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  1. March 1 should be the street date for these guys. I don't know how Toys R Us has gotten away with putting them out early. This is the first time I've ever actually been able to buy a movie toy before the street date. Every other time I find one accidently on the shelf, they won't let me get it. They also have the classic comice series IM2 Iron Man on their website for the last few days. I went to the local store today and they are rearranging everything, and there is a giant IM2 section, just waiting to be filled.
  2. I got the black suit Spidey, super articulated Spidey, and Green Goblin at the TRU in Tuscaloosa, AL over the weekend. I am very impressed with all 3. I am really looking forward to this line now, because the black suit and super articulated Spideys are better than any of the ones in the MU line. They are in scale with each other, no super funky paint washes, pretty good articulation, and the paint is nice and clean and crisp. The Venoms were gone when I got there, but I'm really looking forward to him. Most of the other Spideys I won't get, but there are a couple that look pretty descent, if not comic accurate, and I will get a few of them. Really like the arctic spidey in wave 2. I thought Goblin would be a rework of the MU Goblin, but he looks all new. I just didn't like his flimsy bag strap (it's a very soft plastic) and he can't really hold his bomb as well as the MU Goblin. I do like the proportions of his body and head, the pose of his hat, and his flatter glider for posing.
  3. I think the MattyCollector.com figures come in one box. What I don't know is if you will get two of the C&C parts that come with Steppenwolf, or just one? I ordered my set from them around 5pm central today, no prob. I cancelled by BBTS order because it was a few bucks cheaper, and I was able to ship another item for the same $8.70. I do really like BBTS, though. Luckily, the next couple of waves have C&C figures I don't want, so I can start buying singles again from BBTS. BBTS does seem expensive, but distribution of them in my area is HORRIBLE, and I like being able to cancel an order up to 15 days after you pay for it with them.
  4. I use to think that Destro was African American when I was a kid. He had a deep, Michael Dorn-ish voice(aka Worf from ST:TNG) in the cartoon. I guess I never paid much attention to his bare chest. I was really young when the first cartoon series came out and never had any of the comics, so I didn't know he was Scottish. Night Adder is a new character, isn't he? I think there was a VvV vehicle by that name. As far as the 'Night' in his name, I think they were just trying to come up with a cool, snake-themed name they already owned the rights to. If they had called him 'Black Mamba,' I think that would have been a bit much. He could be seen as a thug stereotype, with an attack dog and prison tattoos all over his chest and arms. But, white people have mean dogs and prison tattoos, too. That exists in real life, and I think it's kinda cool of Hasbro to diversify the lineup. I was surprised when I first saw upclose pics a few days ago, but now, I am digging it. I really like the Springfield tattoo across his back. What is the stereotype about C-3PO? That he's British?
  5. Oh, and they should do a couple more Hawks- the bomber jacket is good, and they should frankenstein the arms and jacket from the mobile Pit version onto the legs of the single carded version. The version with the Pit has no leg camo, giant high-as-a-kite-Mr Sparkle - Indy ROTLA eyes (guess we know what that 'new factory' is doing now that Indy isn't being made there anymore), and bow legs, and it sucks, but the arms and jacket are awesome like he just unzipped his reactive impact armor jacket.
  6. Paris Pursuit Scarlett w/ bike, PP Snake Eyes with hood up, suit Storm Shadow, suit Zartan, desert disguise Zartan, video game Backblast, video game BAT, Breaker RI armor and headgear, Dial Tone with gray camo (not that desert camo trash they're releasing her in, but that's an easy custom with Cover Girl). I like some of the concept theme figures they're going to, but there are some other real figures that appear in the game or movie that should be made, first. They should definetely have made the BAT before that Cobra shadow tracker dude. I'd also like to see the movie RHINO and the Joe transport jet, and the real MANTIS sub, and a 2-seater SHARC (does it separate into two in the movie)?
  7. I will wait until the 15th, and the only reason for that is because my birthday is the 15th, and it will kick a little more ace to see it on my birthday. Last year, the Clone Wars movie came out on the 15th, too. It was pretty sweet.
  8. All mine came in the crate box with the plastic tray inside. None of them had tape on the box holding it together. I can't believe they all made it without falling out. All my boxes were pre-distressed before they arrived here, too. But, not of the figures or thrones were messed up. They had sent a post card in May saying it would be June 10 before they shipped the next batch out, but they didn't arrive until Tuesday of this week.
