have Copperhead and Cobra Soldiers at the very least sporting Python Patrol deco. On the other side, you have Lowlight in his Slaughter's Marauder's deco, which is the only version I can even remember him in. (An interesting footnote is that Lady Jaye got a Slaughter's Marauder's costume at some point in the 'toon which never made it into action figure form.) You also have a half-snake Cobra Commander which is perfect for a cartoon pack. (Battle Armor with a new serpent head under the mask.) There's also a unique two tone blue Baroness, Zarana, Gnawgahyde and Alley Viper. And then there's Scoop who was pivotal in DIC era but has only had one figure ever. (I made a custom of him as a "Crimson Guard Captain" from Dragonfire. I'm always adding bits and pieces to this as I'd eventually like to find better holsters for him.) Howabout we skip packaging the (somewhat painful) DIC era DVDs and just do five packs based on the episodes. The characters and even some of the concepts were very cool but the execution was below par.
  3. That Batman doesn't look too posable. But then again, a $10 playset is a $10 playset.
  4. I think your alone on this one. Probably. But it will work as someone to fight my Cobra Janitor from Operation Dragonfire. Gotta do something with the spare parts.
  5. Just a note: If I still have a spare Fred head and I can get an extra suited Commander or another 25th Joe in a suit, I think Chris Matthews may be joining my Joe team as "Hardball". (Or my Cobra team if they release a guy in a suit with a Cobra emblem on it.)
  6. Okay... So who looks most likely to be a Fred series Crimson Guardsman? They're supposed to be able to blend in anywhere, right? I was just marveling over how the two pack toy looks like a young Chris "Hardball" Matthews. (Then again, Hasbro has been known to base toys on real people. Scoop was modeled on Mike Leonards who is on the Today Show now.)
  7. I picked multipacks and comic packs because they're the cheapest "per figure" pricepoint. I picked the oddball eras because some of those characters are the characters that have never been "done well" and have had the fewest homages. Mercer rocks my socks. Ice Cream Soldier would be fun. If we must have another Duke, I'll take him in desert fatigues. Headman is just crazy cool. If you take the best Joes and update them for 25th, nothing changes except proportions. If you take the screwballs and the misfits, this could be their first chance at a cool toy if you tone down the loud colors and garish choices a bit. Granted, not every 3rd stringer DESERVES a cool toy. But assuming this line will continue indefinitely (and I think it pretty much will -- and it will almost certainly resume after the movie and every repaint and redeco will be mined; does anyone DOUBT we'll see Shockwave?) then I would like to see a mix of the classics and staple characters with a representative or two from the various failed lines being given a second chance at life. I don't want to see the whole Eco-Warriors team. But take Ozone. There's a guy we've seen in Star Brigade and Eco Warriors. His basic look is salvagable. And ONE environmental specialist on the team is tolerable diversity. (I don't need or want Flint or Barbeque or Deep Six shoe-horned into that role.) And Ozone represents both lines nicely enough as the one Joe who didn't have his whole look changed to fit in with Star Brigade or Eco-Warriors. I don't need Cyborg Hawk or Space Snake-eyes. But a Blackstar or a Cesspool? Maybe. I dunno. I'd want the main focus to be pre-movie Joes. But I'd like to seeone or two oddballs every wave, a single Joe or Cobra who represents an era or a team that isn't as "classic".
  8. I'd like the Cobra Commander figure better if they went for the black or bluish black look from the latter era Marvel comic. And I'm pretty much baffled, like everyone else, at his pairing with Rip-Cord. (Unless this is some bizarre tie-in to the car accident that Billy was in where Candy Appel was killed. Larry Hama really likes having these feuds center around car accidents.) If the goal was to invoke the latter era Marvel Comics Cobra Commander, a darker unfirom would have made more sense and they should have considered pairing him opposite somebody who figured into that era. - We could have had a Crimson Commander Fred VII (though I'd really only want this if they found some kind of insane story justification to have the armor be Crimson Guard colors since a simple head swap isn't enough). - A Ninja Force Scarlett makes sense for a comic pack. (Female figures sell less, after all, and the nostalgia value of a Ninja Force Scarlett is low enough that a comic pack is a logical place to include this). - Dr. Biggles Jones would be a welcome addition as a major character from that era that never had a toy. - Mercer makes some sense for something like this too as an ex-Viper whose heyday was this era. He and CC could have quite the rivalry, in theory. If the goal is to evoke the Devil's Due era, Kamakura, Billy or Alexander would all be nifty choices. I dunno. I like these figures. Nemesis Enforcer is sweet and I can overlook the shortcuts they took with Falcon. But I REALLY wish they'd make the pairings more like epic showdowns or team-ups. Most of them are but about a third of them take two characters with no compelling connection and shoehorn them together. Imagine if the Crimson Guard two pack had Fred and Professor Appel (which would basically take a new lower torso and head) or Crimson Guard Commander (which the TRU repaint BASICALLY is but all the parts are there for a redeco that's closer to the original figure). Imagine if the Destro two-pack had Flint (with the fixed gloves) or Baroness (if they wanted to be coy, just another black Baroness with Lady Jay's upper torso for that "unbuttoned blouse" look) with square glasses. I dunno. I know Duke and Cobra Commander isn't exactly flying off the shelves but I think that's more about paintjobs than pairings. I actually don't have a Duke or helmeted Cobra Commander yet and I'd love a two-pack of them, even if it's a little "off the wall". (Example: Government Agent Duke in Suit vs. Cobra Commander in his "Old Snake" costume from Transformers -- which is a grey and black Serpentor suit, trenchcoat, battle helmet and Fedora. Or Tiger Force Duke vs. a Crimson helmeted CC or a Python Patrol Cobra Commander.)
