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  1. Do they ever actually state what time period Spock Alpha came from in reference to the original timeline? I know it is post TNG/DS9/Voyager time, but how far? Vulcans are a race with longevity, and Spock's age here appears to be quite a bit older than he had aged in the time between Star Trek 6 and his appearance on TNG. Perhaps there were breakthroughs in tranporter technology after that timeframe. Scotty was still alive post TNG/DS9/Voyager, so perhaps that was when he originally figured out how to transport that great of a distance. Also, his formula was based on the target ship being in warp, which bends space, so perhaps that is what allowed transporting such great distances. Both times we see them transport such distances, the target ships are in warp. Enterprise was in warp from Vulcan to Earth, and Nero's ship was in warp to Earth. At least I think it still was at the time they transported, but i might be mistaken.
  2. Marvel doesn't have as many heroes with the "No Kill" rule like DC, though they do exist. I think if it really came down to it being do or die, or better yet, do or this person you care about dies, many DC characters would make the kill. They would be torn up over being forced into that position. Best example I can think of would be Superman's first battle with Doomsday. After fighting Doomsday for hours, trying to stop him ithout using lethal force, Doomsday arrived in Metropolis. There he became a threat to Superman's loved ones. In fact it was immediatly after Lois and Jimmy were put in danger that Supes finally took off the restraint gloves and unleashed his full fury upon Doomsday. Realising there was no way to stop him and keep him alive. The only way to stop him would be to "put him down" and with his final punch seemingly killed Doomsday. However, DC retconned this by having Doomsday survive, meaning Superman still has a clean slate in the kill dept, but it doesnt change the fact that Superman had the intention to kill Doomsday.
  3. Sadly, the only thing in that set I want is Nick Fury's trench coat to use on a custom Joe, but I cant justify paying $20 for the set just for that.
  4. Chaz


    I live in Texas and the Walmart I work at got about 4 of each set in.
  5. One the Walmart 2 packs, it says that you can go to the website and there is a game or something to play. However when I go to the site, it is just where they sell the gijoe products. ANyone else having this problem?
  6. I added my red goggles that came with the 25th anniversary Firefly to my DTC Low Light, and it made him look alot more like the original did. It worked alot better than the duel lens pair he came with that were originally with Black Out.
  7. Those weren't the accelerator suits. Those are the impact reactive armor. Roadblock looks like a repaint of the reactive armored Heavy Duty's body with Roadblock's head.
  8. Some minor articulation might be nice. But not overdone. Timber doesn't need neck, shoulder, knee, hip, ankle, and mid torso joints all at once. However one or two points would be nice. I hate how many of the new animals are stuck in a position that would have rendered them usless to those who played with them as kids. Order with his forever turned head. Both Timbers in the 25th line (the second being the same one as in the movie line) have weird positions. The first with his turned head like the old Order, and the second with his front paw up.
  9. While I do have a problem with Breaker being Morrocan or whatever, it didn't bother me as much as the fact that his character was so dang wormy. I don't care if youre the tech guy, you don't have to Poindexter. Grow some. I just wanted him to pick up a rpg and waste some vipers, and it never happened. Well, you want to keep your communications guy out of the line of fire as much as possible. He is your link to the guys getting your ass out of the fire. I didn't have a problem with the changes to the characters. My only complaint was with Ripcord. His character was nothing like what you would expect a guy named Ripcord to be. The name Ripcord implies a paratrooper, but he was not that at all. Neither the job he had, nor the job he wanted. He would have just as easily been Stalker or Airbourne. I have always liked Breaker as my communications guy sitting in the HQ while Dial Tone is out in the field.
  10. I lost all respect for Roger Ebert when I read his Transformers 2 review, where he actually insulted anyone who liked the movie, claiming they were idiots.
  11. I like alot of the figures. I do hate the fact that most of the Cobra Troop Builders look like bad custom jobs. Like the Crimson Viper. He looks like someone just took a solid black figure and repainted parts of him with Testors Model paint. I do also like how many of the figures look different enough from their 25th anniversary counterparts to stand in my collection as a different character. I could easily have my 25th Anniversary Breaker stand side by side with the ROC Breaker, and nothing about them suggest they are the same person.
  12. Frank Welker did alot of voices. Transformers: Megatron Soundwave Ravage Devestator Rumble Frenzy Skywarp Laserbeak Buzzsaw Ratbat Trailbreaker Mirage Wheelie (This one is just weird) Galvatron GI Joe: Copperhead Flash Freedom Junkyard Polly Short-Fuse Timber Torch Wild Bill
  13. I have never looked at Heavy Duty as a replacement for Roadblock, just as I never saw Roadblock as a replacement for Rock n Roll or Footloose as a replacement for Grunt. Nor Dial-Tone as a replacement for Breaker. A military unit with just one member with a particular specialty such as Machine Gunner would not be a very good unit. As far as I am concerned, Dial-Tone and Breaker both work together, just like Doc, Lifeline, and Streatcher. I liked the review and do plan to grab Heavy Duty when I can. I don't plan to get all the movie figures, only those who can be displayed alongside the other 25th anniversary figures and still look like individual characters. So basicly anyone who does not currently have a 25th anniversary figure (Sgt Stone, Heavy Duty, Agent Helix, Cover Girl) and those who look different enough from their regular figures to pass for different characters (Ripcord).
  14. Sounds awsome. I can't wait to see the midnight showing next weekend. I am just curious who Cobra COmmander is supposed to be before becoming the Commander. I read somewhere he was supposed to be a Joe and Duke's best friend.
  15. I wonder what will be inside the cardboard M.A.R.S. cases that come with each figure. Apparently some sort of secret accessories. Perhaps like the artifacts that came with the Indiana Jones figures, or the Clone Gear that came with the Star Wars Clone Wars figures.
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