  9. Well, I can take back a couple of the bad things I was saying about Shout Factory. I did get an email this morning telling me that my order had shipped on Monday, but no tracking number. I got home and the USPS had delivered it to the house. So, they were good on their word for that. I cut the wrapper and opened the lid, then lifted the 'control panel' aka piece of plastic with the Joe logo and all that jazz, and the 'pouch' that holds the disks had come unglued from the 'control panel'. So, that sucks, but I don't know that I will go to the trouble of actually returning it (at least until I watch a few episodes). Otherwise, it's pretty sweet.
  10. I don't know what Walmarts deal is. 1 Walmart near me has a display in the middle of the aisle, but when you price check the figures, alpha vehicles, or action battlers, they say 'see associate for help.' That was 2 days ago. There is no excuse for this. The other near me has no RoC, and actually had some of the RAH space taken over by Bakugan or some other Pokemon wannabe crap.
  11. This guys accessories are so redonk it's not even funny. That mini guy missle launcher is crazy huge! Get the Reactive Armor version of HD before you get this one. It has a separate missile launcher, so the mini-gun is 'normal' sized. I did think it was a nice touch that the backpack for 'civilian HD' had straps with a working buckle, but on top of the vest that is a separate piece from the chest, it's crazy thick. He has a hard time holding anything with his arms. I did like his phaser pistol, though. Get him this week from TRU 2 for $9.99 if you must (I did). How did Hasbro regress in missle launching technology - specifically, the ability to make them small. The ones from the 90's were almost normal looking. They have taken a step backwards with these RoC monstrosities. There is absolutely no need in them being this huge.
  12. Was looking around between Target.com, Walmart.com, and Kmart.com to see if anybody had any figures listed, and I noticed several new listings (no pictures) for alpha and beta vehicles on Kmart.com. There also looks like several new 12" movie figures listed also (Destro, HD, Hawk, maybe more, I don't collect these and didn't pay much attention, no pictures of these, either) and some new Action Battlers. I've seen these elsewhere already: GI Joe 3.75 in. Movie Alpha Vehicle with Figure - Motorcycle with Beachhead http://www.kmart.com/shc/s/p_10151_10104_0...oe+%26+Military GI Joe 3.75 in. Movie Alpha Vehicle with Figure - Lava Pod volcano with Viper http://www.kmart.com/shc/s/p_10151_10104_0...oe+%26+Military GI Joe 3.75 in. Movie Alpha Vehicle with Figure - Sky Sweeper with Air Raid http://www.kmart.com/shc/s/p_10151_10104_0...oe+%26+Military GI Joe 3.75 in. Movie Alpha Vehicle with Figure - Attack Craft with Aqua Viper Mantis Attack Sub? http://www.kmart.com/shc/s/p_10151_10104_0...oe+%26+Military GI Joe 3.75 in. Movie Bravo Vehicle with Figure - Dragonhawk Helicopter with Wild Bill http://www.kmart.com/shc/s/p_10151_10104_0...oe+%26+Military These were all new to me (although I just saw a prototype of the Rockslide and Dusty moments after seeing this page): GI Joe 3.75 in. Movie Alpha Vehicle with Figure - Sub Icestorm V1 http://www.kmart.com/shc/s/p_10151_10104_0...oe+%26+Military GI Joe 3.75 in. Movie Alpha Vehicle with Figure - Rockslide Desert with Dusty http://www.kmart.com/shc/s/p_10151_10104_0...oe+%26+Military GI Joe 3.75 in. Movie Alpha Vehicle with Figure - Tiger Claw ATV with Leatherneck http://www.kmart.com/shc/s/p_10151_10104_0...oe+%26+Military GI Joe 3.75 in. Movie Bravo Vehicle with Figure - Crimson Hydro with Aero Viper http://www.kmart.com/shc/s/p_10151_10104_0...oe+%26+Military BTW: Target is having a 10% off $50 order of Toys if you need their exclusive Rhino. It's still outlandish what they want you to pay for it, even with $5 off.
  13. I have not received notification that mine has shipped yet (for some reason I thought that if you ordered it before July 15, which I did, they would ship it to arrive by July 22 - oh wait! it's because it said that on the website). The collector's set's disks have different pictures from the regular releases. The regular releases (so far) are pictures of the cartoon Joes. The collector set has pictures from the RAH cardbacks, which is way more awesome, in my opinion, and was a deciding factor in me buying the entire set.