  9. RodimusMaximus


    heh. You know, if there was some kind of insane emergency recasting, I would actually kinda dig getting David Tennant on board to play off of Eccleston. Tennant would make a great Cobra Commander, if it were tolerable to make him British, and I think he'd be genuinely inspired casting as either Major Bludd or Tomax and Xamot. His hamminess (which somehow remains largely believable and even kindof intense) really contrasts nicely with Eccleston's "real" qualities and I think the two would have fun onscreen chemistry that, sadly, Doctor Who doesn't really allow since they technically play "the same guy". Though between Tennant's over-the-top qualities (and his tendency to really find the cartoony qualities in his characters) and Tomax and Xamot's innate showy tendencies, casting him as the twins would virtually require that they make them flamboyant homosexuals. Tennant would be a hilarious Major Bludd... and yet he could turn on a dime and be disturbingly gripping in that role. (I may be misremembering but I recall Bludd as being a bizarre takeoff on the stereotypical British colonial soldier; almost kindof like some Hemmingway-era British Major who flipped after a few tours in India or Africa and became a cyborg mercenary.)
  10. Thanks. Incidentally? I don't care if Baroness' boobs are small. The comment by Miller just reminds me of Michael Bay telling Megan Fox to look "sexy" for the Transformers sequel. (I don't think "sexy" is a problem for either actress and I don't think Baroness' cup size will make or break the film because Miller is ALREADY "sexy". Maybe mis-cast as Baroness but I don't think a good actress for Baroness necessarily exists. Not that a Catherine Zeta Jones type wouldn't have been a better start, mind you.) Heck, going by the toys, Baroness has the smallest chest of any female in G.I.Joe's universe. But the movie I'm seeing here is akin to taking a MacGuyver remake and making it about a guy who has telepathy over machines. They may get the characters relatively right and the movie may be fun but I think they're missing the human hook here. Transformers, for its faults, worked with audiences because it took the "human story" of G1 and reworked it as the heart of a 2007 Action movie. Bay knew where his human story was ("OMG! My first car is a giant robot from outer space!") and he knew what his set pieces were (even if it would have been nice for the TFs to take center stage a bit more). If this movie flies, I'd like to see them do a sequel where G.I.Joe gets all its shiny toys stolen by Cobra, gets their budget slashed (bonus points if "Senator Fred Broca" is the one who cuts their funding) and has to fight Cobra based solely on what Duke and company can afford at the surplus store on their credit cards. Meanwhile, Cobra can take those fancy cyborg super-suits the Joe team has in the first movie and give them out to Crimson Guardsmen or something. Let the Joe team take obsolete hardware into battle against an army of super-soldiers and then we get the true story. And not only is it closer to classic Joe but then we have something real modern soldiers can relate to. The U.S. Army (and I suspect most armies) rely on real guts to get by and they never get the kind of pay or funding it would take to be truly comfortable in a situation where people are trying to kill you. Heck, I seem to recall that in Iraq, a lot of soldiers and their families were buying THEIR OWN armor because they either weren't getting enough from the government or they were getting stuff that needed better testing. For my $10 at the movie theater, soldiers who max out their line of credit for a little extra battlefield security is not only more REAL, it makes for better and more dramatic storytelling than guys handed billion dollar bionic suits. We should be looking at the screen and saying, "You couldn't pay me enough to do that!", not "I wish I had their tech." It's turning Indiana Jones into James Bond. G.I.Joe is a "blue collar values" property, not an Iron Man or a James Bond. (And I LOVED Iron Man.)
