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  1. Transformers definitely sells, although it isn't DCUC Wave 8-10. Upcoming TFs: HA Skids, Bludgeon, Universe Classics 2.0 Hardhead and Powerglide (Repaint), ROTF Leader Class Starscream. Animated Soundwave and Jazz. Everyone else major has already been released. I'm waiting for Megatron and Devastator to go on clearance.
  2. I still have to find Wave 8 at retail. Grrrr...
  3. LOL! That's out of scale as well, but she's 6'4"...the second tallest regular female if you count Barda.
  4. DCUC shouldn't throw that particular stone with gems such as Sinestro, Lobo, Big Barda, Doomsday, Kid Flash and Starfire.
  5. It looks like a bag over someone's head. Think about that for a minute. A criminal mastermind, head of a worldwide terrorist organization, leader of evil.........wearing a bag over his head. If that doesn't invoke at least snickers.....I don't know what will..... It might look like a bag, but it's a mask of killers. The hood was so terrible it evoked ideas of the KKK, which isn't silly when you realize the implications. And terrorists wear masks (more like ski masks...) look at those execution videos. No one was laughing then.
  6. I don't get the studio disdain for the KKK Hood. COBRA Commander is a VILLAIN and terrorist! I'd think the hood would have really gotten that point across. First Marlon Wayans, then Storm Shadow's outfit, then the whole team in black X-Men suits, now COBRA Commander? This movie is really looking bad...
  7. Where are you? And yes, the distribution is still terrible. NJ, NY and Philly hasn't seen hide nor hair of DCUC 7 yet.
  8. Actually the thing that bugged me most about the Sigma Six era was: the fact that fans were telling people who didn't like Sigma Six that "it was Gi Joe now" and "you had to accept it." One time I was actually told on this board that I personally was "sucking the life out of the hobby" by complaining about the way Sigma Six was pushed, while JvC and VvV were half-assed. But in that case it was what GIJOE was "then"--but it didn't erase everything that GIJOE used to be before. That's the lunacy I see in the "raped my childhood" statements people make......something new doesn't do that unless it completely eradicates and wipes out every incarnation of the thing before it. The "thing before is STILL around and still there to be enjoyed---so what is wrong with something new, then? You only "have to accept it" if you want to continue buying new GIJOE branded stuff, right? Where has it ever been stated that something new has to be the same thing its always been? That's the part I do not get. The stuff IS going to change over time. GIJOE started out as a 12" figure.........then went to 8"--and then to 3 3/4" "........and then 12" again, and so on...... More than a few complainers seem to personalize the whole thing for themselves, while forgetting that its happened before and that its reverted back to its "original" forms more than once! The new stuff ........ANY new stuff, IS going to get pushed.......why would it not be? Personally, I would not want to go back to the RAH stuff. It looks quite dated now, and there is aesthetically better-looking sculpts available now. The original figures hold no appeal at all for me, but then neither did Sigma Six. I bought ONE S6 figure to see what it was all about, and it did nothing for me. The movie might present the same situation......but its not going to kill GIJOE for me. At best, it'll delay some more of the 25th Ann. style stuff until new year. I can wait, because I know that a delay (or a detour) is not a denial. That, and I have seen this stuff come "full circle" more than once. People have this fear that if any new idea gets enough play, it could change their childhood toyline forever. If the Joe movie is bad, then everyone is going to associate G.I. Joe with that movie, G.I. Joe toys, games, etc. might get cut back or get a reduced profile because of movie backlash, etc. If the Joe movie is successful, then like the Bay Transformer movies, any questionable ideas that the Joe movie did will be seen as good ideas and will be here to stay.
  9. http://walmartstores.com/contactus/feedback.aspx Fill this out. Blow up Wal-Mart's email about this toyline. Wal-Mart doesn't seem to think this line is as important as Hulk, Iron Man, Bakugan, Dragonball or even friggin' Wall-E! Complain to your local Wal-Marts. If enough people complained about it, maybe YOUR local Wal-Mart will get DCUC Wave 5 in. Here are the UPCs for three of them. I don't know about the item numbers. Maybe those who do have them can help us out? 2708466017 2708466018 2708466019
  10. Damn...now that's hardcore. I've been scoping out Wal-Marts, noting which ones would have DCUC and narrowing them down. I'd rather go to sure things than wastes of time.
  11. The Giant-Man Wave. The Ares Wave. Now an even harder to find Metallo Wave.... God, how I hate Wal-Mart exclusives!!!! What's the point if all the stores don't carry them?! At least all Targets and TRUs sell their exclusives. With Wack-Ass Wal-Mart, some stores have them while some stores will never have them.