  14. I left the 1st Duke, 1st Scarlet, Breaker, 1st Heavy Duty, Deep Six, Night Raven, Pit, Armored Panther, and Ice Dagger. I found the other figures from the first wave from Collection 1 and 2, I think, with the exception of the TRU exclusives. I've only opened a few figures, Cobra Gunship, Cobra Hummer, and Rockslide mini snow machine so far. I really like the Rockslide's cockpit-for-a-snow-machine concept. The Cobra Steel Crusher Hummer is OK. I'm mostly disappointed by the missile launcher takes up the whole 2nd row of seats and trunk. I would have preferred that area to hold troops. The roof also looks funky in any mode. The missles in the rear doors, removable cow catcher, rubber tires, and flip down windshild armor are all awesome. Looks like they went cheap on us and did not include a gun for the passenger to shoot through the roof, even through it looks like there is a mounting hole for it. Figures fit well inside the front doors and sit well. The Cobra Gunship is a dream, for me. Firefly has great gear that plugs into the cockpit with hoses, a removeable helmet, the cargo area fits 2 figures, and the bombs drop like the ARC-170 from Star Wars. I already really like the steath helicopter/plane hybrid design, but I fell in love with it when I saw the 3 grab handles under the body for figures to hang onto. THe landing gear also folds up. It's a great ship, and I will buy more. I found 1 black helmet version and saw 3 red helmet Firefly versions. The figures are impressing me so far. They are PACKED with accessories, but unfortunately some of them are those giant rocket launchers. If they are drones or mounted guns, I don't mind so much. It's the bazookas that I hate. Hasbro is giving us our $8 worth in plastic with these guys between all the accessories, stand, and missle launchers. I'd rather they be $7, but I don't feel ripped off like I do when I buy a $8.44 Wolverine with 1 sword at Wal-mart. I really like all the ones I've opened so far - Shipwreck, Reactive Armor Heavy Duty (he's tall and he and his weapons are physically heavy plastic), Accelerator Suit Ripcord, Neo-Viper, and Destro. Storm Shadow is good, too. I'm very hopeful for this line and the movie and I look forward to more figures, as long as they aren't cheap repaints of 25th stuff (I'm looking at you, Armored Panther Tank and Deep Six).
  15. Good call, domu! I have been trying to find the A-10 for weeks. I also wanted some extra HK's. I got a bunch of the Sabretooth/Wolverine w/ bike TRU packs when they were on sale for 2 for $11 a couple weeks ago to give to Toys for Tots. I don't know why TRU keeps putting these $20 items in their 2 for $10 sales online, but I hope they don't stop!
  16. I just bought 3 of the TMNT mini-mutant exoskeltons, which are similar to E-frames. I got Mike, Leo, and Shredder. Raph is clearly built using Deleon's e-frame. Mike's looked the most similar to the e-frames in the Exosquad universe. It even has a spot on the back that looks like an Exosquad power cell. I don't know if it's based on an existing e-frame or not. It does not look familiar. I was able to get an exosquad fig in each of them, but it's kinda tough because the mini mutants are smaller than exo-squad. Playmates also did a MutaForce line with the original TMNT line that is the same concept (Turtles in e-frames). The new TMNT frames are bigger than the closest e-frame I could find (Nara Burns'), but just barely. Mikey's is just a really fun toy. Highly recommend that one.
  17. Yeah, I love them. I've bought some lots off ebay a few years ago. All the ones I had as a kid are 'played with', but I'd like to have a nice collection of them one day. Same for M.A.S.K. and the Ghostbusters stuff. I've got a good collection going for the other toys from my childhood. BTW, season 1 is out on DVD as of last week. Check out Amazon for it.
  18. From the K-marts around me, it looks like there are 3x T-600, 3x T-R.I.P. (silver T-700), 2x black T-700, and one each of the others. My main concern now is the A-10 Warthog. Has anyone seen this one out? Toys R Us had it up for pre-order, but it's not there on the site anymore. I have yet to see it at any store, but it should have been on the shelves today also (I think April 19 was the official street date for both Star Trek and Terminator, but I've seen several stores break it for both). I was really looking forward to that A-10.
  19. K-Mart also surprised me with their prices - they were actually normal MSRP for once! $6.99 for 3.75 figures, $9.99 for 6" figs, and $19.99 for vehicles. About time they got with the program. That's exactly what these guys are worth. They are still better sculpted than the DC Infinite Heroes, but way inferior to any of Hasbro's stuff. I have started army building T-R.I.Ps and HKs. Can't wait to customize one to hold Heavy Duty's chain gun.
