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  1. I just purchased the Indiana Jones Lost Temple of Akator play-set at ToysRUs with the sole intention of customizing it into a "hidden" Cobra headquarters. Now, my question is-- Has anyone else done this or know of anyone who has? I've never created a custom before and I was trying to get some ideas on how to go about doing this. Anyone? Yeah, no?
  2. A recommendation? Shogun Assassin. A million times over Shogun Assassin. Quite possibly one of the goriest and most violent and absolutely brilliant films I've ever seen. It's loosely based off the old Lone Wold & Cub manga. It's had several releases over the years on DVD, so you should be able to find it easily enough. Even the dubbed version is great, which is so rare.
  3. Oh, I know Lucas has admitted to his "influences" in the past. And you're right. Who would know except people who are interested in those kinds of films? I'm not adverse to film-makers rehashing plots from older films to create new ones. I just don't care for it when people don't know real creativity from heavy borrowing. Now, don't get me wrong. I loved the original Star Wars trilogy. Lucas obviously put a lot of time and effort into creating those movies, but I'm not so sure he's deserving of all the obsessive fan-worshipping that he receives. Let's keep in mind that he only wrote and directed the first, which wasn't the strongest of the originals. And while he did have creative input in the two following, he didn't even write the actual screenplays. Nevermind the mess he made of them later when he released the Special Editions.
  4. Oh, and since it was mentioned-- yes, the plot of Star Wars: A New Hope is ripped directly fromThe Hidden Fortress. Same as another Kurosawa film, Yojimbo, was re-made into Sergio Leone's classic "spaghetti western", A Fistful of Dollars. I only mention the both because Lucas swiped from Leone's westerns as much as [if not more so] than Kurosawa.
  5. Wow, there isn't a single one you're looking for that was released before 2006. Anyways. I'm sure an American-released copy [w/ subtitles and possible dub] of these films is just around the corner. My guess is that at least one of them will find release through Dragon Dynasty, since their sole purpose is to bring classic and contemporary Asian cinema to the States. If I had to pick which one, it'd probably be The Warlords, since they [and everyone, it seems] loves Jet Li.
  6. I'm pretty sure most collectors are getting their 25th Anniversary Joes from the big retailers [Target. Wal-Mart. ToysRUs.], but are there other places that you've been finding them? The prices have risen quite a bit over the last few months, but I've found that it's only at the aforementioned stores. I've actually been going to a local chain of grocery stores [i'm assuming, at least, that Stop N Shop isn't national. It could be], because the figures are marked at a reasonable $5.88 for single-carded. And even better, there's been a promotion for the last month plus where if you purchased three figures, you'd receive a fourth for free [so long as you had a Stop N Shop card]. Plus, they actually have a decent selection of figures-- I picked up several figures from the last two waves. It isn't just Buzzers haunting the pegs all the time. So, anyone else know of places that are selling the Joes at lower prices?
  7. The Voltron-esque toy that's been referenced is actually a Bandai toy from the mid/late 80s known as Dynaman. Those who mentioned Power Rangers were closest to getting it, since Dynaman is actually from the Japanese show Kagaku Sentai Dynaman. The Super Sentai shows were imported to the states from Japan, where new scenes were shot with American actors and... The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were born.
  8. Well, it's like I said, I was already on the fence in regards to starting a collection. I realize that it's only one figure, but it's -the- figure that was going to be the backbone of my Cobra forces. And coupled with the rising prices... I understand that increased prices were inevitable, but the only reason that I picked up my first 25th Ann. figure was because it was such a great bargain. An extremely well-crafted and accurate G.I.Joe re-release for under five dollars? There was no way I could pass on that. Now, however, I'm paying close to seven dollars for a single figure, so to find that these new Vipers were plagued with problems [most of which I'm more than willing to overlook], well, it really kind of kills it for me. I'm sticking with "No more Joes!" for now, but that'll probably change if they do fix the few flaws in the Viper. [Oh, and it's my first time posting and yet I knew that eventually I'd get the knee-jerk reaction. I really don't need to be told to "calm down" or that I'm having a "fit". I wasn't. I think that I was being perfectly calm and rational in stating my -opinions- regarding the problems with the new Viper. My choice to stop collecting the line doesn't say anything negative about anyone who still does. Except, that, y'know, toys are for children and you're all lame. Lamer than Crystal Ball! Yeah, that's right.]
  9. I wouldn't argue about the Viper looking great; he really does look amazing. I admired the carded figure for a minute or two before opening it. Even as I was taking him out of the package, I really loved all the detail and accessories. But it's the inability to stand without work or a crutch that destroys the figure for me. I won't be picking up the line anymore, because what I wanted with my collection was to amass a real decent-sized Cobra army. If that army won't include the '86 Vipers [my absolute favorite Cobra troop], then I've lost interest in following through with my original plans. I think it really bums me out though, because I already invested in several Crimson Guards and even more Officer/Troopers.
  10. It's really unfortunate that the Viper is as flawed as he is. I was originally very hesitant to start buying the 25th Ann. line, mainly because I haven't really collected toys in a long time. But when I actually went through with buying one of the figures [the hooded Storm Shadow], I found myself getting hooked on them. I even started army-building Cobra troops, something I've never done before with any toyline. So, when the Vipers were announced a few months back, I was really psyched. I'd intended to get as many of them as I could, so that I'd finally be able to have the impressive Cobra army I never had as a child [i only ever had two '86 Vipers]. Now, though, that I've seen how terrible the figure is [and I've had zero complaints with any other figure. Even Gung-Ho], I have absolutely no plans to buy anymore. It's a very childish response, I realize, but this is the figure I've anticipated most and it's a complete let-down.
  11. First time poster, long-time lurker. I ran over to my local Wal-Mart a little while ago because I'd seen others posting about finding the latest wave of Joes. And sure enough, there were traces of the latest wave there [1 HISS driver and 2 Vipers. No Joes, tho]. I picked up the three figures they had, because I've been waiting since the 25th Ann. line started for Vipers to hit shelves. I just opened them a few minutes ago and I have to say that I'm extremely disappointed. If it was just the loose goggles or the mediocre arm articulation, I think I could deal with it. But for some reason neither of my Vipers can stand without the use of their bases. I don't know if I'm just missing it, but their feet don't seem to be able to move up or down like the other 25th Ann. figures. And the way that their boots are molded, the only way they can stand without the base is if you lean them forward at the waist to balance out the weight [if they have their backpack on, then just forget it]. Now, if this is right, then I have to say that I'm extremely disappointed. I don't keep my figures on constant display, but I do like to set them up from time to time, but not with their bases. For whatever reason, I just can't seem to stomach the idea of the base. So, if the only way I can set my Vipers up is with the base or leaning over in some ridiculous pose, then I'm really kind of upset. [This is starting to sound even lamer than I originally thought it would.]
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