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  1. Well, it's good to see you! After a couple of years of accumulating Littlest Pet Shop toys, my darling daughter Emma had some duplicates. So, one rainy day I got the inspiration for some Littlest Super Heroics!
  2. Hi there! Happy 2011 to ya. Thanks for stopping in. I am really enjoying the current Spider Man issues, since the "Big Time" story arc. I mean, REALLY liking them, the most I've liked Spidey comics in a looong time! It feels like they are truly advancing the character in alot of ways and they have actually made me look forward to another issue! Really fun so far. This coming from someone who detests the ideas behind BND. Annnnyway, you'll have to forgive me. I'm happy to be able to enjoy Spidey again in Amazing. So, to celebrate, here's a custom of his first Horizon Labs suit, in the 3.75" scale. It bends both light and sound, and requires lenses to see it. It debuted in #650. cont
  3. Hi there! It was simply a matter of time before I got around to this obligatory custom: Just a repaint of Archangel, with some clear red blood splatter on the wings. Thanks for your time!
  4. Well, it looks like Second Coming has wrapped up, and what an adventure it has been, especially if you followed all of Cable and Hope's adventures in time as I did. I thought I'd offer up a pair of figures commemorating the event! I have made several Cables to date, but this one focuses a bit more on the recent look rather than the big shoulder pad 90s look. Here we have both Hope and Cable in the 3.75" Marvel Universe scale: Thanks for your time!
  5. No mods were made, just a repaint. We have a base coat of silver for all metallic parts, then 2 coats of clear red, and the black parts are actually 3 coats of clear smoke over silver; that's how he seems to appear in the show, kind of a metallic dark gray. The flesh was a base of flat scab red, then dry brushed with gloss guards red. The flat base with the gloss highlights gives it that leathery appearance. Bot mode eyes were fluorescent red, then yellow pupils. A very fun project, and I hope you enjoyed the pics! Thanks for your time!
  6. Hi! Good to see ya! Come on in. I just started watching Beast Wars, and was dying to try my hand at a custom. In a stroke of coincidence, my new pal and fellow TFW member sent me a request to commission 3 BW characters in a show accurate fashion, the first of which is Terrorsaur!
  7. Let's see...she began life as Storm. I sculpted her jacket sleeves. The head was from RoC Scarlett, the hair from a DCU figure, but slightly resculpted in spots. The bandana tail was from Capt. Boomerang. The knee pads were also sculpted, and the X Symbol is a metal button painted. The green is Dark green pearl over silver, the yellow was insignia yellow. Two browns were used for the coat. A coat of pledge future was used to give that ultra shine and to really protect any joints. Thanks for your time!
  8. Hi! Glad you decided to stop by. So, I finished up on a few projects this week, one of which is a much-wanted character for the new 3.75" line, Rogue, in her Jim Lee era '90s uniform >>>>> cont...
  9. They were made using various parts, including RoC Duke's body for Cyclops and Wolverine, Baroness for the ladies. Cyclops' head was also Duke's, but I sculpted the visor and hair using Apoxy Sculpt. His lower legs were from Cobra Commander, with the shoes sculpted over. Wolverine's head was from a Logan figure from the recent movie, and his forearms were Storm Shadows. His lower legs were from the same Logan figure. The wolf is from a Snake Eyes figure. Storm's head was from her two pack version, with hair from Scarlett. Her lightning was from Electro. Jean features the least work, being a Baroness head as well, but I removed her glasses and remolded the hair a little, and she also she gets the firey headpiece to simulate Phoenix powers. The X Logos on the chests were hand sculpted. The belt buckles are metal and painted. Lots o' parts, and lots o' work, but I wanted at least these 4 together for the group. This set is available for a couple of days to board members before I put it up for auction, so if it's something you are interested in, just PM for a quote. Thanks for your time!