  12. ToyGuru/Matty have made posts on the boards and announcements on sites like AFI and DCUC.info. Additionally, He-Man.org has had posts from ToyGuru. The cost of producing figures has been mentioned multiple times. I think they're just trying to state a fact, but with multiple mentions, it comes off as either setting up an excuse or trying to hold us at ransom ("These things are expensive for us to produce, so if you fans don't accept what we give you, we just won't make them."). Additionally, companies like Hasbro aren't making these kinds of noises. They just keep shipping 25th Anniversary G.I. Joes, and they just keep selling. Hasbro is doing it too. $14.99 Fin Fang Foom wave. I think Target is to blame about the Red Hulk wave being $14.99. The G.I. Joes went up in price too, by a dollar I think. Hopefully the Ares Wave is the same $10-$11 price. As for DCUC, Mattel swears they ARE shipping them out, that it's the retailer's fault that you can't find figures. They only order one box (Target) or two boxes (Wal-Mart). Some Wal-Marts aren't selling DCUC at all, and poor TRU doesn't seem to get DCUC anymore, even though they have 2 packs coming up. Maybe Wal-Mart, Target and TRU have gotten burned by overstocked superhero figures (Superman Returns, JLU Superman, Batman and Shining Knights, DCIH, Hasbro Marvel Legends Emma Frost, Banshee, Jean Grey, Dark Knightr 5", Hulk 5", Spider-Man 5", Iron Man 5") and are playing it cautious. The scalpers aren't making it any easier. Knowing the stores are so cautious about having tons of superhero overstock, it makes scalping each figure much easier. Cautious stores + early morning scalpers or collectors = No DCUC on shelves
  13. Are you kidding? People grumble when they have to buy another Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman when the "accessory" is a whole new character like Parasite, Captain Atom, or Galatea. I really doubt that these accessories are really going to entice anyone all the way to the cash register. Supes has been packaged with interesting accessories before such as kryptonite and the Black Mercy. Both were peg warmers. The Wonder Pig accessory might just prove to be the exception as shown by some of the responses in this thread. It's so quirky and unusual that you just know this will be your only shot at a Wonder Pig. Mattel once again proves their bad judgement by packaging WP with Batman instead of Wonder Woman. After all, out of the two of those characters, which one is likelier to sell without a Wonder Pig? Not at all. Some accessories are vital to the character. Like Orion's astro harness, WW's lasso, Green Arrow's bow or Vigilante's gun. You might not care that Green Arrow doesn't have a bow, but others pass up the weaponless 3 packs in order to get the version with the accessories. If there is no single packed version, then collectors would buy the 3 pack version instead. (And I see your point, some accessories get mitigated because of the availability of the figure. Since Superman was sold in damn near ever 3 pack and single wave, he was everywhere and no one wanted to add yet another Superman to their collections) As for Wonder Pig, Batman was running around with Wonder Pig in the episode and since the figures now reference the particular episode, it makes sense. However, it would make even better sense to sell Wonder Pig with a Circe figure, as if she just turned WW into a pig.
  14. What is your sig and avatar from??? It's so intriguing...
  15. Might as well. I paid that much for Lobo and he's another hard to find figure. So's Artemis and Sinestro Corps Sinestro. Might as well be convention exclusives for all that. It's like hitting eBay for figures. It's better to give Mattel loot for $30 chase figures rather than the scalpers, but they should lower down their prices...or maybe send more figures to retail so that they can make more money?!!! This one box per store crap is ridiculous! This line is harder to find than MOTU 200X. Mattel needs to ask about NORMAL FIGURES.
  16. It's the accessories that are going to sell that wave, not necessarily the characters. It's like buying Stargirl for her Mega Rod or the Shinning Knight single for his sword. Or even that horrid neon green Green Lantern variant for the translucent energy hand. Batman and Superman will be picked up for the accessories. Wonder Woman, MAYBE for the lasso accessory, if you didn't get it already (I got the gold string version). Bizarro is the first not sold with any 6 pack and Sinestro corps Sinestro needs no explaination.
  17. WHOAH HERE I'm only catching this now I can't speak for the Walmart people but I was on the Flow Team for 6 years before I moved on to the planogram team.There was never anybody on the take and its impossible to do what you describe No boxes can be pulled aside with the Flow team lead and the backroom people spoting it under the rollers If you work in an overnight store most likely you got out before the store even opened As forthe 4 am stores They are working in the wave (This is where they have the whole flow team workin in one dept then carry on to another after they are done If Toys has been worked the backstock goes automatically back and unless ther whole backroom team is in on this along with the backroom team captain this isn't going to work I work the 5am-9am at K-Mart and it's easy to set aside figures. They don't care so long as the toys get put out. No one is watching you. You can easily take a box from the skid, since you're part of the replenishment team, move it somewhere where it can sit unnoticed until you move it later, after the store opens up. All one has to do is meet a scalper with a whole opened box, where they can just pour all the figures into the cart or the scalper can just take whatever figures he wants to the checkout line. Hell, the associate could do this for himself. And this is K-Mart. I dunno about Wal-Mart, TRU, and Target.
  18. I can believe this. It's super hard collecting DCUC here in South Jersey. Most people are on their 4th or 5th restock of Wave 3. I've never seen Wave 3 since I've gotten them at Target. Hell, I've seen Wave 2 about 4 times and the last time was months ago. If you didn't know any better, you'd think that DCUC just stopped at Wave 1. That's how quickly they go.
  19. I hear you. I'm upset that SOTA might be losing the license...but after all the constant latenesses of SF and the cancellation of Darkstalkers, the new version of SOTA has really dropped the ball here. I was hopping that with SF4 coming out that they could stage a huge comeback and turn things around, but it's been disaster after disaster. I'm expecting Revolution Round One to be the last of SOTA's SF figures. I mean, Capcom can't be too thrilled with SF being held up with delays and Darkstalkers being canceled? NECA is trying to get the SF4 license. If they get it, then we'd probably get 4 Horseman designed figures faster. And it would be a hell of a time for new customers to start collecting, with all the old SF2 characters AND the relevant new characters. Here is the proof: NECA wants the SF4 License It's the second post, last paragraph.
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