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  1. I can't believe this still exists
  2. Hyperbole like that is why I find myself less and less interested in forums. Too many people jump from, "I don't like this" to "its garbage." Not liking something doesn't make it garbage. It just means you don't like it. It's OK to just not like something and move on. Something that does what it set out to do is not garbage. Groove isn't a leg for the obvious reason of a motor-cycle being smaller than cars. I guess they are going someowhat for scale for once. There is a Wildrider in TRU's computer. Seeing as how Takara remolded one of the Aerial bots into Slingshot (also in TRU computers) its seems pretty likely we will be able to get both of those guys. Maybe they will even tool up a Groove. If they did though, its pretty likely it would share tooling with an Afterburner since it seems Computron is coming down the line.
  3. This should help: http://heroicdecepticon.blogspot.com/2009/08/how-to-remove-price-tags-stickers-from.html
  4. Coming this year to a leader class near you!
  5. Received voyager CW Optimus Prime and Silverbolt from Amazon. Superion is actually pretty great. If the rest of the combiners are on his level or better, we are in for a treat. Prime is OK, but his combined mode is not as nice as Silverbolt, sadly. I gave up on them. I pre-ordered the Takara versions along with Windblade months ago, as a safety precaution. Just gonna go with them now.
  6. Recently: MP Ultra Magnus Generations Alpha Bravo (who is great), Fire Fly, Sky Dive, Drag Strip, Powerglide and Bombshell. RiD Bumblebee Microblaze Military Titans (FoC Onslaught & Bruticus upgrade) Iron Factory Turrets and Manacle (Six Gun and Slammer) Takara Legends Jetfire
  7. Stickered the Toyworld Grant that I picked up from TF con in Chicago last weekend.
  8. Haha, Star Shaper. I'm not sure on Exhaust myself, but I do appreciate the Diaclone homage. I've never seen Transformer Victory, but Star Saber has a pretty cool design and gimmicks so I think I am in for it. I think it's the Amazon.jp exclusive for Wheeljack, not sure if its also coming with Exhaust. HLJ has the 20th listed for Wheeljack. Pretty soon either date.
  9. Marlboor Wheeljack gets turned into a new character and its a Decepticon. Meet MP-23 Exhaust.
  10. How do you define that? The fandom is certainly *not* united in it's opinion of how to do things. I'm guessing the limbs will be Deluxe sized and priced accordingly, around $15 these days, with the team leaders being Voyagers in the $22 range. No need to guess, that was what they announced.
  11. I don't question the ability to make things cheaper on a mass production level. But I don't think that would make them cheap enough to be able to sell at their current price points and still achieve whatever their profit margin is. That's in the case of Giant and other combiners though. I think there are some unlicensed products that could fit in Hasbro's pricing structure, albeit they are also the cheaper ones.
  12. His left arm really needs a swivel joint, as it is he has that gorilla arm syndrome. It bugs me because his gun arm does not have that. There's a friction connection that locks his lower legs together, but its not a solid connection and it comes apart easily. I wish the panels that form his lower legs had another swivel so it could fully wrap around. It just kinda stops and look awful from behind. He *does* have the same port the AoE dinobots have though, so he can be posed in robot or shark mode on a Tamashii Stage or Figma stand.
  13. Hasbro cannot produce something equivalent to Giant and keep within their established price points.
  14. Post dem hauls! I picked up Roadbuster and Sky-Byte this week. Roadbuster is great. Sky-Byte.. not so much.
  15. Haha, I would think the OCD would kick in seeing everything being the same height. I guess I'm weird. Having Warbotron in there throws off the scale though (hah, scale) since that group is meant to go with MP stuff. They are closer to voyager size. Menasor may be smaller, but tbh, the combiners in that size that have been released are generally better than the larger ones. Although I don't have it, I can still answer yes to both. Toyworld finally released images of their Throttle-bot combiner. I really like it as a bonus since the first three are pretty great on their own.
  16. So what, I wasn't talking directly about you, just adding on to what you said.
  17. These have been out for awhile, albeit maybe not at TRUs. But yeah, they are too expensive for what they are.
  18. I'm just grabbing the ones I like. I don't understand why they have to all be the same height, why can't they have height differences like people do? It makes sense to me for a combiner made of jets to be larger than the combiner made of cars anyway.
  19. I think that's some of the mechanical chain base sets.
  20. Movie was OK for a action flick/toy commercial. Dinobots were pretty unnecessary. Could have cut them out of the movie completely and it wouldn't have effected it at all. Well except for mercifully cutting the running time down. Galvatron's voice was the right call. Overall, it's probably not something I will revisit again except for maybe to have running in the background while I'm doing something else.
  21. Nice! I handled a Citizen Stack at Botcon; it was extremely light for a figure that size and yet still strangely felt well constructed and solid. Is that a KO on the left? In addition to the Boxset and all the addons (with the exception of Hunter/Shockeract and Apelinq who will be off to Mr. Peaugh shortly) at Botcon I bought: Takara FoC Jazz carded: $10 (!) Takara FoC Sideswipe: $15 (still !) Takara FoC Swindle, Vortex, Blast-Off and Brawl: $20 a piece (These guys are going with the Microblaze Onslaught. Anyone want an SDCC Metroplex? ) Takara Generations Armada Starscream: $25 Transformazing Mebsuta (FoC Ultra Magnus armor): $70 (Good price, I believe $90 was the original) Toyworld Orion (IDW styled Optimus Prime): $108 ish (A little over what I wanted to pay, but he's sold out most places nowadays.) Planet X Caelus (FoC Swoop): $75 ($5 under normal price so not a bad deal) Fansproject Warbot Revolver ("Roadbuster"): $65 ($25 under normal price! He has a small issue with his shoulders though, but I'm pretty sure I can fix it.) Maketoys Mobine Missle Launcer Marine Type (Powercore Combiner limb set): $50 Toyworld Trace (Chase): $55 Maketoys Trashtalk and Cogwheel (Swerve [w/drink tray!] and Gears): $70 Perfect Effect Warden (IDW-ish kinda Fortress Maximus): $140 ish Sort of like last year, I'm gonna have to chill out on the unlicensed stuff after Botcon. Spent way too much!
  22. Aside from what Wheeljack said, she's been in the comics recently. My only caveat with her *was* that she is a retooled TF Prime Arcee. However, after seeing her in the case and how much new they apparently did with her, I've kinda come around on it. Looks really good. They're leaders! But I have to agree, Megatron isn't doing it for me. Maybe future pictures or even at SDCC pictures will win me over. That Armada Megs bums me out because it basically means they won't do a proper one. Unless those tank treads on the back can face forward, it doesn't homage the original's look enough. Also, no Leader-1! Fatimus Prime returns!
  23. Power Battler packaging is way too similar to the Generations deluxes. Already seeing stores mixing them up.
  24. Dino mode is super awful, back end just looks wrong.
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