  20. K-Marts have started putting these out in Alabama. I noticed them last Wednesday. The HK is well worth it. I've always wanted one, too, and the bottom opens up to hold the Endoskeleton like a pilot. I just wish the HK came with a silver Endoskeleton, and that the Endoskeletons came with the plasma rifles from T2, and not these weak pistols they've come up with. The humans are kinda weak, as is the masked John Connor, and I would prefer Common without the goggles. I don't know if they don't have the rights to their likenesses or what. I really want the A-10 Warthog. I also got at T1 and Endoskeleton from the 6" line. The T1 is cool, the Endoskeleton is OK. As weak as the 3.75" humans are, they are still better sculpted than the new Star Trek figs Playmates is also doing. Star Trek has the superior articulation, and accessories. I got the two playsets at a TRU this weekend and they are OK, but the Kirk figure especially is weak. I hope Playmates picks up the pace.
  21. I was surprised that the Marvel Universe and Wolverine Movie figures aren't build the same, especially at the hip joints. The Wolverine figures are more like the Legends, while the Universe figures are more like GI Joe 25th articulation. I've only seen 1 Wolverine movie fig at a TRU, and some Universe figures at a Kmart, but Target and 2 Walmarts had jack squat. Haven't seen a cartoon figure yet. It's a sad day when K-mart whips your ace in selection. Target, Walmart, and TRU - you should be ashamed. Also, the X-Force Marvel Universe Wolverine looks much nicer in person than the Wolverine movie figures. The eventual repaints will be sweet. You can see the Wolverine with leather jacket at big bad toy store or hasbro toy shop. It's totally sweet.
  22. I'm still trying to figure out why they haven't put wrist or ankle articulation on Gambit. He REALLY needs the wrist articulation. I've got 6 of the 9 from the first wave and I really like them overall, but I do have a few complaints, mainly about the lack of articulation for some figures wrists, and the terrible ball-joint hips. I guess Hasbro doesn't have to bother with any vehicles for this line, because no one will be able to sit in them. But, these are way better than the DC Infinite Heros, and I'll be getting almost all of the Marvel guys in this scale.
  23. I'm pumped about these 2 sets. I hope we see a lot more 25th stuff this year after the movie is released. Hopefully Hasbro doesn't kill off GI Joe the way they did Indiana Jones with their movie figures. I really don't think they will though; this 25th line is a cash cow they'll be going back to for years to come, probably. For the movie figures, Shipwreck, all the Vipers, Arctic Snake Eyes, and the Cobra Gunship were the highlights of the movie line for me. I also really liked Storm Shadow - he looks great as an action figure, but I didn't like the pictures of the actual guy in the costume when I first saw them online. I'll still get one of each of the movie figures and vehicles, probably, but I'll try to get the less desirable ones on sale. Honestly, I may end up saving some money this year since I'm not army building new 25th stuff (besides these 7-pack sets). When everyone says 'Duke arms' on Recondo, I thought you were talking about the arms from the orignal Duke and Flint figures, but it looks like the arms from the Best of 80's jetpack Duke, which are much better than the arms on the orignal Duke/Flint (as in they don't look weird and are less likely to break). Outback has always been a favorite for some reason for me, and he looks great, and the vest does look badass. Chuckles was one of the first Joes I remember buying (started my love of real working holsters in the 3 3/4" scale). It looks like he has the Copperhead holster, which is OK, but would have been nice to carry over that gimmick to the new figure (like Tunnel Rat's holster that works really well). Would like to see the original shirt and ungloved hands on Chuckles in the future. Airborne was a great figure, but I'm not psyched about Hit and Run. Would have preferred MindBender to have a plastic cloak (looked like soft-goods to me), and I don't remember anything about the Lampreys (they look fine, I just don't remember them at all), but otherwise the Cobra set will be purchased by me in multiples. This is a great way to army build at a reasonable price (assuming 7 figures for $30 like with the other online exclusive arctic/desert packs this year). Hopefully having Cover Girl in the movie will help us get a 25th Cover Girl figure, too (same for Heavy Duty, for that matter). Yeah, Lifeline and Low-Light are must haves. I'm sure they'll release them in time.
  24. I still hope we get a stationary Pit, but this is growing on me the more I look at it. It looks like they put a giant yacht on part of the General's chassis (mobile headquarters vehicle from the -90s, specifically, the cockpit area). I'm digging it, and I'll buy it.
  25. I wonder if this is the alleged Target Exclusive Pit that I heard rumor of? I hope not. I don't mind this, and might like it when I see more pics of it, but I would much prefer a redeco of the original GI Joe headquarters playset. I'd have also much preferred a reissue of the original Night Raven to the new one, but I'll still buy it.
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