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  1. I think it's highly unlikely that Wal-Mart would have movie figures in its' system over a year before the movie figs start to hit (with the movie coming in August we probably won't see the figures until June or July). Plus, there's no mention of the other characters from the movie. This isn't the movie figures. Heck, the movie figures are probably barely past prototype stage at this point, much less getting sold to retailers. In fact, as pointed out on another forum, this whole list looks...rather fake. Wal-Mart listings in the past (the ones that have been accurate, anyway), have included UPC/Serial Numbers and the names have been drastically shortened ("Cobra Bazo" for "Cobra Bazooka Trooper" or "Blade Destro" for "Iron Grenadier Destro" for example). These names are too long, and no numbers....I suspect fakery.
  2. Not to mention, a failed movie and a failed accompanying toy line aren't going to automatically bring back the 25th Anniversary line. In fact, if they fail bad enough, they might kill the Joe brand altogether for a while, and we don't get ANY Joe product on shelves for a few years (or longer). The 25th Anniversary line is not the runaway success that some people seem to think it is. It sells through, but it's also produced in much smaller numbers than the truly "big bucks" successful toy lines (Star Wars, Transformers, Power Rangers, etc...). How can you tell? Look at how much shelf space (or lack thereof) it has compared to those lines. Generally about 1/3 to 1/2 as much, if that (and a lot of places still either don't carry them or don't even have "permanent" shelf space for them). In any case, the important point is that wanting the movie and more importantly the movie toy line to fail is going to hurt the Joe brand a heck of a lot more than success. If you look at Hasbro's prior handling of properties with two "incarnations" to draw from, they're pretty good about keeping the "classic" stuff out there: Star Wars still puts out plenty of Original Trilogy stuff, Transformers is returning to "Classics" later this year, etc... I don't see any reason to assume they won't do the same thing with G.I. Joe. Even if "classic" characters don't ship alongside the movie-branded line, we'll almost certainly start seeing them towards the end of the year, or the middle of the following year at the latest.
  3. I think it really just boils down to the copyrights/trademarks on the names.
  4. Jmacq1

    titanium man

    He's straight out of the video game. He's not meant to be like his comic-book version at all, really.
  5. No need to be harsh I said I was sorry, after further thought on the issue. I realize Ares doesn't use a gun. Matter fact Ares being the Red Hulk makes no sense at all. Thanks for rubbing in my ignorance. Once again I am sorry for wasting space on the forum with this stupid topic. Ares does use guns. Quite a bit in the limited series from a few years back. But yeah, Ares as Red Hulk...does seem a little odd.
  6. Mattel's just realized the truth about 90 percent of the comic superheroes out there (particularly in the DCU): That they do in fact have the exact same body type. The recycling works with the DCU line. They do different sculpts/parts when and where it's necessary, but the "basic" superhero body works fine for a wide variety of "superheroic build in skin-tight outfit" characters. In terms of aesthetic they've consistently blown Hasbro's Marvel Legends out of the water in the past year or two. Hasbro looks to be improving considerably with their more recent offerings, though. I enjoy both lines. As far as what I'm looking forward to from Marvel this year: Holocaust/Nemesis BAF Astonishing X-Men Beast SHIELD Agent/Hand Ninja 2-pack Kree/Skrull 2-pack Forge (Not so much the accompanying Wolverine) King Hulk Adam Warlock Union Jack Wendigo I'm also enjoying the Iron Man movie figures thus far.
  7. Captain America, all the way (really digging some of the above lists). Sadly I doubt it'll happen. Wolverine's probably going to have a movie line all to himself next year. Sadly, few if any of those designs are likely to remotely resemble their comic counterparts (except perhaps unmasked Logan). I wouldn't be at all surprised to see a companion "Wolverine Legends" or "X-Men Legends" comic-accurate line, though. As long as we get some characters that really need updates and/or haven't been seen before I'll be happy. But the "upside" is that I don't think there's currently any other Marvel movies planned for next year. So instead of having to divide their attention between three or four areas (for instance this year they have Iron Man, Incredible Hulk/Hulk Legends, regular Marvel Legends, and continuing Spider-Man Classics). They just have the Wolverine movie and...whatever else they want to do. I suspect "regular" Marvel Legends will basically get a relaunch next year, after these two "exclusive" waves and this year's crop of movies have died down. While I'd hope beyond hope for a "Captain America Legends" line, I think the Wolverine/X-men line is more likely, and we may even get an "Iron Man Legends" line on the tail end of the movie figures (it'd be a good way to try to get fans roped in by the movies "crossed over" to comic-style figures). Cap legends probably won't be seen until a Cap movie comes out. But I think we'll start to see a lot more Cap characters in the regular Marvel Legends lines and two-packs. I'd be really surprised if we make it through 2009 without a Winter Soldier figure popping up somewhere. 2010 should hopefully bring us the "Thor" movie, and maybe even "Captain America" as well. Quite possibly "Iron Man 2" to boot (though that might not make it until 2011).
  8. Steve Rogers is still dead. The imposter that we've seen in the last couple issues is very strongly rumored/speculated to be a character we've seen before...one that's fairly important to the Cap Mythos, as he was "a" Captain America, just not "the" Captain America. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: The Grand Director!
  9. I'd totally go for a "Captain America Legends" wave. New Captain America Crossbones Sin Winter Soldier Agent 13/Sharon Carter Business Suit Red Skull (With removeable mask or interchangeable Lukin head) Dunno what they'd do for the build-a-figure, though. Unless they did two waves and made a 15-inch "Sleeper Robot" figure.
  10. Well, Bob Layton had a very specific idea/vision for how Iron Man's armor should evolve, and while it actually makes a lot of sense, it wouldn't make for a very interesting looking hero, visually speaking. Basically, Layton believes that miniaturization and streamlining was the way "more advanced technology" would go, so the suit would progressively become less and less bulky (but more powerful) until Iron Man basically ended up looking like the Silver Surfer or Captain Atom. So he's often expressed a dislike towards any suit that's bulkier or larger than previous incarnations, because he sees it as a "step backwards" technologically speaking.
  11. In scale, but not in the same aesthetic. Not "comic-accurate" in other words. Just like the FF movie figures and FF Marvel Legends were separate, so would Movie Iron Man and Iron Man Legends. Classic/Comic-Based Iron Man figures in their comic-book forms. Not repainted versions of movie Iron Man in pseudo-comic form (don't get me wrong, some of the repaints are pretty cool, but they ain't the comic versions, and they don't have the "build" of the Marvel Legends figures).
  12. Good list, though I'd swap out Heroes Reborn Iron Man for Extremis Iron Man, and possibly make the build-a-figure a suit of "Hulkbuster II" armor you could build around the Extremis Iron Man. Definitely still waiting on a "Neo Classic" Iron Man though. The Superhero Showdown version just doesn't quite cut it. I'm honestly surprised they aren't doing Iron Man Legends this year, but I guess they decided to keep Iron Man movie-oriented and let the Hulk get the "FF" treatment. But it's still possible they might spring a surprise on us at SDCC. There's reportedly a fair amount of product we haven't seen yet that's going to be unveiled there. NYCC was meant as more of a "sneak preview" from what I understand. Not to mention that if the movie line is successful, following up with an "Iron Man Legends" wave or two in 2009 would probably be a great follow-up...particularly since I think "Wolverine" is the only major Marvel picture coming out next year.
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