  11. I think they have G.I.Joe and Cobra mixed up in terms of this movie and hope they "fix" it by the sequel, assuming there is one. Cobra are supposed to be the guys with bionic strength, super-serums, robots, genetic engineering and sleek black suits. G.I.Joe is supposed to be a group of hopelessly outmatched specialists who hold their own against urban sci-fi terrorists not with equal firepower but because they're just that good at what they do (and Cobra is that bad). Every Joe is an enlisted man at heart (hence Duke refusing promotions above sergeant for YEARS) and every Cobra member is an officer at heart. G.I.Joe has the guts (but not the gadgets) and Cobra has the gadgets (but not the guts). Oh, and Cobra outnumbers G.I.Joe a bazillion to one. For instance, I seem to recall people in the military griping a few years back about some new body armor that Donald Rumsfeld was pushing. The problem was, it was actually a hazard because the armor made the soldier inflexible. The Joe guys wouldn't be caught dead testing the latest technology in a situation like that. (That's what Battleforce 2000 does and why they get killed. Heh.) Whereas Cobra is the side that might rely on that kind of tech (and why their superior numbers don't equate to a win IMO). The problem I'm seeing in the leaks is that they're making G.I.Joe into super-heroes while Cobra Commander and Destro and Baroness are simply generic euro-thugs. Cobra is supposed to be more stylish and sexy and cooler looking than G.I.Joe, who are supposed to look like they're a bunch of guys who grabbed whatever they could at the surplus store. The good guys are supposed to look like they came from a costume party and the bad guys are supposed to look like they came from an arsenal. Visually, the lowest level viper or trooper or grenadier should look like their PERSONAL gear cost millions to develop and VISUALLY, asingle one should look like they could take on five or six Joes. (As it happens, the foot soldiers of the bad guys are undertrained, have bad attitudes, lousy aim and undertested gear.) But if a single Joe looks better equipped than a single Cobra member, the movie is starting out at a disadvantage.
  12. Wasn't thinking so much about making Cadet Demming herself but it does establish that Crimson Guard Cadets have a different uniform. Maybe paint up a CG in blue to make a male cadet. You know that the next wave of comic packs had a Cobra Commander in it, right? And that the Commander in the 2 pack has a blue Crimson Guard body with red highlights? Replace the head, maybe swap the belts out for a CG belt and there's your "cadet".
  13. Okay... I've been tinkering around with simple customs on the 25th anniversary Crimson Guard. Can anyone recall specific Crimson Guard who stood out either in the comics or the show? Obviously, there's the whole Fred series from the comics, which we have figures of. And I'm planning to do a head swap to create Fred VII out of Battle Armor Cobra Commander. From there, the only three I can think of are: Crimson Guardsman Jones aka Professor Appel (comics, creator of Cobra Island) Scoop (Cartoon, Crimson Guard spy infiltrating G.I.Joe as Scoop, Identified as a Captain in the Guard) Scoop had a semi-unique costume with long gloves. Identified as a "Crimson Guard Captain". Never wore a mask. You can do this with a Crimson Guard figure, Cobra Commander gloves and a headswap. I'm debating whether to actually paint him show accurate. (Silver gloves. Silver shoulder insignia. Blue belt and boots -- instead of black. Since other Guardsman in the cartoons used dark grey, I think the blue in Scoop's suit may have been an actual uniform variation.) Beyond that, there's Alley Viper (an ex-Guardsman and buddy of Scoop's. The only black non-toy CG I can think of.) And... Wade Collins, Kamakura's dad. He was Fred series but he grew a beard and put his old costume back on for a special mission in his later years after leaving Cobra.
  14. I don't know if you noticed but STAR WARS: TRANSFORMERS has been renamed TRANSFORMERS: CROSSOVERS by Hasbro. Next-up in the line are Marvel Megamorph style TFs... But I have a feeling this is the line we'll see TFs and Joe crossover, with half inch Joe pilots in TFs that turn into deluxe-sized (ie. 6 inch robot figures, $10-15 price) Joe vehicles. And if we're lucky, given the scales offered and the history of the Han/Chewy/Millenium Falcon and Vader Deathstar, they could have a Fortress Maximus who either turns into the Pitt or the USS Flagg.
  15. Oh. Wow. http://www.brokenarrowtoys.com/cart/index....p;productId=107 Somebody did a custom Sundown kit.
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