  10. *waves Hey there! Come on in. Just thought I'd share my latest finished project, 4 of the X Men in the 3.75" Marvel Universe scale. cont
  11. Well, ol' Doc Ock here started out life as a ROC Cobra Commander. He received a new head, and the Ock arms came from a Spidey figure. The legs are from City Strike Snake Eyes. Painted with a base gray, then Snot Green. The coat was painted white, then given some dirty highlights to resemble a dirty lab coat. I hand mixed the orange in two shades, the base and the highlights. Buckles were light brown, and all silver was painted black then drybrushed. All paints were Testor's Model Master Acryl or Games Workshop. I used Pledge Future to seal and protect any joints, all of which were tested and sanded for wear. Thanks for your time!
  12. Hi there! Good to see ya. Well, I've been trucking along with some commissions, and managed to get in a fun project...3.75" Doc Ock: cont
  13. A quick shot of a 5 figure request from a good client and new friend.
  14. I used various enamels for the body. Two shades of purple were used for details with some light silver drybrushing, and a label pack from dear ol' Reprolabels. The car light was Film-Barricades.The head belonged to Cybertron Thundercracker. The chainsaw belonged to a Zoid. Hope you like the pics, he was really fun to make!
  15. Hi there! Good to see ya. Y'know, one of the things I liked about the first Bay movie was Barricade. He was just cool. I liked the idea of a Decepticon cop car, especially if the 'con likes messing around with humans. So, I got to thinking it would be cool to see the character in a G1/Classics style. I wanted him to appear to be from that "era" so I immediately decided that I didn't want him to have freakish claw hands or a insect like face. I wanted a G1 look.
  16. It was actually a bit of a chore to conceive the actual vision I had. I wanted to make a version as true to the 86 movie as I could, which meant one thing: simplicity. It was really tempting to paint little gray panels, or do some improvised details, but I had to stay on task and keep it simple! I started out to make him as ancient, beat up and worn as I could, but after test pics I found I didn't like covering up that rich orange, so I went with minimal forced highlights. My goal was to paint it in a fashion where the natural colors brought out the details and hope that the pics captured it. Washes and drybrushing were used, but sparingly. He was painted using various enamels including Orange Mist and Radiant Silver. I didn't want the washes to look like black lines drawn all over him, so I used dark washing on the orange parts with Games Workshop Dark Flesh. It's semi translucent and a brownish orange color. The wash for the silver and dark gray parts was TMMA Gunmetal. Aircraft gray and Silver was used for drybrushing, as well as international orange. The eyes were silver, then clear green. The planet maw was created using a flashing Jager light. (I work in a bar) The "jaws" are actually one half of Barricade's weapon from the untransformable version. ( I can't recall what those were called...) I sparingly used a few clear jewels for the planet ring to simulate the light up nodes in the movie, while using aircraft gray for the rest of the ring details. I have no IDEA where his mini con went, so I patched the hole with a chestpiece from a Zoids Owl. The new planet spikes were actually wooden grill skewers coated with Future, and I drilled holes for their new home. The 2 halves for the planet mode have been bonded together using epoxy so I could make the new light-up maw, but he looks terrible with the planet halves hanging on his back anyway, and I don't know ANYone who displays him like that. The light-up maw has an on/off button, and blinks on and off at about a 2 second interval. The light has this cool honeycomb effect which is subtle but cool. Any comments, critiques, criticism and ideas are encouraged! Thanks for your time!
  17. Hi there! Thanks for stoppin' by. I FINALLY finished up my latest, Unicron! It took longer than planned, but he ended up being a labor of love, and features a new flashing, light-up planet maw. Recipe follows the pics! cont
  18. Anyway, the two Deadpools were the deluxe version. IronPool was the standard Marvel Universe version. I used my favorite Acrylic paints, Master Master Acryl for this project, using various colors including Clear Red, Insignia Blue/Yellow and others. Some light yellow drybrushing was used on the yellow for highlights. The weapons are from various GI Joes over the years. Any logos were trimmed from another figure or made from styrene. The alternate head was from a Star Wars figure, but he's unrecognizable now. This project put me to the test when it came to small details! Any comments, critiques, love or hate are encouraged! Thanks for your time!
  19. I've been dying to drop with this project, but there were so...many...details! (Hope you like Deadpool)
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